How to tether the Apple Watch to your iPhone

Instructions for setting up and synchronizing the Apple Watch with the iPhone

Perhaps because of the long wait, but the first batch of Apple Watch sold out in a few hours. The devices are gradually sending out to users and so it’s time to discuss setting up the watch and syncing it to the iPhone.

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Then a window will appear prompting you to launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone (it is automatically installed when you update your firmware to iOS 8.2). Once the app is open, tap the Start Pairing button and a specific animation will appear on the screen.

At the same time, after launching the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, also click on Start Pairing. Further two ways of synchronization are possible. automatic synchronization with the camera and manual. In order to use the first method, you need to point the iPhone camera to the Apple Watch so that the watch display is within a yellow square on the smartphone screen. The devices will automatically synchronize.

To use the manual mode you should press the i symbol in the bottom right corner of the display. On the screen you will see the identification number of your gadget. You should tap on the Pair Apple Watch Manually menu in the app on your smartphone and manually enter the watch number. After that the synchronization is finished. Next, you should click on the Set Up Apple Watch button in the app on your iPhone and in the window that will open select which wrist you will wear the watch on. Next, a standard window will appear in which you should indicate that you agree to all of the company’s terms and conditions. After that, you’ll see a screen with a field where you need to enter your Apple ID password. The next window will provide you with information on geolocation services for your device. You can’t opt out, so click OK and go to the next step. A message appears telling you that you can use the Siri Virtual Assistant to write messages and make calls. Press OK again. The next screen asks if you agree to send (automatically) bug reports to Apple to improve your Apple Watch. Choose any option and move on. You now have the opportunity to create a password for your watch. To protect your data if your watch is lost or stolen. The system will ask you for your password every time you put the watch on your wrist. Creating a password is an optional step, but if you decide to add one, click on Create a Passcode. Then you need to enter the code on your watch twice. The password will allow you to unlock the Apple Watch from your iPhone. If you enter a password on your smartphone, the watch will unlock automatically (if it is on your wrist). In case you don’t have your watch with you, you’ll have to enter your password every time to use the data on your Apple Watch. If you agree to these terms, press Yes and go to the next step. It’s important to know that you can cancel your password at any time by changing this point in the settings. Next, you can install versions of the watch app already installed on your smartphone. You can also postpone this step until later. And finally, the last setting item synchronization with iCloud. Photos, calendars, notes can now be viewed on your watch. In addition, your Email accounts that you use on your iPhone are synchronized. This step may take some time. Setting up and syncing the Apple Watch is complete and the device is ready to go.

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How to set up Apple Pay on the Apple Watch

How to pay with Apple Watch

To pay through Apple Pay with the Apple Watch, the following steps must be followed:

  • Notify the cashier that you will pay cashless, in this case, the cashier sends the amount of payment to the payment terminal.
  • Press twice on the side button, the bank card appears (if you have several cards, select the one you want to pay with).
  • Place the watch on your wrist no further than 2-3 cm from the terminal.
  • The payment process is accompanied by a vibration on the Apple Watch, indicating that the transaction was successful.

In this section we will describe how to tie the Apple Watch to your iPhone. Binding of the Apple Watch with the iPhone is done automatically.

To pair the Apple Watch, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • On the iPhone, open the “Apple Watch” app
  • Press “Start pairing” on both devices to synchronize
  • The yellow video on the iPhone should be aligned with the animation on the watch display
  • Once the pairing is complete, the iPhone will display a notification that the operation is complete. The user needs to click on the “Set up as new Apple Watch” button
  • The system will ask which hand the owner plans to wear the watch on, select one of two options
  • Then you need to agree to the terms and conditions of use
  • Enter the data from your “Apple” account (login and password)
  • The system will provide information about geolocation services. Read it and press the “OK” button
  • Repeat the steps after getting acquainted with the “Siri” voice assistant
  • After that, the display will show information about the diagnosis
  • Now you need to enter your 4 or 7-digit watch password
  • The system will prompt you to set up simultaneous unlocking of the devices
  • You can choose to automatically install applications, or install them yourself later
  • After completing all the steps, the iPhone will receive a notification that the pairing is complete.

Pairing Apple Watch with iPhone

How to configure the Apple Watch with iPhone? How to manually synchronize and other issues will be explained.

Creating a pair is done in a few steps:

  • As in the first case, you need to enter the “Watch” application in the iPhone.
  • Click on “Start pairing”.
  • The following will offer a manual synchronization option.
  • Then click on the “i” icon.
  • Once the iPhone “recognizes” your watch, repeat all the setup steps we’ve already written about above.

During pairing, both devices must be close to each other

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Pairing the Apple Watch with the iPhone

If one of your devices is far away, like your iPhone:

Press and hold the side button on the watch until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Bring your phone close to the wearable device until the smartwatch displays a pairing screen. Tap “Continue.”. You can also in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone select “Set up as new”.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to the “My Watch” tab and select “All Watches” at the top of the screen. Tap the “i” icon next to the watch you want to pair with, then select “Pair with Apple Watch”. Press again to confirm and wait for the watch to break up.

How to connect and sync the Apple Watch to your iPad?

If you don’t own an iPhone but have already purchased a smart watch, don’t despair. No, you don’t have to use it all the way as a mechanical replacement, unless of course you have an iPad. In fact, connecting to it is no different from connecting to the iPhone, because their operating systems are similar.

The whole point is that Steve Jobs’ firm has previously provided for all possible situations, and as it turns out, it is possible to connect the iWatch to another Apple gadget.

How to Tie an Apple Watch to an iPad?

How much does the Apple Watch sync with your iPhone?

How to Bind an Apple Watch to Your iPhone

Don’t be afraid to switch from your Apple Watch to a new one. You won’t lose important information during this process. The only thing is that it is important not to rush to get rid of the smart watch that you previously used. First, you need to untether them from your iPhone to back them up.

Don’t get rid of your Apple Watch after getting a new one

You can easily connect a new smart watch to your iPhone instead of the one you were using before. What’s more, you also have the option to use multiple Apple Watches with the same mobile device for different tasks: for the office, to the gym, for a special occasion.

However, if you want to keep all the data and settings of your smart watch and transfer them to your new Apple Watch, it’s important to follow the given sequence of steps. First, you need to break the pairing between the devices, and then create a new one with a restore from a backup.

It’s important to understand that the Apple Watch simply doesn’t have a separate backup option. However, this procedure will automatically be performed when you disconnect the smart watch from your iPhone. The only thing that’s important is that the devices use the latest versions of iOS and watchOS.

How to switch from your Apple Watch to a new smart watch model

Break the pairing with the Apple Watch:

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone;
  • Go to “All watches.”
  • Click the ⓘ button next to your desired Apple Watch;
  • Select the “Break pair with Apple Watch” option;
  • confirm the request;
  • wait for the backup to be created.

Most of your data will be backed up. including your Apple Watch dial settings. However, for security reasons, it will not include your bank card information from Apple Pay. They will have to be restored manually after the new clock is set.

Tie the new watch to the iPhone;

  • Press the Digital Crown on the new watch;
  • Wait for the characteristic animation to appear on the Apple Watch;
  • Hold the watch up to your iPhone;
  • Select the “Customize for yourself” option;
  • Point the iPhone viewfinder at the watch screen;
  • Continue tethering your new Apple Watch, following the instructions on the devices screen.
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While you’re entering your initial Apple Watch settings, you’ll be prompted to set the smart watch as new or restore from a backup. Select the relevant option and continue. In the process, you will also be prompted to decide on regional and some other options.

How to use Find My on Apple Watch | Apple Support

Tie your bank cards from Apple Pay to your new Apple Watch.

How to pair and unpair your Apple Watch

Apple is positioning its watch as a companion to the iPhone, so there’s no way around it without an initial link to the smartphone. To use the Apple Watch you need an iPhone 6s or newer models. Android smartphones are not officially supported, and it is impossible to connect them.

In addition, the firmware version of the watch must match the phone software. For example, iOS 14 will work for watchOS 7, but watchOS 8 already needs iOS 15. If you have an Apple Watch with current firmware and not yet an iPhone, you’ll need to update the software on your smartphone to pair (Settings → Basic → Software Update → Download and Install).

To make it work, you also need to charge both gadgets at least 50%. In addition, you will need to take care of an internet connection and make sure your smartphone has Bluetooth working.

You can connect several different Apple Watches to one iPhone and wear them alternately, for example with a certain style of clothing. Notifications will only come to the active watch that is on your wrist.

Breaking the pair may be necessary to pair it with another iPhone or to sell it on the secondary market. The procedure is necessary to delete your personal data. In addition, without it, it will be impossible to connect the Apple Watch to another device.

Alas, Apple has not made this option available. During pairing, the watch communicates exclusively with one device. This is done for security reasons. To pair with each iPhone, you must first perform the procedure of unlinking from the previous one.

No, Apple has not allowed two iPhones/iPads to be paired to one Apple Watch at the same time, this is now impossible. This watch can only work with one of your devices: iPhone; iPad.

How to unpair your Apple Watch if you lose your phone?

Apple Watch: Unpaired and wiped

  • If the pairing is broken, the Apple Watch and iPhone must be in close proximity to each other.
  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab and click “All watches.”.
  • Click the info button next to the watch you want to unpair.
  • Select “Break Pair with Apple Watch.”.