How to tell the difference between a Chinese iPhone and the original

Your new iPhone. fake or original?

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How to know if your iPhone is real or not? It’s easy to understand just by looking at it, if you’re familiar with cell phones. Not everyone is a techie, however, and there are a few steps you can take to make sure your new iPhone is genuine.

Today’s iPhones are getting smarter and smarter. Inexpensive knockoffs can fool even the most knowledgeable smartphone experts. Apple has some easy ways to determine if your “iPhone” is really a cheap Android phone.

The first thing you need to do before you open the box is find the IMEI number, which you can double check on Apple’s website. Enter the IMEI number listed on the package at If the device is fake, the site will tell you right away.

In this situation, you will need access to the device, and there are a few things to keep in mind.

You can then check the software if a physical inspection reveals nothing.

Then press and hold the power button (the home button on the iPhone SE) for a few seconds until the voice assistant appears. If Siri appears, your iPhone is genuine. If you see Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or any other voice assistant, it’s a fake.

How to distinguish such a Chinese “ref” from a normal iPhone

Fake “stickers”.

First way. Without opening the box you can enter the IMEI from the box into Apple’s website. Activated, no Apple warranty (expired)? 99.99% restored.

Remember: there is no such thing as an iPhone that has been activated, but it is lying neatly in a box, packed, ready to sell. Any explanation in these cases is a lie.

The second way. Look at the box and the bottom sticker on it. Chinese do not have the original font, the result depends on what Windows is there on the computer. And they are printed on the simplest label printers.

If in doubt, unpack on the spot. The tab on which the iPhone lies, the Chinese “ref” is uneven, roughly carved. Inner liner with accessory slots is soft, not strong, you can pull or crush it with your hands without any problem.

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Read more about checking the boxes in this article note. editors

The third way. Examine the iPhone itself. Display is dim, colors are too blue or yellow. The glue at the joint between the display and the case. Different response when you press the volume buttons. Camera shoots “dimly”.

Another important already suggests that you are dealing with a “ref” from China.

The margin on refs in Russia is very decent: 4-15 thousand. The income from the apparatus. This is the official iPhone dealers can only dream of.

Percentage of defects? 70% do not live up to 6 months. The Chinese themselves do not take any warranty by selling batches of refs to Russia and other countries. Yes, and send them back few people will be, most often it is unprofitable. It is easier to repair it and put it on sale again.

To determine if your iPhone is original or fake, you need to start with a visual check. This sometimes does not give an effective result, since the “Chinese” craftsmen have long learned to design a fake, seemingly identical to the original. But you should not neglect the inspection, because it can save you from buying a “fake” with the lowest quality. This procedure will not take much time.

  • Two/three SIM card slots. The original supports one “sim card”, it is located in a special tray, which can be removed from the iPhone with a needle;
  • Removable battery. If you have to remove the battery to install the “sim card”. is 100% fake;
  • The screen diagonal does not correspond to the original. You don’t have to be pedantic about taking measurements. For example, the diagonal of the iPhone 5 is 4.065 inches, not 4. Being unnecessarily picky can get in the way of a good deal;
  • the presence of an antenna. As a rule, it is exhibited as an advantage, allegedly you do not need to connect a headset. And how to know if the iPhone is original or not? The retractable antenna is a clear sign of a “hard” fake;
  • The presence of graining on the screen. The original has a display created by RETINA technology, which is characterized by a very high pixel density. An experienced user can distinguish a fake from the original only by the smartphone screen;
  • the logo is of questionable quality. The presence of “bitten apple” on the back cover in the form of a sticker or a picture of the paint. clearly selling a copy;
  • the kit includes a stylus. Modern manufacturers do not produce smartphones with a resistive display. In the original set of stylus can be found only with Samsung in the Note series;
  • “viscosity” of the sensor. If you have to make an effort to switch to another screen, it is definitely a “fake”;
  • touch buttons. The Chinese iPhone and the original differ in this. This iPhone has only one button, the “Home” and it is a physical one;
  • the presence of a large number of hieroglyphs.
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What’s the operating system?

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The main differences appear when the display lights up. And the user enters the menu.

The iPhone’s original mobile operating system is iOS. But it’s not available to most underground industries. We have to use Android. And put a shell that looks like iOS.

This is easy to check. You need to open the settings section. There will be no Siri, App Store, as well as a section with software updates.

How To Spot A Fake iPhone

The Chinese find the Russian language difficult. There are a lot of mistakes in the translation, as well as inaccuracies. Some words have not been translated at all. If a word doesn’t fit in one line, it’s a sign of a fake.

How to distinguish the original iPhone from a fake

The iPhone is a mass-market device used by all walks of life, including children, the elderly, and women, most of whom handle technology at the level of an unsure user. These are the people who often become the victims of scammers who sell fake Apple smartphones via the Internet or from hand-to-hand. This article tells you how to 100% distinguish an authentic iPhone from a fake one.

Using the absence of major differences in the design of some iPhone generations (5/5s/SE, for example), scammers often try to pass off one model as another, or at least sell a device with a memory capacity that does not match the claimed one. In that case, you’ll need a thorough inspection, which we told you about here.

But criminals often act even more brazenly by offering people a Chinese (most of them) Android fakes disguised as an iPhone, which differ from the original like a tank from a slingshot. Naturally, an experienced user can easily spot a fake, but a person who is not technically savvy may very well buy a fake, especially if the deal is done in person and the cheater has a strong psychological effect on the buyer. However, to expose the seller is quite easy, you can do it with the following recommendations.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a Chinese fake?

It is no secret that Apple smartphones are often much more expensive than other cell phones. However, this does not affect their popularity. Precisely the high demand and the logical need of consumers to save money is the reason why there are crooks who want to get rich.

Users who are not versed in technology can easily get hooked and buy a Chinese-made replica instead of the original iPhone. Today we want to tell you about the key features of fake iPhones, so that you don’t make the same mistakes, and don’t waste your money. The main rule before buying you need to study the box with the smartphone and the device itself and check a number of features.

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How to distinguish the original iPhone from the fake? What are the features that can distinguish the iPhone original from the fake of each version? How not to buy a fake iPhone 5, 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 8?

If you doubt whether your iPhone is original or fake, read how to correctly distinguish the original from the fake.

To avoid buying a fake of a popular and expensive iPhone, use the following tips to check your gadget.

Check the buttons

Another physical feature to note is that on a real iPhone, buttons such as the sleep and wake buttons are in the upper right corner, while the volume switch and ringer switch. in the upper left corner. If the switch or buttons are not where they should be, then the phone you are looking at is definitely a fake. Some fake iPhones have the buttons in the correct position, but you can feel them by sliding your fingers over them. To be sure of this, press the buttons several times to make sure they are not loosened and set correctly. iPhone clones have poor quality buttons.

We compared a fake iPhone 7 with the original one. They are dangerously similar

Read, remember, spread the word. anyone can throw 10 grand down the drain. M.Video” expert comment

Imitations of flagship devices, as well as imitations of luxury brands of clothes, shoes and bags, unfortunately, always find their audience. There are people who deliberately buy a fake. But we are not talking about them.

Our task is to warn those people who have unknowingly, carelessly or even naively bought a fake device under the guise of an original one. They will be truly disappointed with the quality of the device and its features.

If buying an iPhone or other flagship device is not affordable, there is always an alternative. to buy a flagship in installments. Or to choose another budget device with decent specifications. And if you’re ready to buy an iPhone, it’s better to do it in reputable places. at official Apple sellers.