How to take a screenshot on your Lenovo tablet

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How to take a screenshot on Lenovo with Snipping Tool

Once you’ve launched the built-in Snip Sketch app in Windows 10, how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo using the snip tool? Just learn more about different snapshots with a great program like the one below.

Step 1 Press the Start button on your Lenovo computer. You can type in Snipping and click on the search bar, which will show you the Snipping Tool app.

Step 2 Once you’ve launched the Snipping Tool, you can click on New Click to select the screenshot mode you want, such as Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Windows Snip and Full-screen Snip.

Step 3 After that, you can click and drag the mouse to select a specific area of the screen. Then release the mouse button. In the pop-up window, you can click the Save Snip icon to save a custom screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on a Lenovo tablet and smartphone

Actually taking a screenshot on your Lenovo phone is much easier. You can easily click the hardware buttons to take a screenshot.

Take a snapshot of Lenovo with the hardware buttons

Press Power and Volume Down button at the same time. You will hear the shutter sound and notice the screen flashing. Then you can edit the captured screen on the Screenshots folder in the Gallery app

Take a snapshot on Lenovo with the user interface notification panel

You can easily add the snapshot feature to the notification panel, If you want to take a snapshot on your Lenovo phone, you can open the notification panel and click on the Screenshot icon.

With a simple tap on the Screenshot icon, your Lenovo phone will automatically take a screenshot of the current screen. Then you can find Lenovo screenshot in Screenshots folder.

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What screenshots are used for

How to take a screenshot on Android Xiaomi. detailed instructions

A screenshot of the display may be needed in the following situations:

  • Proof of a certain action. For example, a person made a bank transfer to another user, which requires proof. In this case, a screenshot is an indispensable thing that will take away all doubts. The same principle should be followed when dealing with various companies and legal entities.
  • Need to consult with a technical specialist. Often users of smartphones running on the Android operating system do not know how to configure a particular mode or function. In this case, you can consult a knowledgeable person, who on the basis of the screenshots will give useful advice or provide a clear algorithm of actions to solve the problem.
  • While travelling or traveling. A screenshot of the display may also be necessary if a person has decided to go to another locality. For example, to capture a map on the Internet with a laid route, which shows all the necessary points. If you wish, this picture can be printed out to clearly see all the nuances of the trip.
  • When downloading photos and pictures from the Internet. In some cases it is easier to make a screenshot of the screen with a photo than to download the image. In addition, such a picture takes up less space on the internal storage of the phone.
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Screenshot settings in the settings of your Android phone

Important! This technology is especially relevant when it is not possible to download a photo. For example, this or that site does not give users such an opportunity.


If your tablet is running the Windows operating system, use the skills of creating screenshots on a laptop and desktop PC. It is enough to press the cherished PrtScr button, and the task will be solved.

For Windows to take a screenshot is not difficult, you just need to press the right button and then save the picture

Only it is not necessary now to scold the manufacturer of your tablet that they “forgot” to introduce you this button.

The whole secret is that you “ask” it to appear on the screen. To do this, first call the on-screen keyboard. Only emphasize that you have to call the onscreen keyboard, and not unsuccessfully look for the button on the touch screen analog.

Now you can press the PrtScr button and along with it the Windows button. After that, your screenshot will fly to the “Downloads” folder, from which you just have to extract it.

If the necessary button is not available, then call the on-screen keyboard and press PrtScr and the Windows button

Some of the latest models that have this OS are equipped with new functionalities. If you have a newer model of tablet, try to make a screenshot by holding down the Windows key and the off button.

Using the “Scissors” application

The “Scissors” application is located in the same place as Paint and is opened in the same way: through the search line or in the section “All Programs”. “Standard”. After launching you will see an active “Scissors” window. To take a screenshot of a certain area, click on them and highlight a certain picture on the screen.

Hooray, we have managed to select only the area we want. Now we have to save the screenshot, click on the “Diskette” icon and choose where you want to take the image.

You can also choose the format of the screenshot if you click on the down arrow. In this case, the area when the screen is photographed will be different.

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Again this method has several disadvantages. The first is that the program for some reason closes after saving the picture, which is quite strange. The second is that if you need to add some inscription or arrows, you must do it in an additional application and manually.

So, the first way to take a screenshot on Android.

For your notebook computer press the Print Screen and the Fn button simultaneously. Press Alt and Print Screen simultaneously on your PC if you want to take a screenshot of the active window (program); Alt, Print Screen, and Fn on your notebook. The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard.

This method is suitable for Samsung smartphones and tablets without a mechanical Home button (at the bottom center). To take a screenshot, press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. For some models these buttons not only need to be pressed simultaneously but also held for one or two seconds.

Third-party applications

If the user doesn’t want/can’t work with the standard means of taking screenshots and doesn’t want to understand it, the developers of third-party software did it all for him. In the built-in Play Market app store, any user can find a variant of creating screenshots that he is interested in. Let’s take a look below at two of the most highly rated programs by users.

Screenshot Capture

The application is very simple and has almost no advanced settings, but simply performs its function making screenshots or video recordings with a single click on the. The only settings present in Screenshot Capture are enabling/disabling the various types of screen captures (by shaking, using buttons, etc.).

To create a screenshot using this app, follow these steps:

    First, you need to enable the screenshot service itself in the application by clicking on the Start Service button, after which the user will be able to take a screenshot.

Screenshot Touch

Unlike the previous application, Screenshot Touch only serves to take screenshots. The most significant advantage of this software is to adjust the quality of the image, which allows you to make the capture screen as high quality as possible.

How to Take Screenshot on LENOVO Tab M10 – Capture Screen

    To start working with the application you need to click on the Start Screenshot button and wait until the camera icon appears on the screen.

Third-party software

Not everyone is comfortable with the standard feature set provided by the various applications in the operating system. If you plan to work closely and constantly with screenshots and need to edit them for greater clarity, you will need more advanced software.

There are a lot of third-party solutions, so each user can find the right one for themselves. We’re going to look at three options: simple, for professional use, and average. For application alternatives, please read our separate article.

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Lightshot is the most famous app for creating quick screenshots. It has a set of all the necessary features for the average user, but the program does not have any commercial component, so for professional activities should choose a more advanced product.

Separately, we should highlight the ability to upload created screenshots to the corporate server. Later on you can send a short link with the image to a social networking site or messenger.

    Follow the link above to read the review and download the program. Install it and then run. That it is now running is indicated by an icon in the tray.

Ashampoo Snap

For regular work with screenshots and their nice design simple Lightshot will not do. It is better to install a more functional application which provides a very wide range of functions and allows you to customize the selection tools in many ways. One such program is Ashampoo Snap. It is paid, but has a 30-day trial version, which is enough to test the product.

    Install and run the program in the upper right corner will display a bar that turns into a panel with image capture and screen capture modes. Through the settings you can change the location of this panel.

  • The top panel houses the basic control buttons: undo and redo changes, zoom (affects only the current view), rotate the file, add to a screenshot shadow, frame, cursor, icon copyright, work with its size and some minor functions.
  • The left panel is used for the file processing: area selection, pixelation, blurring, shapes and icons insertion, drawing, text overlay, numbering, eraser and additional tools.
  • The right panel is used to select the action to be performed on the file. Here you can save it, delete it, distribute it in different ways, send it to other programs.

Something in between the two reviewed Joxi programs. Its implementation resembles Lightshot, only it is an improved version, and provides the user with a private cabinet where screenshots can be stored and sorted, but with limited space. To increase the volume, you will have to buy the plus version or periodically clear the cloud of images, if you are interested in downloading to get the link/storage online, of course.

    After downloading and installing the screenshotter, you will immediately need to create an account with an email and password or login via a social network.

In Fragment mode, a rectangular selection of a section of the screen is made, after which a panel with editing appears. Accordingly, the Screen mode captures it in its entirety and displays the toolbar immediately.