How to tie Facebook and Instagram from a computer

Binding Instagram account to : step.By.Step instructions

Use social networks to communicate, has your own group or community? Then you will not be difficult to understand how effective it is to promote any legal business. Unlimited scaling opportunities, source of millions of traffic, thanks to which there is a rapid promotion of new goods and services. We will tell you how to tie the Instagram business account to. Why do this and what advantages will give.

How To Link Instagram Account To Page from desktop and benefits 2021. Digital Rakesh

Almost all serious bloggers, marketers and targetologists are trying first of all to synchronize two commercial pages and Instagram. So this gives a lot of advantages, significantly saves time and effectively scale the promotion of goods and services. As a result, the owner of two related profiles will be able to get the following opportunities.

Open access to statistics

Obtaining advanced statistics is the first important information to which access is opened after binding two social sites. The owner of the business page will be able to view all the information from the attached account:

  • Full coverage of the target audience;
  • How many new visitors looked at the profile;
  • The number of new subscribers;
  • Track geolocation, gender and age of their followers;
  • General data on likes, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and transitions to a page.

In any case, to connect your with Instagram not just a wise solution. This will positively affect the scaling and promotion of your business, product or services in all directions.

Profile promotion

Effective cross.Office of fresh publications. Business pages are primarily tied to this, so as not to waste their time for publications on individual resources of the same content. Synchronization will make it possible to publish fresh posts, launch advertising shares in two accounts at the same time.

After binding, the advertising post in will redirect all visitors directly to the Instagram page. A good plus, after binding socialist, the owner will get access to the management of advertising companies directly from the Instagram application installed on a smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

View and answers to Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Synchronization of social resources will allow the user to quickly enter both services through one profile, this really simplifies the task with constant entry of the login and password. The owner of two related pages will be able to receive notifications from his friends, friends and subscribers in a timely manner.

After binding on the page in the message section, an additional window with messages from Instagram will appear. To constantly keep in touch with your followers, just go to your account, open the Instagram tab in which you can:

  • Receive notifications of new Комментарии и мнения владельцев under your posts, answer them and like.
  • Subscribe to new users if one of your friends from registers a page on Instagram, you will immediately receive a notification and you can subscribe.
  • The ability to edit personal data is open: nickname, site, change or add phone number and e-mail.

A huge plus of open access to Instagram via is that if the user forgets the login/password from the profile in insta, then access can be easily restored through

How to use a binding?

We will clarify primarily why to tie the accounts of two venues to each other at all, what it gives in the end? And there are quite a lot of advantages, in fact. For example, access to the function of cross.Consteling will open. If you are an active user of two resources, then you will definitely like this opportunity. Having activated it, you can simultaneously post new entries both on Instagram and To do this, just at the stage of editing the publication, it is necessary to install a checkmark next to so that it will duplicate in it.

But this is only one additional opportunity that opens after the binding of two accounts. Perhaps it is she who is the main one, but there are still useful additions:

  • After the account is attached to Instagram, notifications will come to you when friends from social networks will install Instagram application on their devices. Thus, you can immediately sign them to track fresh publications.
  • After binding, both profiles will unite, which will simplify authorization on the sites. Thus, to enter. You can use the registration data of Instagram, and vice versa. This will reduce the chance of losing its account due to forgetfulness.

Of course, the above opportunities are not a significant advantage for everyone, but it is still recommended to bind profiles.

How many accounts can be tied?

Only one page on Instagram can be tied to one When trying to connect a profile with several accounts, the system will give an error.

In order to work in related accounts of two services, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Go to the Instagram website, then go through the authorization procedure using the “enter through” button
  • After the transition to the account, click on the icon with the image of the arrow, which is located in the upper right corner of the intense.
  • In the pop.Up menu, select the “Settings” section, then “Applications”.
  • Press the pencil button to change the application parameters.
  • Click the “Appendix of Applications” item, then install “available to everyone”.
  • To perform the following actions you will need a smartphone with the installed Instagram application.
  • Open it, then go to your page.
  • Go to the user menu by clicking on the button with three points.
  • From the list of settings, select “Related Accounts”, then tap fb.
  • Now go to
  • A window will open with an offer from Instagram on posting publications on your page. Designate the circle of users who will be available photos and videos. Confirm your permission to place content and control pages.
  • Touch the “OK” buttons.

Now the user needs to check if the binding mode of these social networks is working. Take a photo in Institute, process and click “Share”. Select from the list

Make a link from a computer

Important: only the administrator will be able to bind the business account on to Instagram. In this case, all the advertising posts that are published on will be able to be seen on Instagram.

Some settings that can be made on the website are now available. You can view the attached Instagram account and choose a list of permitted actions.

  • Enter the main page and click on the profile icon at the top of the screen.
  • Select the section “”. It is located under the photo cover.
  • Click on the line “Instagram“.
  • In the window that opens, a list of publications will appear that can be viewed on both services. Pressing on the pencil icon will help to make changes to the settings for the application (the visibility of Instagram for different groups, permission for new publications, notifications).

Why do you need a bunch of accounts

From the ligament of the page with the profile in Institute, both ordinary users and those who develop their online business will be the benefit.

Protective functions. Fraudsters may try to take possession of one of the accounts for personal purposes, for example, to create a “bots farm”.

It will not be difficult to choose a password, because many do not bother to create a reliable. However, after the combination of two social. The user will receive more trust in networks, which is a confirmation that the account is real, not fake. As a result, to restore access will become much easier.

View statistics. After the connection of the FB and the INSTs, the user will be available about the number of views of his publications, links by links, subscriber statistics, etc.D. Analysis of this data can positively affect the page promotion if you apply the received data correctly.

Advertising activity. If you successfully promote the page, you can use it for advertising purposes to receive income. At the same time, if accounts are connected, it is convenient to configure the options for choosing a target audience to. There are a lot of options for this.

Commenting. Another feature of the communication of social networks is the appearance on of the Instagram tab, where you can respond to Комментарии и мнения владельцев without going to the application.

Editing. Directly from Instagram data can be adjusted from, for this you need to go to the “Settings” section.

As you can see, there are many pluses, so let’s further figure out how the two profiles in different socialists are united.

Tie through public profile on

Public page in necessary for setting up the author’s account or business on Instagram. In addition to the fact that the owner can connect them using the application, there is a second option on how to tie accounts. Use the parameters via on a computer.

  • Use Creator Studio. Post planning, answers to Комментарии и мнения владельцев and notifications;
  • Business functions. On Instagram you can track statistics, make a promotion;
  • Attracting an audience to another account;. If the author’s page meets the criteria.

To tie two accounts, the page owner needs to create a publicly accessible profile in:

  • Go to the social network from the computer version.
  • Select: “Create”. Page.
  • Enter the first information: description, add the cover and photo.
  • Save.

Next, there is an initial setting, with the placement of publications and choosing the desired templates.

After the owner of the account will successfully bind both services, in the section: “Settings. Instagram” there will be brief information and the ability to disconnect. Further, it should be controlled by your profile through

Manage Instagram through

Through his public profile on. The user can manage messages and notifications on Instagram.

How to see and respond to correspondence:

On. Unlike Instagram, the computer version has additional correspondence functions:

  • Add description. Make a mark for another user that he will not see;
  • Take into a certain category. The social network offers: new colleagues, importantly, today’s date;
  • Notes. Add important information about the interlocutor;
  • Brief information. Links to other profiles related accounts.

For example, if the interlocutor did not add links to resources to the Instagram biography, then they can be found through correspondence in adding a note or description. The recipient will not see them, and therefore, each new dialogue can be sorted by folders and the degree of importance.

How to remove binding and untie the profiles from each other

If you changed your mind and want to change the situation by untying your accounting, then this section is exactly for you. This can be done as follows:

  • Open the instat and go to the settings.
  • Tap to the “Accounts” tab and the “Related” option.
  • Select the appropriate site and click on “Cancel communication”.

This will be done through itself:

  • Go to the “Pages” section and select the appropriate profile.
  • Click on “Settings”. “Instagram”.
  • Scroll the screen into the very bottom.
  • Click “Disconnect”.

If you seriously thought about gaining popularity in the photo network, try to tie the Instagram page to. Following the tips from our article. This will allow you to get acquainted with all advertising tricks.

Authorization on Instagram through profile

Now we turn to the essence of our topic. How to go to Instagram through You can do this in two ways:

For convenience, we describe each of them in a separate section.

On the phone

To log in to the Institute using the tied account on the smartphone, act, according to step.By.Step instructions below:

  • Open the Instagram mobile application.
  • Tap to the active button “Enter”.
  • Fill in the profile in the input form. In the upper line, indicate the email or phone; In the lower. Password.
  • Confirm.

If everything was introduced correctly, there will be a forwarding in the general tape of Instagram profile. If not, then an error will appear. In the second case, try to enter all the information again. Or use the option “Forgot the password”.

On the computer

From the computer, the entrance is made similarly. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Open the browser and go to the official Instagram web resource.Com.
  • Click on “enter through”.
  • Enter the login and password in the corresponding field.
  • Enter the INST page.

Note. The system can additionally request access to your account in this case, just click “Continue as (your nickname)”.

Basic errors when connecting Instagram

Having made Instagram through. The owner may have problems with work in third.Party services or authorization. For example, working through planners, you need to turn off the “suspicious attempt to enter”.

The problems faced by account owners:

  • Promotions are not created. You need to check the connection of social networks and try again;
  • Repost does not work in a reinforcement of pages;
  • Authorisation Error. Change the password in FB and check the latest visits;
  • The password is not restored. Contact the administration, indicating that the entrance to the account was possible only through the second account;
  • The profile is not created through Update both applications or try from the computer version.

Link to instagram on computer 2022 [EASY]

So, if the page owner regularly uses the VPN or other anonymous access programs, the Instagram password may not come.

By connecting a new account, you need to check the binding of to the existing. If he was abandoned or forgotten the password. Restore data, untie, and after. Create a new account. Otherwise, at the next entrance, a notification will appear: “You have two profiles, but they are not related to each other”. It is possible to solve only a change of phone number on one of the pages.