How to synchronize headphones with the phone

How to sync headphones with your phone?

If the Bluetooth headphones are on, turn them off. Activate pairing mode on the Bluetooth headphones. Press and hold the power button or ID SET button. When the light flashes quickly, release the button.

Some of the reasons why Bluetooth is not detected by other devices include the following: The device is in the off state. Turn off Bluetooth detection in the settings. Long distance between the receiver and transmitter.

How to reset your Hoco headphones?

To reset the wireless headphones, both full-size and over-the-ear, turn them off. Next, press the three buttons simultaneously (Call, Volume and Mute) and hold for 3-5 seconds. Wait for the indicator light to flash red or blue 1 time.

If you are familiar with tablets, here is a simple algorithm:

  • Put the headphones in pairing mode
  • Go to the tablet’s Bluetooth settings and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled
  • Find the name of the headphones in the new device search area and click on them

How to sync wireless headphones with each other

A completely different question is what to do if the wireless headphones don’t pair with each other? This problem only occurs with TWS headsets, because the headphones are also synchronized with each other via Bluetooth, and there are situations when they lose this connection, and then one of the headphones stops playing sound, there is interference.To fix this problem, you need to reconnect the headphones. Usually it is not difficult and takes a little time.

How synchronization works

The TWS headphones are designed so that one of them is the main one, which leads to the other one. The right earpiece is almost always in charge. it’s the one that connects to your smartphone and transfers the resulting sound effects to the left earpiece.The first time you turn on and connect to another device, the headset first calculates the time required to communicate between the headphones by sending signals from one to the other. This process can be hindered by extraneous noise or signals from other devices. After the calculation, the headset will divide the incoming signals between the right and left earpiece in half.Because the leading right earphone does double work. it receives the signal from the device and then exchanges it with the left earphone. it discharges a little faster. In order for the headphones to work together and sound in sync, the main headphone plays sound with a slight delay, thereby adjusting to the slave left. To the user, this fraction of a second is not even noticeable.

Step-by-step instructions on how to sync your headphones

  • First, you need to turn on one main earpiece. the user should be signaled by a light;
  • Then the second, slave earphone is turned on;
  • After this, you need to quickly press the power button twice.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on the phone;
  • Remove the headphones from the list of connected devices by clicking on their name and choosing “Forget device”.

Reset with the button on the headphones

  • Remove both headphones from the case and press the power button for 5 seconds. Thus, the headphones will turn off;
  • Then the user needs to press the power button on both headphones again for a longer time, up to a minute. At this time, the settings are reset;
  • After this, the headphones are placed in their case for a few seconds;
  • Then you should take the headset out of the case, wait for the connection of headphones to each other to be completed and reconnect them to the phone.

Reset with the button in the case

  • Also, as in the first case, the headphones need to be charged first;
  • Without taking the headset out of the case, press the buttons on both earbuds and hold for about half a minute;
  • At this time it is important to watch the light indicators. For example, the headset from Xiaomi. Earbuds, signals about resetting first with a red light, then the indicator blinks white, after that the blinking and red color is added, and then the indicators light red and go out. All this takes no more than 30 seconds;
  • After the headphones have been reset, you need to take them out of their case and wait for the devices to synchronize with each other.

Reset with the button on the case

  • Charge the headphones a little. in this case 15-20% of the charge will be enough;
  • Remove both devices into the case;
  • Press the button on the case designed to reset the settings for about 40 seconds;
  • Keep an eye on the indicator. The aforementioned Airpods, for example, reset after the indicator gives several orange signals. On other models, this signal is likely to be different.

How to connect wireless headphones to your phone

  • Turn on the headphones (this item has already been discussed);
  • Activate the connection mode so that the phone can see the headset via Bluetooth;
  • In the phone settings, also turn on Bluetooth;
  • From the list of available devices on the phone, select the headphones and connect to them.

Step-by-step instructions for Android

  • Open the settings of the smartphone, go to the Bluetooth settings section, where you turn it on. To activate this function more quickly, you can also use the quick access panel (upper “curtain”);
  • From the list of available devices to connect, select the headphones (you can identify them by their name);
  • Confirm the connection of the headset to the smartphone.
  • Go to the Bluetooth section of your smartphone’s settings;
  • Click on the icon with three dots;
  • Open and activate the Dual audio function;
  • Connect two pairs of headphones (identical to the above instruction).

Step-by-step instructions for iOS

  • Go to the phone settings;
  • Select the Bluetooth settings and activate it;
  • Headphones should be displayed in the item “Other devices”;
  • Select the headset from this list and confirm the connection.
  • Put the optional headset in its case first, and then open it next to the device you want to connect it to;
  • On the device, select and activate “Temporarily share audio”;
  • Select the desired headphones from the list.

What to do if your phone doesn’t see your wireless headphones

  • The connection mode is not activated on the device, i.e.е. The headphones are not available for detection on any other devices. To activate it, hold down the button with the special icon for a while until the indicator light starts blinking. TWS headphones activate this mode automatically as soon as the user removes them from the case, but if this does not happen, the procedure is the same. on each of the headphones, press and hold the button until the indicator blinks;
  • The headphones are already connected to some other device. Such a situation can occur if the user has previously connected the headset to any other device. when you turn on the headphones are automatically connected to the last device, so the smartphone can not see them. To solve the problem you need to disconnect the headset from all the devices to which it was previously connected;
  • If you haven’t managed to connect the headset to the phone, then resetting the headset can help. For the correct implementation of such a procedure, it is recommended to use the instructions in each case.
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How to connect earphones to each other

Usually the owner of the headphones encounters problems with the synchronization of headphones without reading the instructions. Or trying to connect them to the phone directly. In this case, it is often possible to connect either the right or the left dome, and it is not possible to connect them both.

In this case in the list of available devices for connection of the phone there can be two devices with the same name.

So in order to perform the procedure of correct synchronization it will be necessary to reset the headphones to the factory settings (reset).

The reset procedure itself is different for each headphone model, but usually boils down to the following:

    If you have previously tried to connect headphones to the phone. find them in the list of Bluetooth devices, tap on them and select “Forget device”;

Possible problems

If you can’t connect to Bluetooth, there are a number of reasons.

  • You forgot to turn the headphones on. If they are not enabled, the smartphone cannot detect this model in any way. This most often happens with those models that do not have a light indicator to indicate that they are on.
  • The headphones are no longer in pairing mode. For example, the standard 30 seconds have passed in which headphones are available for pairing with other devices. You may have taken too long to figure out the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, and the headphones have had time to disconnect. Look at the indicator light (if there is one) and you will know if they are on.
  • A large distance between the headset and a second device is unacceptable, so the device does not see them. It is possible that you are less than 10 meters away, for example, in the room next door, but there is a wall between you, and it could also interfere with the connection.
  • The headphones were not named after their model. This often happens with headphones from China, such as from AliExpress. They may even be labeled in hieroglyphics, so you’ll have to puzzle over whether or not the device you’re trying to connect. To make it easier and faster, press “search” or “refresh” on your phone. Some device will disappear, but the one you need remains.
  • The battery of the headphones runs out. Often models warn that the indicator light is dying, but this is not the case with all models, so it is also a possibility. charge your device via the case or USB (depending on how the model provides) then try to connect again.
  • Reboot your smartphone. If there is some problem with your phone and you decide to reboot it, this might not connect the wireless devices to the phone. They may not connect automatically, and you will have to do the above steps again.
  • Another common problem: the phone does not see any devices after the OS has been updated (this only applies to the iPhone). this happens because the latest drivers may not match the firmware in the headphones. To fix this and successfully connect, you need to go back to the old OS or download new firmware for your headphones.
  • Sometimes it also happens that the Bluetooth signal stops because the Bluetooth in the headset and in the smartphone do not match. This can only be solved by contacting a service center, but you can return these headphones under warranty and buy new ones that will fit your device.
  • When connecting a wireless headset to a laptop sometimes the following problem occurs: PC does not see the device you are trying to connect. To solve it, you will need to scan several times while disconnecting and reconnecting the communication protocol.
  • Sometimes your laptop does not have a module for connecting other devices, and you will need to buy it separately. It is possible to buy adapter or USB port. it costs cheap.
  • Sometimes the device does not connect due to a failure in the operating system of the smartphone. These problems are rare, but sometimes they happen. In this case you should turn the phone off and turn it on again. After that try to connect the headset again.
  • Sometimes it happens that only one earphone is connected to the phone, but you wanted to connect two at once. This happens because the user was in a hurry and did not have time to synchronize the headphones with each other. First, you need to hear a notification from both headphones that they are connected to each other. It can be a short beep or a text alert in Russian or English. Then only turn on Bluetooth, and connect the headset to the smartphone.

To learn how to connect wireless headphones to your laptop and computer, see below.

We’ve broken down all the possible ways to connect wireless headphones to different devices, as well as the problems that can arise during this process.

How to connect Airpods and any wireless headphones to your iPhone

Connecting any wireless headphones to your iPhone, follow the standard instructions above. But connecting the original Apple Airpods, to iPhones and Apple devices, is even easier:

  • On the phone, go to the “Home” screen.
  • Open the case with the Airpods headphones, and bring it 5-10 cm to the iPhone.
  • The setup program splash screen will appear on your iPhone screen.
  • Press “Connect” and select “Done.

The Airpods wireless headphones can be connected not only to iPhone, but also to iPad and Mac. You can connect AirPods to all the devices, which are logged in iCloud, with one Apple ID.

How to connect 2 wireless headphones to your phone?

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and press the power button on the headset case.