How to throw a photo from Huawei to a computer

How to connect Honor 10 to a computer via USB?

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How to connect a Huawei and Honor phone to a computer via USB cable

  • Go to “Parameters”-“System”-“On the phone”.
  • Click several times on the “assembly number”.
  • After the inscription “You developer”, return back to the “System” tab.
  • Go to the “For Developers” section and activate the “USB debugging” function.

Huawei p20 how to transfer files to pc and MIDI input

System requirements (for installation on PC):

Operating system: Windows XP/VISTA/7 32/64BIT FREE OF THE HAS DISK: About 500MB RAM: 1GB supported screen resolution: 1024x768pix, 16BIT

1) download the archive with the program and install it on a computer. 2) In the settings of the smartphone, enable the layout mode by USB (USB Debuging Mode) 3) start the Hisuite utility on the computer, while the Hisuite Daemon client will be automatically installed on the smartphone. Otherwise, you need to download and manually install on the smartphone Hisuite Daemon.

Supported models: all models of smartphones and tablets Huawei.

P.S. The program supports the Russian language, which can be selected in the process after completion of the installation.

Common problems of connecting Huawei Honor to PC

When connecting the Huawei smartphone to PC, some problems may occur. For example, if the user tries to install the connection in standard way when connecting via a standard conductor, it happens that the system simply does not see Huawei. In this case, the installation of a specialized Hisuite utility is almost always helped. It helps to establish the optimal connection between the gadget and the personal computer, so it turns out to perform not only standard operations, but also get wider opportunities.

You can always try to reinstall the drivers, because it is the possibility of displaying the gadget on the screen that depends on them. If this did not help, it is most rational to try connecting a smartphone to another personal computer.

In some situations, problems arise due to incorrect operation of the wire. If the cable is damaged, it is worth replacing it with a new one, because it will not be possible to achieve significant success when working with it.

How to copy a file from a computer to a smartphone Huawei?

File transfer between Huawei smartphones on the receiving device Turn on the Huawei Share function. On the sending device, click and hold the file to select it, then click on the icon Send Huawei Share. Press the receiving device to send a file.

How to save photos in a cloud to automatically save a backup, we will need to go to the gallery and press the menu with three points in the upper right corner. Then we click on the option of synchronization of the gallery and note the synchronization of the tab of the cloud gallery.

Backup Huawei Phone Photo / Video / Music / Contacts / SMS to a computer

Do not worry. To transmit files from Huawei P30 to PC or Mac, you can try this Android Manager tool that can help you transfer contacts, music, video, SMS, photos and much more with your Huawei P30 / P10 / P9 / Mate 20 / Mate 10 / Mate 9 and T. D. On the computer is easy.

  • Music transfer from PC / Mac / iOS / Android / iTunes on Huawei P30 / P30 Pro.
  • Import photos from a computer / Android / iPhone in Huawei P30 / P30 Pro.
  • Add a video to Huawei P30 / P30 Pro from a computer and an old phone.
  • IOS / Android data transfer to Huawei P30 / P30 Pro.
  • IOS / Android data transfer to Huawei P30 / P30 Pro.
  • Backup of data from Huawei P30 / P30 Pro to the computer and their restoration is easy.
  • Contact transmission and SMS between Android Huawei and PC.

Download the desired version of Huawei Files Transfer to a computer with Windows or Mac. In the part below, let’s work with the Windows version to transfer photos from Huawei P30 to PC as an example.

Part a. How to make a backup copy of Huawei photos on a computer

Launch Android iOS Manager on a computer. Launch Android iOS Manager on a computer and connect your Huawei to it. Click “Reserve Photos on PC of the Program Inteiis.

Backup photos from Huawei to a computer. This raises the window of the browser of your file. Select the path to save photos from your device to a computer.

Click “Okver process the process.

Connecting Huawei and Honor to a computer via USB how to do it?

Smartphones have become an integral part of human life. Previously, the phone was purely for calls for calls, today you can take pictures on it, shoot videos, listen to music from it and just use it as a storage of files. From time to time, there is a need to reset data on a computer. If we are talking about small volumes, you can transfer files through private messages in the messenger or send it to e.Mail. But what to do if you want to download on a smartphone, for example, the whole season of the series. Connect Huawei to a computer via USB. This is the fastest way to transfer data from one device to another. How to do this and what is required. About this in the article.

Advantages and disadvantages of connection via USB

The method of connecting the phone to PC depends on what purpose the user sets himself. If the task is to copy or transmit a large amount of data, it is recommended to use a USB cable. Advantages of the method:

  • High data transfer speed;
  • The owner of the gadget can continue to use it, despite the active connection;
  • Thanks to this type of connection, the user gets access to internal smartphone folders.

If we consider the shortcomings of the phone connection to a computer or laptop via USB, then he is one. The user is “tied” to PC, so he should reconcile in advance with restriction of freedom.

What you need to connect

To connect Huawei with a USB computer, you need drivers and the corresponding cable. The cord is complete with a smartphone. It is necessary to charge the battery. The new gadgets use the Type-C port, in old mainly microUSB.


So called software, “connecting” 2 devices. If the computer does not see the phone, then you need to install the drivers. On Windows 10, they are placed automatically, that is, the user can transfer the photo immediately after connection.

If there are no drivers, they are downloaded from the thematic forum 4PDA, going into the branch of the desired model. How to install or update “firewood” for a USB port:

  • Click with the right mouse button on the shortcut “My computer”. The name may vary depending on the version of the OS.
  • In the context menu, select “Management”.
  • Click on the “Device Manager”.
  • In the new window, select “USB controllers”.
  • If the cord is connected, and the drivers themselves are not installed, the port will be displayed, and next to it is a yellow icon with an exclamation mark. Click on it twice.
  • In the new window, select the section “Driver”.
  • Click “Update the driver”.
  • Click “Automatic search for drivers updates”.

Autopoisk does not always work, even if the necessary files are already saved on the computer. In this case, select the “Search for PC” and indicate the path to the drivers.


Connection of the Honor phone to a computer through a complete USB-shnourum is the most stable way to synchronize devices. In contrast to the online connection, the probability of a breakthrough of communication is minimized. The connection will break only if the user himself disconnects the phone or ruins the cable during data transfer.

Methods of connection

There are 2 synchronization options: through the Windows conductor and using the proprietary utility of Hisuite. However, there are many third.Party programs with similar functionality for the Honor and Huawei devices. But using them should be remembered that no one will be responsible for their work. These can be the machinations of attackers whose task is to gain access to personal data from the user.

Using Windows conductor

To be able to transfer files, you need to turn on one option on the phone:

throw, photo, huawei, computer
  • Open “Settings”. “System”. “On the phone”.
  • Slide several times on the line “assembly number” until the inscription “You are a developer” appears.
  • Return to the “System” section, from there go to the new menu “for developers”.
  • Turn on the option “Debugging by USB”.
throw, photo, huawei, computer

To exchange data, just take the phone and connect it to the USB cable computer. Nothing will happen at once. At this time Windows will look for and install the necessary software for USB connection. Upon completion of the installation on the smartphone screen, a window with a “USB-connection” message will appear, and 3 points under it: under it:

If the task is to copy files from the phone to the computer, click “File transfer”.

Immediately after this, the conductor will take place. A window with the name of the device model will appear on the screen, for example, Honor 9 Lite. Select “Open the device for viewing files”. In the next window, click on the “internal memory”. Will throw it to all folders available for work. And already here you can do with files what you need: delete, copy, rename.

After completing the work, the smartphone is disconnected from PC. To do this, PKM click on the USB icon and click on the “Extract Honor 9 Lite” in the menu. Following this is removed the cord.

Through the Hisuite program

This is a branded utility that allows various operations: contacts synchronization, reading and editing messages, access to data on the device (internal storage and microSD card).

In memory of Huawei smartphones, files necessary for installation are already stored. Just connect the device to PC. Next, go to My Computer and one of the sections will be called the “CD string Hisuite”. Go to the disk. The utility will request a loading permit. Confirm. After installation, the main window window will open, but there will be the inscription “The device is not connected”. Solution. Give her access to USB. For this:

How to connect huawei p30 lite with computer and transfer files and photos

  • Open the “settings” on the smartphone, go to “safety and confidentiality”. “more”.
  • Find and activate the “Allow Hisuite access to HDB”.

There are no installation files on some devices. The program is loaded and installed manually:

How to transfer from Honor to PC

There are several ways to stand out how to throw a photo from Honor to a computer-through a USB cable, using a special software or wireless. In all cases, the result will be one, but the approaches are slightly different.

Through the cord

The standard method that allows you to transfer files from Honor to a computer is to use a USB snorge. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Connect the cable to the mobile device on one side, and on the other to a USB port. Make sure the conjugation is installed. If Honor does not see and does not connect to the computer, pay attention to the charging indicator of the smartphone.
  • After the sound signal about the conjure, unlock the mobile device.
  • On the screen, select the PHOTO PERSON. If nothing appears on the display, pull the “curtain” from top to bottom and make a choice. In this case, extra files will not interfere with you.
  • To transfer data from Honor to PC, enter my computer section and find a smartphone that appears there.
  • Press the internal memory to throw a photo on a computer. If the pictures are saved on the SD card, select it.
  • Find the DCIM folder with which you can find and throw off the necessary data.
  • Go to the Camera folder.
  • Select the necessary photos by one or immediately group using the selection.
  • Click on the right mouse button in the menu and select copy.
  • Select the folder on the computer where you want to throw off the photo from Honor.
  • Press with the right button and select insert.
  • Wait for the movement of documents.

In this way you can download data from Honor to a computer in 1-2 minutes. During the transfer process, do not get the wire, because in this case the data transfer will be interrupted.

By Wi-Fi

One of the most convenient ways to throw off the necessary information is to do it by Wi-Fi using Huawei Share. The algorithm of actions on Honor has the following view:

  • Enter the control panel on PC.
  • Go to programs and components, turning on and disconnecting.
  • Turn on the mark near the parameter Support for general access.
  • Download Huawei a smartphone if the software has not yet been installed. In most cases, it is available as a standard one and can be used immediately after the connection. By default, the program is located in the connection connection section. After entering Huawei Share, move two toggle switches to the right side.

Now consider how to transfer data from Honor to a computer in this way. To throw a photo on Wi-Fi, do the following:

In this way, you can drop other file types from Honor and other.

Through the program

To implement the task, it is necessary to install third.Party. Before you transfer the photo to a computer from Honor, install the Hisuite utility. This is a program from Huawei, designed to synchronize information between a smartphone and a PC / laptop with an installed Windows operating system. Already at the first connection, the system proposes to install by. After the installation, you can drop not only photos, but also contacts, calendar, files, etc. D. It is also easy to make a backup of data if necessary.

throw, photo, huawei, computer
  • Download Hisuite from the official website of Hisuite.Ru or 4PDA. Try to bypass the suspicious sites so as not to get to the viruses.
  • Connect the smartphone to the computer via USB to throw off the photo from Honor.
  • Wait for the opening of the program.
  • Click on the section of interest.
  • In the window that appears, select the necessary pictures.
  • Click on the export button and indicate the directory to save.

In this way you can easily throw off the different information on PC from Honor.

Additional steps

There are also additional ways how to transfer photos from Honor to a computer. The following options are used for this:

  • Through Bluetooth. To throw off the image, select it in the gallery, and then click on the Send button. In the smartphone window that appears, select the file transfer option using Bluetooth. Next, select a device from the list where you need to postpone the information, and confirm the reception to Honor. If the data is transmitted for the first time, it is necessary to carry out the conjugation between the devices.
  • With the help of a card reader. As an option, try to throw off the photo on the Honor memory card, and then take it out and connect it to the computer via a card reader. After that, it remains to move the copied files.
throw, photo, huawei, computer

Data transfer with one click

The last way can be the simplest and best way to transmit elements. Since Syncios Data Transfer needs to make only one click to back up all the data from the phone.

Over, the application allows you to restore the documents of backups of iTunes / iCloud on Huawei, including contacts, text messages, music, video, bookmarks, etc. D.

To use the method, the following actions should be performed:

  • Download and install Syncios Data Transfer on PC. Connect a phone to it using a USB cable.
  • Press “backup copying and restoration” from the home page.
  • Install the flag on the desired category of data, then click “Start copying”. All elements will be quickly transferred to the computer.

There are many solutions to the problem of connecting devices and transporting information between them. Which method is better suited, and which one to choose to solve the user.