How to take a photo with iPhone. How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer via WI-FI

Upload iPhone Photos to Your Computer

Using the Photos app and a USB cable, you can transfer photos and videos to your computer. You can also share your photos across all your devices with iCloud Photos.

iCloud Photos automatically keep your photos and videos safe, up to date, and available on all your Apple devices on and even on a Windows computer. With iCloud Photos, you don’t need to import photos from one iCloud device to another. iCloud Photos always sends and stores original photos in full resolution. Store originals at full resolution on all devices or save space with device-optimized versions. Either way, you can download originals as soon as you need them. Any changes or edits you make are always reflected on all your Apple devices. Learn how to set up and use iCloud Photos.

Photos and videos stored in iCloud Photos take up space in iCloud storage. Before you enable iCloud Photos, make sure you have enough iCloud storage for your entire collection. You can determine the volume you need, and then switch to a plan that gives you more storage space if you need it.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

iOS and OS X operating systems are highly integrated. However, the connected device does not appear as a physical storage device.

For those who do not want to use the iPhoto service, the “Capture Images” feature will help.

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This utility is built into OS X and allows you to move photos and other images from your phone to a specific directory, as well as to the necessary application.

Find by searching SpotLight. To do this, just start typing the name in the search bar.

The program will show you all the available photos on your device and possibilities for action.

You can set up automatic actions when connecting a device (copying to your hard drive and deleting originals, for example).

Otherwise it is virtually a usual folder with which you can perform all the same operations.

How to transfer iPhone photos to your computer using iCloud

In this method, we’ll explain how you can use iCloud to transfer your photos to your Windows computer. iCloud.This is Apple’s proprietary cloud storage service. Every user gets 5GB free of charge in iCloud. You can access your files from any device by going to iCloud.Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and sign in with your Apple ID.

You do not need to create a new account to sign in to iCloud. just use your Apple ID. First we need to configure the iCloud media library. Follow the steps below:

Click on “Done”, then “Apply”.

To upload photos via iCloud to your computer, do the following:

  • Connect the device to your computer with a USB wire.
  • On your PC, go to “Computer” where an icon of your device should appear.
  • Right-click and select “Import. In the window that opens at the bottom, click Advanced Settings.
  • At “Import Pictures To,” choose where to upload your pictures. Confirm the import by pressing “OK” and “Next.
  • In the window that appears you can manually check the checkboxes of the photos that you want to transfer to your PC.
  • Click Import. After that the files are saved in the folder you choose. Once the import is finished, the folder opens again.
  • Step 1.Connect your iPhone to your Mac first.
  • Launch Spotlight, which is in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to Image Capture.
  • You can either select the photos by clicking the left mouse button or import all of them at once by clicking “Import All”.
  • Choose a folder in which to import the photos.
  • Before importing the files it is advisable to uncheck the box next to “delete after import”, otherwise all files on the device will be deleted after the import.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

Transferring photos via iCloud is the most modern and promising way. All you need for this is just two iPhones and a stable Internet connection (cell phone will do).

Go to the settings of your smartphone and open the item with iCloud. In newer versions of iOS you will need to find the item with your name or the name of your smartphone, where the iCloud menu will already be.

In this menu enable photo synchronization with the cloud storage. You can also check the “download and save the originals” checkbox. After that, all your photos will be automatically synced with iCloud.

In the application itself, open the folder with your photos. Now you can share photos you want to transfer to another iPhone. Also all the photos will be automatically available for viewing and downloading on the other iPhone, if it is used with your own Apple ID. That is tied to a single account.

The disadvantage of this method is the necessity of Internet connection. And also the complexities of transferring a large amount of data via iCloud on a mobile network. For example, on Android, you can both set such restrictions and remove them. But it is not possible to copy an archive of photos on the iPhone for several gigabytes.

The iCloud service itself is fully official. And at the moment Apple provides up to 5 GB of space on a cloud server for free. In the future, free space will be expanded depending on the company’s policy. The service has a Russian-speaking version and is notable for its security, as well as for the protection of the data from unauthorized access and loss. Therefore, your photos will be safe and sound.

An important advantage is the ability to copy photos from the iPhone to Android smartphone.

How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Mac

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From this article, you will learn how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac. This can be done with a “Photo” or “Image Capture” program, or with AirDrop. over, you can upload photos to iCloud and then download them to your computer. Here you need to remember that the capacity of iCloud must be sufficient to hold all the photos from the iPhone.

Connect your iPhone to your computer. Connect one end of the smartphone charging cable to the iPhone charging port and the other end to the computer USB port.

Wait for the copying process to finish. Now click on “My Albums” (on the left side of the window) to view the copied photos on your computer.

  • If the Photos app opens on the Albums page, skip this step.
  • If the Photos app opens with a list of photos, tap “Back” in the upper left corner of the screen, then go to the next step.

Select photos. Tap on each photo you want to transfer to the computer. A blue and white icon will appear in the corner of each selected photo.

Click the “AirDrop” icon. It looks like a series of concentric circles and is located at the top of the Share menu. Your smartphone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will turn on (if they are turned off) and your computer name will appear on the screen.

Make sure you have enough free space in iCloud. This method involves uploading all of your photos to iCloud, and then downloading them to a computer that has access to the Internet. However, the amount of iCloud storage must exceed the total size of all your photos. Free storage is 5GB, but you may need to buy more storage.

How do I send photos from my iPhone to my MAC

If you have a computer with the operating system Mac OS X, then in order to throw photos from the iPhone you will need the program “Image Capture”. Usually this program starts itself after you connect your iPhone. But, if this does not happen, you can open “Image Capture” by yourself. You can do this by using Mac OS X’s built-in search, called Spotlight. Click on the search icon in the upper right corner of your desktop and in the search box that opens, type in the search term “Image Capture”. After that, the system will find the application you want and prompt you to open it.

So, connect your iPhone to your computer with a cable and launch the “Image Capture” program if it doesn’t launch itself.

After launching “Image Capture”, you need to pay attention to the left side of this program. All devices connected to the computer will be displayed here. In this list, you need to select the iPhone from which you want to copy photos to your computer.

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Then select the location to which you want to upload photos from the iPhone. To do this open the drop-down list at the bottom of the program window and select the appropriate option. Here you can select either “Desktop”, “Pictures” folder or a photo program.

That’s all, now you can copy photos from iPhone to your computer. If you want to download all the photos at once you can just click on the “Import All” button. If you want to copy only some photos you can hold CTRL key on your keyboard, click “Import” button and select photos you want to copy.

It should be noted that the “Capture images” program supports DragDrop. In other words, you can simply drag the photos you want from the program window to your desktop or any other folder.

How to dump iPhone photos to your computer

The iPhone has a pretty good camera, which is why many users take photos directly on their cell phone. Sometimes you need to copy photos to your computer, and if you do not know how to copy photos from iPhone to computer, then it’s time to learn how to do it.

You will need a USB cable to copy photos to your computer from your iPhone. It comes with the phone. If you do not find it, take the charger and pull the wire near the power supply, this is the right cable.

Insert one end of the wire into the charger port on the phone, and the other end into the USB port on the computer.

If autorun is enabled on your PC, then if the connection is successfully established, you will see a window prompting you to select the action you want to take. You can import images and videos from your phone by clicking on the appropriate line.

To select a location on your computer where the iPhone photos will be saved, you need to open the “Options” tab that pops up, select the path and enter the folder name. After making changes you should click on “Save”, and to move images. “Import”. If you don’t, the photos will be saved in the default folder.

If you want to throw photos from iPhone to computer selectively, you should choose line “Open device to view files” in Autorun, enter “Internal Storage” folder, go to “DCIM”.

Right-click and select “Copy. In the desired folder, click on the “Paste” line. The CtrlC and CtrlV key combinations can replace these commands, respectively.

If Autorun is disabled on your computer, go to “My Computer”, find the device that is displayed as a digital camera and do the same as in the selective copying described above.

It is even easier to copy iPhone photos to your computer if you have iTunes installed. After connecting the phone via cable, the devices need to be synchronized by pressing the appropriate line in the utility. In order not to copy all the information completely, you can put in. iTunes Appropriate Settings.

You can connect your iPhone to your PC via wi-fi. You must turn on wireless syncing in iTunes in this case. You can copy photos from your iPhone to your computer anytime, without connecting a cable.

How do I transfer iPhone photos to my computer??

Photos taken with iOS gadgets are really very high quality. These devices replace cameras in many people’s lives. You often want to look at the pictures you have taken on your computer screen. How to do it?

The following options on how to copy photos or videos from iPhone to computer:

The well-known iCloud service is the most convenient way to store data. It allows you to save files automatically through Apple service. But if you need to upload your photos to someone else and you don’t have internet access, then iCloud won’t be enough.

Connect your gadget to PC with cable. In “My Computer” it will be visible as a camera.

Double-click on the device and you will get into it. Using the drag-and-drop action, you can drag and drop files, thereby saving them to your computer. Also, your video recordings will be visible.

If you have Windows 8.1 OS, then when you connect the system will be offered a number of options, you will need to choose “Explorer”. You will find all photos and videos in the DCIM folder.

Although this method is very convenient, it unfortunately does not always work. Often iPhone is not detected as a camera on your computer. But there is a way out!

This method is particularly suitable for iPhone owners, since it is designed specifically for these devices. It implies using iTunes pre-installed on your PC.

Log into iTunes and select your gadget, iPhone or iPad.

You can make a backup copy, thus saving all of your iPhone files to your computer.

You will also need the iPhoneBackupExtractor program, which allows you to work with backups.

If you don’t need all the files, use iTunes to select the section with the photos that will appear on the right side of the screen. You can save them simply by dragging them to your desktop, or by right-clicking, then “Copy” and “Paste” to the desired directory on your computer.