How to share Wi-Fi with iPhone

How to Share Wifi from Camera FuJI. XA5 to Iphone ( និយាយខ្មែរ )

Starting with iOS 13, the Modem Mode section of the Settings app on the iPhone and iPad has been redesigned.

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The Modem Mode button has disappeared, replaced by the Allow for others switch.

With the Allow other option enabled, iPhone will be able to distribute the Internet not only to devices that use the same Apple ID account in iCloud (without entering a password), but also to any other device (with entering a password).

If you turn off the Allow others option, the iPhone will only be able to distribute the Internet to devices that use the same Apple ID account in iCloud without having to enter a password.

On iPhones with iOS 12 and older versions of the OS Modem Mode is enabled by the appropriate switch on the way: Settings → Modem Mode;

With the Allow others option enabled it is strongly recommended to password protect access to the network.

Distribution methods

If Wi-Fi is turned off on the phone, you will be offered 3 ways of sharing: via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. Below we will describe them in detail on the example of iPhone 7.

The easiest and most convenient way to distribute mobile Internet on your iPhone or iPad. Great for laptops, tablets and other phones iPhone or Android. Cell phone acts as an access point and can easily replace a wi-fi router. Very handy to share Wi-Fi with your iPhone while you are at the cottage with your laptop.

Important! The receiving device must have Wi-Fi connection for this method. For PC, this method will probably not work.

You can set up WI-FI sharing on your iPhone using two methods:

    Via Settings. It is necessary to go to “Settings”, then select the item “Modem mode” and move the slider to the item “Allow other”. Wi-Fi must be on. It remains only to connect to the desired device to the distributed network.

Connecting to the network, using Windows 10 as an example:

  • Click on the Internet icon (globe) in the lower right corner.
  • Further it remains only to choose a network, in the field “Security key” to enter the password from it and click “Connect”. For automatic network connection it is worth ticking the similarly-named item.
  • After connecting to the network, the icon at the bottom will change to a Wi-Fi icon, and against the selected network will be shown as “Connected, secured”.
  • You can open the browser and use the Internet.

To change the password from the network, you need to go into the section “Modem mode”. There is an item “Wi-Fi password”. Tap on it. A field will open, in which you can enter the desired password.

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We recommend setting a more complex password so you don’t share your network with strangers.

By default, the WI-FI network name (SSID) will be the same as the name of the iPhone. To change it you need to choose “Basic” in the settings menu. Next, choose the “About This Device” section. Press “Name” and in the new window write down the name you want.

USB cable

The cable is most often used to distribute the Internet from iPhone to computer. The advantage is that the iPhone will charge and you can distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi.

To distribute Internet from iPhone via USB cable to computer or laptop, you must

  • You must have iTunes installed on your computer. We recommend to use the latest version.
  • It is preferable to use the original lightning cable. It may not work with a replica, because iPhone recognizes it as a non-original accessory.
  • Then connect the wire in the USB port of the computer and lighting connector on the phone.
  • You will see a “Trust this computer” message on your phone?”Choose “Trust”, then you will need to enter the passcode from your iPhone.


Recommended to use only in exceptional cases, when there is no possibility to use other methods. The prerequisite is the presence of a Bluetooth module on the connecting device.

It is worth noting that while using this type the speed of Internet will be significantly lower than via Wi-Fi.

  • First of all, you need to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10 and on the iPhone. On the phone go to the settings, select the Bluetooth item and put the slider in the active position. After this it is necessary to pair the devices.

How to transfer Wi-Fi password to someone else’s iPhone or iPad “in one tap” without revealing it

Starting with iOS 11, Apple has introduced many automatic features related to initial system setup and account authorization. This also extends to Wi-Fi networks. it’s now possible to connect new devices running iOS 11 (and newer) to your Wi-Fi with a tap.

WLAN stands for “Wireless Local Area Network”, or “Wireless LAN”. That is, you can connect your devices (such as laptops and smartphones) to the Internet without cables through this network. Devices labeled “Wireless Fidelity” (Wi-Fi) are able to receive a WLAN signal.

WLAN technology makes it possible to get rid of a lot of wires in a room. The data transfer rate can exceed 100 Mbit/s (depends on the router model). The range of coverage can be up to 150m without taking into account additional access points. The connection speed is the same for all users.

To use the phone as a modem, you must ensure that the amount of traffic is sufficient for the transfer, and the owner of the iPhone can afford the action. It’s a good idea to verify that the coverage area is LTE. Long-Term Evolution), which allows you to connect to the network, even if the speed is “bad.

LTE is equivalent to 4G, the fourth generation of communication, which means it transmits information at high speeds. If there is no “long evolution”, settle for widespread 3G, which is also good.

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From now on, the smartphone can be used to distribute the Internet in one of three ways:

    Via Wi-Fi. To do this with another gadget, open the list of available Wi-Fi points. Choose the name of the current access point and give it a password. After a couple of moments, the connection will be made.

When the phone is used as a modem, you will see a blue bar at the top of the screen indicating how many devices are connected. With this you can clearly monitor when someone is connected to the phone.

First, check if the 3G or LTE network is on, if data transmission is activated. To share Internet connection, you must turn on “Modem mode” in the settings of the smartphone. Find the “Cellular”. “Cellular data” button. After that, the modem function is automatically activated. Enter a password consisting of 8 characters or more. By default it is complex, but you can make up your own if you want. Next, click the “Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth” tab.

Before you start sharing, find out if your mobile carrier allows it. Not all plans have unlimited Internet. Typically, a cheap plan has limits on connection speeds and the number of megabytes. Many carriers charge extra for the ability to share traffic between devices.

Via Wi-Fi

To connect your iPhone to your computer as a modem, there are a few steps to follow:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi search on your Android, iOS, or other device you want to use the network on.
  • Find an available network that has your smartphone’s name, join it.
  • To enable WI-FI, use the password that you have made up and entered for Wi-Fi from your phone.
  • If not connected, move your devices closer together.
  • Once you begin streaming, plug in your iPhone to charge it up, since the device that streams Internet consumes a lot of power.

Via Bluetooth

You can set up Bluetooth Wi-Fi in the following ways:

  • Activate Bluetooth.
  • Pair your iPhone with your iPad or any other device: pair up, repeat the password that appears on the connected device.
  • Allow Internet sharing on your iPhone. To share and transfer information, look in the Bluetooth settings. In the “Internet access” section, click on the checkbox.

Using a USB cable

There is another way to enable data transfer from your smartphone to your PC. You can share Internet via USB. If you are connecting your phone to a Windows computer, install iTunes on your computer first. This program will allow you to quickly recognize the drivers. Next, select the USB tab. The operating system recognizes the phone and puts it in its “Network Adapters. Sometimes this does not happen. If your computer can’t see your iPhone, restart it.

How to share Wi-Fi with the iPhone, if after the above steps the Internet is not connected? Do the following:

  • Open the “Device Manager” on your smartphone.
  • Right-click on the Apple Mobile Ethernet tab.
  • Perform the “Get Started” operation.

Modem mode on the iPhone and iPad. How to Share the Internet from your iPhone via Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth

It is not uncommon situation when you need to distribute the Internet from your iPhone, or iPad. You can do that too. It is called the modem mode, it allows you to share the Internet via Wi-Fi, USB cable and Bluetooth. Running a modem mode, our iPhone or iPad turns into an access point, acting as a Wi-Fi router.

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It works like this: turn on the mobile network on the iPhone (if you want, then choose 3G, or LTE). then turn on the modem mode, and the phone starts broadcasting Wi-Fi network, to which you can connect other devices, and they will receive the Internet from the iPhone. It is also possible to give out a Bluetooth connection (not a very popular way). or via cable (useful for desktop computers that do not have a Wi-Fi receiver).

It is very easy to set up. I have tested all three methods and now I will show you in detail how to start distributing the Internet from an iPhone. I tested everything on iPhone 6. But, this method will work for all iPhone models: 5, 5S, 6S, etc. д. Similarly, the modem mode will work on iPad if you have a 4G version and insert the SIM card.

Note that the devices that will connect to the network you have created will use mobile Internet. So if you do not have an unlimited data plan, you will run out of traffic very quickly. Or it will charge you more, depending on your subscription.

And when the iPhone shares the Internet it runs out of battery very quickly of course. So, it is better to put it on a charge.

The most popular way, of course, is to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. When you can share the Internet, and connect different devices over a Wi-Fi network. Other phones, tablets, laptops, etc. д. Therefore, this method we will consider first of all.

“Smart modem mode on your iPhone, or how to distribute Internet on your Mac or iPad from your smartphone

The closer interaction between Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems that iOS and macOS have provided in recent generations is certainly one of the most important innovations for users of multiple Apple devices. This article is about setting up Instant Hotspot, or smart hotspot, which gives you one-click access to the internet on your iPhone.

This feature allows you to use the cellular data transfer iPhone to iPad or Mac (in our case Mac), using the smartphone as a Wi-Fi router. Of course, this functionality was available to users before, but Instant Hotspot does not require prior activation Modem mode on the iPhone is enough for both devices to be connected to the same iCloud account.

In addition, the developers have taught the system to disconnect if you stop using the Internet or if your computer finds another familiar Wi-Fi network. This helps to significantly save traffic and battery life of your smartphone.