How to switch Samsung memory to flash drive

How to switch phone to Samsung memory card?

Being in the settings, open the “Memory” section. Click on “Preferred installation location” and select “SD card. You can also assign a storage location to save other files by designating the SD card as the “Default Memory“.

  • Go to Settings. Storage and USB drives and click on “SD-card” (On some devices, the storage settings item may be under “Advanced”, for example, on ZTE).
  • Select “Setup” from the menu (top right button).

How to save on the memory card on the Samsung J2?

How to make the files were downloaded to the memory card?

To do this, go to “Settings”/”Applications”/”All”, look for “Camera” among the applications (will be close to the middle). Next “Stop Forced”/”Erase Data. After that, when you turn on the camera again, the app should ask for a place to save photos and videos.

How to switch phone memory to Honor memory card?

Open the system settings and go to “Device”. “Applications”. Open the menu (properties section) of the desired program with a short tap. Tap “Storage” and then “Change”. In the “Change Storage Location” window, select “Storage Card”.

  • Turn the phone on.
  • Then go to the settings menu.
  • Select apps menu.
  • Next, select the app you want to move
  • Select storage menu.
  • Then select the change button.
  • Then tap the SD card to move the app to the external memory card.
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How to move apps from internal memory to SD card?

Method 1. previously purchased in Play Market download to memory card

  • Go to “Phone Settings”, select “Applications”, then “Manage Applications.
  • Then select the desired application and click “Transfer to MicroSD”

Return the memory card to its initial state

When the smartphone during the boot up gives the error drive. then you need to perform the recovery. Instructions:

  • Reboot the gadget so that the RAM is clean;
  • open the standard settings and find the item responsible for memory;
  • Transfer all the important stuff to the internal drive beforehand;
  • After finishing we press “Format”, depending on the model the name can be different.

Wait until the operation is completed and reboot the gadget for flash drive to display correctly. The method is hard, but it helps to avoid further problems with the gadget, as well as catching a virus.