How to take a screenshot on Samsung Grand Prime

Learning to make long screenshots on iPhone and Android

Owners of mobile gadgets often face a situation where it is necessary to take a picture of a long conversation in the messenger or Longrid (voluminous text that occupies several screens). Previously, for this it was necessary to create a significant set of small fragments and combine them into a single whole. Today the task has been simplified as much as possible, and almost any Android Smartphone has special opportunities for obtaining a long screenshot with scrolling.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime | How to Screenshot

On top devices from manufacturers Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, they are already built into the functionality, however, for ordinary devices, third.Party applications were created that perfectly cope with the goal. And if you still do not understand how to make a long screenshot on Android, we offer you detailed instructions where we described all the options for different models.

How to screenshot on Samsung Grand Prime?

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How to take a screen of a screen on Samsung. Samsung‘s screen and tablet

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How to take a picture of the Samsung Galaxy screen Grand Prime

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How to take a screenshot on Samsung. How to remove the Samsung Galaxy screen and on other Samsung Androids. Screenshots samsung.

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How to make a screenshot on the tablets

A picture of the screen on the computer is simply made, and on the tablet this process is somewhat complicated, but we will now consider it in detail.

The overall combination of keys for the picture of the Android tablet: we clamp “power” and “volume reduction” at the same time. This does not always turn out right away, but it is worth trying, this function will definitely work.

If, after all, it did not work out, the network and another option. Samsung came up with their key combination:

Understand that the picture is made from the tablet screen, it will be simply by additional animation and sound accompaniment. After creating, the screenshot is saved as a file and is stored depending on the brand of the tablet in one of the folders:

Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Notes 10.1 are performed differently. He has a virtual button. If for some reason it does not work, we take a screenshot according to the general methodology.

The screen screen for TAB is performed according to the same principle. No more complicated than on smartphones Grand Prime.

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, tab 3, tab 4

On Galaxy Tab 2 on Android C 4.0. 4.One.1 The combination of “Nutrition” key “Reducing volume” is used.

On the tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and 4, it is necessary to pinch at the same time “Home” and “Turning”.

Take a screenshot with a gesture

There is a second interesting way. Just run the palm of your hand on the screen. To operate this mode, the function “Faming of the Screech of the palm” should be included, which is located in the settings additional functions.

A picture of the palm with a swipe

The function of the screen of the screen on Samsung using the palm for the first time received the smartphones of the Galaxy line. And now it is supported by the vast majority of company models. To create a screen:

  • Activate the function by moving into “settings”. “additional functions”. “screenshot of the palm”.
  • Go to that area of ​​the screen that you need to make a way.
  • Put your hand with an edge on the edge of the display, and touching, draw from one border of the screen to another.
  • A characteristic flashing on the sides of the display will report the creation of the picture.

Is there a difference of how to make a screenshot depending on the model

Some users are interested in whether it is possible to use any option for the Printskrin? Not. Depending on the model of your smartphone, the method will vary.

So, for example, the owners of the old Galaxy phones can do this by squeezing the volume and power key, and the more modern model involves additional simplified functions for the scree. Suppose devices that are produced in the near future, support a special opportunity that allows you to take a picture of the screen with a palm.

After you make Printskrin, a corresponding notification will appear at the top that the procedure has been successfully completed.

Keyboard shortcut

Devices owners often do not know how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy. Photography of the current state of the smartphone screen is carried out in many ways, the first and most simple of which is to squeeze several keys.

Home Power buttons

The presented combination is used for early Gelaxi models, as well as intermediate representatives of the line. S7 Edge, S8, S6. This is done as follows:

  • Open the required application or settings mode (a picture that should be captured).
  • Disable widgets, auxiliary lines, advertising (optional).
  • Set up two keys: “Home” “Food of the screen”, keep a couple of seconds.

Power buttons “Volume Reducing”

A screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Mini and other models of the line is possible through another key combination. The second method becomes relevant if the option considered above did not bring the desired result. The phone did not respond to the command.

  • Make the screen ready to work. Turn off the widgets, remove excess shortcuts.
  • Squeeze the “power” “Lowering volume” at the same time.
  • Keep the buttons you need to no more than three seconds.

Home buttons back

A number of models released until 2017 perceive a different combination of keys. To make a screen, you need:

Gesture “Rib of the palm”

The Korean manufacturer is actively introducing new functions that allow the user to take a screenshot from the screen on Samsung. At the same time, pressing the required buttons is not always convenient, so new opportunities have appeared. A screen in one touch, gesture control. Actual models offer to take a photo of the display, having completed a simple movement. Take an edge along the touchscreen from left to right. The user is free to choose another direction of movement. There are no hard restrictions.

The gesture integer must be configured before direct work. This is done like this:

  • Open the phone menu.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • The required section can be called differently. The name necessarily appears in the phrase “gesture management”. Select this item.
  • Activate the function “take a picture with your palm” by setting a checkmark or moving the slider.

Now the gesture recognition system works fully. You can make the screen screen Samsung. It is enough to draw a palm on the display with an edge. The successful creation of a screenshot is accompanied by a notification.

Owners of budget models (Grand Duos, Neo) presented function is not available.

Features of models

Separate modifications of the Gelaxi family are endowed with unique functionality, which is why screenshots are created in different ways. Most models. Duos, prime, G5. Work according to the same scheme.

Samsung Galaxy J1, J3, J5, J7

The presented models do not differ in functionality. Users can take a picture using the usual methods.

The presented model retains a screen of the screen by pressing the “swing” of the volume lowering and the central button “Home”. Depending on the firmware and modification of the smartphone, other key combinations given in this article are possible.

One of the intermediate models of the Galaxy family. The device can take a photo after prolonged clamping “Power” and “Home” buttons.

Alternative way. The function of gesture management. By default, this parameter is in the disconnected state.

Grand Prime

Morally outdated gadget, which had good popularity after its announcement. The traditional team for creating a screenshot is the hardware buttons “Menu” and “Feeding of the screen”. It is required to hold these keys for a couple of seconds until the smartphone displays the notification “screenshot successfully preserved”.

Tablet PC Tab, released by Samsung, operate on technologies similar to smartphones. The process of creating a picture is quite simple. Main methods:

  • Basic key combinations mentioned within the framework of this article.
  • The “back” buttons “back” are preferred for morally outdated models working on Android 3 and older.
  • “Gesticulation” is available only on the last models of the Tab line.
  • For tablets with large screens, many specialized programs with expanded functionality have been created.

And how to make a screenshot from the screen of the Samsung smartphone?

There are many ways to photograph the smartphone screen, and each phone manufacturer to the standard method that is made when you press two buttons: “power” and “volume below” invents something of its original.

We have an editorial copy of the Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone with the Android 9 operating system, which has only three buttons on the case:. Power button;. Button to increase the volume;. Volume reduction button.

Now, as a rule, all the latest options for smartphones of the main manufacturers come to a more concise form, where there are only three buttons on the phone case, the rest of the buttons are virtual buttons on the phone screen.

On the “three.Killed” Samsung smartphone, the screenshot can be made in two main ways: 1 method: screenshot with two buttons; 2 method: screenshot palm.

screenshot, samsung, grand, prime

1 method: screenshot with two buttons.

Screeching instructions (screenshot) using two buttons on the Samsung smartphone.

For a screenshot of the smartphone screen, click on two buttons at the same time: the “power” buttons and the “Reducing Sound” button.

Screen. Press the “power” button at the same time and on the “Reducing Sound” button. Screen. View of the screen of the screen.

2 method: screenshot palm.

Samsung smartphone instructions for the “Flain of the palm”.

On the working screen, we start the phone settings application.

Screen. Click on the phone application icon.

In the phone settings, select the additional functions section.

Screen. Select the section additional functions.

In the section additional functions, select the subsection of the movement and gestures.

Screen. Choose a subsection of movement and gestures.

Next, we examine the state of the point “Screenshot of the palm”. If it is turned off, then it needs to be turned on. And for this you need to click on this item. “Skat of the screen with the palm”.

Screenshot. Click on the point “Skat of the screen with the palm”.

In the window of the “Faming of the Free with the palm” you need to turn on the switch of this function.

Screen. Click on the switch to turn on the function of the “Screenshot of the palm”.

Now the function “Faming of the screen of the palm” is included, and we can take the screenshot of the screen in this way.

Screenshot. The function “Skart of the screen with the palm” is included.

Instructions for shooting the screen (screenshot) in the “Sample Screenshot” method on the Samsung smartphone.

For a screenshot of the smartphone screen, you need to draw a palm with an edge of the screen either from left to right or from right to left. It is necessary to draw a palm so that the edge of the palm of the hand necessarily touches the surface of the screen.

After that, a notification icon informing about a new screenshot will appear in the line of the phone (this is the upper screen of the screen).

To read the text of the notification itself, you need to draw down a swipe from the upper edge of the screen to open a notification panel.

Screen. Open a panel of notifications with a swipe from the upper edge of the screen down.

Further, on the notification panel, you can click on the notification of the “Created Screenshot”.

Screen 0. Open the text of the notification “Created a picture of the screen”.

After that, the “Gallery” application will start on the phone, in which you will see the screen of the screen itself. Here, being in the Gallery app, you, if you wish, can edit, send this screenshot or remove, pressing the corresponding icon at the bottom of the screen.

Screen 1. Type of screen image in the Gallery Appendix.

Where to find screenshots?

Display images are stored in the internal or external memory of the gadget (Directory “Screenshots”). All stored screenshots are available in the Gallery, where the folder with the corresponding name is located.

Creating a screen of the screen on the Samsung phone is a simple task. The gadgets of this manufacturer are endowed with many functions that allow you to make a screen. If you need to edit screenshots, it is advisable to use one of third.Party programs.