How to sync your Samsung tablet with your computer

How to sync your phone with your PC

Nowadays a cell phone has become an indispensable attribute of every person. Modern cell phones are proudly called smartphones, which, in addition to the function of the phone, provide many additional features: listening to music, surfing the Internet, photo and video camera functions, etc. Most users wonder “How to connect your phone to the computer?”.

First of all, you need it to exchange multimedia files between your computer and smartphone, update your phone firmware, create backups, and synchronize the rest of your content: contacts, SMS messages, calendar notes, and so on. Smartphone can be used as a modem for Internet access and even as a storage device, as an analogue of USB-flash-card.

In this publication we will tell you how to connect your phone to the computer, using special programs from manufacturers and other developers.

[toc] Before we start telling you how to connect your phone to your computer, you need to know what you need: a means of communication (USB or Data cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi receiver), the software and the smartphone and the computer itself. There are several ways to connect your phone to your computer: with a cable, with Bluetooth, and with Wi-Fi. The method of communication is chosen according to the capacity of the phone, the availability of equipment and the preferred way of connection.

Recently manufacturers have been releasing cell phones along with software that can be used to connect only a certain brand of phone to the computer. In turn, some developers produce universal programs that can connect any phone.

Samsung Kies software for computer

Program for saving contacts, messages and other data from the Samsung Galaxy on your PC.

Suitable for regular phones, Wave (Bada) smartphones, Galaxy smartphones/tablets with Android version up to 4.2 inclusive.

If you have a Galaxy smartphone/tablet with Android version 4.3 and up, download Smart Switch.

So, what we have? Touch Phone Samsung Galaxy Y with support for 2-SIM-cards, wi-fai, bluetooth, the camera at 3 MPiksela, with the proprietary Samsung TouchWiz and t.д. The problem is to connect the Samsung Galaxy to the computer for file sharing: to transfer photos, music and video files via the included USB cord.

If you just plug your Samsung Galaxy to your PC, you will see the text telling you that no drivers were found. It is clear that we are not happy with this arrangement. So to synchronize your Samsung Galaxy with your computer, we do the following:

Connecting the USB wire from the computer to the phone. On the screen on the top/left we see the USB icon. Next. us to the hidden top menu.

Another way of connecting. Through the “Settings” menu. “cumbersome”, but in the output, the same thing:

To learn how to connect Samsung S6 to PC, please read further.

When connected to PC for the first time, the S6 could be incorrectly recognized by the operating system as a USB-device. We don’t need that, so we do the following:

First of all, in the settings uncheck the “debugging via USB. 2. Connect your Galaxy S6 to PC (with the factory cable). 3. Allow “Use as data storage”.

After you made these steps, computer will see your phone as a usual flash drive. Now you can freely exchange information with your PC in both directions.

See the Xiaomi Android 6 example.0.1. How to connect it to PC. Despite the growth of technology and the advancement of device intelligence, the principle is always more or less the same. Logically, you can always come to the right consecutive solution.

Copy the music from your PC to your Samsung tablet

Suppose you want to transfer music to your Samsung tablet from your computer. Just download and install Wondershare MobileGo for Android on your PC, allowing you to easily convert and transfer songs to your PC.

Connect your Samsung tablet to your computer

Connect your Samsung tablet to your computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Then Samsung Samsung Data Manager tablet will detect your Samsung tablet and all the data on it will be listed in the left column by default.

MobileGo for Samsung

Note: Except for the Samsung tablet, MobileGo for Android supports many other Android devices such as HTC, Samsung and Sony.

Move the music to the Samsung tablet from the PC

Click “music” in the left column, then click “Add. Your music file will appear on your computer, mark the songs you want to transfer to your Samsung tablet and import them. If you encounter format incompatibilities, the software can automatically convert them to compatible formats.

If you don’t want to take the time to mark songs, click the triangle under “add” and you can transfer your music to files.

Download songs to your Samsung tablet

In addition to the function of transferring music to your Samsung tablet, another very attractive feature is that you can directly download music to your Samsung tablet.

Click Wontube Mp3 Download, type in the songs you like and search for them in the program or mark the songs you want to download in the music list. You can then click “Download” at the bottom of the left column.

Once you’ve uploaded your songs, you can clearly see that they will be placed on your Samsung tablet.

In addition to all this, Samsung Tablet Manager also provides services such as backing up and restoring Samsung tablets files, sending SMS to computers, installing apps, etc. д. If you want to experience more, download it and find out more yourself.

Synchronizing your music with your Samsung tablet from other mobile devices

You have a broken iPod or an old Nexus tablet that you no longer want to use, but you still have lots of music in it and you would like to transfer all your music to your new Samsung tablet.

It will no longer bother you as long as you get dr.fone. You can use it to convert and transfer videos, SMS, contacts, apps, music, photos, and call logs from your old device to your new Samsung tablet. This will also not be a problem if your old device is a Nokia device.

Connect the Samsung tablet and the desired device to your computer

Connect your Samsung tablet and the desired device to your computer with USB cables. In this case, dr.fone. The phone transfer should scan them automatically and they will be shown in the main window.

Synchronize your music from your device to your Samsung tablet

Find the “Start Transfer” button and click on the content.

TIP. During the transfer, take care not to disconnect any device.

How to connect your tablet to the internet through your computer or laptop

Being able to go online at any time is almost the main need of every modern person. That’s why most public places have Wi-Fi hotspots. But if you have a wired network at home, take some time and you can connect your phone or tablet PC to the World Wide Web via PC.

Handing out Wi-Fi from a laptop computer

The easiest way to transfer data over the air, if your laptop is running Windows 7 or the next version of the operating system from Microsoft. Also your computer must be set to Virtual Wi-Fi mode to be successful. Make sure you remember to install the Wi-Fi driver beforehand.

To turn your laptop into a router, follow these steps:

  • Download and install Virtual Router or Connectify. Both apps are licensed free, so they are available for free.
  • Configure the software. All you need to do is name the new network and think of a password.
  • Test the Wi-Fi connection on your gadget.

Wired Internet sharing in Windows

If you have a Windows PC. then you can set up the connection using the system’s built-in tools. The first step is to run the command line. The instructions are as follows:

You need to have administrator rights in order to successfully debug the distribution. If you are logged on as a guest, find the command line in “Start” and open it as administrator with the right mouse button.

Setting up a data transmission consists of the following steps:

  • In the cmd window.netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”point name” key=”password”. Press Enter. You have to give your own data instead of “password” and “name of the network point”. This will create the network.
  • To start Wi-Fi directly, you need the command to start the network. Type “netsh WLAN start hostednetwork” and hit Enter.
  • Close cmd.exe.

Your mission is now complete. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that after rebooting your PC you will have to reopen the cmd. exe and enter the start command, but it is possible to make the network start automatically, after the operating system has booted.

This is very easy to do. Create an empty text document, where you save the command from step 2. Change the file extension from txt to bat. Now go to the “Start” menu and look for the folder “Autorun”, then add the just created bat-file to it. Done!

If you are not going to use the laptop as a router any more you have to remove the network. It is done with the command: netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”point name” key=”password”. Do not forget to clear autorun.

Extending the Internet from a laptop using a USB modem

If you have a laptop with network access via USB-modem, then configure the distribution of Internet will be a little different. Make sure that laptop has driver for Wi-Fi installed and modem is working properly.

The first thing to do is to allow the network to be used. For this purpose, at the command line, type: “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow”. After you press Enter you can close the window.

After that, download and install VirtualRouter Plus. Run the application and configure it. You need to name the network and set a password. You also need to select the type of connection to connect your tablet to the Internet. Your USB-modem should be in the Shared Connection list, if it is not there, then Wi-Fi sharing cannot be activated. After entering the data, click “Start Virtual Router Plus” button. Now you can take your tablet and test the connection.

Distributing the Internet from a computer

A desktop computer can also become an access point. It is enough to install a Wi-Fi card or a USB wireless transmitter. The setup itself follows a similar scenario as with a laptop.

Connect to the Internet via USB

In the absence of a PC with Wi-Fi you can connect your tablet to the Internet via a USB cable. To ensure the success of your unlocking process, please install the tablet drivers, AndroidTool and Android SDK on your PC. After that, you can start setting up:

  • In the Network Control Center, there is a section called “Manage Network Connections. Right-click and open the local connection properties. Under “Sharing,” check the checkbox to allow access to network resources.
  • Look for “For developers” item in tablet settings and allow debugging via USB. Now you can connect your gadget to your computer with the cable.
  • Launch AndroidTool. Click Refresh and wait until your device appears in the Connections window. Click Check Dns and select the address that will be second from the top. You can now press Connect to connect. In the notification window, you will see “Connection Done” in front of your device. If this happens, you have done everything correctly.
  • You can test the internet from the tablet. Do not disconnect the USB cable.

This way of connecting your gadget to the Internet is quite basic, but not always possible on tablets without root rights.

Your tablet is connected to Wi-Fi, but there is no internet

You were able to catch the Wi-Fi signal on your tablet, but can’t go online? If the signal is handing out through a program, then pause it, then in the Network Control Center, go to the section responsible for the adapter settings. Right-click on the properties of the active connection. In the window that appears, there will be a “Sharing” tab. Check all the boxes. In the “Home Network Connection” field, select the network you previously created.

[Newest] 5 easy ways to connect your Samsung phone to your PC in 2019.

Summary of

Android devices are becoming more and more important in the smartphone market. Samsung phone. one of the leading and popular Android phones with a huge user base. Seeing how important your Samsung phone is, especially for storing your information, the importance of data synchronization and backup cannot be overstated here.

Being able to sync and transfer files from your Samsung phone to a PC helps you avoid possible loss of data and information.Not being able to connect your Samsung phone to a PC is a common problem that users often encounter, and for that reason, below we will look at various solutions to this particular common problem.

How to connect your Samsung phone to PC using MTP mode?

Using MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode to connect your Samsung phone to a PC. It is recommended to transfer photos from Samsung to PC via USB cable. However, it is recommended that you transfer a small amount of media files to your PC because of its low data transfer rate.

  • Connect your Samsung phone to a PC using a USB cable.
  • On the home screen of your phone, slide your finger down the screen from top to bottom.
  • Make sure that the installed USB connection is marked as “Connected as a multimedia device”.
  • If the USB connection is not marked as indicated, select the “Media Device (MTP)” option.
  • Make sure your computer has detected your Samsung phone and displayed it in “My Computer”.

How to connect your Samsung phone to a PC via Wi-Fi / USB?

If the above method didn’t work, you can also connect your Samsung phone to PC via Wi-Fi / USB. This method is high speed and safe, unlike using Bluetooth.

There are many professional Wi-Fi file transfer tools for you to choose from. One such tool is Samsung Messages Backup, which allows you to transfer almost everything from your Samsung phone to your PC.

The program supports almost all Samsung phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 / S9 / S7 / S6, Galaxy Note9 / 8/7/6, Galaxy A9 / A8 / A7 / A6, etc. Д., As well as other Android devices such as LG, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi and others.

Here are the steps to connect your Samsung phone to a PC via Wi-Fi.

Connect your Samsung device and your PC to the same Wi-Fi network.

Install Samsung Messages Backup on Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP.

Download Samsung Message Backup mobile app to your Samsung phone for free.

Launch the app on your PC. You may see the interface below, select “Connect by WI-FI”.

After that, you can get a QR code on the screen of your PC. You will now be prompted to scan the QR code.

Launch the app on your Samsung phone. You can find the QR code viewer in the upper right corner.Click it to scan QR code.

When you enter the main interface of your PC, as shown below, your Samsung phone successfully connects to your PC via Wi-Fi.

Connect Samsung device to PC with USB cable

Samsung Messages Backup also allows you to connect your Samsung device to a PC via a USB cable. Here’s how:

Install the program on your PC desktop and run it.

Connect your Samsung device to your PC with a USB cable.

Turn on USB debugging on your Samsung Galayx. Click this link or follow the instructions to enable USB debugging.

Now you can use this program to:

How to connect your Samsung phone to PC via Samsung Kies software?

Samsung Kies. It’s a widely-known Samsung package for PCs, available for free. Like Apple iTunes, you can use this software to connect your Samsung Galaxy to PC and easily manage your Samsung files on your computer.

Here are the steps to connect your Samsung device to your PC via Kies:

  • Install and run Samsung Kies on your PC.
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Open the notification panel on your Samsung phone and select MTP mode.
  • Samsung Kies will automatically detect your Samsung phone.
  • After that, you can transfer contacts, music, photos, videos and podcast between your Samsung Galaxy and PC.

Synchronize Samsung photos / videos / music with Samsung Kies

The best alternative to Kies for Samsung Galaxy

How to connect your Samsung phone to PC via Bluetooth on Win 10/8/7?

Transfer files via Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly transfer documents, videos, and music between your Samsung phone and PC. However, not available on all PCs.To transfer files via Bluetooth, you need to activate this feature on both your PC and your Samsung Galaxy, then connect your Samsung Galaxy to your PC via Bluetooth.

Sync your Samsung phone with your tablet via Google Account

You can sync files between Android devices via Google account with ease. Let’s learn more about how to sync your Samsung phone and tablet through your Google account.

Step 1 Tap the Settings icon on your Samsung phone, select Cloud and Account and search for Accounts. Then you will get the account information. (If you don’t already have a Google account, you can click Add account. and then Google, Click New create new account.)

Step 2 Sign in to your Google account on both your Samsung phone and tablet, then select the content you want to sync.

Step 3 Click Sync now to transfer files.

Droid Explorer

A handy and feature-rich Windows-based utility that is compatible with all Android smartphones from Samsung. Universal tool will provide access to the information that is stored in the memory of your mobile device. It is also possible to manage the functions of your Android smartphone.

This free app lets you take screenshots of your screen, manage installed apps, boot your smartphone in recovery mode, and back up your information. You will also have the following features available to you:

  • Software Update;
  • Copy files of different formats to your smartphone memory;
  • Sending an SMS message;
  • Synchronizing information.

The developers have made the program open source, so the user will be able to install additional plug-ins that are not provided in the basic version.

And what sync software do you use? Tell us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Also be sure to save this selection of applications in one of your social networks, it may be useful to your friends.