How to take a series of photos on your iPhone

How to edit Memories

You can edit the previously created slideshows automatically or manually, for example, change the music or put different styles for titles, change the caption. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Open the Photos app and click the Memories tab
  • Select any slideshow you want to edit and click on Play to start playing it;
  • Now click in the middle of the screen to make the editor appear.

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There are several options for editing here:

    Select the mood. Changing the header and music. There are options such as: cheerful, upbeat, Epica, and others;

How to take a live photo

Taking a live photo from your iPhone is easy if you’ve updated your iOS to the latest version.

Step 1. Open the built-in camera app from your home screen and switch to Photo Mode.

Step 2. Tap the Live Photo button at the top center of the screen to turn it on.

Step 3. Then focus on the subject you want to capture, and tap the Shutter button to take a Live Photo on your iPhone. When this is done, Live Photo will be saved in your Photos app.

Note: Although Apple keeps releasing new features, the way to get live photos on iOS 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 remains the same.

Viewing Photos in Locations

In earlier versions of iOS, you may find that Places works a little differently than iOS 10. This feature allows you to display all the photos in a particular album.

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Tap the photo album you want and tap the Places button at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will show you a map with pins dropped on it that show where the images were taken.
  • Tap the pin to see how many images have been taken there.
  • Click the arrow that appears to see these photos.
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How to use ProRaw mode on your iPhone to make your photos even better

Talking about ProRaw, a feature in Apple devices that takes mobile photography to the next level.

ProRaw is a new shooting mode available in the latest generations of iPhones. It lets you work with images that contain as much “raw” information as possible. This term came from the field of professional photography, when each frame needed a wide range of editing and “pulling” of different indicators: light, shadows and other. It’s essentially the equivalent of a digital negative that shows up in special apps like Lightroom, Capture, or Apple’s photo editor.

ProRaw files are composed of multiple frames and store data from their best parts. Deep Fusion analyzes these images pixel by pixel to get the best possible shot.

How to make a movie out of photos and videos on iPhone

I think a lot of people have been paying attention to Memories in the Photos app for a while now. The Cupertinians are actively promoting the idea of creating a slideshow of several photos on the iPhone and suggest to stop using third-party applications, because all this can be done with the built-in tools. Everyone has seen Memories, but not every user of Apple products knows about the possibility to create his own video. Today I propose to discuss several ways to create movies and slideshows and discuss all the nuances of using this feature.

Memories are not pampering, but a real gimmick of apple devices.

The Photos application on the iPhone can do much more than it may seem at first sight. Great search that can search for media files by date, event, geolocation, and people, great sorting by time and place, and more. Memories is only a small part of this huge multimedia combine. You just need to do a little digging in the settings and adjust everything to your liking.

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How to make a gif from a series of photos on your iPhone

If it’s easy to create a GIF-animation from a video, then making it from a series of photos is a little harder. What you can try?

Capture Action Shots Using iPhone‘s Burst Mode

Created a gif via Quick Commands from a series of photos. That’s pretty cool!

  • Download the Convert Burst To GIF Quick Command.
  • Press Add.
  • Open Quick Commands, choose My Commands.
  • Click Convert Burst To GIF.
  • The command opens your burst photos. Choose the series of photos you want to take.
  • You will see a GIF animation. Click Share in the upper right corner and select Save Image.

By the way, we have a separate article about the best iPhone Quick Commands!

Use the volume control buttons

Shooting with your iPhone hands-free is not always easy to change settings or interact with the screen. Especially if you want to take some unusual angle. In this case, a fluttering hand or a sloppy press may result in a blurred shot or loss of frame.

But you don’t have to touch the screen to take a photo on your iPhone. The volume buttons will help.

How to take a photo on the iPhone using the volume buttons

A single click will take a photo, and if the user presses the button, video recording will begin.

There is also a separate switch in the settings of the application, which allows you to activate the continuous shooting with the volume buttons.

How to make a burst photo on the iPhone using the volume buttons

After that, when you press the volume button in the Camera app, users will take a burst photo. This option is only available on relatively new iPhones, starting with the iPhone XR.

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How to add photos to an album

Adding photos to your albums is very easy.

1) Check the photo or photos you want to add to the album.

2) At the bottom of the screen, tap Share and select Add to Album.

3) Select the album you want, and the photos will instantly appear in it.

When you add photos to an album, it doesn’t remove them from the Photos tab. They simply move to another location for quick and easy access.

You can add a photo to multiple albums at once. For example, one photo can be in both the “Vacation” album and the “Animals” album.

Rename a photo on your iPhone

Click on the “Edit” button, then the blue arrow; click on Rename; select a new name and click OK; start over for each photo!

By the way, how do you see the title of a photo on your iPhone?

When you find the file whose name you want (we’re assuming you opened it in Camera Roll in the Photos app), click “Share” in the lower left corner, then select “Save to”. option. files ‘.

So, how do you make the date of capture appear on your iPhone photo?

The date, time, and location where you took the photo are displayed right in your photo album in the title.

Having said that, how do I change the name of a file on my iPhone?

How to change the name of your Wi-Fi on your iPhone?