How to trace the iPhone by phone number

Find and track a friend’s iPhone

The phone screen will show a list of friends who have opened access to their location. It will only be enough to select a friend to track where his iPhone is. Well, where the phone is, there’s the host.

If you only set up the connection between the iPhone, then you need to click on the “” in the right corner at the top, enter the information about your friend and select Send. It’s worth warning the person that you’re going to put them on your list, so that there’s no trouble in the future.

Screenshot of the Find my Friends app

You can choose Temporary mode and then you can see your friend only temporarily. You can then go into the Me menu and see exactly where you are and who might be watching you. You can see where your friends are and identify their iPhones.

How to track a friend’s iPhone via Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a free mobile app that lets you share geolocation data with friends. Allows you to remotely search for your device in case of loss. How to see the location of another iPhone:

  • Install “Find My Friends”. To do this, download the app through the official App Store.
  • Sign in with your account and click on the plus icon in the upper right corner.
  • Enter information about the other device (friend) you want to allow access to your data and click “Send”.
  • Install the app on another smartphone or send the link to a friend. After that you should allow the user to access geo data.
  • The list of connected devices will be displayed on the main screen of the application, on the map.

After that you will be able to find your friend’s iPhone and vice versa. The app allows you to find out where the person is (requires the user’s permission) and can be used to locate their devices.

An intruder can reflash the found iPhone. Then it can be tracked by IMEI. To do this, you will have to ask for help from your mobile operator, through law enforcement agencies.

How to find your iPhone if it’s turned off

For users, the iPhone is not just a gadget, but a significant part of life. To put it mildly, losing your smartphone can be disconcerting: you lose not only your phone, but also your diary, photos, contacts, travel guides, favorite music. Avoiding a crash is easy! Apple developers did a great job, and thanks to geolocation services it is easy to find a missing. But how to find the iPhone if it is turned off? We will tell you about the wand, which allows you to track and come to the aid in finding the device in case of theft or loss.

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You can enable this feature from the menu: Settings. Privacy. Geolocation Services. Enable. Then open the Find Friends app (it may be renamed My Friends after installation), click on I with the iCloud profile icon, and turn on the Share geo-location slider.

To do so, go to: Settings → Apple ID (your name) → Locator, select Find iPhone and there set all three toggles: Find iPhone, Enable Offline Search and Last Geo-Position to On.

How to install a spy app for a cell phone without a target device

There are two effective ways to install spyware on your phone, even if you don’t have access to it. Setting up this software will be useful if you need to track employees working remotely, monitor your children’s activities, find out more about a loved one, or simply track multiple devices.

Many people will also find it useful to know how to track the location of their cell phone without installing software. This process is not as complicated as it may seem.

Routes in Google Maps tracker on iPhone

To see your routes, you need to sign up for an account in any Google service. Using this data, it is necessary to authorize in the Google Maps app on your iPhone.

Routes can be viewed by day. Export to KML files. It is possible to get a more detailed route (1). And even reproduce the movement sequence on an accelerated time scale (2).

Feature of the tracker is that if Google Maps on a device is running under your Google account, then you can track the location of the device absolutely unnoticed by the user.

iphone, phone, number

How regularly location coordinates are recorded is difficult to understand. The difference between points can be either 2 minutes or 20 minutes. What the time interval is chosen based on is known only to the developers at Google. Of course, there is no step-by-step accuracy here. But, on the other hand, this is a good thing. The app has virtually no effect on the battery, unlike all the iPhone trackers previously tested, which used to drain the phone battery to zero in a couple of hours. Google Maps works stealthily, as a State Department spy program should:)

If the feature has not been activated and the mobile device is missing. Then it is recommended to use the following format instructions:

  • First, you should change your Apple ID login password, so that an intruder can not use the services and other functions of the phone. You can do this at the official website of Apple services.

Important! If you have the device in your hands, be sure to activate the function “Find iPhone” to immediately achieve a favorable result in the case of this unpleasant situation. You should not doubt in the advisability of using such a service, because it is very useful and has helped many people to return their phones

Now you know how to find your iPhone if it has been stolen or lost. This article covers two methods that focus solely on the “Find iPhone” feature. Be vigilant and activate required services in time to limit your problems in the future.

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Ways to find a turned off iPhone

If your phone is missing, to start with call it from another number. If this has already been done and probably to no avail, the first thing to do is to contact law enforcement. file a report about the loss of your gadget. To contact the police you will need the following documents:

  • Your passport;
  • Any iPhone documents (international mobile equipment ID data);
  • Cash receipt, which will confirm the purchase of the device.
iphone, phone, number

If you are lucky, the investigator will be eager to find your device and will immediately make an inquiry to the cellular operators. If the thief or finder of the phone knows nothing about iPhone tracking software (as it happens), then you are doubly lucky. There are chances to find out what SIM card was inserted into the phone after it went missing, or in what specific location a call was made with your Apple friend. This information helps to find the device.

Don’t expect the valiant police to immediately rush to find your pet? Right. After going to law enforcement (or even better. in parallel) start searching for your smartphone yourself. We’ll tell you how to find your iPhone if it’s turned off. While the professional detectives get their hands on your application, you may be able to solve the problem yourself and find out where your expensive device is.

How to Track Stolen Phone? IMEI Tracking? Find IMEI of Stolen Phone? What to do?

Through the service iCloud

iCloud (iCloud) will help you find your phone when it’s turned off. This option. the official cloud storage company Apple, which allows the user online access to files from any device, saves the backup data of his “Apple product” and helps the owner to find the lost device. Remember, in order to see where your gadget is at this time, you need to specifically connect the appropriate function.

The phone is lost near the computer you’re using to track down your gadget? Hear a loud sound. “Siren” is heard even when the iPhone is set to silent function. Have a suspicion that the gadget was not lost at home? You can protect all the data on it even remotely: set a password and no one will unlock your phone. It is better to delete all the data at all. Once the device is found, they can be easily restored from the backup.

Don’t forget about the wonderful “Disappearing Mode” feature, which is also activated in iCloud. When you turn it on, you’ll get a message with your phone number on the screen of your locked gadget. so the finder can call you back from it, even if it’s locked. In addition, it is allowed to make and receive calls on an iPhone that is in Disappearing Mode.

By IMEI number

The International Mobile Equipment Identifier, IMEI, is a unique number assigned to the device by the manufacturer. The information is meant to identify the unit on the network and is stored in its firmware. A code like a serial number is always listed in several places:

  • on the smartphone itself (to find it out, you need to dial #06# on the keypad. the data will appear on the screen);
  • under the battery;
  • On the back of the box in which the gadget was sold;
  • In the warranty card.
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The cellular phone company, on the application of the police or the owner of the smartphone, can track the signal transmission even when the phone is turned off. It is believed that the code cannot be faked, and if the new owner of your iPhone activates it, there is a chance to determine the phone number. However, as practice shows, criminals manage to bypass this method of protection as well.

Using the Find My iPhone app

Another application will help to find iPhone. the program is called Find My iPhone. The service is part of the free iCloud subscription and is able to locate your gadget, send messages to its screen, protect your device with a password, or erase all of its content. You do not need to specially download the application to your phone, as it is already part of the operating system of the device. For this feature to work, you must enable “Find iPhone” in the settings in advance. Geo-positioning is allowed only when gadget is on (with active GPS function).

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Software for locating iPhone

If official methods of searching devices do not produce the desired results, you can try using third-party programs to find iPhone.

  • iHound. This software not only periodically records information about the movements of the smartphone, but also has the function of sending the exact location of the device when you connect it to your computer. This way you can easily track down the house of a dishonest person who found the phone, or the address of a place where stolen phones are taken.
  • iLocalis. The program has a richer functionality, but requires JailBreak to install. If you have it, you can, for example, find out the number of the new SIM card installed in your phone, and much more.

To summarize, let’s say that the most effective way to search is the basic Find My Phone function. It is necessary to activate it in the new gadget because neither going to the police nor trying to find out the necessary information from the operator, in our reality, unfortunately, usually does not give results.