How to take a screenshot of the Android screen

How to take a screenshot on the Vivo X Fold phone

The modern smartphone has a number of useful features. For example, the owner of a mobile device at any time can take a screenshot. Performing such an operation will help when the user finds interesting information and wants to capture it. In such a situation, you will not have to take a picture of the screen on another device, because it will be enough to take a screenshot on the Vivo X Fold phone.

The phone manufacturer does not limit the owner to the options of creating a screenshot. You can take a screenshot at absolutely any moment: while watching a movie, playing a game or messenger correspondence. The main condition for taking a picture. the smartphone must be turned on and unlocked.

A simple universal method to take a screenshot on Android

Almost all modern Android phones and tablets, regardless of brand and OS version, offer one simple way to take a screenshot: simultaneous pressing and briefly holding down the volume down and power buttons (for some older models. the hardware “Home” button).

All you need is to get accustomed to “correctly” press these buttons simultaneously: sometimes it does not work at the first time, and as a result either just turn off the screen, or the volume indicator appears. Nevertheless, the method works and if you have not used it before and it did not work right away, try a few more times, the screenshot will be made.

Also, on pure Android 9 (for example, on Nokia smartphones) appeared this method: press and hold the power button and in the menu, in addition to the shutdown and reboot, there is a button to create a screenshot:

In addition to the described basic methods of taking screenshots, different phone and tablet manufacturers offer their own additional options, and it is possible that your device has them. I will give you an example of such functions for the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy

On most Samsung smartphones and tablets screenshots are taken in the following way: press and hold the lock key and “Home” button for a couple of seconds until the sound resembles a click of the camera shutter. An icon will appear in the notification area. the screenshot is saved.

how to take a screenshot on samsung galaxy

On the new Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus, Note 8, Note 9, J8, J6 Plus, A6 Plus, A9 and other models that don’t have a Home button, the familiar key combination is used to capture screenshots: “ON” volume down.

On older devices, such as the first-generation Galaxy S, press and hold the Home and Back buttons for a couple of seconds.

Modern Samsung flagship smartphones and some models of the mid-price segment support the “Palm screenshot” function. Most devices have this option enabled by default. If not, go to “Settings” → “Advanced Features” (may be “Palm Control”, “Gesture Control” or “Motion” depending on the model and firmware) and enable the “Screenshot” and “Palm Screen Capture” items. Now, to take a screenshot, swipe the edge of your palm across the screen from right to left or left to right.

On Samsung, screenshots are saved in the folder “Pictures” → “Screenshots” or “Pictures” → “ScreenCapture”. You can also view them in the Gallery or Google Photos.

Android 3.x and older

In older versions, unfortunately, Google developers have not taken care of how to make screenshots on Android. If you have Android version 2.x and 3.x, a long press on the “Recent apps” item may be the way out.

Caring smartphone manufacturers have found a solution to the problem of “How to take a screenshot on Android” on their own. For example, if you have a Samsung, you can take a screenshot on your device by pressing the physical “home” key and the power button simultaneously.

Here are some methods for different manufacturers:

Sony Xperia, Huawei, Fly, and others. Volume down key. Power key.

How to take a screenshot on Android with Root permissions

When your device is rooted, you can find a lot of apps on the Play Store that make it easy to take the best possible screenshot. I suggest you look closely at Screnshot UX, Screenshot Ultimate or DroCap2 for root.

To get Root rights you will need our article How to get ROOT rights on your Android device.

How to take a screenshot on Android without Root permissions

There are not many devices left today that you have to dance with tambourine over to take a screenshot. We will still consider the option of taking a long-awaited screenshot using the program No Root Screenshot It. It is not free and costs just under 3.

How to take screenshots on Android with this program? It’s not that simple. you have to download two parts of the program: a mobile app for Android and a Windows client for PC (there is also a version for Mac). Next, you will need to connect your phone to your computer, which will give you the opportunity to take and download a screenshot on your Android smartphone.

Unfortunately, this method requires a computer and is not the most convenient, but it performs the task, although not 100% of devices. The application works successfully with Android smartphones and tablets HTC Desire HD, LG Thrive, Nexus One, Xperia X8, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Sensation, etc.д. If you have decided to buy No Root Screenshot It, describe your impressions about this program in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

There are other programs that solve the problem of “how to take a screenshot on Android“. For more specific information, please contact us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Creating a screenshot on Vivo X Fold using keys

The easiest way to create a screenshot is to use a certain combination of keys:

  • Open the menu section you want to capture.
  • Press the power and volume buttons at the same time.

After completing the above steps, a graphic notification will appear at the bottom of the screen stating that the screenshot was successfully taken. The resulting screenshot can be immediately opened by pressing its icon after pressing the volume down key and power button.

If you can’t take a screenshot on Vivo X Fold, we recommend to read the alternative button combinations shown in this material. There are also other ways to take a screenshot without using the phone keys.

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Where screenshots are saved and how to transfer them to a computer

Judging by the questions, some users have trouble finding the directory where the phone saves screenshots.

In general, if you have not changed any settings (and have not installed the special software) the screenshot of the screen will appear on the screen. If you want to view all the pictures and photos on your phone, just open the gallery. Then go to “Screenshots” section.

Then you can choose the files that you want to transfer to PC (or to other users) and click “Send” button.

Further phone will offer you some variants, depending on the preinstalled applications (I usually send files by mail or skidka-disk).

Alternatively you can connect your phone to your PC with USB cable and browse your files in its memory with the help of explorer.

Connecting your phone to a computer with a USB cable

Usually you just need to open “This computer” : it will show your phone model. just open it and go to “Internal memory\Pictures\Screenshots” (see. example below ).

Also it is possible to transfer files from phone to PC by means of Bluetooth. The instructions are given below.

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