How to stream from your phone to your LG TV

What is Screen LG televisions and how it works?

A bit of information about the feature itself. If you’re not interested, you can go straight to the instructions and set up. There are two basic technologies that allow you to transmit an image from one device to another over the air (roughly speaking, Wi-Fi). This is Miracast and Intel WiDi. They work based on Wi-Fi Direct technology. So, LG TVs (the ones with Smart TV and Wi-Fi) have Miracast and Intel WiDi support. And it’s called Screen Share.

The TV can act as a wireless display and receive images from other devices that also support Miracast and Intel WiDi. And these are modern smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. As for Android phones, almost all devices have Miracast support. Miracast on laptops and PCs works on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. You also need support from the video card and Wi-Fi adapter. As for Intel WiDi, Intel has discontinued support for this technology and recommends using Miracast.

Duplicate the screen from iPhone to LG TV only on those models that have support for AirPlay 2. LG has televisions that support AirPlay 2 (usually the more expensive models). You can not do it through Miracast, as the iPhone does not support this technology. Or buy an Apple TV set-top box and connect it to the TV. Read more in this article: How to duplicate the screen of your iPhone or iPad on your TV.

If you have a regular LG TV without Smart TV, Wi-Fi and therefore without support for Miracast (Screen Share). You can use a special Miracast adapter that connects to the TV via HDMI.

A few more words about another, similar DLNA technology, also supported by LG televisions. DLNA differs from Miracast (Screen Share) in that with DLNA you can stream photos, videos and music (only specific files) from devices to your TV over the local network. And with Miracast you can fully duplicate the screen and sound from your phone or computer. In the case of DLNA, the devices are connected to the local network (through a router). And Miracast uses a direct connection between your phone and your LG TV over Wi-Fi. You can see my guide on how to set up DLNA on LG televisions.

What is a Miracast adapter for TV

If your TV does not have the wireless connection feature, you will need a small external device to implement it. a Miracast adapter. It will allow you to connect your mobile device to an older model TV.

Appearance and functionality

The gadget has a compact size and looks very similar to an ordinary flash drive. It attaches to the device via HDMI port 1.4-1.6. For power there is a Micro USB port. You need an antenna for extra connectivity.

Adapters typically support three connection standards:

  • Works with all devices with Android 4 and above.
  • Allows you to connect your TV to your Apple devices.
  • Used for displaying video, photos, and music from a computer or laptop over the local network. It does not allow you to fully duplicate the screen, but displays only the selected file.

stream, your, phone

Which model to choose

When choosing a model, you should pay attention to the processor power and the size of RAM. Wi-Fi 2 support is required.4 GHz and 802n standard. Memory should be no less than 128 MB.

Do not buy cheap models for 1.5. 2 thousand. They will not be able to transfer Full HD video files correctly. Playback will be slow. Quality adapters cost from three thousand.

How to output an image or video from your phone to your LG TV

Modern gadgets and home appliances have long been complementary devices thanks to the ability to connect them to the Internet and sync. And this is very convenient, as it allows you to expand functionality and make use easier and more convenient. For example, you can control LG TV with Smart TV function using your smartphone (turning it into a remote control) or display images and videos from your smartphone on your TV screen.

Why it’s needed? The pros of connecting your smartphone to your LG TV:

Synchronizing your smartphone brings with it many benefits. And here are the main ones:

  • You can watch photos and videos from your smartphone’s Gallery on your big TV screen in high quality.
  • You can play your favorite mobile games on your TV, and use various apps (like sports apps, language-learning apps, etc.) on your mobile device.д.).
  • Very convenient to browse different websites, as well as to read documents and view presentations.

How to connect your smartphone to the LG TV: step-by-step instructions

There are several ways to send pictures and video from your LG smartphone to your LG TV, either by cable or wirelessly.

Screen Share is a program specially designed to synchronize your phone and LG Smart TV and watch content on the big screen. Transferring images and video is carried out by

Miracast standard (Wi-Fi Direct technology). The connection is 100% likely to be made if you have a LG brand TV and smartphone. With smartphones from other manufacturers this option may not be supported.

In order to start the synchronization process, you need:

  • Press the Home button on the remote control of your LG TV.
  • Find and turn on the application Screen Share.
  • Make sure your smartphone has the Android operating system firmware installed above 4.2 versions.
  • Activate Miracast mode (may be called AllShare Cast in some cases). If your smartphone doesn’t have this option, you’ll need to download Miracast app Google Play.
  • In the list of devices available for synchronization, select your TV and connect, following the instructions on the screen.
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Important: The manufacturers recommend using the phone in landscape mode and locking the screen positions, so that the picture on the TV screen is not displayed rotated by 90.

Owners of smartphone brands other than LG can try to bring images and video from their phone to the TV using Wi-Fi Direct. This is possible if your LG TV is a modern model and supports Wi-Fi.

In order to synchronize your smartphone and LG TV via Wi-Fi Direct:

  • Make sure your smartphone has the Android operating system installed with a firmware higher than 4.0.
  • In Settings, select Wireless Networks, then select Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. In the menu that opens, tap Wi-Fi Direct.
  • If you do not find this option, tap Advanced Settings.
  • Turn on the TV with the remote control and enter the main menu.
  • Select Network, and then select Wi-Fi Direct.
  • From the list of available devices for synchronization, select the name of your smartphone.
  • The phone itself will prompt you to connect, confirm it by following the instructions.

Connecting a smartphone to the LG TV set via HDMI is possible if your phone has a mini HDMI interface, in other cases you will need to buy a special adapter.

  • Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the connector on the back of your TV, and plug the other end into the port on your phone.
  • Go to “Main Menu” TV and select the section “Signal Source” / Press the Input button.
  • Select the HDMI connector which your smartphone is connected to as a signal source. You can see the connector number on the back of the TV, but in the vast majority of cases it is the only active.

This way you can display images and videos on LG TV from almost any smartphone: LG, Samsung, Huavei, Lenovo. In order to sync your iPhone, you will need a special Lightning HDMI adapter.

Also you can connect different smartphone models to your LG TV using different connectors. For example, a number of LG phone models (including the LG 2X) are equipped with a special Micro HDMI port or the more modern USB Type-C. Also a number of smartphones of democratic models support the standard MHL (Mobil High Definition Link), with which the signal comes directly from the data and charging port Micro-USB. Analogous to the MHL standard SlimPort, implemented in many models of LG smartphones, which allows you to transmit video in 1080p resolution.

All these methods are suitable for older models of smartphones. For newer models it is recommended to prefer wireless methods of data transfer.

How to Sync Your Devices via Bluetooth?

This is another connection option where you don’t need any wires. But that’s only if Bluetooth is in the TV hardware itself. If not, you have to buy an additional adapter with wires.

Installation instructions:

  • Install the adapter in the connector on the back of the TV.
  • Download the control app on your smartphone.
  • Set your smartphone to Bluetooth and connect to the TV.

So you can control TV from your cell phone, as well as view different files on the TV screen from your mobile phone.

Wireless connection methods

The main advantage of wireless standards for synchronizing your favorite gadget with your TV is the absence of work with wires. the broadcasting of phone resources on the TV screen is made by pairing via Wi-Fi. In this regard, the manufacturers of LG Electronics TV sets have developed a special application Smart Share.

LG Smart Share

LG Smart Share is an original interface that allows you to transmit various LG Electronics brand resources to the TV-receiver. You can transfer not only media files, but also images directly. The only requirement is that both gadgets are in the same local network. On TV sets with the Smart Share option, there is undoubtedly a Wi-Fi adapter, so there are no difficulties.

  • Connect both devices to the same network.
  • Installing LG TV SmartShare program on the cellular phone.
  • In the menu of the receiver you open Smart Share and enter the “Connected device” section.
  • Search for your smartphone, synchronize and view any mobile files on your TV.

Pairing via Wi-Fi Direct

These days, few people can be surprised by Smart TVs, most of which are filled with built-in Wi-Fi. The best option for this type of electronics would be to pair it with any mobile gadget that supports the Wi-Fi Direct option. This function works the same on all TVs that support Smart and have the ability to connect wirelessly. Internet access is not possible when using Wi-fi Direct, because the TV identifies the device as a multimedia device. This option is comparable to “Bluetooth”, because the connection is made directly.

First of all it is necessary to activate wireless network on the smartphone. Next, in the wireless networks section you need to run the WI-FI-direct option. Only after that you can proceed to the setting menu of the smart TV. The necessary function is located in the item “Network”. After activating it, it will search for available devices for connection, in the list of which you should select the desired one from the proposed options for synchronization. Next, the smartphone will ask for confirmation of device synchronization, which must be approved.

Once finished, after confirming the synchronization, when playing any file on the phone, the image will be automatically transferred to the TV screen with audio playback.

  • free space, due to the absence of a lot of stretched wires in the room;
  • there is no need for such equipment as a Wi-Fi router;
  • playback of multiformat media content;
  • thanks to the free sockets, it is possible to charge the battery of the smartphone;
  • The possibility of Internet-sensing has been implemented.
  • If the devices do not have built-in Wi-Fi Direct, you will need to download and install additional software. As a rule, this is encountered by owners of older versions of Android. In addition, this feature may not be available on your TV device. For this reason, you will need to buy additional equipment. In particular, the external adapter, which can be connected to the TV via USB-connector.
  • Fast discharging of the phone battery.
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Pairing devices via Wi-Fi allows you not only to browse files, but also to use applications, which for some users is a very valuable feature.

Synchronization via Miracast

Another wireless way to connect devices is to enable Miracast technology. For its functioning you will need two compatible devices. No need for middlemen like a Wi-Fi router. This feature allows you to synchronize your electronics with each other through the latest standards of data exchange, using wireless channels. Thus, it becomes possible to broadcast any content on the screen, and it is also possible to run applications and favorite video games. The technological development is based on Wi-fi Direct, but has some additions. Transferred data does not lose its quality, the sound transmission is more detailed. Another nice bonus is the reduced power consumption of the mobile device.

That is why the Miracast option acts as a more modern way of connection.

  • In the main menu on the TV go to the “Network” section.
  • Enabling the Miracast feature.
  • Now go to the settings of the cellular phone. Open the “Connections” section and find the “Broadcast” item there
  • Your phone searches for devices to pair with. When our TV model appears in the list, click on it.
  • Confirm this connection by pressing the appropriate button on the remote control.
  • After the confirmed pairing the image of the smartphone desktop will appear, the TV receiver will have free access to it. If the image does not open fully, you need to turn the phone horizontally.

If you do not have this command on your cell phone, you need to download an application that will correct this deficiency. If the TV is not equipped with this function, then this problem can only be solved by buying an external adapter that supports this function. But still this method has such a disadvantage as delayed data transfer. It is not particularly significant when watching something or reading, however, during games unstable ping is possible.

You Tube

This video server can broadcast video clips via the application with the same name. For this purpose it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • check the support of You Tube by the TV;
  • install the official application;
  • After loading the program find the command “Play on TV” in settings;
  • at the same time on the TV turn on a similar application, it is important to set “Manual mode”;
  • Enter the appeared combination of numbers on the screen on the phone and press “Add”;
  • further it is necessary to choose your LG model from the list and connect.

After you have done this, You Tube server will appear on TV. The main disadvantage of this synchronization is the ability to view only videos. The other functions of the smartphone become inaccessible.

It is these three modern technologies will allow you to connect your smartphone to the LG TV, it remains to consider them in all their variations and details.

Given that smartphones do not have an outlet for a cable of this kind, this is the connection method that requires the purchase of additional equipment. There is a special adapter, one side of which is a port for HDMI, and on the other side of the cable with a standard plug, as on most smartphones. To find such a device is easier in online stores, since the product is quite rare.

The biggest plus in this kind of connection is the ability to transmit a picture from your phone, as well as in high resolution quality, which only HDMI can do. The latest models of smartphones and tablets can be equipped with an input for this cable, if you own such a device, there is no need for additional equipment.

After the cable is already connected on both sides, the phone will display a choice of connection options, among which you must choose micro-USB HDMI, after which any image from the phone should be automatically converted to TV LG. And most importantly, don’t forget to switch your TV to the appropriate mode.

Wireless ways to connect your mobile to your TV

There are several ways to synchronize the two devices with each other. Having understood each of them in detail, the user can choose the most suitable one

Wi-Fi Direct technology

This method is very convenient, there is no need to use wires or additional set-top boxes, adapters, router. Only WI-Fi connection is enough. However, it is important that both devices support the following configurations:

  • for the TV. the presence of a built-in adapter that allows wireless connections and supports Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • for a smartphone. Android version 4 or higher.0.

The scheme to start connecting will be as follows:

  • Open in order in a cellular phone: Settings, then Wi-Fi, Advanced Settings, and then Wi-Fi Direct. It will start to automatically search for available networks, so you need to proceed immediately to the settings on the Smart TV;
  • start the menu with the remote control;
  • find the Network item;
  • Select the section Wi-Fi Direct, activate it.

Next, you will need to install a security code:

  • find the Security Key section in the program;
  • think of a strong password, enter them;
  • In the phone to find the login of the access point, created on the TV, begin to connect to it (requires a specified password).

The next step is to synchronize. When one of the devices will find the other, it is required to select the highlighted model and approve all the confirmations.

After 5-10 seconds, the phone and TV will be connected. You can take on the necessary manipulations. To send the files to the monitor, you need to enter the gallery, click on the desired one, choose in its settings Send, in the list of applications the TV data will appear and you need to select it.

Miracast software

The modern Miracast standard allows you to connect your phone to the Smart TV using wireless data transfer. When the procedure is successfully completed, all the content available on the smartphone (any media files, including favorite apps) can be streamed on the TV screen.

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The method has its limitations:

  • Smart TV support this interface;
  • one router for both devices;
  • support of Miracast functionality by a smartphone. You can check as follows: search in the normal settings or by lowering the curtain on the screen, finding the Cast (or Miracast) option. If it is not available, you can download it from Google Play, entering in the search box Miracast WI-FI Display.

If all the requirements are satisfied, you can proceed with the connection:

  • launch the TV menu;
  • Select: Settings;
  • activate Network;
  • In the Miracast menu, move the cursor to ON;
  • turn on the found (or downloaded app) function on your smartphone.

After the final stage, the cell phone will find the TV and you only need to confirm all the actions for the final connection.

How to stream from your phone to your LG TV

Connecting a Miracast-enabled smartphone. to your Smart TV over a wireless network (Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct ) allows you to view your smartphone’s screen content on your Smart TV.

Connect picture from your Smart TV to your smartphone

To connect the image from your Smart TV to your smartphone via Miracast, follow these steps:

From the Smart TV menu, select Smart Home Settings NETWORK.

Select Miracast Intel® WiDi (wireless display) and select On

At the top of your smartphone screen, tap Miracast. To activate this function. The smartphone appears in the list of available smartphones on your Smart TV.

Choose your smartphone to connect to your Smart TV. A pop-up window opens on your smartphone to confirm the connection.

Connect an image from your smartphone to your TV

To connect an image from your smartphone to your Smart TV via Miracast, follow these steps:

From the Smart TV menu, select Smart Home Settings NETWORK.

Select Miracast Intel® WiDi (wireless display) and select On

At the top of your smartphone screen, tap Miracast. To activate this feature. The smartphone will appear in the list of available smartphones on your Smart TV.

On your smartphone, select Smart TV. A pop-up window will open on the Smart TV screen to confirm the connection.

After connecting your Smart TV to your smartphone you can view your smartphone’s screen on your TV.

After the Miracast Intel® WiDi (wireless display) will be set to On Wi-Fi Direct will also be set to On

A Miracast connection may not work correctly when your smartphone is connected to a wireless access point.

It is preferable to connect your device to a 5 GHz network.(WI-FI standard. “n”)

Devices that are not Miracast compliant may have compatibility issues.

You can search on devices made by other companies (besides LG), but not all devices from other manufacturers can connect to the TV.

For more information on using the device, see the manufacturer’s instructions.

Some LG smartphones support Tag On connections.

Some LG smartphones support Miracast connections when connected to an access point.

Connecting your smartphone to your LG TV via Wi-Fi and more

There are several ways to connect your cell phone and TV. Some variants transform a smartphone into a real Smart set-top box, and others, on the contrary, allow only to play media content stored on the cellular device.

If you do not know how to connect your cell phone to LG TV, then this article will be useful for you. Now we will get acquainted with the instructions of synchronization of mobile and television equipment. As a result, each user will be able to choose the option that suits him.

Connecting your TV with your phone (tablet) directly, using Wi-Fi Direct technology

If you do not yet have an access point (router) at home. but you have already got a modern TV with Smart TV function and want to connect your smartphone or tablet to it, you can use Wi-Fi Direct, which allows you to connect your devices directly.

In this article I will try to write in detail about how to establish a connection between the two devices, using the technology Direct. I will show you an example of NTS Android smartphone and LG TV (32LN575U).

If we talk about why to connect them, there are several options. For example, to control the TV from your phone, using a proprietary technology from LG, called TV Remote. I’ve already written about this technology, and how to set it up, at Or to transfer media content from your smartphone to your TV, using DLNA technology (I will write about this later).

  • Smartphone, or tablet with Wi-Fi Direct support. You can look in the settings, where the Wi-Fi network management, etc. д.
  • Wi-Fi Direct-enabled TV. You can find out about it in the specs, call the manufacturer’s support, or look in the settings.

The screen mirroring feature on smartphones of different brands/models may be called:

How To Mirror Your iPhone to a LG TV

  • Screen sharing or Smart Share (LG)
  • Miracast
  • Wireless display (also known as WiDi)
  • Mirror Display
  • HTC Connect
  • Wi-Fi Direct

Here’s how to use the LG Screen Share feature with Android phones:

  • On your smartphone, tap “Settings” (or mirror screen icon), select where to play media (or similar step), then select your LG Smart TV from the list of devices. It may take some time for the phone to detect the TV.

Note: In the rest of the steps, the phone (HTC Android) is on the left and the LG TV screen is on the right.

Note: In most cases, the smartphone content, on-screen menus and settings will be displayed on the LG TV screen.

  • To end your screen mirroring session, tap “Disable” in your smartphone’s screen mirroring settings (if available), turn off your smartphone, switch to another function on your TV, or turn off your TV. If you are playing content from a particular app, it will stop playing if you use another feature on your smartphone.