How to track Android phone by phone number

How to track a smartphone on Android. Inclusion of the function in Google and installing special programs

There are situations when it is necessary to track the location of the smartphone and its owner, for example, when loss of a mobile device or sending a child to school, section, additional classes. To do this, there are a variety of methods from simple programs, built.In phone functions, third.Party services to powerful products used by operators of communication.

Android phone search can be implemented using tools such as:

  • Remote control of Google “Find my device”;
  • Google Maps service and the “Chronology” function;
  • A variety of tracking programs;
  • Geolocation through a mobile operator.

Setting and activating Android Device Manager

For all users, a standard geolocation on Android has been created, which is activated in the phone settings. A system of two parts, interconnected. First you need to install the “remote control Android” on the mobile. You can download it from the official Play Market store. Data will be sent through it to the Google profile, which can be opened through a web browser from a computer.

Some manufacturers immediately install this application on their smartphones. By default, it is disabled, so you need to activate it yourself. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Run the device settings.
  • Go to the point “Safety” and click “Device Administrators”.
  • Install the box opposite the line “Remote control Android”.
  • A notification with the capabilities of the program will appear. Click “Activate”.
  • Close the settings.

Next, go to the section with accounts and tie the Google profile. If you do not have an account, then it must be created. Only after binding the phone to the account will it be possible to use all the functionality of the utility. After activating the Google profile, the device will appear in the list of related devices inside the profile, which will open up the opportunity to you:

  • Wash personal data from a mobile with aft or loss;
  • Give a loud sound signal even with soundless mode;
  • Track the smartphone on the map;
  • Display a message.
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Search for a smartphone at home

You can lose your phone even in your own apartment if a child or pet is swollen a device for a sofa or bath. You can determine the location of Android using a loud sound signal, which is supplied even with the sound turned off. This is necessary:

  • Open the browser and enter the Google profile.
  • Click on the section “Security”.
  • The window opens, where the name of the device should be displayed in the central part. Click on it.
  • A list of actions that can be performed will appear. Click in the upper menu button “call”.
  • A signal at maximum volume will be applied to the phone, even when turned off/soundless mode.
  • The Internet must be included to activate this function.

Message or call to the lost phone

If after the above actions you could not find a smartphone, then you lost it not at home or stolen a device. To do this, it is not enough just to call, it is necessary to prevent access to personal data, photographs. You can block access to the phone and display a message on the screen with a request to return the device for the remuneration. To do this, you need to do:

  • Open Google profile on a computer.
  • Launch the “Safety” section and select your attached device.
  • Click on the section “Blok the phone“.
  • There will be a form where you need to indicate the password for blocking the screen, the message that will be displayed and the number of another mobile to communicate with you.
  • Click “block”.

Blocking and deleting all data when it is impossible to return the gadget

If you steal a phone and lack of hope, it is recommended to return it to personal data. This can only be done if there is an Internet connection. Features of the procedure:

  • Some data on the memory card will still remain;
  • It will not work to restore files;
  • The function of calling, blocking will no longer work.

If you previously back up from a smartphone, then these data can be restored. To destroy information, you must do the following:

  • Go to Google account.
  • Open the “Security” section, select the device.
  • Click on the list of “Delete all data from the device”.
  • Click “Yes, erase” and follow the instructions.

List of best applications and programs

We move on to the main part of the article. The list of applications. Consider various types of mobile services that are responsible for parental and family control, as well as online projects to track the phone when it is lost or theft.

Pay attention to the availability of additional functions. For example, such options as an opportunity not only to see the position of a person on the map, but also determine the remainder of charging on the phone, create group chats for intra.Family communication, control the total use of the smartphone, remotely manage the phone, etc.


Life360 is an application for the whole family. Users can create their own network, whose members will be able to track each other’s location, exchange files and messages, receive information about the battery charge, etc. You can install the program on Android.

This service acts as a closed social network or messenger. Gradually, you can expand the circle of users, including not only relatives, but also friends, colleagues, acquaintances in it. Access settings are adjusted individually. Also, in the settings, you can prohibit the application of the application to other participants in the network information about themselves.

This application can be used for parental and family control, as well as for working purposes. For example, guides in this way can communicate with a group of tourists and track them so that they are not lost.


Glympse is a good free service that looks a little like the previous one. Users can create a closed group chat, the entrance to which is possible only by invitation, to see each other on the map in real time, exchange messages, etc. D.

To receive data on any of the group members, you need to send a request. In the settings, you can prohibit the application of information about yourself about other users.

The application has already installed 5 million people. In order to use the services of the service, you do not need to register. Available for owners of both Android and iOS.

My GPS position

My GPS position is a mobile program thanks to which you can find out the GPS coordinates of another person. However, unlike other similar services in this case, the user must send information about his location himself.

This application will be useful for those who are afraid to get lost, for example, in the campaign. And in the event of a dangerous situation, you can send your GPS coordinates so that other people can quickly find you.

In addition to the location, you can also send information about the speed of movement, attractions, natural facilities, cafes, banks and other public places located nearby. Data comes in real time.


Kidscontrol is a special mobile service for parents. With his help, mom, dads, grandparents can see where the child moves, how quickly he moves, how many batteries are left on the phone, etc. D. The program contains information about the user 2 days.

In addition, the child in case of danger can press the SOS button, after which the application will send its exact coordinates to parents. Plus, you can specify places on the map that are undesirable, and if the young user approaches them, the system will send a notification about this.

Family members can communicate in free closed chat. The functions in it are almost the same as in popular messengers.

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Where are my children

Where my children are another application for parents who are worried about the safety of their children. There is an opportunity not only to see where the child is currently, but also to track all his movements in the day. Over, parents can listen to the environment with the help of “wiretap”. One of the options of service.

You can manage the application from another phone. It is possible to increase and decrease the sound of a call on a smartphone, check which applications were loaded, control the time spent on “freezing” in the phone and much more.

Parents can note safe and, conversely, hazardous areas on the map. This is necessary so that mothers and dads come as soon as the child enters the unsafe area.

If necessary, you can exchange messages, send and receive various files: images, music, videos, documents, etc. P.

Family Locator

Family Locator is a good mobile service thanks to which you can control and monitor the location of your family members. The system preserves the history of movement, so you can find out where the user was, not only day a day, but also after a short period of time.

In case of loss or theft of a smartphone, it can be quickly found thanks to the built.In option of the locator. If several people will use this online project at once, they can communicate with each other in a closed chat.

How To Trace A Phone Using Its IMEI Number | Trace A Lost Phone For FREE | Get Precise Location

If necessary, you can send a SOS signal to get emergency assistance. In addition, you can configure notifications that will come to the phone when users find themselves in certain places on the map.


Famisafe is a mobile project that provides users with the following functions:

  • Denot “red” and “green” zones that are not worth it and allowed to visit;
  • Block some unwanted applications;
  • Control and limit the time spent by the smartphone screen;
  • Protect children from unacceptable and adult content on social networks and on sites;
  • Use the SOS option to send your coordinates to family members.

Most often, the application is used by parents, downloading it on their phone. You can install the service both on Android and on iOS. There is paid content.


Trackview is an online service that can be used on a free basis, but there are also paid functions. You can download the project not only on a smartphone, but also on a computer or tablet.

An interesting feature of the service is the ability to remotely make audio and video recording. You can record the video using the front and main camera. You can also listen to the environment, for example, to find out who is near the child.

If desired, you can even get remote access to the smartphone. Can be connected to one account up to 20 devices at the same time.

Android geolocation using Google applications

You can track the movements of a person from both the computer and from another phone. For this, the same tracking methods are used, the only difference is that the smartphone will need additional applications. They will accept the information that the victim phone transmits. Most of the programs are free, the following options are popular among users:

Where’s My Droid

Useful application that will help to find out where the user is located with the installed program. Has a wide functionality, which includes not only determining the location. With the help of the utility, you can:

  • Call the phone so that it makes a signal even on sound mode;
  • Using SMS, get the coordinates of the device;
  • Take a picture of a thief from the front camera (pro-version);
  • Delete applications and modules (pro version) ;;
  • Block all the functions on the device (Pro version);

Lost Android

Another way to track Android is the Android Lost Free application. Fully free program that has a wide list of functions. It is necessary to install on the phone in advance so that you can use the following functions with loss or theft:

  • Activation or deactivation GPS, Wi-Fi;
  • Control of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Launch of the alarm clock and the shit of the screen;
  • Removing all data from Android;
  • Creating a photo from any camera on a gadget.

This tracking method will help track the moment of changing the SIM card. Alerts will come to the previously specified email address. It is difficult to delete Android Lost because it is not displayed in the menu. The main rule is that the program needs to be installed on the phone immediately. If the gadget is lost or stolen, it will not work to use this tracking method. You can download the utility from the official Google store.


This is another way to track your own or someone else’s device. The utility must be installed in advance on the phone. The program is used from the computer using the entrance to the account. The application does not hide on the device itself, so attackers can remove it. In this case, the last point where the gadget was shown will be shown. This method of protection will help you:

How to track a person’s geolocation by phone for free

The Mobile-Locator application provides for the possibility of a free determination of geolocation. Anyone can use it. To do this, you must become a participant in a unique affiliate program. After creating an account and authorization, you will find a unique referral link in your personal account. Use the resources available to you to spread it among people who may be interested in Mobile-Tracker: each user who will purchase the application by your link will bring you 20% of the payment amount.

Learn more about Mobile-Locator algorithms:

Tracking phones with physical SIM

Mobile-Tracker determines the location of the phones connected to the cellular network. The application is based on the use of triangulation of mobile towers, in combination with a number of unique technological solutions allows you to determine the geopolit of the target device with an accuracy of a square meter. Compatible with SIM cards of any mobile operators.

Track the geolocation of devices with ESIM

The same approach provides high-precision tracking of geolocation of devices connected to the network using a digital SIM card-flagship smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google and Huawei, some Smart hours and tablets. The geolocation of the subscriber tracked by the phone number is broadcast to the user’s personal account in real time.

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Telephone geolocation via satellite

At the moment, Mobile-Tracker is the only software that can provide access to geodatic customers of satellite operators. A fundamentally difference from the tracking of mobile subscribers is that when tracking from a satellite, target users do not fall into blind zones, their geoposition will be determined even in the most remote places.

Track contacts on a subscriber’s phone

Using access to the database of a mobile operator, the application duplicates in your personal account a complete list of contacts stored on the target SIM card. For each contact, all filled fields, attached photographs (if any), data on the date of creation of contact are copied. The list of contacts can be exported as CSV or XML table.

Lightning geotreking

The function allows you to track the geolocation of any subscriber added to the contact list in one click. Just press the “Fast Access” button near the contact of you interested in. The application will automatically create a new hacking session, count the cost of the first (it will be reduced), and upon completion of the installation of tracking will send you a notification.

Contacts nearby

The software uses the triangulation of mobile tower to track people whose phone numbers are in the list of contacts near the owner of the monitoring device. The radius of the scanned area can be adjusted, it can be from 100 square meters to 2 square kilometers.

Chronicle of movements

A chronicle of movements has similar functionality: here you can track the entire history of moving the target user in chronological order. In terms of Google Maps, the names of institutions, shopping centers and other public places, and then separately allocates in the chronicle a visit to these locations by a subscriber.

Time Machine

The tool makes it possible to track the location of the subscriber at a given moment in time. The application restores this information from the database of mobile operators. Operators obey the laws of storage of data that differ from the country to the country: as a rule, it is forbidden to store geodata customers for more than 365 days. This is the period of the Time Machine tool.

Track employees through the phone

The functionality of Mobile-Locator makes it an extremely useful tool for owners and business managers associated with logistics. The application broadcasts geodatic devices with high accuracy and without delay, regardless of the speed of their movement. This way you can always keep abreast of exactly where your employees are, and they will not be able to affect the display of their location.

Control of the schedule

A panel is available in the user’s personal account for the quick import of tables with a schedule of orders that you can export from your order management tool (it can process tables of any type and structure). The application will monitor the performance of the schedule, notify you of delays, collect and display data in the infographic for a certain period.

Optimal printing

Based on the pricing policy, the average price for tracking one employee is significantly reduced when creating each new session to monitor the movements of another employee. Now in one Mobile-Locator account you can create up to 5 sessions. To track more people, you can register another account, or contact our support service.

Global customer support

The Mobile-Locator team appreciates each client and pays special attention to the accuracy of functions and strives to constant maintenance.

User trust rating

According to a recent survey, it is such a number of customers who want to re.Use the service. We value these indicators.

Are there any applications or services through which the subscriber can find out that he has been installed surveillance?

No, such software does not exist. The fact is that Mobile-Locator does not interact with the device itself, and receives all the data from the operator.

Will I be able to save points on the map that are important in terms of subscriber activity?

Yes, you can save in the chosen any number of geometeles. If desired, you can also export these geometes to Google Maps or other cartographic services.

What happens when a new product update appears? Will this limit my access to the application during the installation of the update?

All Mobile-Locator updates are installed in the background. After buying a product, you will never lose the opportunity to use it. This is spelled out in the policy of using the web application.

Interested in buying a package for business, but noticed that the application does not provide for the opportunity to add more than 5 people to the team. How to fix it?

Yes, at the moment in one account can be open up to 5 sessions of geodata tracking. To increase their number, you can create a new account, or write to us in Support

Phone Lost or Stolen? Here’s What to Do!

Applications to find a person by the location of his phone

I must admit that there are a lot of such software. We will describe only some programs, because otherwise we will just drown. I hope this sample will help you.


The first of the applications we have chosen makes it possible to create a certain group (for example, children or kuier), whose members can see where everyone else is located, as well as their history

Find My Friends

A completely free application, which while being very easy to use, gives a lot of opportunities to track people by phone number. In addition, people who are included in the circle created by you will not only see each other, but also be able to correspond among themselves.

Life360: Be with your family

This is not a simple software, but a whole social cross.Platform system where you can create user groups and track their whereabouts. In addition, the application supports the messenger’s fuses, and also makes it possible to assess the condition of the battery on

Which is very important for parents is the ability to highlight locations, for example, a school, a house, work and so on. When entering or exiting it, the program will give you a signal.

The function of the alarm button is also very important. When the user who falls into a difficult situation presses it, then everyone included in his circle receives the appropriate message.

Sygic Family Locator

Recently, it would be possible to say that this program has nothing special, because everything was like everyone else: the SOS button, the GPS post of people by telephone number, the messenger-however, in the summer of 2016, the development company was committed not so much by the technological how much a marketer breakthrough: the program has learned to send to relatives data on the sorties and landings of aircraft, which, of course, is sometimes very important.


A very pleasant impression is made by the GEOLOCATOR application, which, in addition to tracking the movements of the child (or adult), can even turn into a radio-nun (that is, to carry out the feedback function) or the Internet. Separately, I would like to note the excellent work of the software support team.

Of course, there are spy programs to monitor the phone, but you must clearly realize that the use of such software is illegal and violates human rights. However, such applications can easily be found and purchased via the Internet.They perfectly hide, are not displayed in the system processes of gadgets, secretly collect data on the location of the subscriber and thus make it possible to find a person’s location by a mobile phone number.

Such applications include Talklog, Hellospy, “telephone surveillance”, but these are the most popular of them, in fact, there are much more of them. As we have already said, it is impossible to find this by viewing the installed programs, but some mobile antiviruses can do it.

Phone search apps

In addition to staffing, there are also separate applications that can be found in Google Play. This became possible thanks to the open code of the Android operating system.

After installation, it will be necessary to open the rights to things such as access to location, contacts, SMS, camera, and sometimes some others. Say that it is completely safe and anonymous, difficult. Therefore, I personally prefer to use the full.Time tools of operating systems.

Nevertheless, among applications that have proven themselves, you can call Lost Android, Seekdroid and Wheres My Droid.

These applications will give not only the opportunity to find a smartphone, but also remotely manage many of its functions. And if it was stolen and unlocked, attackers may not guess that a similar software has been installed on the smartphone. For example, Lost Android is disguised, changing the image of its icon to the picture of the notebook, and the name is on Personal notes.

Seekdroid, in turn, proposes to use Breadcrumb technology (loafy crumbs). Thanks to her, the lost (or stolen) phone will constantly send its location to the server with an accuracy of several meters. As a result, you can track how it moved.

Determination of coordinates through messengers

Such social networks, messengers as. Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram can determine geolocation. With the permission of the owner and the provision of access to them, you can find out about his coordinates.

There are software that determine the geopolization of the device that does not require the consent of its owner. A simple layman will not be able to detect their simple, as they work hidden in the background with automatic collection and transmission of information.

The step.By.Step instructions describe in detail the stages of how to establish software so that it is imperceptibly.

Hidden surveillance contradicts the law, may be punishable up to criminal prosecution.

The same reminder is present in the guidelines for installing tracking programs.

Most software were developed for androids for the purpose of:

  • Find the lost phone,
  • Determine the location of the stolen mobile device,
  • Monitor the route,
  • Determine where, when the SIM card was replaced,
  • Determine geolocation and call time,
  • For archiving the magazine calls, correspondence, photo.

Later, after the creation and implementation, they began to be used to track.

Phone search apps

If for some reason you do not want to use the full-time search tools or you need additional functionality, you should pay attention to third-party applications to track phone. Often they are not free and work on a subscription board. However, it should be so. Otherwise, it is worth considering why the developers of such a useful application suddenly turned out to be so generous.

Sometimes you need to look not only a phone, but also a person

And they will also store all your data necessary to search for a phone on their server. It is worth thinking about it too. After all, someone will always be aware of your location. Be sure to carefully read the confidentiality policy before registration if you decide to use a third.Party application.

How to find out where family members are located

Again, before determining the location of another person, even a family member, it is worth finding out from him if he will be against. It should be at least aware of the tracking of its location.

Life360: Family locator, GPS tracker. A free application intended for families allows you to track where all your family members are located, determining the location of their phones. Thus, even if one of the participants loses his phone or something happens to him, others can instantly find out where he is.

This will be useful not only in the city, but also on the campaign, when something can happen to a person and you will have to come to his aid. However, to send the location, you will need to connect to the network, which can not often be found in the forest or in the mountains, but sometimes it will be much easier to find a person.

Phone protection application

Cerberus Phone Security created to prevent data from a stolen phone. If you are worried that your phone will steal or you will lose it, and someone will pick it up, Cerberus may be the best application for you.

It offers many security functions that allow you to get remote access to a lost or stolen device. You can turn on the sound signal, erase the data, block the device and even take photos from the front chamber to detect thieves.

This application can also be used as a family locator with various functions for adults and children. It is not free, but, as I said above, it should be. Otherwise, movement data can be used against you.

Where’s My Droid. Appendix for finding a phone

Where’s My Droid. Free application (but with paid functions) to search for your phone. He allows you to look for your device, send a command to make a sound, take a photograph of the area, track the location by GPS, set a password and, in the most extreme case, wash all the data.

This is a powerful tool, but not completely free.

Please note that most of these functions are available only for paid participants, so you will probably have to spend some money to get the maximum return from this application.