How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 8

How to restart your Xiaomi Redmi 8 phone if it hangs up

A few years ago, almost all Android smartphones were equipped with collapsible cases. If system crashes occur, device owners could perform a quick reboot by removing the battery for a couple of seconds. Today, it is impossible to solve such cardinal problems. the design of the gadgets will not allow access to the battery. To deal with how to restart the phone Xiaomi Redmi 8, if it hangs up, will get without much difficulty. the developers of the popular operating system have provided several ways.

If the device stops responding to the usual actions, then the reason probably lies in software failures. Without the use of equipment available to the masters of the SC to find out what caused the hang-up. is impossible. However, at the heart of the most common factors are:

  • errors in the operation of the graphical shell or when updating the OS;
  • Excessive filling of the internal memory of the device;
  • Failures when updating programs or firmware;
  • sharp fluctuations in ambient temperature;
  • mechanical damages.

In many situations, rebooting helps your smartphone to come to its senses. If the hang-ups are permanent in nature, then you will have to resort to more serious measures.

How to take a long screenshot on Xiaomi?

Of course, creating screenshots is a great feature that allows you to save the information displayed on the smartphone display. But few people know that you can save not only the visible area of the application, but also all the content below. How to take a long screenshot on Xiaomi?

First, let’s remember how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi? The easiest way is to press down the Volume Button and the Power Button at the same time. You can also do by pressing the volume down button and menu button, through the notification curtain and swipe with three fingers from the top of the screen to the center. You can learn more about these options in the article:

Instructions on how to take a long screen shot

The first thing you make a screenshot, wait until the thumbnail appears in the upper right corner of the screen and quickly click on it until it disappears. The window of managing the created snapshot will appear, where you should press the Advanced button.

The image will gradually descend down and if you want you can click on the Finish button (then take the screenshot creation at this point), or wait for the full scroll of the page. To speed up the creation of a photo, you can scroll through the image yourself.

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It is worth noting that some applications, such as Chrome browser, do not work correctly with this function. Therefore to make a long screenshot of the web-page you can use the Browser application, which comes with a standard set of preinstalled programs.

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How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 4

Hello. Today we will talk about how to take a screenshot using the Redmi 4 as an example. We often encounter the fact that we need to quickly save information so that later not to forget or not to lose, but how to do it, especially when you just bought the phone and did not have time to deal with it?

Notification Tray

Drop the notification curtain by sliding your finger up and down the screen:
Next, find the screenshot feature. Press it when you want to capture screen information:

Volume key down menu

Press the volume key “down” and the touch button “menu” below the screen at the same time:

Volume key down power

Press the power (on/off) and volume “down” button at once.

How To Take Screenshots On Xiaomi Redmi 8 (3 Methods)

Three thumbs down (only works on MIUI 8 and above)

Click on “Enable in settings”:
Click on the switch to make it activate (turn blue):

If this notification does not pop up, then:

Then enter the Advanced section:

Take a screenshot on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phones using:

Button Combination

This way to take a screenshot is standard on all Android devices.

  • With the screen unlocked, simultaneously press and hold the volume rocker down and power.
  • Once the picture is created, it will appear in the upper right corner.
  • If you click on the image, you will be offered to edit it, delete it, or send it to your friends.

Regardless of how the screenshot was taken, it will automatically go to the Screenshots folder, available for viewing through any gallery.

Special gesture

A feature that has migrated to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro with the MIUI shell:

The speed of taking a screenshot depends on the load on the device. In games, a screenshot is created with a delay compared to a desktop or webpage snapshot.

Quick access curtain

Controlling the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T or 8 Pro with one hand, images can be taken through the notification curtain:

  • Re-open the menu with quick access to functions;
  • Swipe from right to left, select “Sorting” from the list;
  • Swipe down the page to the “gray area”. Pinch the scissor icon with your finger and drag it to the first or second line;
  • Now you can capture the image as described above.

Touch Assistant

This feature is represented by a transparent balloon that, when activated, gives the user quick access to 5 functions of the device. To activate it:

  • Open the device settings. Scroll down the list and go to “Advanced Features”;
  • Select the “Touch Assistant”. Depending on the firmware version, the function may be located in “Advanced Settings”;
  • activate the switch next to “Enable Touch Assistant”;
  • a transparent bubble will appear on the screen, press it to access the list of quick functions.
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In the tab used to activate the assistant, it is allowed to change the way to call the quick panel, add other shortcuts to the list, and so on.

Screenshots are snapshots that capture the image on the screen at a specific point in time. There are many uses for screenshots.

Someone takes screenshots to capture and save information from the text. Although you can highlight and move words in text, you can’t do this with video, so screenshots are a great way to remember information from a video.

Screenshot on Xiaomi

How to Take Screenshot in Redmi 8

Screenshots can also be used to create instructions for managing applications or the smartphone as a whole.

resourceful users take screenshots of videos instead of photographing a particular object several times from different angles.

Many users take screenshots to send images to their friends and acquaintances in social networks and messengers.

Important: The use of screenshots is limited only by the imagination of the person with a smartphone in his hands.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi

Taking a screenshot is a popular feature that even the least experienced Xiaomi smartphone user will want to master. It will be useful if you need to save a message on social media or share a screenshot of your smartphone to solve some problem or question.

Xiaomi is one of the most popular phone manufacturers in the world. The number of users who are just starting to explore all the features and benefits of MIUI increases every month.

Control Panel method

This is probably the most standard way to take a screenshot on your Xiaomi smartphone. This feature came to the MIUI platform from the original Android OS. All you need to do is press the power/lock key and the volume button down at the same time to perform the action. The screenshot will be saved to an album.

Quick Ball

There is another option for Xiaomi how to take a screenshot. for this the user will need an application-helper called Quick Ball (available on newer firmware and not valid on older ones). The steps for making a copy of the display will be as follows:

  • Launching the “assistant” opens a menu with several items. The user, taking screenshots of the display, clicks on the picture, which shows scissors.
  • After the necessary screenshots are taken, the application closes.

Among the buttons in the assistant menu, you can not always find the right one. You need to go into the application settings and add it yourself.

Data backup on Xiaomi smartphones

The easiest, in terms of the number of tools and devices required, way to create backups of information from any Android device, and all Xiaomi smartphones are no exception here, is to upload copies of data to one or more cloud services. Below we will consider the two most accessible to users of the manufacturer’s devices methods of implementing such an approach.

Xiaomi Cloud

Many MIUI operations are best handled by the services that are part of the ecosystem created by MIUI’s developers. Therefore, to solve the problem of cloud data backup in the first place we should involve the Xiaomi Cloud, offered by the creators of the smartphone software platform.

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Access to Xiaomi cloud storage is available only for those users who have registered in the manufacturer’s ecosystem and authorized in it with their device. So, before you can follow the next two instructions, you need to create an Mi account and enter that account into your smartphone!

Read more: Creating an Mi account and logging into it on your Xiaomi smartphone

Photos, videos, contacts and more

The backup of the most important types of information for most users of Xiaomi smartphones is generally implemented in real time by synchronizing with the cloud MiCloud. To activate this feature and/or to force data copying, do the following:

How To Take Screenshots On Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (3 Methods)

    Open MIUI Settings, scroll through them and go to “Mi Account”.

    Click on the “Sync Data” button to the right of the “Sync Data” heading.

MIUI desktop, apps and settings

To be able to return the operating system on the smartphone Xiaomi in the state before any events associated with the deletion of data, you need to back up the configuration settings of various software modules and applications operating in the environment. There is a special tool in MiYuAI to carry out such an operation.

    On your smartphone, go to “Settings” “Mi Account” “Xiaomi Cloud. On the screen that opens, in the SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES area, tap on the “Backup” block.

Google Drive

In addition to the tools from Xiaomi, on all smartphones of the manufacturer in order to ensure the safety of the information by synchronizing it with the cloud, you can additionally or separately use the tools developed by Google. The advantage of this approach is that the resulting backups can be deployed not only in the MIUI environment, but also in any other Android variant (for example, on a smartphone other than the current one, or after switching to custom firmware). The prerequisite for the effective execution of the following instructions is logging in to the “corporation of good” account on the device.

Synchronizing and backing up data from Android devices to the Google cloud storage for the general case is described in detail in the material already published on our site and available at the link below. Here is a short demonstration of how to make the considered type of backup on Xiaomi smartphone, considering the peculiarities of MIUI (12) OS.

    Go to the “Settings” of the OS MAYAI, scroll through their list and open the “Google” section.

    Tap on “Google Photos”, activate the option “Auto Upload and Sync”.