How to Tie a Card to Your iPhone Phone

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Apple Wallet: a wallet in your iPhone

Among the many features of iPhones, the built-in digital wallet Apple Wallet has become more and more popular lately. By linking your bank card to it, you can pay at terminals that support contactless payments using your smartphone. However, the feature deserves a more in-depth conversation, as it is capable of more.

Is there Apple Pay on the iPhone 5/5s. instructions for users

How to activate Apple Pay iPhone 5s? Contactless payment service Apple Pay got full support on “Apple” mobile devices, starting from the sixth model. Before this version, it was not possible to use the payment tool on this company’s gadgets. The reason is that the 5-series does not have a built-in touch payment module. NFC, as well as the lack of a special chip to generate a payment code. But there is still a way to get the iPhone 5 to pay for purchases. But for this you need another gadget, the Apple Watch.

This article gives detailed description of contactless payment setting for iPhone 5, shows how to use it and gives detailed answers on how to bind two mobile devices for contactless payment.

Is there Apple Pay on the iPhone 5/5s. instructions for users

Since Apple developers are not going to develop this technology on older versions of smartphones, the method given here is the only possible way to set up a payment system on the iPhone 5. But how to activate this tool and what you need to do? “Smart watch must be at least 1st generation, series 1 and 2 or newer. Since the watch has a payment module that allows a connection between the gadget and the payment device, and they can be linked to the phone, the smartphone opens up the possibility of contactless transactions. But you still have to pay for goods with a watch. So the answer to the question of whether the fifth iPhone has Apple Pay is affirmative. Let’s see what versions of the device are now officially supported by Apple Pay in Russia.

What devices are supported

With iPhones, the payment service is installed without additional software and hardware on the following iPhone models:

So Apple Pay on the iPhone 5 will not officially work. Here you’ll need an additional tool. the Smart Watch from Apple. With iPads it’s easier. Т.к. these devices appeared later than the iPhone, then most of them support the new payment tool. This is the iPad series:

Pay for purchases at the same time allows your Mac to be paired with your iPhone or Watch. You can make payments through the Safari web browser. Support for the system is implemented on the following Mac versions:

But you can also work with the fifth model. The main condition for the iPhone 5. you need to link the plastic card in the Wallet application on the iPhone and link the account on it to the Apple Watch.

How to Tie a Card to iPhone 5

Every owner of iPhone 5 and a bank card from almost any commercial bank can do it. Here you need to find out whether the system supports a certain bank. This information is available on the official site of the payment service. The tool does not work with Visa Electron cards and supports most types of cards from Sberbank. No bank charges an additional fee for using the service. To tie the card to the phone you will need to do the following.

card, your, iphone, phone
  • You can add a card in two ways:
  • scan the card code (use the device’s camera to take a picture of the bank card);
  • Find programs for Wallet (installing programs on your phone allowing you to make purchases, e.g., Sberbank Online, Aeroflot, etc.).п.).
  • Choose one of the two appropriate methods and add the payment information to your e-wallet. The bank that issued the card will verify the added details and let the owner of the device know if they can use the technology from Apple. Credit organizations may request additional information about the card or its owner. Once the request is granted, the card will be added to your Wallet.
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You do not need to connect any additional options. Then bind your iCloud account to your Apple Watch to set up payment via your phone.

How the Apple Watch works

How does this device work for in-store shopping?? The transaction process is always the same. Only Smart Watch payment method differs. The principle used in the iPhone is different. The watch does not have a TouchID module for user identification and payment transaction confirmation by fingerprint, as it works on iPhone gadgets.

The Apple Watch uses a pin code to identify the payer, and the payment is controlled with built-in buttons. Conducting a transaction in the same way as on an iPhone, you’ll need to bring your Smart Watch close to a POS-terminal. A small vibration alarm will go off in case of a successful payment. In this case, the watch may not be tied to a smartphone at all and the user will not be required to have an iPhone at the time of purchase. And to support contactless payment function from Apple Pay on iPhone 5/5s you will need to pair the watch with a smartphone.

How to Bind iPhone to Apple Watch

The iPhone owner will need to have the Watch app for tethering. How to install this software you can read on any Internet-resource or by opening the web-site of the manufacturing company. In short, you will need to go to the app store, find the Apple Watch utility, and then click on the download and install in smartphone memory. After installation is complete, the program will be added to the main screen of the mobile device.

In order to connect Apple Pay, the user must link the account used in the iPhone smartphone to the Apple Watch, and have the Watch app installed on the phone. Next, follow the instructions below.

  • Launch a separate “Apple Watch” app. From the menu that opens, click on “My watch” and then on the device that you plan to pair with the program. Identify the desired device.
  • Next, you will need to add a bank card. Click the link “Add a payment card“, enter all the necessary bank details. Like the Wallet app on your iPhone, you have two options for adding details: using a photo of your bank card, or filling in the necessary information manually. If the user has previously registered his card details, then it will be enough to review the list of all attached cards, and then, having selected the desired one, use the “Add” button to the right of the card details.

These instructions show you how to set up Apple Pay for iPhone 5. Once the tethering is complete, the owner of both devices will be able to pay for purchases contactless using the Smart Watch. But it is still better to carry the card with you where such payment methods may not be available, t.к. Not all devices have this feature. In addition, it’s always important to charge your mobile device in time, so you won’t be left without funds for payment at the right moment with a fully discharged battery.

Apple Pay — How to add a card on iPhone — Apple

After reading the instructions on how to enable Apple Pay on iPhone, it’s worth mentioning the use of the mobile app for shopping.

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How to pay with Apple Pay

This feature saves you a lot of time. It will not require the customer to enter confirmation codes or a pin code (for orders under 1,000). Pressing a button and holding the watch close to the terminal will complete the payment process.

Simple actions help you make a one-touch purchase. Of course, this is slightly different than on iPhone version 6 and up. Since the question of whether there is Apple Pay on iPhone 5s is still answered negatively by the developers of the corporation, this means that you should not expect the appearance of full functionality of Apple Pay for this model of the device.

How to change your bank card in the App Store on iPhone?

Follow the same steps as before to add a payment card.

  • Enter the Settings application on your iPhone.
  • Go to “iTunes Store and App Store.
  • Then tap to enter the Apple ID item and select “View Apple ID” in the menu that appears.
  • Then go to “Payment info” section.
  • Under “Payment Methods,” enter your new payment card information (you can take a photo), and click “Done”.

After you change your payment card for the iTunes Store and App Store you will receive an email notifying you that your payment information has changed in your Apple ID.

The iPhone 5S is compatible with any Apple Watch available today. All versions have built-in NFC, so any version will do the job.

  • If you plan on upgrading your phone in the coming years you can choose either the Series 4 or the Series 5, with an eye toward the future. The downside: current models probably cost more than your smartphone.
  • If you’re happy with your 5S, you can go with the first generations. Series 2 and earlier. They, too, will do the job, although with updates of the operating system there will not be so rosy. Disadvantage: the combination of a watch and a smartphone will become obsolete rather quickly.

How to Pay in the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music and iCloud using Apple Pay

Despite the fact that Apple Pay today can be considered one of the most commonly used methods of payment, both online and offline, until now Apple has deliberately limited it and did not allow to pay with it in its applications and services. However, on the night of May 14 to 15 such an opportunity became available to users in several countries of the world. Obviously, this number includes those countries where contactless payment service enjoys the greatest popularity.

Apple Pay is now available on the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, Apple Music, and iCloud. This means that you can now pay for purchases and renew subscriptions on these sites using a card linked to the Wallet app on your iPhone.

A total of nine countries now allow users to pay with Apple Pay:

But if the appearance of the first seven countries in the list, in general, was fully expected, in the case of Russia and Ukraine may give the impression that they were added at the last moment. just in case. Still, it is a habit that usually the CIS countries are not in the first wave of the spread of new products, even when it comes to digital services.

How to pay for purchases with your iPhone

Now when you have cards connected in the system Apple Pay, you can not carry them with you, as all data is stored in your device. To pay in the stores you need only to take your iPhone and simply hold it to the payment device, into which the cards are inserted. All you have to do is hold your phone a few centimeters away.

Attention! You must have Touch ID (fingerprint) or Face ID if you have an iPhone X in order for the system to allow you to pay.

That’s actually all. So you can add all of your cards to Wallet and when you pay for purchases you can select the card you want to use to make a payment and confirm the transaction by tapping your finger.

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The operation of this payment system is based on NFC technology. contactless data transfer. To pay by simply touching the device to a terminal, the phone must have NFC and a Secure Element chip, which stores encrypted bankcard data.

This information is saved in a special area of the phone‘s memory that no other software can access. The payment process is controlled by a component called Secure Enclave, it triggers the transaction and stores a fingerprint or an image of your face (Touch ID or Face ID).

Bank cards are handled by Apple Pay Servers, the server part that runs the payment app along with the cards.

Which devices support contactless payments?

  • iPhone smartphones with Face ID. Among them, the latest iPhone X model allows you to make a purchase by simply looking at the phone’s display and then holding it up to a payment terminal.
  • iPhone smartphones with Touch ID (except iPhone 5s). Payment confirmation is done by touching the iPhone owner’s finger on the central circular control button.
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini models with Touch ID or Face ID. they are used to pay for online purchases.
  • Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch 7 and other models of these watches. when paying, they are attached to the terminal.
  • Mac models with Touch ID, 2012 Macs and newer models with iPhone or Apple Watch that support Apple Pay. can be used to pay for purchases on websites.

Banks cooperating with Apple Pay

  • Alfa Bank;
  • Sberbank;
  • Gazprombank;
  • Promsvyazbank;
  • Tinkoff;
  • Raiffeisen;
  • Russian Standard;
  • Otkritie;
  • BIN Bank;
  • Yandex-money
  • MTS;
  • Beeline;
  • Megafon;
  • Bank of St. Petersburg;
  • Euroset Kukuruza;
  • Rocket Bank;
  • VTB 24;
  • Bank of Moscow;
  • AK BARS;
  • Rosselkhozbank;;
  • Avangard;
  • Chelyabinvestbank.

What cards are supported

Today in Russia, the Apple Wallet works with cards of such payment systems as MasterCard and Visa. It doesn’t matter if it’s debit or credit. Apple’s domestic MIR payment system is not supported by Apple Pay.

Help with other payment problems

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Bind (synonyms: attach, add) the bank card to the iPhone means to enter the full information about the plastic necessary to make payments and transfers in the database of the special program for the iOS operating system.

Apple is currently offering owners of iPhone 6 and younger two software products for banking operations:

iTunes lets you transfer movies, games, music, photos and other content from your computer to your iPhone, and vice versa, making sure your information is safely stored on your device.

The AppStore is where you can download and install a mobile application to manage your card from the bank that issued it. This service allows you not only to make transfers and payments with your iPhone, but also to track the history of transactions around the clock, receive account statements, set up auto-payments, find the addresses of offices and ATMs of the issuer, and much more.

The Wallet app stores all your bank card and gift card information, rewards programs and store payment cards, purchased transportation tickets, movie, theater and concert tickets, and so on.

In addition, only the cards added to the Wallet allow the iPhone owner to pay with Apple Pay (more details below).