How to tether WhatsApp to another phone

How to read another person’s Whatsapp in 2022? And if you do not have access to the phone, and if you only know the number, and if the person is in another country? Is it even possible to read someone else’s WhatsApp and if yes, what do you have to do to do it?. This is the kind of flow of questions our consultants have to answer every day.

So in this article, let’s talk in detail about how you can really read another person’s WhatsApp. in our review, we will provide real working ways of intercepting correspondence, photos, calls and voice messages.

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Best 8 ways to read another person’s Whatsapp correspondence

So, is it possible to get into another person’s WhatsApp and read all their correspondence, view all photos and listen to all calls and voice? Yes, you can. Familiarize yourself with absolutely different ways and choose the one that suits you best. The exception, of course, is the first method, which we mentioned specifically first to protect you from cheaters.

How to read if you only know the number

So that you have no misunderstandings or fictitious hopes that you did not waste your time looking for a non-existent method, so that God forbid you do not get caught by scammers, we will immediately answer the most common question: “How to read someone else’s WhatsApp correspondence by number?”.

The answer of all programmers and developers of specialized software is unambiguous: “It’s impossible to do this in any way”. In any, even the coolest spy detective movies, the wiretap is installed first, and then you get data from it. It’s impossible to get something without doing something.

Attention! If you saw an ad in the Internet, that you can receive WhatsApp messages knowing only your phone number, and even for a token sum. it’s cheaters! Please remember that it is impossible to read someone else’s Whatsapp by phone number for free, you need access to the phone for at least 10 minutes! And the real hacks of pages cost about tens of thousands of dollars and they are not available to everyone.

How to read without installing programs

This method will focus on how you will be able to read someone else’s correspondence on your computer or laptop via WhatsApp web without installing any software. How to read other people’s messages. you just need to do synchronization via QR code.

Too complicated words? In fact, it’s not as difficult as you think! Your main task is to turn on your PC and take the right phone for 10 minutes. So:

Turn on your PC. open Whatsapp web (to read correspondence you want) at the link web. whatsapp. com. put a check mark on “Stay in the system.”.

Take your target phone. go to Wastap. Whatsapp Web menu.

Scan the QR code (a black and white square with strokes) with your phone camera. Attention! This picture will change rather quickly and therefore you should see it and scan it in about 20 seconds.

All ! You have access to the page of the person whose phone is in your hands at the moment.

now you know how to connect to someone else’s watsapu without installing the program on your phone. Just go to the web version and access it from your computer.

And most importantly, the person will never know that someone is reading his correspondence. Only by going to the web version on your smartphone will you see that the PC version is also open. But based on our years of experience. no one ever goes there.

How else you can read without installing programs

There is another way to read other people’s Whatsapp messages without installing programs. This only applies to those conversations that take place on the iPhone. In this case, the program is installed on your phone and you enter the username and password of the iPhone owner’s iCloud account. You can find such programs in the Internet. They really work.

How To Use Same WhatsApp Account On Two Different Phones At Same Time [Android iOS Tutorial] 2020?

Once again, we want to point out that this will only work with the iPhone. If we’re talking about Android, installing the app is a must.

Installing Reptilicus

Introducing the most reliable and 100% way to read another person’s Whatsapp from your phone in 2022 is to install the program Reptilicus. It takes 10 minutes to install, and you will receive absolutely all actions (which will be performed on this phone), 24 hours a day, with no time limit. It will be well worth it!

Before you can read another person’s WhatsApp, you must:

Pick up the phone and install the program (10 minutes).

Reboot the phone and give the owner.

Everything! 10 minutes and you have all the activities of the person as you see them. You will be able to:

  • See correspondence, even if it will be deleted later;
  • Receive automatic screenshots of WhatsApp chats;
  • Receive recorded voice messages;
  • receive a detailed description of the calls (who called, when and how long the conversation lasted);
  • Receive notifications about incoming messages;
  • Get your location on the map;
  • make a recording of the environment through a microphone;
  • take pictures, through the camera;
  • see and save all your photos;
  • and much more.

Reptilicus software will allow you to have full parental control over your children, as well as corporate control over your employees. After installation, in order not to violate the law on the secrecy of personal correspondence and telephone conversations, you must inform the person (child, employees, relatives and friends) that their phones are monitored.

How to read from your phone

Briefly on how to read WhatsApp messages (someone else’s) from your phone. If you have Android, then you can install the mobile version of the cabinet on your phone. It is called the “client part” or “client”. Then, all the data (correspondence, sound files, coordinates, photos, etc.) You can browse from your phone.

If you have an iPhone, then you will be able to log in to our website, enter your username and password, and access your personal account. Only you can log in. You can change the password an unlimited number of times. We give a 100% guarantee that all your data is reliably protected from hacking.

How to read from your computer

Is it possible to read Whatsapp correspondence (someone else’s) from your computer in 2022? Yes, you can. You need to log in on your computer, enter your username and password and that’s it! All data will be available at any time. They will be stored in the cabinets exactly 1 month from the moment of their receipt. You can download correspondence, photos or audio files to your PC. You can enter from a computer from any country via any browser. There is no geographical reference.

If you were wondering how to read another person’s WhatsApp using programs, and you have already realized that this is the only normal solution, then we offer you some more proven programs.

Installing NeoSpy

NeoSpy. will not only allow you to read another person’s WhatsApp correspondence, but also track their movements, listen to their calls and more. Installed in the same way as the Reptilicus app. Has the same rich functionality. Works just as covertly and inconspicuously. In order for surveillance to be legitimate, be sure to inform the owner of the phone. Positioned as a great parental control and protection of your own data on your own device. Can work on both smartphones and computers.

Installing Cocospy

Cocospy. will tell you how to read another person’s Whatsapp unnoticed. As you have already guessed that all spyware programs have almost the same installation and so, go to method 4 and there read the steps to install. The difference between the programs may be whether there is a detailed installation manual and how easy it is written for the average user. You should also pay attention to whether there is a chat for consultations. And of course the features.

For example, Reptilicus service will allow you to read messages in Whatsapp of another person even without Root rights (using screenshots of chat, keyboard interception and notifications). Cocospy will not be able to do it and you will need to root the phone in order to view the correspondence.

Read Whatsapp correspondence on iPhone and Android

Mobile spy mSpy will tell you how you can read WhatsApp correspondence on iPhone and Android. The program mSpy for iPhone allows you to peek into the correspondence of the person you are very interested in, and whose phone you can take to install. It can be your children, husband/wife or people close to you. The program will allow you to read the correspondence on WhatsApp through a person’s iPhone, without even getting close to him. You set it up once and give it back. Then you can see round the clock what and with whom he communicates in the messenger. It is a full-fledged parental control and fidelity check, it is a real mobile spy for reading messages on mobile devices iOS.

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How to read without accessing your phone

As you have already understood from the first way. there is no way to do it, but if you really want, you can. We will tell you what you need to do to read another person’s WhatsApp correspondence without access to the phone:

Buy a new phone.

There can be a huge number of options here. From the banal gift for the New Year or Birthday, to “oh, your phone accidentally broke, how come, well do not be angry, I’ll buy you a new one”.

Install the interceptor program there.

Above we described the most reliable programs that can really see the correspondence in WhatsApp of another person and send it to you on your PC, laptop, phone or mail. You will only have to choose and install according to the instructions they have on their website.

Put it in a box, tie a bow and give it away.

If you can root your phone and give Root rights to Reptilicus, then it will move to the system tray and even after a factory reset it will continue to work. Root rights after a reset will of course disappear, but you will be able to receive data that works without ROOT access, and as you have seen, there is a huge amount of.

And, finally, how to read your own correspondence

Is it possible to read someone else’s Whatsapp correspondence yourself, without resorting to programs? Maybe you can, but you have to be at least a hacker to do it. Let’s assume that you were able to root your phone and with the help of administrator rights and Root rights you can access the necessary files. But now you need to decrypt them and find a way to play them. And it is quite difficult, because all system files are very tightly fixed to the core of the operating system. There are also very important software, without which the smartphone does not even turn on. Therefore, independently read other people’s SMS in WhatsApp, you are unlikely to succeed, because you’re probably not a hacker, they just will not read such articles))))

In conclusion, we want to summarize all of the above and once again briefly answer the most common questions, as they say “a check in the head.”

  • Is it possible to connect to someone else’s WhatsApp?. Yes, you can.
  • Is it possible to read Whatsapp messages without accessing the phone?. Yes, you can if you’re messaging on your iPhone.
  • Is it possible to read the WhatsApp messages of another subscriber, knowing only his phone number?. No, you can’t.
  • Is it possible in 2022 to read someone else’s WhatsApp from your phone?. Yes, you can. To do this you need to install Reptilicus on the phone you want (it only takes 10 minutes), download the “client” on your phone and receive other people’s correspondence on your phone 24/7.
  • Can I read other people’s WhatsApp messages from my computer?. Yes you can, read method 2 and method 4.

So, now you already know exactly how to read someone else’s Whatsapp correspondence. We certainly advise you to rely on the experienced developers and take a few minutes to install the proven Reptilicus software on the phone you want, so you can quietly monitor all the actions of this person through your phone or through your computer. whatever works for you.

But the choice is always yours. Install, try, choose!

How to sync Whatsapp on Android with another Android

If you need to have access to your Vastap account from different Android devices. it is done via synchronization. All contacts and messages will appear in the same way in all synced devices automatically.

It is not possible to access your account from different devices at the same time, it can only be done in turns. Conditionally, synchronization is considered to mean simultaneous use of a messenger on several electronic devices, but in fact, it is not a question of parallel use, but rotation of the synchronized gadgets.

Can I read other people’s correspondence without access to the phone?

The messenger does not provide such options, but if there is a demand. there is a proposal. So yes, you can read another person’s WhatsApp without accessing their phone from android.

But most of the methods still require physical access to the person’s phone. for example, you will need to scan the code or send a copy of. To do this, you do not have to enter the messenger itself, but you must have the device in your hands.

By phone number

The program is completely invisible, the person will not know that he is being watched. This method has a big advantage. you do not need physical access to the phone of the person, i.e. surveillance can be installed even at a distance.

To use this program, you need to download and install it on your smartphone, and then act like this:

  • Send the “victim” any message on WhatsApp;
  • The person responds to your message, and he automatically and unnoticed for himself passes you the key to decrypt all messages.
  • You get access to all incoming and outgoing messages and can view the data of interlocutors (nickname, name in the contact book).

As we can see, to use WhatsCracker we need to be able to contact the person on Whatsapp and get a response. That is, you are on his blacklist, then this method is not suitable.

If you only know the phone number, but you have neither correspondence with the person, nor physical access to his smartphone. theoretically there is still a way to read someone else’s Whatsapp correspondence without access to the phone.

To do this you need to create a copy of your account, which is quite difficult from a technical point of view. But some companies provide such services for a fee. and as a result, you get all of the user’s chats that exist at the moment. This information is not updated, that is, you do not read the messages in real time, but just get the history generated by the current time.

The method is illegal, so it is not recommended to use it. The other ways are ethically questionable, but you won’t face legal prosecution for them.

Sending messages to e-mail

This method allows you to obtain the correspondence of the “victim” with a particular interlocutor at the moment. If there is time, you can carry out this procedure for all contacts of the person whose conversations you want to follow.

The method is universal. it is suitable for both Android devices and iPhone.

  • Recall your e-mail, which will be sent to correspondence from the phone “victim.
  • Take the device from which you want to receive data.
  • Open WhatsApp;
  • Go to the menu by clicking the icon with three dots at the top right;
  • Go to Settings;
  • Go to Chats, here at the very bottom select the Chat History;
  • Select Export chat;
  • Choose a chat to copy and in the offered options choose the Google mail (Gmail);
  • We specify the address of the sender, send the letter.

If the correspondence to be saved is very long, it may not fit in the letter. In this case, you need to delete some of the oldest chats at the end of the part of the process. Then check the weight of the email and resend it.

As a result you will receive at the specified e-mail all selected correspondence, you can study it in detail. This dialog will not be updated, in fact it is just a backup created “unauthorized.

Export the chat to WhatsApp

Linking a profile to your phone

This method is technically a synchronization, that is, you will not be able to monitor your correspondence online. If the “victim” is online. you will have to wait until she goes offline to read her chats.

To bind the victim’s profile to your number, you will need her phone number and physical access to the device.

    on your smartphone;

  • In the authorization process, enter the phone number of the person whose correspondence you need to track;
  • Waiting for the “victim’s” phone to receive an SMS confirmation. review it and delete it immediately.
  • After confirmation, you find yourself in the account of the “victim”.

In the process of examining the dialogs you account will be displayed online (as in the synchronization), which over time may cause suspicion. so be prepared for the fact that the way is quite “transparent” is not safe.

Whatsapp Web. reading Whatsapp messages via PC

The easiest way, to implement it you need a PC and the phone of the “victim” just for a second.

To gain access to the correspondence, you need to perform the following steps:

  • On a PC, open any browser and go to the
  • Take the phone of the “victim”, open WhatsApp;
  • Check that there is an internet connection;
  • Pay attention to make sure that the “Stay in the system” box is checked;
  • Go to the menu and open WhatsApp Web;
  • Using the “victim’s” phone, scan the QR-code by pointing the camera to the PC screen.

After completing these steps on the computer in the browser opens all the same chats with correspondence as on the phone. You can also send messages and read them in real time. Most likely, the person will notice the sending of messages, although there are different purposes. sometimes this possibility is also useful.

WhatsApp Web to read other people’s correspondence

This method can be used not only for surveillance, but also for synchronization, to transfer data from smartphone to PC.

When using this method, you need to understand that it is difficult to call it invisible, t.к. In the process of reading the “victim’s” correspondence, she will be online. For example you were reading your correspondence at 3 am, when the person was definitely sleeping. And one day he will notice it, which will certainly arouse suspicion.

Using special programs for Android

As a rule, it is quite difficult to bypass the social networking system through Android, so to help in such cases come all sorts of applications that can be downloaded in a few clicks through the official source of Play Market.

Reading correspondence using Whatscan

Whatscan program allows you to access WhatsApp correspondence. you just need to download the application to your Android device and scan the code that appears from the smartphone of the “victim”. After activation, you get access to all of the person’s conversations.

The program is also easy to download, but to use it you will need Root rights to access another person’s correspondence.

  • You install the VkurSe app on the “victim’s” phone and it collects information about everything that happens on the phone;
  • The information collected is sent to your personal account.
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To use this method, in addition to ROOT rights, you will need physical access to the phone for 10-15 minutes.

How to break into WhatsApp: top 5 ways

As soon as WhatsApp appeared, how to hack it became the main task of many spyware. And no matter how much the developers of the messenger tried to protect their brainchild, there were vulnerabilities through which it was hacked.

We will not dwell on programs that can hack someone else’s WhatsApp through encryption code. We are more interested in simple, understandable to ordinary users programs that intercept packets at the time of sending or receiving messages and transmit the intercepted correspondence to a third party. Т.е. do not commit direct “hacking” (breaking into an account) in the literal sense of the word, but intercept correspondence while it is being written.

We want to warn you, if you are interested in how to hack WhatsApp from your phone, you should be well aware that such actions are against the law. We all know that “you can’t read other people’s emails without permission, you can’t listen to other people’s conversations and you can’t look at other people’s photos”. So if you’re going to read someone else’s messages, by installing specialized software. tell the owner of the phone. “Your smartphone/tablet has controls installed that will allow me (mom/dad, supervisor, wife/husband) to monitor for my and your peace of mind.”.

Here are proven and really working ways to hack WhatsApp, allowing you to intercept and transmit text, photos and media files, as well as the location of the phone at the time of their writing.

How to hack WhatsApp messages with Reptilicus

Reptilicus app is a reliable, time-tested, universal app. Has a tremendous amount of functionality. Will allow hacking someone else’s WhatsApp messages in 2021, even if the phone has no Root rights. With it you will be able to:

  • read text messages;
  • Listen to voice messages;
  • see received photos;
  • See photos stored on your phone in the WhatsApp folder;
  • get a detailed description of calls (who, when and for how long);
  • obtain screenshots of the phone screen while texting on WhatsApp;
  • receive keystrokes when typing messages;
  • receive notifications from WhatsApp, coming to your phone;
  • and much more.

Installed on your Android phone or tablet. For Windows computers and laptops there is its own version of the Reptilicus app, which you can either read about on the website or ask online consultants.

Now on how to break into WhatsApp using our app. Setup takes 10 minutes. On the site you can download a detailed instruction. Where the pictures show how and what to do. So:

  • Registering on the site.
  • Take your target Android phone for 10 minutes.
  • Download the file and install it.
  • Configure the application according to your wishes.
  • Reboot your phone.

You won’t need your target phone anymore. Interception will go automatically and files will be transferred without your participation. You only need to install. How to hack someone else’s WhatsApp for free. after registration, the service will provide a free test period, during which the application will work for free.

About whether you can open someone else’s WhatsApp, you can find out in the cabinet, which will open after you sign up. Go into it and get all the data described above. You can enter the cabinet from any device using a web browser. For convenience, there is a mobile version, which you can install on your Android phone if you want. Files in the cabinet will be stored for exactly 1 month from the date of receipt. Then they are irretrievably deleted.

We give a 100% guarantee that all your personal information is safe and secure.

The Cabinet is very easy to use. All in Russian. It is possible to view it in English. The tab “Data” is naturally there data. Go into it, and there is a whole list of folders, which will be located and test messages, photos, keyboard intercepts, voice and so on. There is also a tab “Commands” through which you can not only hack WhatsApp through your phone, but also to block access to this messenger (for school classes, working day, etc.).д.).

How to hack someone else’s WhatsApp with WhatsCracker app

WhatsCracker app. will help you understand how to hack WhatsApp on iPhone without access to the phone. This software is especially popular with family people, as you will need to find out sensitive information about the iPhone to get it to work. You will be able to:

The functionality of this application is modest, but it works for free. If you are interested in how to hack someone else’s WhatsApp for free if the person has an iPhone, this app is a godsend.

Before you can hack WhatsApp by phone number, you need to:

  • Install the app on your phone.
  • Activate the app.
  • Specify the number of the target iPhone.
  • Write a message on your target iPhone in Whatsapp.
  • Wait for any message in response.

This way, the app will get the decryption key and start decrypting the intercepted messages and send them to you.

All correspondence you will receive on the mail which you indicate when installing the application. So is it possible to hack WhatsApp without a phone? You can, if this phone is an iPhone.

How to hack someone else’s WhatsApp with Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy app. mobile spy, which gives the answer to the question of how to hack WhatsApp without a phone. Thanks to this program you will be able to:

This is a multifunctional application and to get acquainted with all the features, you need to go to their website.

Installation is done depending on the operating system of the phone. On Android the installation is the same, on iPhone it is different. If you are interested in how to hack WhatsApp knowing the phone number and not having access to the phone, then you can order a remote hacking service.

In order to hack WhatsApp from a distance, you need to know the following information about the target phone:

  • the make and model of the phone;
  • User account username and preferably password;
  • google user account. for an Android user;
  • Apple ID for iPhone user;
  • The network ID code of your smartphone. IMEI;
  • The number of the SIM card you’re currently using.

A free period is given, during which you will be able to get acquainted with the work of the program.

All collected information will be transmitted to your personal account. You can access it from any device using your web browser as well as the mobile version which you can install on your phone if you want. Cabinet provided in multiple languages. Easy to use and intuitive.

How to hack WhatsApp messages with FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY app. feature-rich, simple and time-tested. Will answer the question of how to hack someone else’s WhatsApp on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. You will be able to:

Also, this application will allow you to learn how to hack a group in WhatsApp. The data comes from each group separately. But it’s pretty hard to figure out who’s asking and who’s being answered. Only by sense and intuition.

whatsapp, another, phone

Before you can open the correspondence in WhatsApp, you need to root the target Android and give Root rights to the application during the installation.

  • Registering on the website.
  • Take the target Android for 20 minutes.
  • Install the application and give Root rights.
  • Give phone.

Unfortunately, without ROOT rights, the functionality of the application is significantly reduced and makes it impossible to intercept from messengers.

After you were able to hack the WhatsApp application (rooted the phone, installed the application and granted ROOT rights), you need to go to your personal account “Control Center” and there you can view the obtained information. It is also possible to send commands to perform certain actions, without access to the phone. Cabinet provided in more than 10 languages. Easy to use and easy to find files received. There are consultants on the site, as well as installation instructions.

How to hack someone else’s WhatsApp using the MobileTool app

MobileTool app. has a huge functionality, but without Root rights it will not be able to open WhatsApp. If you can root the target Android, then you will be available:

How to hack correspondence in WhatsApp without access to the phone with this software. no way, it can not be done. Need to install the application on the target phone.

To be able to hack another person’s WhatsApp, you need to do the following steps:

  • Register on the website.
  • Fill out a form to add your phone.
  • Install the Android app on your target device.
  • Activate the application and configure it.
  • Wait 2-3 hours and you can log in.

During the test period, you can hack WhatsApp for free. Then you will need to pay for the work of the application.

All data comes in a personal account, which you can enter through any, connected to the Internet device. It is impossible to get lost in the cabinet. It’s all visible and clear. In addition to how to hack WhatsApp correspondence and receive data, commands can be sent from the office to control the phone remotely.

WhatsApp is a popular app that is designed to allow people to correspond via the internet instead of paid text messages. This free online communication option attracts millions of users from all over the world. However, it is not safe to exchange confidential information on this messenger. On the Internet you can read a huge amount of information on how to hack WhatsApp. And there are already working ways to do it.

As you can see from our overview of how to open someone else’s WhatsApp, it is indeed possible to access your correspondence. This is easily done by a specialized application installed on your phone. So do not leave your device unattended, and set the key.

The main purpose of our review on ways to hack WhatsApp 2021. how to hack correspondence and still not get caught by scammers. Remember the main thing. you must install special software on your Android phone. And if they tell you that we can hack your WhatsApp page without phone access, remotely, think about it. Find real reviews about these sites.

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To really be able to hack your WhatsApp page and read your correspondence every day, see the photos you received and listen to voice messages. install our time-tested and user-proven app Reptilicus. You will be able to monitor your correspondence even without Root rights, with the help of automatic screenshots and keyboard hijacking.

And don’t forget to warn the person that they have controls on their phone, or you could violate the law on the privacy of personal correspondence.

How to transfer WhatsApp from your phone to your phone

The first method is the most universal. It allows you to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone between iOS and Android. Despite the fact that the developers of the messenger are already preparing a similar feature, it is not yet available even in the beta version. So the only way to transfer WhatsApp correspondence to iPhone is Tenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer.

The first step is selecting the type of data to be transferred

And here you need to make sure that both smartphones are connected to your computer

Keep in mind that iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer transfers those chats that are present on the original smartphone at the time of the transfer. That is, the utility does not use the backups you created earlier. So if you’ve been careless about deleting any chats, but you’re sure they’re in a previously created backup, restore it, and only then start the transfer procedure.

How to view someone else’s WhatsApp from your phone

Doubt that your employees properly conduct business correspondence with partners and customers? Worried about your child being influenced by bad people? Often thinking about how to read WhatsApp from another phone?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging and file-sharing application for both personal and business correspondence. Often company representatives are rude to partners or clients, and don’t know the rules of business correspondence, which causes the company’s sales to drop. And teenagers often get involved with bad companies, which worries their parents. Because of this, people wonder how to view someone else’s WhatsApp number.

If you want to know how to read someone else’s WhatsApp, knowing that person’s phone number, the following ways are for you.


This method is one of the easiest, because you only need the browser version of Whatsapp. You can use either Opera or Yandex browser. But it is mandatory to have a good Internet, otherwise nothing will work.

Although this method is simple, it has its own disadvantages:

  • The function works only on Android;
  • the mobile app shows that the device is connected to the network via PC, which can easily be noticed;
  • when reading other people’s messages, the person is online;
  • You need another person’s WhatsApp, which sometimes complicates things.


Although the method is simple, but you need email, which not everyone has. It is worth noting that this algorithm can be done in different operating systems, which include both iOS and Android.

But even here it has its disadvantages. For example, not having email or having a stable Internet connection. But people often use this method because it does not take much time and allows you to read dialogues offline.

In addition, there are quite a few applications that help to access the correspondence. Some of them even duplicate Whatsapp messages on another phone. Such an application is Reptilicus.

Reptilicus not only answers the question “How to view someone else’s WhatsApp?”, but also helps to save correspondence, intercept messages, monitor the actions of another person. It’s enough to download the application and understand the settings.

Now you can find out how your employees communicate with customers and with whom your child corresponds.

How to tie WhatsApp to another phone

Buying a new means of communication entails, in addition to the pleasant emotions of the purchase, some difficulties associated with the need to synchronize all the accounts registered from the old device with the new one, as well as transferring the phone book to it. A large number of people now use messenger WhatsApp for business and personal communication, which raises the question of how to transfer it to a new smartphone, without losing important data from business correspondence or messages written by loved ones.

The good news for users is that transferring WhatsApp to a new device is quite possible. The main problem is that your WhatsApp account is tied to your phone number, so you can only restore your message archive if you insert the SIM card you used on your old device into your new phone.

When transferring WhatsApp to another phone, you need to follow three steps, which will be described in detail below:

This point does not cause any difficulties, because after the contacts are transferred from the old phone to the new one, WhatsApp will automatically detect who has a similar application installed and will include these people in the contact list. However, before you install WhatsApp on the new smartphone, you need to back up your message history. otherwise there will be nothing to transfer to the new device. Messages in WhatsApp are saved automatically once a day, the only difference is where the archives are stored: it can be the cloud service iCloud (for Apple products), as well as Google-drive, an external memory card or the internal memory of the device.

When using an external memory card, the archive files are saved in the /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder, when storing the specified data in the internal memory it is the WhatsApp/Databases folder. The archive files should be transferred to the new phone, placing them at the same address, depending on what method of data storage is used by the device.

After all the contacts have been transferred, you can install the WhatsApp messenger. To do this, you need to download WhatsApp. the official website of the application, as well as Google Play and App Store. The installation process itself usually does not cause any difficulties for both experienced users and beginners. Particular attention should be paid only to the source from which the application was downloaded. if you download it from an unverified site, there is a great risk of introducing virus programs on your smartphone.

After completing the installation process and launching the program for the first time, you will need to enter your phone number, and then WhatsApp will ask if you want to restore the data. After confirmation, all messages will be transferred to the new device, but with one caveat. the transfer is possible only between the same platforms, i.e.е. it is not possible to transfer files, for example, from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. There is no way to solve this problem. the difference between the file systems of these platforms, as well as the difference in file formats. In addition, it will not be possible to transfer files if the internal memory of the device or the memory card has insufficient space. In order to restore the archive files from the cloud storage you must have an active connection to the Internet.

All these tips will make the purchase of a new smartphone a pleasant experience, without the problems arising from the loss of valuable data.

Setting up messages to your relatives and friends about changing your number in Votsap

Just entering a new phone number doesn’t end with changing your WhatsApp number. After all, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to inform those with whom you want to stay in touch about changing the phone number. The Votsap app offers options for this.

As soon as the telephone numbers (the old and the new) are entered and the word “Next” is pressed, a window will open to configure the list of those who need to send a message about the change of number

Votsap automatically sends messages to everyone who is registered in groups (in chats) with you. But to send messages to individual subscribers whose phone numbers are stored in the phone book of your smartphone (iPhone), you need additional settings. So tapping the “Notify contacts” switch (1 on Fig. 5) to turn it green instead of gray. And tap on the inscription “Customize” (2 in Fig. 5).

The phone book of your smartphone (iPhone) will open and you will see some subscribers already have a checkmark in it, and others will not have a checkmark in it. It is useful not to be lazy and look through all telephone book from the beginning to the end:

  • Uncheck the boxes for those subscribers who do not need to send information about a phone number change in Votsap,
  • and check the boxes of the recipients you want to send the message to.

When you have finished checking and unchecking the boxes, click on “Done”. Votsap will ask you one more time if the new phone number is correct. You should check again if the number is correct, to avoid problems later. If you enter a new number incorrectly, you can lose all the data in your account, along with all the previously posted there messages, pictures, videos, etc., which you do not want just like that all of a sudden and suddenly lose.

Answer “Yes” affirmatively, checking the new phone number. After that we need to confirm this new phone number.

Notify people

Since your old WhatsApp number will no longer be active, it is important to inform people.

There are two ways to notify individual contacts. First, WhatsApp provides a native option for this. When you use WhatsApp’s change number feature, you will be asked if you want to notify your contacts. You have three options. All contacts, Contacts I have chats with, or Custom. You can choose one or skip it. The message will be sent from the new number.

Second, you can use the mailing list feature to let others know that you are changing your number. Please note that you must do this using your old WhatsApp number, as broadcast messages require you to save the contact on the recipient’s phone. Since they will not have your new number, the message will not be delivered. So do it from your old number first.

As for your groups, WhatsApp automatically notifies them when you change your number.