How to sign in to Samsung if you forget your password

Forgot your password in your Samsung account

You should also keep in mind that Samsung is using the Galaxy app store more and more, and this separate store needs a Samsung account to be registered in order to use it on their phones. The good news is that registering an ID is completely free and can be completed in less than a minute through an easy process.

In addition, in case you need a Samsung account forgot password option or you forgot your ID, what to worry about, as the recovery options are also very easy to use.

How to Reset Password Samsung Account : Forget Your Password

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Open the “Settings”.
  • Select “Accounts and Archiving” or “Cloud and Accounts”.
  • Select “Accounts”.
  • Select “Add Account”.
  • Select the item “Google”.
  • Enter your email address press “Next”.
  • Enter your account password press “Next”.

Synchronize all recorded contacts with the Google cloud. Saving the settings of the apps you’ve downloaded. Moving contacts and other data to your new smartphone and other “Android” devices. Saving both your history and browser bookmarks.

How to recover a forgotten Samsung account password. Dr.Fone

, What to do if I forgot my Samsung account ID

Sometimes things are more complicated and you not only forgot your Samsung account password, but also can’t remember your Samsung ID. Again, don’t feel bad, as your Samsung ID. is nothing more than just the email address you used when you created your Samsung account, and there are ways to recover it, just keep reading the guide we’ve prepared. For you.

Grab your Samsung device and click on the apps screen. From there, go to Settings, then click on the General tab, select Accounts, and select your Samsung account from the list. Go to your account settings, and then to the help section.

You’ll see the message “Forgot your ID or password”. Click on it.

Given that you’re not using the Samsung account password reset option, but want to remember what your ID was, just click the “Find ID” tab.

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You will now see a screen asking you to enter your first and last name and your date of birth. The “Date of Birth” columns say “Day-Month-Year,” so make sure you enter your date of birth in that order.

When you click “Confirm,” be patient as your device now searches the database. If it finds information that matches the data you provided, it will be displayed as on the screen:

The first three letters and the full domain name should be more than enough for you to remember what email address you used to create your Samsung account ID.Now you just enter your login details and log in to your account.

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In some cases, a variety of third-party apps may cause the Samsung screen to lock. To get rid of their functionality, we need to boot our device in safe mode.

Do the following if you forget your password:

  • On the lock screen, hold down the power button. The shutdown menu will appear;
  • Press and hold the ” Shutdown ” button;
  • Your phone will ask if you want to boot into safe mode. Tap on “Ok” or on the inscription “Safe Mode”;

How to unlock your Samsung phone if you forgot your password?. instructions

Smartphone users often lock their smartphones with picture keys, pin codes or passwords to protect personal data from strangers. However, it happens that the owners of the phones themselves forget them and wonder how to effectively restore the password without losing data? In this article we provide you several simple ways to unlock any Samsung model, be it Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge/S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 9/Note 8/Note 7.

How to unlock a Samsung phone using the program

The professional utility from Tenorshare allows you to quickly and efficiently unlock any Android device, regardless of the type of locking (pin-code, password, PIN or fingerprint). 4uKey for Android is designed specifically to unlock Android smartphones in such cases and guarantees immediate results.

Step 1 Download the program from the official site and install it on your PC. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer using the USB cable.

Step 2 Launch the program. Select the “Remove Screen Lock” option from the main menu.

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Step 3 The program will check your data and start the process of unlocking your Samsung screen. Select “OK” when a message appears telling you that your device data has been deleted.

Step 4 Once the deletion process is complete, you will be prompted to enter recovery mode. Turn off your device and press and hold the “Volume Up” “Home” “Power” buttons at the same time.

Step 5 Then 4uKey for Android will automatically remove the lock screen. After a few minutes you will fully see the whole process.

Unlocking Samsung screen via Find My Mobile service

Find My Mobile service can be of invaluable service to Samsung owners in a situation where the device password is forgotten or if the device has been lost. To use this feature, you must have a pre-registered Samsung account, as well as a network connection on another phone or computer. The main advantage of this method is that it saves all the data of the device.

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Go to https://findmymobile.Samsung.Go to your Samsung account, and sign in to your Samsung account.

How to Bypass Password/Pin Code to Factory Reset for ALL SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONES

On the right side of the window click on “” and from the full list of options select “Unlock my device”.

Enter the password from your account in the blank and confirm the decision by clicking on “Unlock”.

The phone is then unlocked, and you can set a new password on the phone.

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How to unlock a password on your Samsung using Android Device Manager

This method involves using a similar service from Google for all Android devices. In order to unlock your Samsung if you forget your password, follow the instructions below.

On another phone or PC, go to Sign into your Google account.

Select your device (if it is not automatically detected). Then click on the “Lock” option. Enter a new lock screen password for your device and confirm it by retyping. Press “Lock” again.

Now unlock your Samsung with this newly created password.

How to unlock your Samsung screen if you forget your password, via your Google account

Next method works only with Android 4 versions.4 and below. This will also leave your data unchanged on your device. Note that your locked device must be connected to the network to be successful.

Enter the wrong password, pin number, or pattern key on your smartphone screen 5 times.

Select the “Forgot Pattern/Password” option. Next, enter your Google account information or backup pin.

After that the phone will be unlocked and you can set a new key/password.

Unlocking Samsung with an additional pin code

An exceptional way for Samsung phones to unlock the screen if you forget your password is to use an additional pin code. When setting up a pattern lock, the owner must also set an additional pin code.

Enter the wrong unlock combination 5 times. After a message appears telling you to try again in 30 seconds, select the “Additional pin code” option at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the pin code you set when you set the screen lock. Press “OK.”. The screen lock will be removed.

As you can see, there’s no reason to despair if you suddenly forget your smartphone password and don’t know how to regain access to all your important data. You can choose any of the above solutions. each one will get you back in control of your phone within minutes. Share your favorite ways in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, as well as suggest your own!

Update 2021-08-07 / Update for Unlock Android Phone

How to unlock a Samsung phone if you forgot your password

Smartphone users often lock their smartphones with picture keys, pin codes, or passwords to protect personal data from strangers. However, it happens that the owners of the phones themselves forget them and wonder how to effectively restore the password without losing data? How to remove a pin code or an image key, etc.д.? In this article, we offer you some simple ways to solve this problem that will work for unlocking any Samsung model, be it Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge/S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 9/Note 8/Note 7.

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How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password

Modern phone is a treasure trove of personal information, photos, access to banking applications and personal communication. Not surprisingly, many people want to make the gadget completely private. Android smartphones have the possibility to set numeric, alphabetic and graphical screen passwords. And at least once each of the adepts of complete privacy and personal space, faced with a situation when you forgot the password on your phone. Do not panic, smartphones have enough ways to log in, although some of them are quite tough. Now we will tell you about all the ways to remove the phone lock if you forget the password. Note that not all methods may work on your mobile device, it all depends on its technical capabilities, access to root rights and internet connection.

How to reset the password on your Android phone using the “Find My Device” service from Google

Google offers its users a fairly convenient service “Find my device” (“Find my device”). You can use it to find a lost or stolen smartphone, as well as unlock your phone remotely, which is what we’re going to use now.

How to unlock Android phones when forgot Password

On either device, go to the Equipment management service page and log in to your account.

From the list of devices, choose the desired one (in case you have more than one). Then select “Lock”.

Set a new screen lock password. Re-enter it to confirm. Select “Lock” again.

Enter this password on your Android smartphone. Phone is successfully unlocked. You can choose to keep this password or change it to a different lock type in your phone settings.

If you updated your software, you need to go to Settings, select “Lock” to reset your TV password, the TV will ask you to enter your password. User need to press MUTE button on the remote three times in a row, then input the digits 129472.

But you can always reset the password or PIN code to factory default on your Samsung TV, you need to perform some combinations using the remote. The standard PIN code for all Samsung TVs is.0000. In order to reset the new PIN code on the pushbutton.