How to take a picture of the screen on the iPhone x

How to make screenshots on the iPhone x/8/8 Plus

You often need to remove the screenshot on your device, regardless of whether you want to share the screen with others or want to save important information on the screen on your device. If you are a beginner in the world of iPhone, we will tell you how to take a picture on the iPhone X/8/8 Plus.

Go to the screen you want to capture on your iPhone.

Click on the side button, at the same time press the “home” button, and then release the side button.

For iPhone X: There is no “home” button on the iPhone X, users should simultaneously press the side button and volume increase button. To take a picture of the screen on the iPhone.

To find a picture of the screen created just, as well as earlier pictures, go to the “Photo” program “Albums” and select the “screen pictures”.

How to make screenshots on the iPhone using an AssistiveTouch virtual button

To take a screen picture without using any hardware buttons on your iPhone, you first need to turn on the virtual button AssistiveTouch. This function has long been used on iPhone and iPad, and it is very useful. You can use AssistiveTouch to perform some actions, for which otherwise it would require a hardware button. The main screen of the iPhone displays a software menu with which you can navigate and perform the main required actions. Here’s how you can turn on AssistiveTouch on iPhone or iPad.

Open the “Settings” application and follow the path: “Universal Access” → Court → AssistiveTouch.

Touch “Width =” 740 “Height =” 733 ” /

Install the AssistiveTouch switch to the inclusive position.

Now you should see an opaque button for AssistiveTouch, which appeared on the screen.

Return to the main AssistiveTouch menu in the “settings” and click “Reference the upper level menu”.

Here you should see at least 6 icons corresponding to various shortcuts and actions. There must also be a user icon for his own action. If it is not, then you can add the desired element by pressing the “” button at the bottom.

Now scroll through the list of available actions and select the “screen of the screen”. Click “Ready”.

Now you just need to press the AssistiveTouch button to open the “screen picture” option. It remains to choose it to take a screenshot on your iPhone, without using any hardware buttons at all.

You can also configure the creation of a screenshot, for example, by double touch of the virtual button AssistiveTouch. For this:

Go to the AssistiveTouch menu in the “Settings” application.

Select any of the parameters available in the “Setting up actions” section. One touch, double touch or long press. For example, you can assign the “double touch” action to create screen images.

Click on the “Double Touch” option and select the “screen of the screen” from available actions.

And again the instructions are short and simple. Now that you will touch the AssistiveTouch button twice, the system will create a screenshot. If you are interested in whether the assistant button will appear in the screenshot, then the answer will be negative.

How to make a long screenshot in unsupported applications

Sometimes there is a need to take the same long screen picture in other standard or third.Party applications. For example in Imessage or any messenger to preserve the whole dialogue.

Download the Tailor application. Screenshot Stitching or Picsew. Screenshot Stitching from the App Store.

Create a series of screen images in the right application, gradually scrolling the screen. Do not forget that in successively taken pictures there should be common elements for their successful “gluing”.

Do not scroll through the screen completely, but leave one phrase of dialogue or any other element on both screenshots.

Launch one of the loaded applications and select the screen images to create a long screenshot.

If necessary, make changes in the final photo, use built.In editors.

The first Tailor application allows you to save the picture for free, but with the imposition of a watermark. To turn off this chip, you need to make a built.In purchase for 279

The second utility PCCSEW can simply have shots of the screen one after another, and for the possibility of seamless gluing you will have to pay 99 or 179 for full functionality.

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How to make a full.Page long screenshot on iPhone and iPad

Open Safari and switch to a web page, a picture of the screen of which you want to make.

Perform the usual actions to remove the screenshot (in detail). To do this, on devices without a Face ID, click the key combination of the home, and on devices with Face ID. Power volume enlargement.

In the upper part of the window, select the option “The whole page”.

You can always trim the page, leaving there only the necessary.

How to Take a Screenshot on an iPhone

Note: Full.Page screenshots are not suitable if another application in a divided screen is working. In addition, this function is active only for web pages in Safari. So, if you need to take a picture from the screen with a long correspondence in Imessage, you will have to use specialized applications to create screenshots, for example, Tailor.

Screenshots editor (screen images) in iOS on iPhone and iPad: how to enable and use

Starting with iOS 11, the mobile platform for iPhone and iPad offers a new, more functional way to take screen pictures and even supply them with notes.

From the point of view of control elements, the process remains the same: you press and for a second at the same time hold the “home” button on the front of the case and the power button on the left side.

Further, with the lower left corner of the screen, a small miniature will be displayed, pressing which will allow you to view the screenshot.

A special editor will appear on the display, with which you can cut the images, add Комментарии и мнения владельцев to it using a marker, pencil or pen (six colors are available).

You can add a digital signature, various elements, such as circles or arrows, as well as emphasize a certain element using a magnifying glass.

If you do not want to edit the screenshot, just click the “Ready” button in the upper left corner and save it in the album with photos, or delete it.

How to view the screenshot on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X (x)?

After they made the screenshot of the screen on the iPhone, its image will appear in the lower left corner. Click on it to view it. However, if you do not want to send a picture right now and it simply interferes with you, just brush it off the screen and it will disappear.

If you took screenshots earlier and you have the need to view them, open the “Photos” applications (Photos), select “Albums” (Albums) and open the album “Screenshots” (Screenshots).

How to make a screenshot

Unfortunately, to save a screenshot in PNG format, as before, cannot. This restriction stems from the size of the captured image, which would not only weighs exorbitantly a lot, but also loaded the “iron” of the device on which it is viewed by the “iron”. But such a PDF screenshot can be saved at least in the memory of your iPhone, at least immediately unload it into a cloud.

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How to make a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6

Screenshot of the screen on the iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6 and earlier models to make it easier than on modern versions of a smartphone. Press the Home and Blocking key simultaneously.

How to Screen capture on iPhone X 10

When the screenshot of the screen is made, its preview is in the lower right corner, and the process itself is accompanied by the sound of photography.

How to make a picture of the entire page on the iPhone

An important innovation of iOS 13 was the possibility of creating screenshot screenshots. They are preserved in PDF format, not PNG, and at the same time allow us to capture not only the visible part of the screen, but also the one that goes beyond it.

picture, screen, iphone
  • To create a screenshot of the entire page, click on the power key and the Home button or the volume button depending on the model of your iPhone;
  • After the miniature of the screenshot appears in the lower left corner, click on it before it disappears;
  • At the very top of the editing window, switch to full.Screen mode, as shown in the screenshot;

These are the main tips for working with screenshots in iOS 13 and new. If you know any more tricks, share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and in our Telegram chat. And do not forget that even if you knew all these chips, there are many users to whom this information may be useful.