How to tie a card to a new phone number

Learning to tie a phone number to a bank card

In the modern world, many events take place on the Internet: people actively make purchases in online stores, use Internet banking. For the safety of SMS operations with confirmation codes, they come to the number of cellular. Consider how to tie a card to the phone.

Binding the card to the phone is necessary for everyone who connects the Mobile Bank service. The service is provided by all large banks and is very in demand by customers. Advantages of the “mobile bank”:

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  • The ability to receive SMS messages about all operations on an account.
  • The ability to confirm operations with codes that come to the client’s phone. The code then must be entered in a payment Internet of or when Internet banking.
  • The ability to pay for the “attached” number without a commission.
  • Some banks (for example, in Sberbank) have the opportunity to pay with the help of a mobile, transfer money to friends and relatives, make other manipulations in an account without access to the computer and without visiting the department.

When connecting a “mobile bank”, you must familiarize yourself with the tariffs! In some banks, the service costs the client very expensive.

Methods of connecting a mobile bank with a number linking

Also, binding is needed for the work of the Mobile Bank service. It allows you to carry out many operations without access to Internet banking-using SMS command. We will consider the capabilities of the service later, so far we will consider how to connect a mobile bank and tie a number to it. SMS-banking is connected in three ways:

  • Using an ATM. Insert a bank card into it, when connecting the service, indicate the number from which management will be carried out. The procedure will take two minutes by force. In the process of connection, you need to choose the right tariff. This will be described below.
  • In any of the offices of Sberbank. Take the number in the electronic queue machine, wait for the call to the free window, tell the consultant about your intentions. The specialist will check the documents, ask you to name the number and will connect the service.
  • A call for a short free number 900-in contrast to the two previous methods that allow you to specify an alternative phone for the work of a mobile bank, this method provides for connecting an SMS banking to the number indicated in the contract. Remember that when connecting the service, you will need to name personal data, passport data and dictate the code word.

Forgot the code word-connect SMS banking through ATMs (terminals) or directly in the Sberbank branch (here you can also write a statement to replace the code word, if it was forgotten). Office addresses are indicated on the bank’s website.

When contacting Sberbank’s offices, do not forget to take a passport with you. Without it, it is impossible to maintain and connect services through consultants.

How to disable the phone number from the Sberbank card completely

Most often, a person needs to untie the card from the phone not for a certain period of time, but forever. In this case, the client can resort to several shutdown options at once, including:

  • Sending SMS.
  • USSD command.
  • Bank site.
  • Terminal.
  • Call to technical support.
  • Personal visit to the office.
  • Transition to another tariff plan.

You can choose 1 of the proposed methods to once and for all untie the number from the card. But we are with all the options. So you will be able to understand which option will be the most convenient and correct.

Temporary shutdown of the number and shutdown forever. The same process. Thus, the client at any time can return the binding to the old phone.

SMS command

Perhaps the easiest way that will not take much time. Everything that the client needs is to send a message with the text “BlockService” to 900. If necessary, you can print the text by Cyrillic, as in the case of a temporary shutdown. After performing the operation, the number will be untied, and it will be possible to issue another phone for a bank card.

USSD command

When there is no desire to dial the text of the message, it is recommended to use the USSD request to unhealth. To turn off the current phone number, you need:

After these actions are performed, the service of the mobile bank will turn off. In case of loss of the phone, the attacker will not be able to write off funds from your account.

Sberbank Online

The largest Russian bank Sberbank, of course, has its own website and mobile application. These services allow customers with convenience to manage services without leaving home.

Consider the numbers for the example of visiting the site:

  • Open the Online page.Sberbank.Ru.
  • Enter the tied phone number and password from the personal account.
  • If the LC has not been created before, you will need to register (take 1-2 minutes).
  • Go to the settings of the personal account.
  • Select the “Disconnation Sim” item and confirm the operation.

The same algorithm will be relevant for people who use the Sberbank mobile application.

If you created an account only on the site, you will not need to be re.Registered in the application.

ATM or terminal

Sberbank has its own terminals in most large settlements of the country. ATM can be used not only to remove cash, but also to manage services. So, for the unchigning the number you will need:

As you can see, the performance of the operation does not take much time. Even if a person stands in line for you in line, you will not force him to wait long. Remote the number is carried out in 1-2 minutes.

Call to a hot fishing line for a trimmer

This option is suitable for people who want to perform an operation at home, but at the same time are not able to visit the bank’s Internet resources or go to SMS message.

Sberbank support service accepted around the clocks of customers. Among other things, through an employee of the organization, you can untie the current phone number from the card. For this, the dedicated number is 8-800-555-55-50.

When making a call, the client will first hear the voice of the answering machine. To communicate with the call center operator, press the corresponding button, after which they will contact the client for several seconds or a couple of minutes. Perhaps an employee of the organization will ask you to answer a control question to perform this operation with a bank card. Therefore, before making a call, it is recommended to re.Read the contract and recall all the passwords that are related to the personal account.

When finding abroad, you should use another number-7-495-500-55-50.

Visit to the office of the bank

Be that as it may, it is a personal visit to the SberBank office in most cases that is the best option for lifting the phone from the card. This is explained very simply, because when personal communication with a living employee, you can get answers to any questions of interest. The organization’s employee will always tell you what to do in a particular situation.

How To Change Phone Number On Cash App

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As a rule, most Sberbank offices work on an online system system. This means that the client, visiting the bank, should approach a special terminal, choose the topic of circulation and get his coupon. However, the solution of such a simple issue often does not require official appeal. If you want an employee to only tell how to perform the operation correctly, you can approach any free employee with your own question.

However, if you count on the solution of the issue by the efforts of an employee of Sberbank, you should turn officially through online. When the window is free, your coupon number will be announced in the office, and you can ask you to disable the card from the phone number. If necessary, an employee can help immediately attach another number or advise on another issue.

Transition to another tariff plan

Often, people unscrew the card from the phone number simply because money is not written off from the balance sheet for using a mobile bank. But you can get out of such a situation much more rational, simply by going to the economy tariff.

To perform the operation, it is only required to send SMS with the text “EconomyXXXXX”, where the last 4 digits of the card are used instead of XXXX, to number 900. Then a message comes to the client’s phone, which requires confirm the operation. After that, the mobile bank turns off, and the money stops writing off from the personal account.

Why change the number to Sberbank online

The change of phone number may be required in the following cases:

  • With a mobile phone loss with a SIM card;
  • If it is impossible to restore the old phone number;
  • When changing the mobile operator;
  • If the client decided to abandon Sberbank online or mobile bank, etc.D.

Changing the phone number is voluntary, but still customers are strongly recommended to be attentive to this issue, so as not to become a victim of scammers.

Methods of changing the tied phone number

When the client has a new phone number, a number of difficulties arise: many modern services are attached to the phone number, which is why you have to make a shift. Sberbank’s service was no exception: when changing the phone number, you need to react your accounts to the new number without fail. Otherwise, after a while, the new owner of the old number can easily access your money.

Help: mobile operators do not fix the numbers for a certain person. When changing the SIM card, as well as with its inaction for more than six months, the number again enters the database of free numbers. Accordingly, anyone will be able to arrange a SIM card for a number that was once your. That is why, when changing the operator or SIM card, it is necessary to change the number to which your accounts in Sberbank are tied.

  • This can be done personally in the bank branch;
  • Through an ATM;
  • Through Sberbank online;
  • Finally, this can be done by phone of the hotline of Sberbank.

In the department of Sberbank

This is the easiest way to answer the question of how to change the number tied to the card of Sberbank. Bank employees must necessarily satisfy customer requests for the banking service. These services include and refresh the phone number.

It is enough to show your passport to an employee of the bank and voice his request to him. The operator will ask you to indicate a new number to which you will bind the account. The operation is performed in a minute, the operator will tell you about its results immediately.

Through an ATM

All that is needed is to find the corresponding terminal. Insert any Sberbank card into the self.Service apparatus, to which you have an old mobile number. It can be a credit card, a debit card, and a card with overdraft.

Enter a four-digit pin code. Further, two options are possible: installing a new number directly or through shutdown-disclosure of a mobile bank. The choice of one or another method depends on the functional abilities of the ATM. In the first case, you need to go to the “Personal Data” or “Personal Account Management” section. There you will find the section “Change of mobile number”. Indicate the new number and confirm the operation.

In the second case, in the main menu, find the option “Connect Sberbank Online and Mobile Bank”. In the menu opened, click on the “Disable Mobile Bank” tab. Then enter this menu again, but click this time on the “Connect Mobile Bank” button. Indicate your new mobile number and confirm the operation. Ready. Accounts in Sberbank are already tied to the new mobile number.

Through Sberbank online

Let’s figure out how to tie a Sberbank card to another phone number via the Internet. Previously, this option was inaccessible for security reasons, but now the client can still change the settings. Just for this you need to go through an enhanced protection system. This is done so that customers do not become victims of scammers.

At first it may seem that it is difficult to perform such an operation, but if you act according to the instructions, then even with small skills to use the computer, the change of number can be made in five minutes.

  • Go to your personal account by entering the login and password;
  • In the menu on the right you will go to the section “Sberbank Settings Online”;
  • Next, select the item “Mobile Bank”;
  • In the options, find a “change of attached number”;
  • After entering a new number, the system will ask you to confirm your identity. To do this, first for a new one, and then SMS will be sent to the old phone. SMS contains a code that needs to be entered in the corresponding field;
  • If everything is introduced correctly, the new number is assigned to the account.

Hot line

It’s simple. Dial number 900 or 8 800 555 55 50 (both rooms are served completely free of charge if the call comes from the territory). Then, in a robotic menu, you will go to a living operator. Tell him that you want to change the number to which your cards and accounts are tied.

The operator in security reasons will first make sure that you are actually the one for whom you give yourself. To do this, he will ask to name the name, number and series of passport, as well as the answer to the control question. If you do not remember the control information, it can be deducted from the service contract or the loan agreement.

After checking the personality, voice the operator a new digital combination to which accounts will be tied. The employee will fulfill the request in a couple of minutes.

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How to use a mobile bank safely

Sberbank complies with the rules and cares about the security of its users, so the most reliable way to bind the number will be a personal visit to the office with all the required documents. However, not all people will use this option, therefore it is recommended to comply with the following rules:

  • When communicating with the bank employees, you need to remember that codes for confirmation can only come from number 900;
  • It is necessary to check from who the message came related to blocking the card or other suspicious information, most often these are fraudulent schemes;
  • Upon receipt of the notification of the transfer of funds from number 900, you need to immediately call the hot fishing line for the bank’s trimmer;
  • If the numbers are binding using an ATM, you need to check the keyboard for the presence of a plastic tape, it is usually used by scammers to get a combination of a card;
  • When entering a password from the terminal, you need to cover the keys with your hand.

If scammers took possession of the card number, you can temporarily block the plastic and inform the bank about the violation.

Binding instructions

You can find various recommendations for the linking of the Sberbank card to the phone number and vice versa. However, they are not always correct, since the authors identify the concepts. To tie the “card to the number” and “phone to the map”. At first glance, there are no differences here. In fact, they are very significant.

  • Only one mobile phone number can be tied to the bank card of Sberbank, but to the mobile phone. Up to 8 bank cards.
  • When the number is binding to the card, the bank security service is mandatory for whom the SIM card is issued (in fact, the Mobile Bank service is issued). If the number is recorded on an outsider, the binding will be refused. Therefore, the number of options for such a binding is limited:
  • Visit to the Sberbank branch;
  • Through the terminal or ATM (in both cases, the bank has the opportunity to check who the phone is registered for).

Other methods. Through Sberbank online or the support center. Are not available.

If the card is binding to the phone, which automatically implies the presence of a mobile bank, such a check is not needed, and therefore the possibilities of such an operation is much wider.

Through Sberbank online

How to tie a phone number to a Sberbank card via the Internet? Unfortunately, such a service is not available for the reasons described above.

But to tie the card to the phone via the Internet and without leaving the house is simple:

  • On the bank’s website, enter your personal account;
  • Find the window with the Mobile Bank section and go to its page;
  • Activate the position of the “connection details” and fill out the form that has appeared;
  • Enter the card number that must be connected;
  • Send the order to the bank by pressing the corresponding button;
  • Check the filled shape on the monitor screen;
  • Confirm the operation;
  • The code that comes with SMS is inserted into the appropriate field;
  • Complete the operations.

Connection will occur within 10-20 minutes.

Through an ATM or terminal

How to tie a number to a Sberbank card on your own, through an ATM? The instruction is given below and consists of several consecutive actions:

  • The card is inserted into the ATM receiver.
  • The PIN code is introduced;
  • The transition to the main menu is made.
  • The function “Mobile bank” is activated.
  • A phone number is found on the opened page.
  • Through the “Connect Basic Card” key, the transition to the tariffing of the service is made.
  • A tariff plan is selected.
  • The “Connect” button is pressed.
  • You need to wait for SMS messages with the code to confirm the operation.
  • The resulting code is sent to short number 900.

The connection will occur within a day, which will be reported through SMS messages.

For reference: the bank offers two tariff planes: “economy” (is not rated, it is needed to receive free passwords when paying over the Internet) and “full” (paid, additionally comes SMS messages about the operations, and also the possibility of checking the remnants of funds arises on the personal account). Owners of social and pension cards pay 30 each, all the rest. 60

Through the contact center by phone

How to tie a Sberbank card to the phone through the contact center? Enough to call the support center on the hotline. You can use a mobile phone, call to 900. And from the city (stationary) phone you need to type 7 (495) 500-55-50. Support Service operates around the clock, calls on the territory of the Russian Federation are free.

Following the instructions of the answering machine, you should wait for the connection to the operator. Having set out the call center to the call center, you will need to answer his questions to identify the personality:

  • Full Name;
  • Passport data: number and series, by whom and when issued;
  • Place of registration;
  • Bank card number, which is subject to binding;
  • A codeword.

Reference: in a number of regions of Russia, a program for recognizing the calling vote began to work. Having passed the identification once, in the future, even when calling from someone else’s phone, the computer immediately issues the name of the calling.

After the operator is convinced that the calling and the owner of the personal account is the same person, the competence will be tied to a cell phone within a few minutes.

In the bank branch

A bank employee will ask you to present a general passport and a bank card (so they should be with you). After that, you will need to fill out the application form in which it is necessary to indicate:

  • Name of the applicant;
  • Series and passport number;
  • When and by whom it was issued;
  • Place of registration (permanent or temporary);
  • Number of the tied phone;
  • Card number;
  • Tariff plan.

Sberbank statement is considered up to 24 hours. With a positive decision on the mobile phone specified in the application, an SMS message from a short number 900 will come.

Why tie a bank card to a mobile phone number?

After the release of Sberbank plastic, experts necessarily ask each client about the need to bind the plastic to the mobile phone number, connect a mobile bank and other services. That is, if the client agrees to tie the card to the number, then he will be able to use the following options:

  • Perform any financial transactions through the “personal account” without leaving home and at any convenient time. The main thing in this case is just to have access to the Internet.
  • Manage finances through a special mobile application.
  • Make a subscription fee and replenish the balance of cellular.
  • Instantly transfer money to the necessary details.
  • Track the receipt and consumables.
  • Monitor the deadlines of loan repayment and the condition of the bonus account (if the client is a member of the program “Thank you from Sberbank”).
  • Pay online orders and services.
  • Block the card when it is lost or theft.

IMPORTANT! To ensure maximum safety, the bank allows binding to the plastic of only one SIM card, but does not limit the number of cards that can be served with one number.

There is also another advantage of this service. Making contactless payment, which allows you not to constantly carry plastic and even more not transfer it to the cashier.

Through Sberbank online

The capabilities of the Internet banking of a credit institution allow you to perform operations related to the management of a card account online. This also applies to connecting the phone to the bank card.

An application is created to connect a mobile bank. It will be offered to fill out the user at the entrance to the system. The application is created automatically. It will have the selected tariff, the phone number to which the service is connected, the card number.

After checking the application, the user can confirm it, go back and change the data or refuse the operation. If the indicated information is correct, then the application should be confirmed by SMS with a disposable password. After confirming the application, it can be viewed. At the top of the page should be the status of an application: accepted to work.

If you need to change the phone number indicated in the application, then this can only be done through the appeal directly to the bank representation.

Additionally, the client can connect a mobile bank through a personal menu in the section “Details of connection”.

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If the client does not want to connect a mobile bank yet, from can click the “Connect Later” button, when such a message appears.