How to take a screenshot on iPhone xr

How to take a quick long screenshot on iOS

In iOS 13 Apple developers have added a lot of useful features, which, although imperceptible at first glance, by and large are responsible for a positive user experience. I’m talking about features like FaceTime gaze correction, convenient desktop app customization, and, of course, swipeable screenshots. The appearance of the last feature was awaited by many users, not even realizing that you can use it on iOS 12. The main thing is to do a little preparation.

In creating swipeable screenshots the “Quick Commands” app will help us. For some unknown reason it’s one of Apple’s most underrated products. Whether out of ignorance or unwillingness to deal with “Quick commands” many users neglect it and therefore the wide range of functionalities, to which it provides access.

How to take screenshots on your iPhone using the AssistiveTouch Virtual Button

To take a screenshot without using any hardware buttons on your iPhone, you first need to turn on the AssistiveTouch virtual button. This feature has been used on iPhones and iPads for a long time, and it’s very useful. You can use AssistiveTouch to perform some actions that would otherwise require a hardware button. The iPhone main screen displays a software menu that you can use to navigate and perform the basic actions you need. Here’s how you can enable AssistiveTouch on your iPhone or iPad.

Open the Settings app and go to: Universal Access → Touch → AssistiveTouch.

Set the AssistiveTouch switch to On.

You should now see an opaque button for AssistiveTouch appear on the screen.

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Go back to the AssistiveTouch main menu in “Settings” again and click “Customize Top Level Menu”.

Here you should see at least 6 icons corresponding to different shortcuts and actions. There should also be a User icon for your own action. If you don’t have one, you can add the item you want by clicking the “” button at the bottom.

Now scroll through the list of available actions and select “Screenshot”. Click “Done.”.

Now you just need to press the AssistiveTouch button to open the “Screenshot” option. It remains to select it to take a screenshot on your iPhone without using any hardware buttons at all.

You can also set up to take a screenshot, for example, by double-tapping the AssistiveTouch virtual button. To do this:

Go to the AssistiveTouch menu in the Settings app.

Select any of the options available in the “Action Setup” section. One Touch, Double Touch, or Long Touch. For example, you can assign a “Double Tap” action to create screenshots.

Click on the “Double Tap” option and select “Screenshot” from the available actions.

Once again, the instructions are short and simple. Now when you double tap the AssistiveTouch screen button, the system will create a screenshot. If you’re wondering if the assistant button will appear in the screenshot, the answer is no.

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How to make a long page screenshot on iPhone and iPad

Starting with iOS 13 on the iPhone and iPad, it is now possible to create full-page long screenshots. This is really cool, because now you don’t have to zoom out to get all of its content in the window for the subsequent snapshot. And this feature, importantly, works just like taking a normal screenshot.

One of the interesting and sought-after features of Safari was not mentioned in any way during the WWDC 2019 presentation. Nevertheless, it completely changes the way Safari handles screenshots. Many users will appreciate this feature.

How to take a screenshot (take a picture of the screen) on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch?

In fact, there is nothing easier than taking a picture of the screen with the device itself. A screenshot is a standard feature on all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. In order to take a screenshot, you just need to press the Power button and the round Home button at the same time. The moment you press it, the device will take a picture of everything that was on the screen.

How to take a screenshot on your iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR

The above method does not work on new iPhones, because the latest smartphones do not have the usual physical home button. Fortunately, Apple has taken care of an alternative solution.

The method is quite simple. In order to take a screenshot on iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR you need to press the volume up key and the sleep mode on/off button simultaneously. Similarly to previous models, you will see a white flash and hear a corresponding sound indicating that the screenshot has been saved.

The captured screenshot will be instantly placed in the Photos app in a special album called “Screenshots”.

How to take a screenshot of an entire page on an iPhone with iOS 13

Before iOS 11, screenshots on the iPhone and iPad were just screenshots. The built-in tools of the operating system did not allow you to crop them, select the necessary fragments or edit them in any way. But with the appearance of the screenshot editor the work with screenshots became much more efficient, and so far this work has hardly caused any troubles. But with the release of iOS 13, Apple has proved that there is no limit to perfection by building even more advanced screenshot tools into the OS.

An important new feature in iOS 13 is the ability to create scrolling screenshots. They are saved in PDF format, not PNG, but they allow you to capture not only the visible part of the screen, but also the part that extends beyond it. This is very handy, for example, if you want to take a screenshot of an open web page or a dialog in a messenger as a whole, but don’t want to exclude important messages that were written a long time ago from the screenshot.

  • Select the screen you want to capture.
  • Then start pressing the power and volume up buttons for a few seconds.
  • Now select Done in the upper left corner and Save to photos.
  • Nice! Your screenshot is already in the Gallery! alt=”Block Contact Apple iPhone XR” /
  • First open the screen you want to save.
  • Then select Settings and select General.
  • After that, select Accessibility, then AssistiveTouch.
  • You should now set the toggle switch to AssistiveTouch.
  • Select “Customize top level menu” and press
  • Then press above.
  • As a final step, select Screenshot and Done.
  • You can now capture from AssistiveTouch by tapping and selecting a screenshot on the AssistiveTouch panel.

Screenshot (Apple iPhone XR)

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How to take a screenshot on the Phone

How to take a screenshot on iPhone X is one of the most frequently asked questions in 2019.

With the advent of Apple’s new line of X-series smartphones, which are Phone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, there have been significant changes in the management of the iOS operating system.

Changing iOS controls and apps preceded the iPhone X design change when Cupertino developers decided to do away with the physical home button.

Such a move was dictated by the need to implement a new design, where the display occupies almost the entire available area of the front surface of the gadget.Anyway, this article is intended to give a comprehensive answer to the question.

For latest generation devices, iPhone x, XS, XR, 11

Modern frameless Apple devices are different from their predecessors. To take a screenshot on iPhone 10, 11 you will have to do it in a different way. This can be explained by the absence of the home button and improved interface. Developers have made some changes to the new devices. They have affected the combination of keys, which can be used to take a screenshot.

To take a screenshot on a frameless iPhone, one should press the lock and volume buttons simultaneously. The mechanism for taking a screenshot differs only in this. Users will hear a click and can edit the picture or delete it.

Creating a screenshot on iPhone 8, 7, 6s and others

To take a screenshot on iPhones with home button you just need to press on/off button simultaneously (on the right side of the phone or upper on iPhone SE) and Home button. it will work on lock screen and applications on the phone.

Same as above, if you are not able to press simultaneously, try to press and hold on/off button and after a split second press “Home” button (personally I find it easier).