How to start a new lenovo laptop

What to do after buying a laptop?

It is very easy and simple to do. Click on the Start button, go to Settings, find the Update and Security section. Open it and click on the first item Windows Update Center. If you have the manufacturer has installed an automatic update, then the update process has already started itself.

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New laptop lenovo how to set up

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How to enable the discrete video card in the laptop in the bios?

Activating a new video card in Windows settings

  • Right click on the Start menu and select “Device Manager” from the menu.
  • In the window that opens, find the video adapters section
  • If GeForce does not appear in the menu, you should activate the graphics adapter in the BIOS.

How to disable the discrete graphics card?

There is no specific answer to the question whether you can change the video card on a laptop for a more powerful option. Theoretically, with a great desire and great expense installation of a new discrete adapter is quite possible, but in practice in most cases it is advisable to buy a newer model with the necessary components.

How to install Windows 7 on a Lenovo g50 laptop from a flash drive?

How to install Windows 7 on Lenovo G50 notebook

start, lenovo, laptop
  • We enter the BISO (key fnf2 or by switching the laptop with the secret button on the left side near the power connector)
  • In the section Exit select under OS Optimized. Win7 (if it does not exist, then other OS)
  • Under Boot Mode select Legacy Support; under Boot Priority select Legacy First.

Preparation: partitioning the drive

You don’t have to uninstall and format your entire Windows 10 drive to install Windows 7. I would even recommend just installing one more system, and choosing the one you want to use at boot (the menu with the choice of Windows OS at boot will appear automatically!).

  • Firstly, you do not know how Windows 7 will behave, maybe Windows 10 will be more stable and perform better;
  • Secondly, you will have a more stable system: if something happens to one OS. you will be able to boot into the second one;
  • Thirdly, some games and programs may not work in one system, while in the other it will be fine.

In principle if you have no plans to install 2 OSs you can skip this step. In it I will talk about partitioning the disk.

To help!

Here is how to partition your hard drive (in Windows without installing any software)

start, lenovo, laptop

For another Windows OS, I recommend you create a separate partition on your hard drive, for example a local “F:\” drive of some sort. You can do it without losing any data and without installing any extra software.

First you have to open Disk Management (WinR key combination, and diskmgmt command).msc ).

diskmgmt.msc. Start Disk Management

Select the disk you wish to “unallocate” some space from, to create another local disk (for the new operating system). By the way, you should allocate at least 30-35 GB for Windows 7!

Afterwards, right click on the disk partition you want, and choose “Compress volume” option.

Then specify the size of the compressible space (in my example I have specified 30000 MB, which is about 30 GB).

And you get another partition. it will be black and say “Unallocated” (note: the partition we “took away” some free space from on the disk). the disc letter can not be changed either; it is now 30 GB less).

start, lenovo, laptop

For now, this partition cannot be used because it is not formatted. To format it, right-click on it and select “Create Simple Volume”.

  • the size of a simple volume (don’t change anything at all. leave it by default, see the. see the screenshot below);
  • you do not need to change the drive letter;
  • file system (NTFS). cluster size, volume name. you can also leave everything as default;
  • the last step is to agree with the settings and click on “Done” (all actions correspond to the numbers in the screenshot below).

Actually now you should have one more local disk. now you can copy files and folders to it, work with it like with any other disks (this is where we will install Windows 7).

Basically, we can now proceed to preparing the bootable rescue media.

Booting lenovo from disk or flash drive

To boot from the drive on a lenovo notebook, proceed as follows:

In this case there are two options. If the disk is partitioned and the file system has been formatted in NTFS, you must continue with the installation. If CDA is used, you will have to delete the partitions first in “Disk Management”.

If you click on “Create”, you will be able to divide the hard disk space, which is free of files, into several partitions. You need to specify the necessary size (recommended. from 30 to 60 GB) and then confirm your manipulations. You will create partitions one by one this way, to rationally allocate free space.

Further actions are simple and straightforward. You will need to select the appropriate partition and click on install. Just follow the directions that will be displayed one by one on the screen.

So a lenovo laptop has a simple and straightforward to boot from a flash drive or disk.