How to take hidden photos on your iPhone

It’s pretty intimidating, but your smartphone or tablet is actually smart enough to recognize what’s in the picture. and tag it for content. This is done for your convenience. so you can find the image in the gallery without much effort.

Just go to the tab “Search” and enter the simplest word that describes the object in the picture you’re looking for. for example, “dog”. and you get a compilation of all the images in which the artificial intelligence saw dogs. This doesn’t always work perfectly (for example, a smartphone can mistake a rabbit for a dog), but it’s still pretty useful.

How to add photos to hidden on iPhone

Not all of the photos and videos that were taken with an iPhone are intended for public display. But it often happens that friends ask to see the phone, and with it the photos in the album. Or, the device displays photos for friends or relatives by scrolling through them in a row. Few people want their personal photos, at a moment like this, to be seen by people for whom they were not intended.

In new versions of iOS there is an option to make the display of photos from “Gallery” limited by the built-in service “Guide-access”. You can safely give your iPhone to another person. Photo storage will be protected by a basic password.

With this method, we open the picture on the phone screen and disable the ability to “swipe” and view other pictures. Basically, we disable the sensor.

To enable this mode on the iPhone, go to “Settings”:

  • Select “Basic” from the menu list. Find the “Universal access” settings link.
  • Looking for option to enable “Guide-access”.
  • Set mode by alphanumeric password or fingerprint sensor.

We also need to do a little configuration of the “Gallery”, open it and go to the list of photos:

Now access to “Gallery” is closed, a stranger will not be able to see other photos until you enter the password.

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How to set a password on a secret photo

First, let’s prepare for this step and do the “Notes” setting. Open the “Settings” menu (gray gear on the main screen). Find the “Notes” section and disable automatic downloading of media content to photos. Be sure to activate access to the “Notes”, with a password or by scanning the fingerprint:

Now move on to the placement of the photo hidden from prying eyes. Open the note editor and use the “Add Data” option to attach the photo. Choose the menu item “Take a photo or video” and take a photo.

To restrict access to this note, select the “Share” option and click on the “Block Note” link.

The system will prompt you to enter the password, which must be done. Now all you have to do is to click on the lock icon on the top right.

This way is more reliable, because you will have to either enter the main password from the device to view the photo, or unlock access via the Touch ID sensor. After you open the note, the photo can be freely downloaded or saved.

What applications allow you to hide a photo on iPhone?

You can hide photos on your iPhone more securely with the help of mobile applications from the AppStore. There are a lot of similar programs in the Apple store now. Many of them have a conspiracy “level”. they are disguised as calculators. Who would think that photos could be hidden in a calculator??

An amazing data hiding tool is Secret Calculator, the “brainchild” of Chinese programmers. This application is free and very easy to use. Once set, it will be present on the desktop under the name Calculator.

You can hide photos with this program as follows:

Launch the application and set a password. There seems to be no limit on the length of the password. We decided to stop at 20 digits.

Then enter the password again, also putting a kind of dot with the percent symbol button. If the installation of the password was successful, you will see this window:

First, you will need to create a new album. Click on the “” button at the bottom of the screen.

Then give the future album a title and click “Done”.

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With the “” button, add the photos you want to hide from prying eyes.

Go to the “Photos” application and delete the hidden photos from it.

Afterwards you can go back to the Secret Calculator and make sure that the photos are there. If you click the button with three horizontal lines you’ll see that the program can store not only photos and videos, but also notes, contacts and passwords to online resources.

Storing Word, Excel, Power Point files on the strength of the full version of the application. iPhone owners can purchase it for 229.

The main thing for the user of Secret Calculator is not to fall victim to a clever disguise and not to inattentively delete the application. Along with the program will be irretrievably erased all the photos it stored.

A worthy alternative to Secret Calculator is Private Camera. The principle of this program is different. It doesn’t hide your photos behind a calculator, but lets you take a picture right from your computer screen. These pictures are not reflected in the Photos app, but if necessary they can be unloaded (exported) there.

The program allows you to keep under a password not only photos from your own camera, but also photos taken earlier, copied from albums of the “Photos” app.

Apple owners note vulnerability of photo hiding apps. despite the fact that photos are password protected, it’s still possible to access them. It is enough to use a computer with special software. For example, the utility iTools allows you to view the entire content of the iPhone. whether it is hidden or not.

The user who is looking for a 100% guarantee of confidentiality of the photo, the option of using special applications for storing photos does not suit. He’d better resort to the following method.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

How to hide iPhone photos on iOS 14

There are a lot of new features in iOS 14 update. How to create a hidden album and hide photos on iOS 14.

Every day working with a huge number of screenshots, I have encountered a problem with the uploading of the general feed in the Photos app on the iPhone. Personal photos were often lost in these screenshots, and the fear of posting any of your personal photos to the Work Profile History was openly stressful.

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When you hide photos from the gallery, they disappear from the main viewing categories (which include moments, collections and years). But the photos will still be available in albums and through search.

Open the Photos app and find the images and videos you want to hide.

Tap Select in the upper right corner.

Click Submit

Along the bottom row of Share icons, select Hide

Click Hide photo.

All hidden photos will now appear in the Hidden album in the Albums tab.

  • Open the Gallery app and find the images you want to hide;
  • Click the “Select” button, which is in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Click on the “Submit” button;

All photos hidden in this way you can find in the album “Hidden“.

How to hide photos on iPhone and iPad

If you have some photos on your iPhone that you don’t want anyone to see, you can hide them using the “hide photos” option available on your iPhone, or use a workaround to truly password protect the photos on your device.

The ability to hide photos on the iPhone and iPad was first provided in iOS 8, and this feature has been improved in the next version of Apple’s software, it gives users the ability to select and hide multiple photos. However, the “hide photos” option available by default on iPhone and iPad only hides photos from the “moments,” “collections,” and “years” sections.

Hidden photos can be viewed in albums by selecting the “hidden” album. While there is no way to really hide photos in iOS, there is a workaround by using a notes app that hides photos and protects them with a password. We provide below two ways to protect photos: through standard iOS features and through notes, which is a workaround.