How to stop iPhone from locking

Change iPhone and iPad autolock time

Depending on the version of the operating system, the screen of “apple” gadgets goes off after 1 or 2 minutes. Changing this time interval is simple: select Screen and brightness in the Settings menu, go to the section Auto lock.

In the window that appears, there will be several options, including the one responsible for how to disable the lock on the iPhone. By checking the box next to the desired one, you can literally change the autolock mode in two clicks. It’s easy to get it back if you want to, but choosing the “Never” option is not recommended.

Sometimes users face the problem of unchangeable auto-lock time. The explanation is simple. it is impossible to change this interval in Power Saving mode. it is fixed by default at 30 seconds.

How to quickly unlock an iPhone after entering a wrong password?

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The iPhone is a jealous guardian of our customers’ privacy, adding new levels of security. If the phone is lost or stolen, intruders will not be able to access the personal information of the former owner. iPhone stores too much stuff, from selfies with friends in front of monuments to bank card numbers.

Today’s iPhone is protected against easy password cracking. Just 5 wrong inputs and you’ll have to wait a minute for a new attempt. After one more wrong attempt. five minutes. One more, and fifteen minutes of full blocking. Waiting time increases progressively.

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Often, it happens that children take a parent’s phone to play, and in the hands of parents returned a brick, blocked for ten days. Sure, you can put the phone away and wait, but there are 3 alternative ways to get the iPhone lock off:

All of these ways are effective, and each is worth exploring in more detail.

  • Tap the menu icon at the top of the player.
  • Tap Lock.
  • In the window that appears, select Lock video or Lock channel.
  • Press Lock again.
  • Enter the digits of the code that appears on the screen, or your access code.

How To Turn Off Auto-Lock On iPhone

How to make the screen not go off in Android

  • Open Settings.
  • Look for “Screen” and in it the section “Autolock”, “Sleep mode” or something like that. On Flyme 7 and Android 7.1.2 it looks like “Screen and brightness” and then “Auto lock”.

Using the lock button

Of course, the easiest and most popular way to lock your phone is to use the dedicated button. It is a key that is located on the top panel. To lock your iPhone with it, you just need to press this button once. As a result, the screen will turn off, and the iPhone will enter lock mode. To unlock your smartphone, you only need to repeat the same operation, and enter a graphic or numeric key, if such is available and connected to your mobile device.

How to disable screen autolock on iPhone

Smartphone manufacturers are trying every way possible to reduce the consumption of the device battery, so that its full charge was enough for at least one day of active use. One of the software ways to reduce the discharge of your smartphone is the device auto-lock function. In this article we’ll look at how it works on the iPhone and how you can turn it off or on.

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How to use “Autolock” on iPhone: enabling, setting, turning off?

The longevity of cell phones, tablets depends on the screen activity time and its brightness. In this matter, the Auto-Lock option is important, which reduces power consumption and leaves the battery charged as long as possible. How do we adjust the settings of automatic locking on iPhone??

  • Let’s go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Looking for the “Screen” section (in different versions of the mobile OS it may also be called “Display”, “Screen and Brightness”, etc.)
  • Find the “Screen timeout” option and select the time after which the phone screen should fade in case of inactivity.

The screen goes out for this very reason. improper settings of sleep mode, which is adjusted to respond to the user’s touch. While watching a video a person simply does not touch the phone, i.e. does not touch the display.

System crash

Before proceeding to other solutions, you should first check your iPhone for any system error by scanning it with an antivirus. Errors in the operating system cause the screen to turn off while talking to the iPhone, but not to lock it. In this case the screen does not react on approaching or removing the phone from the caller’s face. In other words, the person, for example, tries to perform additional manipulations with the device (turn on the speakerphone), but the phone does not come out of lock when the device is removed from the face. You have to unlock it manually.

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If there is such a problem, you should fix it, and then check if the function works or not. If the function still does not work, you can try to restore the phone, but before you do this, you should try other solutions to the problem, otherwise it will lead to the deletion of data from the iPhone.

How to fix iPhone autolock highlighted in gray

Low battery mode is a battery saving feature that aims to prolong the life of the iPhone by limiting battery use, so auto-lock is enabled and the time is only 15 seconds.

If you find that Auto-Lock is inactive when you are about to extend the Auto-Lock time, you should check if Low Battery mode is on.

Go to Settings ⟶ Battery, then you’ll find a button next to low battery mode, toggle it if it’s green.