How to take a screenshot on your iPhone

AirServer (14.99 Win/Mac):

This is an advanced screen saver for Xbox One, PC and Mac. It can be used to receive Miracast streams, Google Cast, AirPlay, etc.д., Similar to Apple TV. The advanced editing features of this screen recording app make it ranked first among all screen recording programs.

  • You can record videos with this software on iPhone and iPad, even with separate voiceover.
  • Advanced post-recording function allows users to manipulate contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, sharpness, and flip the screen.
  • Create gameplay demos with ease.

Reflector (14.99 Win/Mac):

Reflector has become popular as a wireless streaming receiver and screen mirroring tool that can help users stay connected to any external device. Real-time screen mirroring is available for all devices. Reflector can easily organize and present multiple devices with different characteristics.

screenshot, your, iphone
  • Allows easy and efficient management of all connected devices.
  • Live screen mirroring is available.
  • Recording screenshots with a voiceover has become much easier.
  • Can stream media with screen mirroring.
  • Advanced security features.

X-Mirage (16 Win/Mac):

X-Mirage is considered one of the most professional software tools for Windows PCs and Mac devices. With this software, users can stream content wirelessly as well as duplicate the screen from their iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc.д.

  • Efficient screen mirroring is available.
  • Users can choose to connect to many iOS devices on only one platform.
  • You can enjoy a one-click recording feature that makes recording much easier.
  • Offers very fast processing along with advanced editing features.

Update in 2018: How to record iPhone screen with the built-in screen recording tool:

If your iPhone or iPad is running iOS11, then we recommend that you check out the quick steps to screen recording on iPhone iOS 11 using the built-in screen recording tool:

Add a screen recording tool to the Control Panel

Although your iPhone and iPad have screen recording, it’s not enabled by default, which means you’ll need to set it up first.

Go to “Settings”-“Controls”-“Controls Settings,” find the “Screen Recording” option on the ” Controls” tab. Tap the green plus icon next to the screen recording option and add it to the Control Panel.

Start recording

One of the best features of the built-in screen recording tool is that it allows you to record sound and music in the app during video recording. But if you need to record your own voice-over while recording, just press and hold the control button or tap the 3D element to open the recording control window, and then tap the microphone icon to turn it on or off.

To start recording, simply tap the screen recording tile in the Control Panel, and after a three-second countdown, screen recording will begin.

screenshot, your, iphone

Stop recording video

To stop screen recording on your iPhone, simply tap the screen recording icon in the Control Panel again or tap the red recording light in the status bar and tap “Stop”. The recorded screen video will be saved in the camera feed and in the video folder of the Photos app.

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Edit the recorded video

We all know that there are some basic editing features available in the Photos app, such as cropping and framing. But for better visual performance, we highly recommend that you use desktop PC video editing software to be able to add more overlays, filters, animations, music or text. Wondershare Filmora. is a great choice if you’re asking what video editing software you can use. In addition, built-in video editing software on your Windows PC or Mac, such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, is also a good choice if you prefer to do editing on your PC.

Read this article if you want more detailed instructions on how to record iPhone/iPad screen on iOS 11.

Download the free trial version of Wondershare Filmora below to edit your videos.

How to take photos during a video on your iPhone

The ability to simultaneously take photos and shoot video on the iPhone Apple showed a few years ago at the launch of the iPhone 5. Indeed, in iOS 6 there is such a button, and to make it clear what it is for, the designers made it in the form of a small camera. It was enough to start shooting video for it to appear in the corner.

In the pursuit of minimalism, Apple decided to turn this button from a camera to a regular “mugshot,” and that’s where the difficulties began. Those who have used Android smartphones before had no idea what this button was for, until one day they accidentally tried pressing it. As a rule, you don’t want to touch something you don’t know while recording a video because you’re afraid the recording will be interrupted (or something else will happen).

In general, even now many users don’t know how to take a photo while video recording on the iPhone. This applies not only to newcomers, but also to regular users who simply haven’t had this need before. If you already know about this feature, like it (and join our Telegram chat), and for those who are always learning new things, here’s a quick tutorial.

How to take a screenshot of an entry on iPhone 11

Swipe down to open Control Center Tap the video record button Wait three seconds for the countdown Swipe up to leave Control Center Do whatever you need to show someone Tap the red clock in the upper left corner Tap Stop

The key to this is the video recording button. When you first swipe down to open Control Center, it will be a blank white circle around a filled white circle.

When you then click on it, this center circle will count down 3-2-1. And then it becomes a red dot. Sometimes when you’re in Control Center and you’re recording it, that icon has a red dot.

If you don’t want to see notes showing someone how to use something in the Control Center, you have to swipe up to leave it. When you do that, you’ll go back to your normal home screen or to the app you were in before.

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All that has noticeably changed is that the clock in the upper left corner of your iPhone has acquired a red background. Clicking on that clock or red background will prompt you to stop recording.

If you stop it, you get a notification that the video you recorded has been saved. It’s in your camera.

That means you can then share it via email, text, or any other way you could send a picture to someone.

screenshot, your, iphone

Click the red clock to stop recording. Also, just put your iPhone screen to sleep mode and it will automatically stop

How to record videos and take pictures with your mobile screen off and be a real spy? Step by step guide

This was one of the latest news offered by smartphones, where you will now have the ability to take notes and pictures from a screen disconnected from your cell phone. So you can become a real spy. This can be done for both Android and iPhone, the procedures for both devices are usually relatively simple.

How to take a full-page screenshot on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support

Nevertheless, this news is divided in opinion, as there are a large number of people who support this new tool. While the other most disagree. It is important to remember that in most countries it is illegal to record or take pictures of someone in secret. because it can violate people’s privacy.

This app was created only for people who want to play the role of a spy. Keep in mind that opening the camera app to record or take pictures can be very obvious. But with this new tool, you can do both when the phone’s screen is completely off or inside. other application of your smartphone. That’s why we are going to show you how you can do this for Android and iPhone in a very simple way.

How to record a screen using the built-in iOS tools

The manufacturer has already equipped the system with standard features that make it easy to make screen recordings on your iPhone. However, if you have not used this feature before, it is not easy to find. You should start by checking the version of your operating system: it must be at least 11.

We go to Settings, the gray gear, and click the “Control Item” link:

In the window that opens, we are interested in the bottom section, which is responsible for the iPhone controls:

This page contains various system utilities that are an essential part of the OS. You can add or remove them. Each is available to launch from a popup menu, which makes them very convenient to use. Choose Screen Recorder and click on the green plus sign to add it to the panel:

Now go to the iPhone home desktop and swipe your finger on the screen from bottom to top. The Quick Launch bar will open with a new icon, a circle within a circle, capable of capturing screen images:

A short tap on the icon will take a snapshot of the iPhone desktop with the exception of sound. If you hold the button a little longer or apply firm pressure (only if the device supports Force Touch), utility settings will open allowing you to record with the device microphone turned on:

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You can complete the screen recording process by tapping the utility icon again in the bottom pop-up menu. The finished clip is placed in the “Gallery” of the device and is available for uploading or downloading to social networks.

Here is a very important point: you need to go to the settings (click on the icon, made in the form of three stripes, located one above the other) and select the item “Record Audio”, which will allow you to record the audio stream and “Audio Source. The latter allows you to choose, in fact, the source of the sound recording.

How to record a call on iPhone: 5 options

  • Standard “Recorder” on an optional iPhone.
  • TapeACall call recording application.
  • Dictaphone app from ALON Software.
  • Recording a conversation through the “Recorder” on Mac.
  • This is Call Recorder X from PhotoFast.

How to remotely show the screen of your iPhone or iPad

Many people have faced the need to demonstrate something on the screen of their iPhone or iPad to another person. You usually have to either take a few screenshots to do this, or turn on screen recording, then stop it, send it to messenger or mail. Not very convenient. However, with one of the standard iOS features and popular video calling apps, you can share your iPhone or iPad screen literally in one click. A feature that used to be available only on a computer is now available on iOS.

You can share the iPhone screen in one click

Top 5 iPhone apps for recording quality screen video

You can record video from the iPhone screen with special free apps available for download in the AppStore.

iPhone owners would like to have the ability to record video from the screens of their devices. You may need it if for example someone wants to share a video of them playing a game or doing other things on their device.

There are many ways to capture video from the iPhone screen, popular among them are:

Get Started

To stop streaming, tap the icon in the program you’re using, and then select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device from the list.

Some video apps may not support AirPlay on iOS. If you can’t use AirPlay with a program, check the App Store for tvOS to see if the program is available for Apple TV.

If the video is automatically streaming to an AirPlay compatible device

Your iOS device can automatically stream video via AirPlay to a commonly used Apple TV or Smart TV compatible with AirPlay 2. If the icon is displayed in the upper left corner of the open video program. it means the AirPlay device is already selected.

To use AirPlay with another device, tap. and then select another device or select iPhone to stop streaming via AirPlay.