How to show a movie from your phone to TV

HDMI picture output

The main advantage of the method is the ability to play a picture in high quality. The USB method does not allow you to display the picture in its original, high quality. HDMI does not have this limitation. All more or less newer models of TVs have an HDMI port. The only disadvantage of this method is that you have to buy an adapter from HDMI to microUSB, which also slightly reduces the quality of the picture. The adapter is cheaper (200), but the cable is more expensive (up to 400).

  • Connect the gadgets via a pre-prepared HDMI-microUSB cable.
  • Turn on your TV and specify “HDMI Connection” as the picture source.
  • This section has a choice of picture quality and resolution. You just need to set the basic settings and the broadcast will start.

How to connect your iPhone to the TV. 2 favorite ways

I think that many users have at least once experienced the need to connect their smartphone to the TV. Show vacation photos or broadcast personal videos to the general public. Apple has long since figured out a trick and rolled out for this purpose the Apple TV set-top box, which in addition to the aforementioned function has a bunch of other features. But not everyone wants to buy a new device just to broadcast the iPhone screen to the TV. The more so that usually such a need arises very rarely. Today we are going to look at several ways of connecting iPhone to TV and talk about all the nuances that might arise during this procedure.

Transmitting the iPhone screen to the TV is not as difficult as it sounds.

All ways of connecting a smartphone to the TV fall into two broad categories: wired and wireless. It is clear that to connect a smartphone via Wi-Fi you will need a newer TV, but you can also connect a TV from ten years ago via a wire. It seems to me that most of the people have long ago bought a Smart TV, so let’s start with the connection without wires.

How To Cast Phone to TV. How To Cast Your Phone To Your TV. Screen Mirror Android iPhone to TV

How to connect the phone to the TV

Modern Smart-TV becomes a guide to the world of all pleasures: you can connect such a device to the Internet and turn it into a home theater, watch your favorite TV shows and YouTube videos on a big screen, view photos from Google Drive and select tickets for the next vacation with the entire company. The good news is that you can do the same if there’s only one smartphone among the smart equipment at home, and the TV available boasts a screen diagonal, but not the stuffing.

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Video streaming to Smart TV

Smart TVs support a variety of video extensions and allow you to watch movies from your phone online. Among the ways of data transmission the most common are: wireless Wi-Fi connection, special programs Chromecast, AirPlay. Let’s consider each of them.

Connecting via Wi-Fi

The technology of synchronization via Wi-Fi Direct is one of the most common, to broadcast from the phone to the TV. This option is already equipped with modern devices, so no additional programs are required. Important condition. connection in the same local network.

  • Go into the smartphone settings. Select the section with wireless networks.
  • Activate the Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • Open your TV preferences and turn it on, too.
  • Choose the necessary device in the opened on the screen synchronization window.
  • Confirm the action.
  • Open the desired file on the smartphone.
show, movie, your, phone

After that, images from the device will be transmitted to the big screen of the TV.

Miracast connection technology

This function is based on Wi-Fi Direct. But the developers have made a number of additions to facilitate the translation of video from the phone to TV. For example, support for sending 3D files is implemented. And it is allowed to transmit content of large volume.

show, movie, your, phone

Synchronization of the device is performed in the same way as with Wi-Fi Direct.

Broadcast video on YouTube

Perhaps the majority of videos on mobile users watch through YouTube channels. And many people want to watch them on the big screen. To do this, you must first synchronize your phone with the TV any convenient way, except Tulips, which will not give the desired image quality.

  • Check to see if you have the YouTube app on your smartphone. Go into it. Find settings and activate Watch on TV.
  • If connected correctly, the phone screen will show instructions with tips.
  • Go to the Smart TV menu and find the YouTube application. And select the “In manual mode” connection type.
  • A code will appear on the screen, which must be entered on the phone through the “Add” button.
  • After all the manipulations, the selected video on the smart phone will be opened on the big screen.

The peculiarity of this method is that you can not synchronize your devices. If Smart TV works with a good quality connection to the network and it has the YouTube app installed, you can simply watch the same videos, but on the big screen.

Chromecast software

Option for TVs without Wi-Fi. It’s not essentially a program, but a software device called Chromecast. It is performed as an HDMI-port for the TV with a connection to the home Wi-Fi network.

The adapter will automatically find the smartphone connected to the same Wi-Fi. And it will synchronize the devices. After that, the TV will display the phone content, and the duplicate screen mode will be enabled. And you can play any videos from your Chrome browser tabs, including YouTube channels.

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Option for Apple devices. AirPlay

AirPlay. an in-house development for the iPhone. It lets you quickly sync and play video from your phone to your TV. You can download the app through the App Store. After installing and connecting the devices to a common home network, no difficulties with the broadcasting of content will not arise.

Viewing will be done through the Apple TV media player. It will also act as a link between the smartphone and the TV.

How to watch movies on your TV with your phone

The easiest way is to connect your phone to your TV using a USB cable. To do this, your TV must have a USB port (all modern models have one). In this case, the phone will act as a flash drive, so the film must first be downloaded to your mobile device.

The devices can also be connected using an HDMI cable. In this case, the TV screen will broadcast everything that is reflected on the phone display. Make sure you have a suitable slot on your mobile device beforehand. If you do not have one, you need to buy an adapter.

Wireless synchronization can be accomplished via Bluetooth. If your TV is not equipped with built-in Bluetooth you’ll have to buy an adapter, and you’ll have to download and install the TV control app on your cell phone beforehand. Picture from the phone will be transmitted to the screen, the advantage of this synchronization is the rapid transfer of data.

Not all televisions support pairing with an Android device. No problem if you use a modern model. This is due to the presence of all the necessary features and connectors for synchronization. In this case, it takes a few minutes to connect, and no additional hardware is required.

To broadcast the image on the big screen requires newer features and interfaces. It is even easier with televisions that support Smart function, the manufacturers have provided the possibility of synchronization with external devices and equipped them with Miracast technology. To connect to the old TV receivers you can use a variety of adapters, which can be purchased at any electronics store.

A few words about the approaches

Despite the fact that to do such a thing seems possible to ordinary users, but unlikely, these technologies are already well developed, optimized and refined. And this is taking into account that in the post-Soviet countries there are still a sufficient number of people who use black and white tube TVs. And the technological capabilities, in general, leave much to be desired.

But no matter how it is, but it is very easy to do this. And there are even more than one or two methods for the average person to do it. It won’t take much of an investment if you are prudent. And if you keep in mind that almost every modern TV and Android gadget has a predisposition to do this by default, then additional costs may not be required at all.

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Why the Android smartphone does not connect to the computer?

One of the most common problems an Android device user. the computer doesn’t see your phone. The reason can be hidden as in the usual breakage of the cable, and in the malfunction. But in order to achieve successful operation of the gadget and the computer detected it, you need to activate the correct type of connection in the settings.

  • The cord/cable is damaged. These products are not very durable, so they may fail in a couple of months.
  • The USB port on your computer is damaged. These mechanisms are also subject to various mechanical damages.
  • Damaged socket on the phone. For example, water may have entered.
  • USB port drivers are broken.
  • Phone firmware is broken.
  • Also your smartphone may not be detected by your PC due to viruses. Viruses block external drives.

Nowadays any modern TV set has Smart TV functionality. With it, you can access the World Wide Web and browse the contents of the folders of your smartphone. But to do this, the devices must be connected to each other with a cable and without wires.

Connecting via Chromecast

It is a great option for those who don’t have a Smart TV, but have an HDMI port. Google Chromecast turns your old TV into a modern one and allows you to connect to it various devices via Wi-Fi.

It is worth noting that with the device the user gets YouTube, which will work in the TV, as well as Google Chrome browser. This allows an ordinary TV into a smart, to which you can already connect a variety of devices.

However, this way of connection is quite expensive, as Chromecast costs a lot. But there is a good opportunity to upgrade your old TV. And this is a whole other level. Google says that their device is compatible with almost all TVs (except CRTs).

Naturally, the user needs to know everything about how to connect your smartphone to the TV with Google Chromecast. And we will definitely give you a manual which will tell you how and what you need to do.


The first thing to do is to plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port on the TV.

Next, you need to take the remote and open the TV settings. Tap Chromecast is required in the playback source selection menu

Now it is time to move on to connecting the smartphone. Select wireless networks in the settings and turn on Wi-Fi

That’s all there is to it. Now we just need to choose Chromecast in the smartphone settings. After that the connection will be established. You can now stream video from your device to your TV. But don’t count on special quality.