How to take a screenshot on your laptop

Screenshot with standard means

All popular operating systems have standard means to take a screenshot on your computer.

Using the Print-Screen key

Universal way to make a screenshot in Windows-family operating systems is to use the Print Scrin (print screenshot) key. Print Scrin is located on the computer keyboard in the control key block. In this block there are also keys to control the cursor (“Down”, “Up”, “Left”, “Right”), the Del key, the Home key and some others.

The keyboard is more miniaturized and compact in the notebook. Number of keys on it is less than on the computer keyboard.

Therefore on the laptop keyboard there is a special key Fn (function) which extends the capabilities of the keyboard.

It is located in the lower left corner between the Ctrl and Alt keys.

How to take a screenshot on a PC or Laptop any Windows

screenshot, your, laptop

How to make a screenshot on your notebook if you fail at first.

On many laptops to press PrntScr (Print Scrin) you must hold down the function key of the keyboard modifier Fn, which in computer notation is written as Fn PrntScr, t. е. Pressing these two keys at the same time.

The location of key PrntScr on different models of laptops in different ways, the reference point for its search is key F10 and Backspace. There are some laptops are exceptions to the rule where you do not need to hold down Fn to press PrntScr.

By pressing PrntScr, nothing visible will happen. However, a copy of the screen will be saved to the “Windows” clipboard. To extract it from the invisible clipboard and use it further you will need a graphics editor. The simplest graphical editor is Paint.

Algorithm of creating a copy of the screen with standard means:

    create a copy of the screen by pressing PrntScr (for the notebook Fn PrntScr).

  • Open the image editor by “Start”. “Find”. Paint.
  • After opening the editor in any of the known ways paste the image from the invisible clipboard, for example with the combination Cntr V.
  • The previously made screenshot will be displayed in the graphical editor. The obtained image is edited: delete unnecessary things, make captions, frame, draw arrows.
  • The ready image is saved in any graphic format. To do this press the key combination Cntr S. In the dialog box that opens, choose the type of graphic file, for example, the most popular. PNG, and click “Save.
  • Holding down Alt PrntScr (for notebook Fn Alt PrntScr) at the same time does not copy the whole screen to the clipboard, but only the active window.

Features of using PrntScr in Windows 8 and 10

Modern versions of Windows 8 and 10 have made it easier to create a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the Win PrntScr combination:

  • If you simultaneously press Win PrntScr on the computer screen, nothing happens, a screenshot is created automatically in the “Screenshots” folder in the “Images” folder.
  • In Windows 10, the combination Win G opens the “Game Panel”, which has the icon “Camera”. The “camera” takes a picture of the screen.

Screenshot for inexperienced users

Windows 7,8,10 versions have the “Scissors” program, which makes the process of making screenshots easier.

It is especially recommended for newcomers, users unsure of how to use the computer.

    To open the “Scissors” program perform Start. Find. Scissors.

  • The “Create” menu of the “Scissors” program has settings of the screenshot type.
  • The created screenshot can be edited with a simple editor containing the tool “Pencil” and “Marker”.
  • Press “Diskette” or Cntr S to save the obtained image.
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Screenshot on MacBook

How to take a screenshot on a Mac notebook. keyboard shortcuts are used to do this:

    Command Shift 3. creates screenshot of the screen.

  • Command Shift 4. creates screenshot of the selected area. After pressing the key combination with the mouse select the desired part of the screen.
  • Command Shift 3 Space. take a screenshot of the window.
  • To save the screenshot to the clipboard, hold down the Ctrl key.

In all cases the screenshot is saved on the desktop. Command” on your keyboard can be represented as “cmd” or as “⌘”.

One of the interesting and easy ways to make screenshots and send them to your friends. is installing a plugin for Internet browsers that allows you to take a screenshot of a page, an active window, or a part of the screen (arbitrary area) with a single click, and then place it in the Internet and paste the link to it in your buffer! You will only have to send the link to your friend, who will not even need to download the image to his PC, and then frantically look for screenshots on his PC to view.

    , then it is available by clicking the button, as a rule, it is located in the upper right corner of the screen

  • Then a menu will open, in which you select “Take a screenshot of a part of the page” or “The whole page;
  • If you have selected “Fragment of the page”, then without releasing the left mouse button, select the desired area of the screen, and then a window will open in which you can select the target area of the image, add text or trim a part of the photo;
  • In the lower right corner, with a click on the blue rectangle, you can send the screenshot to the social networks:. Odnoklassniki, or. Send it by email, or, more conveniently, select “Publish”, after which the picture will be uploaded to the Joxi server and the link will be copied to the clipboard.

How to take a good screenshot of a video

You can take a screenshot of a video with the help of third-party programs and hotkeys we discussed above.

But there are a few ways to take a good screenshot without the fear that you’ll add extra elements when cropping the image.

Screenshot from the video player

Go to the settings of your video player and look for the desired function. save the screenshot, image or frames.

Light Alloy

Light Alloy is an easy to use video player with a lot of features. You can watch movies, clips from the internet and listen to the radio.

In the video player Light Alloy, go to the settings, select the PNG format and the folder where we will save the screenshots:

Screenshot saving settings

To save frames you can use the menu, the camera icon in the lower right corner or the “F12” hot button.

We show you how to take a good screenshot with the Light Alloy video player. Take a screenshot, copy it to the clipboard, or save it on your hard drive. There is also a variant of capturing several frames. saving thumbnails and full-size pictures.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a multifunctional player for watching movies and clips. Here you will find a large number of audio, video and subtitle settings.

Turn on the video player settings, set the directory for saving frames and select the format:

Screenshot settings in video player

To take a screenshot, use the following hot keys. You can set any combination you like or apply the standard settings:

Hotkeys in VLC Media Player

Taking a screenshot from a YouTube video

If you need to take a screenshot of YouTube video, you can install Screenshot YouTube browser extension. This is an application that is embedded in the YouTube player.

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An example of how to make a quality screenshot of a video via YouTube Screenshot:

FastStone Capture

I didn’t want to overwhelm you with additional programs, but I can’t get past FastStone Capture. I just have to tell you about it. Let’s summarize!

Download, install and run it. You will see a neat menu like this.

Lots of tools here. You can take a screenshot of the whole screen, or just a window or a shape. But the coolest tool you won’t find in other programs is a scrollable screenshot.

If you choose it, you can take a picture of a site that does not fit into the screen. It will just scroll and save a large screenshot. You can see an example of how to make a screenshot

If you need it, try it and you will succeed!

I will not waste my time with this program anymore because I told you about the most interesting feature of this program.

How to take a screenshot with your notebook?

There are several ways to make a screenshot on your notebook. Using a certain combination of keyboard keys and standard tools of the operating system Windows 7 (8 or 10), or using special programs. In the latter case, getting a screenshot will be much more convenient and faster. Especially if you don’t want to save the whole desktop, but select a certain area of the screen, and then add some notes or edit the file. It makes it very easy to create presentations, step by step instructions and manuals of all kinds.

Why do you need a screenshot of your notebook screen

You may need a screenshot of the laptop screen in the following cases:

  • System errors. It is much easier to explain an error to a sysadmin visually than over the phone.
  • Quick instruction. If you need to tell someone about the order of settings on the PC, you can take a screenshot of each step.
  • Saving information. When you are websearching, you can find useful data. It is easier to make a screenshot of the message than to search for it on the Internet.
  • Forwarding messages. If you want to forward your correspondence or add a joke from a message to the wall at ? A screenshot of the notebook screen will help !
  • Illustrations. You can use a screenshot on your notebook to make a picture for an article. This can be handy for blogs, cooking recipes and master classes.
  • A secure confirmation. It is impossible to correct a text or a picture on a screenshot of the notebook screen. A photo of the display can become a report of some operation, e.g., a confirmation of a money transfer.

Saving program settings. If you have started to study a program, a screenshot of the laptop screen will be a great help in mastering it. You can save the settings and the steps of the accomplished work.

If you want to capture a selection, adjust the format of the photo image, add inscriptions or shapes, it is better to use special applications. They open up more possibilities, although they work on a similar principle.


One of the best programs for screenshots. PhotoScreen can capture a specific fragment or the entire desktop. You can add captions and shapes on top of the image, and then upload the content online or download it in a suitable format.

    Download the software for free on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP. Run it and select the desired area with your mouse.

Need to record a video of the screen? Purchase the premium version of the software. It allows you to capture every action on your desktop, create a quality video and export the result in a suitable format. Pro pack is priced at 495.


A simple computer screenshotter and browser extension. Lightshot will allow you to capture a part of the display, process the content and export it in the appropriate media format. To use the software:

  • Download the software from the official site.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the utility and highlight the desktop area.
  • Edit a screenshot and then click on the save icon.
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Simple software that offers options for editing material and creates pictures in popular media formats. How to take a screenshot on your computer and save it as a picture?

  • Download the Screenshotter and open it. Set the desired shooting area.
  • Correct image if necessary. Add text, arrows, or graphics.
  • Click the save icon. Specify the folder and format.


Cloud storage offers an additional tool for creating screenshots. You will be able to take a screenshot and process the frames in the built-in editor. To use the Yandex function.Disk:

  • Install the software. Hold Ctrl Shift 1 and circle the area.
  • The frame will open in the editor. Make changes: place arrows, text, etc.д.
  • Click “Save. Choose a location on your computer.


Software to capture the whole display or a specified fragment. Screenshoter also provides functions for captioning, stickers, numbering, and shapes.

  • Download the software and run it after the installation is complete.
  • Select a fragment of the desktop.
  • Process the image and click “Done”. Export the material to a PC in a suitable extension.

How to take a picture of the screen on a laptop during the game

Gamers is the category of desktop PC and notebook users who most often need to take a screenshot. The purposes for this can be different:

  • capture a beautiful scenery or a good game moment;
  • make a photo to remember with friends in the game or co-players;
  • create a beautiful screenshot for participation in a contest held by the developers;
  • To mark an important place on the game card;
  • make a preview for a video on a game theme.

Applying the above methods is not always convenient, because the use of graphics editor distracts from the gameplay. Fortunately, most modern gaming clients know how to take a screenshot themselves. By default the Print Screen button is used. however the user can change the settings according to his own preferences.

Game screen images are usually stored:

  • in the directory of the game on your hard drive in the directory screenshots (can be placed in another folder);
  • in the folder “Documents” of the active user in the game directory;
  • on the C: drive in the shared folder of user documents.

As a rule, the game screenshot is not saved in folders hidden by default. In some games, a screenshot can be stored in other places, but it is very rare.

Ways to take a screenshot of your laptop screen

The easiest way to take a screenshot on your laptop or computer without installing any third-party software. Note the topmost row of keyboard buttons. Here among others is Print Screen. To place an inscription, it is abbreviated to PrntScrn, PrtScn, PrtScr, PrtSc.

  • If you need a complete screen capture, just click this button, then open Photoshop, Paint or another graphic editor, paste it (CtrlV) and the image will appear. Press “File” “Save as”, choose JPEG format and select folder or “Desktop”.
  • The Print Screen key on laptops does not work separately, but is a combination of the Print Screen key and Fn. Otherwise, the procedure is exactly the same.
  • To make a screenshot only of the program window without the taskbar and other stuff, press AltPrint Screen, and on your notebook. AltPrint ScreenFn.

As you can see, it is quite convenient, but there is a small disadvantage: the picture is not automatically saved as a file, but goes to the clipboard.