How to throw off contacts from Samsung on Samsung

Contact transfer between Samsung phones

After buying a new Samsung, instead of an old smartphone, you will need to restore all the data from the phone book. This can be done manually, entering each contact separately. However, if you are a sociable person and many numbers are stored on your device, a lot of time may require this procedure. That is why special tools are provided in Android OS, allowing you to transmit contacts from the phone to the phone in a matter of minutes.

In addition to manual copying of each number, the transfer of contacts between Android devices can be in the following ways:

  • Using the “Import/Export” procedure in Android;
  • Through the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile;
  • Through the Google virtual disc.

Instructions: how to transfer the rooms quickly and easy

Attention. In the Samsung Galalxy S 7 and older (Android 8.0 and newer) It is important to go to this block with the central menu. Not from the section “Calls”. “Telephone Book”, which is located on the main display! In the new smartphones, these blocks are separated and allow you to perform different functions.

Ready, you managed to transfer contacts to (C) SIM cards to the Samsung Galaxy or Note phone. Please note if your Samsung supports two SIM cards, choose, respectively, “Import with SIM 1” or “with SIM 2”.

As you can see, to copy the phone numbers from Simka on Samsung, you will not need any special knowledge or special skills. Everything is very simple and clear.

Concluding the article, we emphasize. Keeping contacts on SIM is inconvenient. There is little space and data is recorded in a compressed form. A long surname is not even always possible to enter completely. Also, you will not be able to supplement the record with a note, install a separate ringtone, combine numbers into groups. We recommend transferring (copy) to the SIM card only important contacts, and keep the main mass on the phone.

By the way, be sure to make a backup or a backup. Save it on Google account. So you will get access to the phone book from any samsung, not necessarily your. Let’s say more, you will take out the numbers even from the device based on iOS or from a computer. The most important thing is that Google’s account is added there

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Smart Switch. Will help transport files from one samsung to another

The Smart Switch app is a free application for transmitting photos, audio and other files from the old Samsung to the new Samsung. In addition to support for Samsung devices, the functionality of the program allows you to transfer files from other phones based on OS, Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The application supports the transfer of contacts, logs of calls, messages, applications, images, video, audio, documents, phone settings, home screen.

To transfer information using this software, follow the following:

  • Download and install the Smart Switch application on both devices;
  • Launch the application on the old phone, and select the Wireless data transfer method (using Wi-Fi); Select “Wireless” mode
  • Then click on “SEND” (send); Click at the top to “SEND” send
  • Launch Smart Switch on a new device, and then slip on “receive” (get); Click on “Receiver”
  • On the old gadget, select “Android”, and then “Connect”; Tap below on “Connect”
  • Select the data you want to send, then click on Send; Select the data, and then click on the “SEND”
  • On a new apparatus, click on “Receive”; Click on “Receive” on a new phone

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“Shareit” is a free application designed to transfer files between Android phones. To transfer data from the Samsung device to the Samsung device, you need to make sure that the Sender and receiving phones are connected to the same Wi-Fi point.

Use the functionality of the “Shareit” application

To convey something from Samsung to Samsung, follow the following actions:

  • Install Shareit on both gadgets;
  • On the old phone, click on Send (send);
  • Select the elements you want to transfer. Then click on “send” again;
  • On the new Samsung phone, click on “Receive” (get);
  • Complete the file transfer process.

Mi Mover

The “native” application Mi Mover is the best way to copy data, including transfer files, photos, notes from Samsung to Xiaomi. Contacts, SMS, applications and other important points will be copied with them.

Samsung data transfer to Xiaomi is carried out as follows:

  • Both devices must be connected to the Internet and charged.
  • Launch the application on both devices.
  • On Samsung, click “I am the sender”, on Xiaomi. “I am a recipient”.

Contact contacts using Yandex. Disk

Another option for copying contacts from the telephone book of the device using a computer and the Internet. You need to download and install Yandex program on devices.Disk. After installing the program, you need to do the following:

Launch the program and enter the data (login/password). It is important that the login and password be the same for both devices so that one account is used on them.

Open the menu and choose “Settings” item. The application menu can be open using the button in the appendix (located in the upper right corner) or using the “menu” button on your device (depends on the gadget model used).

Press the “Transfer from the phone” button “.

contacts, samsung

The program will ask for the introduction of the PIN code, you will need to enter the password that you received in the first device, and then click on “Start transfer”.

contacts, samsung

As a result, you will see the message “Loading completed” and your contacts will be copied.

You can also download the files you need to the disk and download them from here from another device.

contacts, samsung

The algorithm of actions for android below 5 versions

If the device is running the old version of the operating system, then the process of transferring the address book to Simka will differ slightly from the method described above:

  • First of all, you need to open an appropriate application.
  • Select “options” or press three vertical points.
  • Find the item “Import/Export”.
  • Select the place of preservation of the address book (export to the SIM card).
  • Take the rooms for transfer.
  • Press the “Ready” key and confirm the operation.

What is Bluetooth and how it works

Bluetooth. This is a technology named in the Honor King of Denmark Garold Bluetooth, which was created to facilitate wireless data transfer between devices. It can be found on the majority, if not on all, phones and tablets Android and iOS, including most modern computers. This is achieved by binding one device to another; That is, it creates bridges through which data can be transmitted.

Nowadays, Bluetooth is also used to connect peripheral devices, such as headsets, smart watches, controllers, etc. D., To phones and tablets to increase functionality.

Manual transfer

To copy contacts from Samsung to Samung, you need to perform the following actions:

Contacts will be copied for some time. At the end of this process, all numbers will be transferred to the new Samsung. After that, it remains only to install the SIM card in the new Samsung.

Manual transfer of contacts is convenient in most cases, but there is one drawback. The SIM card does not allow you to transfer a large number of numbers, since the memory on it is very small. If there are a lot of contacts, then transferring them by copying to the SIM card will not work

Solving the problem of a small memory of a sim card is simple. You need to create a file with a backed phone book, then to transfer all the necessary information to the new Samsung.

So solve the question of how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung is very simple. Next. We will tell you how to create a phala with a backup of contacts on Samsung more.


As an option, you can send contacts from Samsung to Samsung via Bluetooth. To do this, you must enter the contacts, and then in the menu (three points). There, in the Import/Export section, select the transfer of data on Bluetooth. As for the rest of the information, such as photo, video and other, it is better in different ways. The reason is that the transfer speed is small, so large files will move for a very long time. This is why it is better to use other methods for this work.

Today there are many ways to transfer SMS from Samsung to Samsung or exchange other data between devices. The presence of such an opportunity is a big plus for buyers of new smartphones. Using the tools considered above, you can quickly postpone photos, videos, contacts, messages and other data. At the same time, the size of the files does not matter much, because in most cases the transfer occurs by synchronization of data (when using Google or Samsung accounts). If you use special programs, it takes more time to solve the problem.