How to take a screenshot of a part of the screen

The easiest way to take a screenshot is to press the Print Screen key. Here is what you need to do to take a screenshot:

  • Press the Print Screen key. By the way, more often on keyboards it may be called in abbreviated form: PrtSc, prt sc or prt scr. It’s all the same.
  • After pressing Print Screen the image is saved to the clipboard, i.e. the computer keeps it in RAM. To save it as a file, you have to use a graphics editor.
  • Press “Start” button, then go to “All applications” tab and choose “Standard” in the popup menu. Now open Paint.
  • In the window that opens, find the “Paste” icon (located in the upper left corner) or press the Ctrl V key combination.
  • In the editor window, click on the floppy disk icon to take a screenshot.

Everything, the screenshot is ready and saved on your computer.

How to take the screenshot on your notebook

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It is often necessary to make a screenshot to show it to other users when working with a notebook (e.g. to solve various kinds of errors, or to collaborate on some document/project).

But not all users can do it at once: the keyboard does not have the sacred button “Print Screen”, or you seem to press it, but nothing happens.

In this short article I want to give you a few quick and working ways to create screenshots. I think this note will be very useful (especially when you have to do something urgent and some error is bugging you). ).

#x1f449; To help!

If you want to take a screenshot of a screenshot of a game or a frame from a video (eg.ч. with arrows and explanations). see. this note

How to take a screenshot in Windows 10

Let’s start with the easiest one. Use Win (with a checkmark) and PrtSc (Print Screen) to take an instant screenshot.

The system takes a screenshot and saves it immediately to your hard drive in PNG format. You will find the finished file at: “This computer” → “Images” → “Screenshots”.

PrtSc Paint

You can capture the whole screen with this method too, but you can edit the result right away if you want.

Press PrtSc. Windows will take a screenshot, but it won’t show it: it won’t save it to your hard drive, but only copy it to the clipboard.

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To take a screenshot, start Paint and paste the image into the program window with the Ctrl V key. If necessary, change the picture with the editor.

Press “File” → “Save As” and save the screenshot in the desired format. The image will appear in the folder you specify. Instead of Paint you can use any other graphics editor installed on your PC.

Alt PrtSc

This key combination takes a screenshot of the active window and, like the previous method, copies the resulting image to the clipboard.

screenshot, part, screen

Press Alt PrtSc. Then open Paint or any other graphical editor and press Ctrl V to insert the screenshot. Edit the image if you need to, and save it to any folder in a convenient format.


Windows 10 has a built in screenshot manager that allows you to take screenshots of the entire screen, individual portions, and selected windows. This application is “Scissors”. It is easy to find it by name using the system search.

Launch “Scissors”, press “Mode” and select the desired display area. Then use the “New” button and click on the screen.

When the screenshot is ready the program will open it in a new window. Here you can make your own marks on the image and send it by mail or simply save it to your hard drive.

Fragment and Sketch

Windows 10 has recently added another app for working with screenshots, “Snippet and Sketch”. You can also use it to take snapshots of the highlighted area, selected windows, or the entire screen. This utility will most likely replace “Scissors” in the future.

To call “Snapshot and Sketch” press Win Shift S or search for the program by name. Once it’s running, select the area of the screenshot using the buttons that appear on the display.

To take a screenshot, open Paint and press Ctrl V. When the image appears in the program, you can edit it and save it to your hard drive. Some Windows builds have a built-in editor in the “Snapshot and Sketch” that lets you do without Paint.

When this need arises, many people start looking for a special program on the internet. But you don’t really need to, because in Windows 10 there are two applications by default, which in just a few mouse clicks will help you take a screenshot of a part of the screen and save it to a separate file if necessary. These programs are Scissors and Screen Snapshot.

Windows 10 Startup Sketch Screen Snapshot Program

The principle of their work is very simple. Launch one of the applications with the shortcut and click New in the window that opens.

The screen darkens and the cursor changes into the crosshair.

To make a picture of the necessary part of the screen, you should put the crosshair of the mouse in its upper left corner, hold the left mouse button and, keeping it pressed, drag the cursor to the lower right corner of the screen.

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After that the screenshot will be displayed in the application window, and you can save it to a separate file.

Using Screen Snapshot to take screenshots in Windows 10

In the fall update of Windows 10 version 1809, there is a new tool to create screenshots of the screen or an area of the screen and simply edit the created screenshot. This tool has slightly different names in different places in the system: Screen Snapshot, Snapshot and Sketch, Sketch on Screen Snapshot, but it refers to the same utility.

In this simple tutorial on how to take a screenshot of Windows 10 using a new feature that is expected to replace the built-in “Scissors” utility in the future. The other ways to take screenshots continue to work the same way as before: How to take a Windows 10 screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on a Windows PC (t.ч. Game screenshot, video frame, “long” scroll shot, etc.)

Question from a user

Hello. Help with two questions about screenshots.

1) I want to take a screenshot of a PC screen in a game (under Windows 10). I press the PrtScr button and then paste the picture into Paint, but the screenshot shows nothing, just a black screen with a window. How to make a screenshot of any window in Windows, so that it shows everything?

2) On this screenshot you need to draw nice arrows and explanations, such as those you have in some articles. I tried using Photoshop. but it is long and tedious, if there are a lot of screenshots. How to make it quickly?

Now to create a screenshot (even a very nice, with arrows and descriptions). and do not have to do something, just once install and configure special. program, and then use 1-2 buttons on the keyboard. #x1f44c;

In order to fully answer similar questions from users, the article will show a few quick and easy ways to take screenshots (including the new Windows 10). both from games and from any other application (even if the classic method via the Print Screen key. only a black screen is visible).

How to take a screenshot on a computer or mobile device

Owners of gadgets with the fourth or newer versions of Android can take a screenshot by pressing the power and volume down buttons simultaneously. Hold this combination for a fraction of a second, after which we observe the characteristic image on the screen.

You can find the screenshot taken in the system app, which performs the functions of a photo gallery on your machine. For example, on Nexus, Pixel, Google Play Edition, and other series with pure Android on board, screenshots are displayed in the Screenshots folder in Google Photos.

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Older versions of Android

Unfortunately, the Android system to version 4.0 did not have a built-in function to take screenshots. The problem was solved by the smartphone manufacturers. For example, in some even older Samsung phones you can take screenshots by pressing the Power and Home buttons simultaneously.

How Take a Screenshot of Part of Your Screen | Screenshot A Specific Area On Your Screen In Windows

If this combination does not work in your case, it is worth to ask Google: it is possible that your device also knows how to take screenshots out of the box, but with its own cunning combination.

If the search returns no results, try third party apps like Screenshot (for Android 2).3 and newer) or No Root Screenshot It (for Android 1.5 and newer versions of the OS).

In addition, if you have a device with root, you can install any modified Android firmware (for example, LineageOS) with the implemented function of taking screenshots.

To take a screenshot on any iPhone or iPad, hold down the Power key for a second and then press the Home key. The screenshot made in this way can be found in the standard “Photos” application.

screenshot, part, screen

How to take a screenshot

Judging by the statistics of search engines the question on how to make a screenshot is very often asked by users. Let’s take a detailed look at how to take a screenshot in Windows 7 and 8, Android and iOS, and also Mac OS X (detailed instruction with all the ways: How to take a screenshot on Mac OS X).

A screenshot is a picture of the screen taken at a certain moment in time (screenshot) or of a certain area of the screen. Such a thing can be useful for example to show someone a problem with their computer, or maybe just to share information. See. Also: How to take a screenshot in Windows 10 (including additional ways).

How to take a screenshot

Most users of personal computers sometimes encounter the need to take a screenshot (a screenshot). But not everyone knows how to take a screenshot on a computer.

A screenshot is a snapshot of a screen that shows everything exactly as it appears on the screen itself. On the Internet often come across pictures of the entire desktop, a certain area of the screen and a single window.

In the following article we will describe how to take a screenshot of the screen on your computer and laptop and its individual areas.