How to throw music on your phone from a computer

Music loading on a memory card: Detailed instructions

Most mobile devices support music playing. However, the internal memory of these devices is not always enough to store your favorite tracks. The way out of the situation is the use of memory cards, on which you can record entire musical collections. How to do it,

File transfer to the phone and from the phone via USB

This is perhaps the easiest way: it is enough to connect the computer and the port of the USB computer with the cable (the cable is included in almost any Android phone, sometimes it is part of the charger) and it decide in the system as one or two removable disks or as a media device. Depending on the version of Android and a specific phone model. In some cases, on the phone screen you will need to click the “Turn on the USB Drum” button.

Phone memory and SD card in Windows conductor

Using an example above, the connected phone is defined as two removable disks. One corresponds to the memory card, the other. The built.In memory of the phone. In this case, copying, deleting, transferring files from a computer to the phone and in the opposite direction is carried out completely as in the case of a conventional flash drive. You can create folders, organize files as it is convenient for you and perform any other actions (it is advisable not to touch the application folders created automatically, unless you know exactly what you do).

Android device is defined as a portable player

In some cases, the phone in the system can decide how the media device or “portable player” can look like in the picture at the top. By opening this device, you can also access the internal memory of the device and the SD card if it is available. In the case when the phone is defined as a portable player, when copying some types of files, a message may appear that the file cannot be reproduced or open on the device. Do not pay attention to it. However, in Windows XP this can lead to the fact that you simply cannot copy the files you need to the phone. Here I can advise either to change the operating system to a more modern one, or use one of the ways that will be described later.

How to transfer a file from a computer to a phone via Bluetooth

If you do not have a USB cable at hand or for some reason you cannot use it, then you can always transfer files by Bluetooth. Bluetooth adapter in any, even very old phone, but with computers the situation is more complicated.

Usually they are installed only in laptops, in stationary computers they are usually not placed, since this is not very important. It is very difficult to transfer them large and bulky computers from place to place (or rather transport), and since Bluetooth works only at close distances, it rarely has to be used.

throw, music, your, phone, computer

But it is worth noting that recently, due to the appearance of Bluetooth headset, adapters have become more often installed in PC. If your PC still does not have a built.In adapter, then you can always buy an external adapter. This is not very expensive, but in the future it can be very useful to you and not only for data transfer.

So, if this option is suitable for you to transfer the file from the computer to the phone, then we can get down to business.

  • First, turn on Bluetooth on both devices and check if you see your phone for other devices (the corresponding option will be near).
  • Then find the desired file and call the context menu by pressing it with the right mouse button; If you transfer the file from the phone, then click on it and hold your finger for a long time.
  • In the menu that appears, select the “Send” item, and then select the option “via Bluetooth”.
  • In the list of devices that are next to you, select your phone (or PC).
  • Accept the sending on the second device.
throw, music, your, phone, computer

After that, you just need to wait for the load to complete and the file will be on both your devices.

File transfer to the phone via Bluetooth

If the PC is equipped with a Bluetooth module, then you can record music from a computer on your phone with it with it. To do this, turn on the modules on both devices and connect them. About how to do this, it is written in the instructions for the apparatus. Then it remains:

  • Find a file that needs to be sent on a laptop.
  • Click the right button on the object and select “Send” item.
  • Click on the Bluetooth button.

After performing this procedure, pay attention to the smartphone screen. There will be an offer to accept the file from the laptop. If the PC and the smartphone were previously connected via Bluetooth, the file receiving will occur automatically.


For Apple smartphones, there is a special synchronization utility called iTunes. You can download it from the link presented. To pump music, you need to connect the iPhone using a cable to PC. Then in iTunes select the action “Add the folder to the media” and go to the “Music” tab. Choose songs from the iTunes library you want to send to the phone and click the “Apply” button.

File transfer via USB

To transfer music from a computer to the phone, you should just connect both devices using a USB cable that is included in the supply of a mobile device. Then the process resembles working with a standard folder in Windows:

How to put transfer music from your computer to your Android phone

  • You should open the “Computer” folder.
  • Find there the memory of a mobile device, defined as a removable disk.
  • Open the memory of the phone and find the folder with the content of the desired type (music, images).
  • Open the folder from the PC memory, where the files that need to be copy.
  • Using the context menu of the right mouse button or a combination of the keys “Ctrl C” and “Ctrl V”, copy objects in memory of the smartphone.

If you installed a removable medium on the phone, then in the folder the Windows computer will display both the memory of the smartphone and the memory card inserted into it:

Important: In the event that a multimedia device is displayed in the folder instead of a removable disk, this allows Windows to monitor the compatibility of the files copied to the phone and report incompatibility. To write a movie from a computer or music on a smartphone, take care of compatibility and convert data into a supported format.

Also, trying to download music to the phone from a computer, do not delete system folders in the phone’s memory or catalogs created by applications. This may affect the stable operation of a mobile device, or make it unusable. If you are not sure what you are doing, it is better to move the photo from the phone to the computer using a memory card.

Download music from PC to Android via Google Play Music

Google Music Play is a stream of music released by Google in 2011. Users could load music from their computer on Google Play Music and listen to it on Android phones. Although there is no need to download and install Google Play music on your computer, you need to install the Google Play Music plugin for Chrome to complete the download process.

  • One. Before transmitting music from a computer on Android you need a Google Play music account. If you already have it, enter Google Play music into your search engine and open the first on the results page or enter Music.Google.COM directly to the address line. This will lead you to the Google Play music integration.
  • 2. Press navigation on the left side of the screen on the menu, which is a three.Line icon. Then the main panel of Google Play music will appear.
  • 3. Go to the bottom of the page, you will find an option to download music. Click on it to go to the next page.
  • 4. Then you can download songs from your computer on Google Play Music by dragging music files or clicking “choose” from your computer.
  • 5. After all the songs that you want to transfer to the PC to the Android telephone are loaded, open the Play Store on the Android-telephone and install the Google Play application on your phone.
  • 6. Launch the application after installation and enter the same account, after which you can enjoy all the busy songs on your Android phone right now.

As you can see, we load songs to the Google Play music account and listen to music in this account. This means that users can listen to the transferred music from PC on Android on any devices supported by Google Play music, including several Android phones. And throughout the process, users do not need a USB cable to transfer music from a computer to Android.

throw, music, your, phone, computer

Transfer of melody from PC to a smartphone with Android. Instruction

Hello to you, dear readers! How often these days you can see children, adolescents, adults, with rapture listening to music from their phones! As soon as you connect the headphones, the surrounding noise, the sounds of transport, other people’s conversations disappears, and you yourself are lost in the stream of your favorite melodies. According to statistics, about 90% of modern smartphones work on the Android operating system. Given the popularity of the OS, let’s talk about how to drop audio recordings from a computer to the phone with this system.

Android operating system. Quite open. On the gadgets working on it, you can drop photos, documents, songs stored on a computer or laptop. There are many applications for this, most of which can be used for free.

To download tracks in the first way, we, except for the phone and PC, will need a USB cable.

  • Connect the smartphone to PC via a USB cable. A new device will appear in my computer;
  • Go in the phone menu, find the Music folder and open it;
  • Highlight the audio files on the PC that you want to write to the gadget;
  • Click “Copy” or Ctrlc, insert files into the “Music” folder on the phone. The time required to transfer the tracks depends on their quantity and power of the devices;
  • After the copy process is completed, turn off the USB cable, check if everything has been rewritten, and whether the files are opened on the new device.

The advantage of the described method is that it is free.

Similar by the principle of operation and the next method. You can transfer audio from PC to a smartphone if both devices are connected to one network. A computer or laptop is connected via cable, phone-by Wi-Fi. The second requirement. The FILEDROP application should be installed on the PC and the mobile phone.

  • Launch applications on PC and phone;
  • Click “scan”;
  • Select a mobile phone in the list of available devices;
  • Enter the code that is registered in the parameters of the application installed on the gadget;
  • As soon as the connection between the devices is installed, you can throw on a mobile phone at least all the songs that are on PC. The main thing is that there is enough space on it.

It is possible to transfer music files to a mobile phone without any additional expenses if you use the Airmore application.

  • On a smartphone from Playmarket, install Airmore;
  • Open the browser on the computer, enter Airmore in the address line.Com;
  • A QR code will appear on the page, which you can scan with a phone. It is enough to open the Airmore application and click “Scan for connection”;
  • On the smartphone go to the “Music” section. To throw audio files with PC, you need to click “Import”.

The next way to reset the recording on the mobile phone requires the installation of the Google Play Music application:

  • First of all, you need to download and install the “Google Play Music” application on the phone;
  • Go to Play on PC.Google.Com and pay attention to the menu on the left side of the main page;
  • Click on the background, download music files into it;
  • Highlight all the tracks that you want to copy on a mobile phone, and create a playlist by clicking “Add a new playlist”;
  • Open the Google Play Music application on a smartphone;
  • Go to the background, find the created playlist in it;
  • By pressing “download”, you can pump tracks to the phone.

The considered method allows you to become the owner of an excellent background on a smartphone, however, it cannot be called completely free. Firstly, many songs cost money. Secondly, the application itself is conditionally free. The test period is 90 days, after which it will be necessary to issue a subscription.

An uncomfortable but effective way is to ask friends to send you melodies by mail, skype, other instant messengers. You can do this if there is an Internet. The biggest drawback is that you can send a limited number of songs at the same time, and only one in messengers and only one.

We transfer files from PC to the phone

You can send files from the computer, regardless of the installed version of Windows. In this case, in some cases, you may need an Internet connection or special programs.

Sending through the network

The simplest method of sending files from a computer to the phone is to use cloud storages. For these purposes, any web service that is convenient for you is perfect, whether it be a cloud@, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Yandex disc.

As for the transmission process-you will need to simply download the document from the PC version, and then download it on a mobile device.

As an alternative to cloud storage, you can resort to the use of an electronic mailbox. However, for these purposes, you will need two accounts at once, from which you will need to log in to the PC and phone.

Memory card

Many modern Android phones are equipped with an additional repository. A slot for connecting a memory card. The drive itself is universal and allows you to connect not only to the smartphone, but also to the computer.

Note: Sometimes a phone can format a memory card so that PC cannot read data from it.

    First you need to connect the memory card to the PC, guided by our instructions.

This approach is the simplest in comparison with other options.

Direct connection

Thanks to this method, you can transfer documents with PC to the smartphone’s memory directly, ignoring the need to use the external storage. In this case, it may require additional software.

By installing the connection between the computer and the mobile device, perform actions from the previous method. After that, the documents can be viewed and used using any convenient file manager.

Phone synchronization with PC

If you use a mobile device on the Android platform, and you need to transfer not only public documents, but also some hidden files, you can perform synchronization. This approach is the most difficult, however, the possibility of transferring files in both directions without significant restrictions will become available as a result.

As in the case of Android, thanks to special software you can synchronize the iPhone with your computer. We talked about this in more detail in one of the instructions.

File transfer to iPhone

If you are the owner of the iPhone, you are available more data transmission methods. Over, many of them directly depend on the file format.

For constant synchronization, you can also resort to the iTunes service.

How to Transfer Music/ Songs from iPhone to Computer | Mac & Windows Tutorial