How to take a blurry photo on an iPhone

The best iPhone apps to fix blurry pictures 2022

Many modern smartphones come with OIS or EIS. Most users have shaky hands, and OIS helps greatly reduce the side effects. However, phones that do not have OIS often produce blurry pictures. While hand shaking while shooting is common, some people suffer from hand tremors. Another reason could be the lack of focus on the object when you click the button. Either way, a blurry picture is no good.

If your phone doesn’t have Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) / Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) or isn’t doing its job, you can use one of the following apps to fix blurry images on your iPhone to a certain extent. These are the advanced photo editing apps preferred by amateurs and professionals alike.

Note. I would recommend backing up your blurry image before attempting to use any of the following apps, before you learn how to use any of them.

Tap the ƒ icon with the value in the upper right corner (feature available on iOS 12.1 and later).

Set the desired level of “blur” (background blur) using the “Depth” slider at the bottom of the screen.

The camera will automatically remember the aperture value you selected and use it for subsequent shots.

A closer look at the iOS 10 video

Portrait mode in iPhone 7 Plus allows you to achieve the same results without resorting to professional photographic equipment. Apple-acquired LiNx technology allows the GPU to process data from the two cameras and create a 3D map of the environment. And there’s Fusion, Apple’s method for taking data simultaneously from telephoto and wide-angle lenses and blending them together for the best possible image quality.

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Portrait mode uses a 56mm focal length lens to capture the model, while the 28mm wide-angle lens collects environmental data to allow the processor to create a nine-layer 3D image map. Of these nine layers, the processor selects the most distinct, as well as the layers to which you want to apply a blur effect.

Remarkably, the technology is able to recognize your subject and separate it from both the background and the foreground. It is also possible to accurately identify the object being shot and separate it from the background with facial recognition technology.

Note that Apple calls the iPhone 7 Plus 56mm telephoto lens, but this is not quite right. According to the manufacturer, the name was chosen only to distinguish it from the 28mm wide angle lens. In terms of professional photography, it can rather be called “normal” than telephoto.

How to achieve a blurry background photo with the 7 Plus on other iPhones

Buying the iPhone 7 Plus just for the camera makes no sense. The smartphone does not use the second module to zoom in in low light. And third-party software can handle background blur for portraits in much the same way.

We’ve seen the latter with the FabFocus example (149 ).

How to make a blurred background in Instagram

If for some reason the “Focus” option is not available on your device, don’t despair! There are a whole range of applications to help “blur” the background of Instagram photos and posts.

One of these is Snapseed (suitable for owners of androids and not the latest iPhone models).

How to Make Long Exposure Motion Blur Photos on iPhone!

  • Download the app with the green petal icon from Play Market
  • Using Snapseed you can go to your gallery and take the picture
  • Go to “Tools” and click on blur
  • Adjust the shape of the blur by sliding your fingers across the screen, expand or narrow any part of the objects in the background.

How to improve a photo with the blur effect on the iPhone? Examples inside

A year and a half ago, the iPhone 7 Plus was introduced with two cameras, thanks to which you can take pictures with a “bokeh” effect. We told you about all the features of the portrait mode in a separate article.

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Apple now has three smartphones in its lineup whose cameras can do the blur effect iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Tell us how you can expand the potential of dual cameras.

How Portrait Mode Blurs the Background in iPhone Photos?

To work in Portrait mode on the iPhone, you need two lenses, because.к. Each of them is a different type: one of them is 12-megapixel wide-angle, and the other is also 12 MP, but with a telephoto. When working in portrait mode, the cameras perform their own tasks: the wide-angle camera captures the distance to the subject, and then uses this information to create a map with nine levels of depth. The map plays a key role in helping Apple’s image processor know what to blur and what to make clear in an image.

To make the photo look “like on a “DSLR”, Apple’s image processor goes level by level and blurs each of them at a different scale (bokeh effect). It makes levels that are closer to the subject a little clearer than levels that are as far away from it as possible. Look at a photo with blurred background more closely and you will notice that the grass and leaves, located near the subject is much easier to distinguish than objects at a distance.


a background-blurring selfie editor who is no stranger to bokeh, background blur, and other photo “enhancements” (especially those taken with the front-facing camera).

Of the pluses over competitors. clarity and information. The developers didn’t fill the interface and shortcut menu with buttons, tools and items that would take up to two hours to navigate.

blurry, photo, iphone

Quite the contrary. the necessary buttons are always handy here, and if a problem occurs, the developers will tell you where to go next and how to do it.

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What and how to shoot blurred photos on an iPhone

Blurry photos are more accidental than predictable. But in some cases blur helps to set accents, highlight major and minor objects and even tell a whole story about the picture.

You don’t usually get the blur effect you expect, because blur is a sort of lottery. The easiest way to do it is with the regular defocus. You need this for night scenes and landscapes, but I also use it for unusual portraits. To lock the Focus, just tap the screen where you want to focus, and hold your finger down for 2-3 seconds. Also take into account the distance. the closer your subject is the more distant objects will be blurred. Most of the time I just keep a fixed distance to my finger or hand (depending on lighting) and shoot the desired scene with the focus locked.

blurry, photo, iphone

There’s another way to get blur in your photos. with software. Recently I’ve been using Big Lens for iOS, which creates a blur effect in the area you choose. This technique is very useful for portraits and subjects, because you can accentuate the photo without much trouble.

There are several ways to select areas in the app: the standard Instagram radial and linear, the lasso tool familiar to Photoshop users, and simply manual mode, in which you work with a brush. Blur can be adjusted either with the slider or by changing the virtual aperture. aperture values range from f/3.5 to f/1.8.

blurry, photo, iphone

Unlike a similar tool in Instagram or Snapseed, Big Lens algorithms allow for smoother, more accurate results. That’s why I recommend this app to everyone who wants a nice and not too flashy background blur in portraits or in subject photography. In fact, experiment!