How to transfer a photo from a computer to iPhone

Various methods of transmitting photos on the iPhone with Windows PC or Mac easily

“How to transfer photos from a computer to iPhone 6?»There are many people asking such questions on the Internet. And you may have the same problem, and you will try to find a simple way to import photos in your iPhone X // 7/6/5 or iPad from Windows10/8/7 or Mac OS X. Here you can find many ways to copy your photos from a computer to iOS devices, just check now!

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PC file transfer to iPhone [best way]

In the first part, we would like to recommend an easy.To.Use tool IOS, Fonetrans for transmitting all types of iOS data, including photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, notes, calendars, Safari, Electronic Books, Call Journal, etc. D. Between iPhone / iPad / iPod and PC / Mac.

  • Transferring files from PC to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch one mouse click.
  • Support for all frequently used iOS data, such as photographs, music, contacts, messages, notes, videos, voice mail, e.Books and much more.
  • Transmission of various iOS files between iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, Mac and PC.
  • Control and copy files from the old iPhone / iPad to a new iOS device.
  • Compatibility with all models of iOS devices, such as iPhone 12/11 / x / 8, iPad pro / air / mini, and all versions of iOS, such as iOS 15/14/13.

Double.Click the Windows loading button above, and then follow the instructions for free installation and launch of this iOS data on your PC. If you want to transfer files from Mac to the iPhone, here you should choose a version for Mac. Now you will be invited to connect your device to it.

Connect your iPhone to PC using Lightning cable. Now you need to unlock the iPhone, tape Trust and enter access code to establish a connection.

When Fonetrans recognizes your iPhone, some basic information about this iPhone, such as the iPhone name, type, capacity, free space, free space, IOS version and much more, will be displayed in the integration.

As you can see, all types of iOS files are listed in categories such as “photography”, “music”, “video”, “contacts”, “messages” and “other” on the left panel. You can also press a tool box to get more useful tools.

To transfer files from PC to the iPhone, you can click a specific type of data on the left, and then click add the icon to copy the data from your computer to it.Fonetrans also allows you to transfer iPhone files to PC. Just select all the data you want to move, and then click on the PC icon.

Using this IOS data, you can easily move files from PC to iPhone. Some files of unsupported format can be converted, and then transferred to the iPhone. Over, this allows you to directly access the iPhone files on PC, easily control and edit various data.

Option for iTunes version 10.0 and below

Let’s consolidate these simple actions to short descriptive video.

How to transmit books from a computer to iPhone or iPad using iTunes

The case is a little different with books. We have already described in detail three different applications for reading books on iPhone and iPad, this is iBooks, Bookmate and Aitchek. Go on the relevant links to get detailed information about this process.

Download and install the latest version of ifunbox.

transfer, photo, computer, iphone

Open the program and connect the iPhone or iPad to a computer. In order for ifunbox to see your device on the computer must be installed iTunes.

The device will be determined in the program and you can throw off absolutely any files on it using iPhone or iPad like a flash drive.

Throw off the files that you need to “transfer” to the “General Storage” folder.

A very convenient solution that can help out at the most crucial moment. For example, there are no flash drives at hand, but you need to throw off an important file with a “weight” in a few gigabytes. Not by mail to send. Iphone or iPad, coupled with IFunbox, copes with this task perfectly. The files are not damaged and are thrown away safely and safe.

Users who made Jailbreak their devices were lucky. Thanks to the huge selection of Cydia tweaks to work with the file system, they can unpack files using special managers, download files from Safari and much more. A striking example of such a tweak is Ifile file manager. With other useful tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the installed jailbreak, you can familiarize yourself with this link.

How to transfer video from PC to iPhone via Google photo

Google has developed an application for exchanging multimedia files called Google Photos. The application allows users to store photos, videos, documents and much more so that they have a backup copy of important data from any device that they use. But you can also use it to transmit video on iPhone. Please note that you must use the same Google account to have free access to the video on your device that you moved, copied or handed over to Google a photo. Below are steps to transfer video from PC to iPhone using the application.

PC posting steps from PC to iPhone via Google

Step 2 then search and go to Google photo. After that, click the button button in the upper right corner.

Step 3 then, click the computer in the opening menu.

Step 4 After that start choosing a video you want to upload in Google photo. And click on open the option. Then he will start uploading the video.

Step 5 When the loading process is completed, open the Google photo application on your iPhone. Then enter the Google account you used to download a video from a computer. And it’s all!

So, this is how you can transfer your photos from PC to iPhone using Google photo.

How to Transfer From Computer to iPhone. No iTunes (Fastest Way)

Transfer of photos from iPhone to PC using auto.Launch

You can import photos from iPhone to a computer by connecting a computer to a computer and using Windows Photo Gallery. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer. ITUNES 12 is required to import photos on the computer.5.1 or later version. Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and unlock the iPhone using a password. Click “Trust” or “allow” to continue if the IOS device appears on the IOS device to “believe this computer”.

I import photos from the iPhone on PC using auto.Sales (for Windows 7 users)

Connect your iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. Click “Import images and videos using Windows” when an autoron window appears on the desktop. If the auto starting window does not appear, go to the “computer” and click with the right mouse button on the iPhone device. Select “import photos and videos”.

Select the “Import Parameters” link and click the “review” button next to “import images B” to select your destination.

transfer, photo, computer, iphone

Click OK to import photos from a computer.

Synchronize photos from the iPhone on PC using the auto.Launch function (for Windows 8 users)

Enter PC and click on the iPhone with the right mouse button to select “Image Image and Video”.

Select “Viewing, Straining and Grouping Elements for Import” at the first import of IPhone images. Or click “Import new elements now” if you imported photos from your iPhone. Then click “Next”.

Want to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone? 2 Methods For You! [iOS 15 Supported]

The “Additional Parameters” link can help you choose the folder in which you want to import photos and videos from the iPhone. Click OK, and then “Next” after choosing a folder.

Select photos you want to postpone and click the “Imp” button.

Transfer of photos from iPhone to PC using auto.Sales (for Windows 10 users)

The “Photos” application added by Microsoft allows users to easily transfer photos from iPhone to a computer with Windows 10.

Connect the iPhone to Windows 10 via a USB cable and run the photo “Photo” on the computer.

Click the “Import” button in the upper right corner of the “Photography” interaction. Select photos that you want to import and click “Import” to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10.

How to place photos from a computer on iPhone with iCloud

Step 1 The first thing you need to do is go to the ICloud website from the browser and enter your Apple ID.

transfer, photo, computer, iphone

Step 2 Press the photo icon when you go to the icloud website. This can take some boot time depending on the size of your photo library.

Step 3 after you gained access to your photographs library, eat an option in the upper right corner of the page. Click on it and find photos on your computer that you want to add to your iPhone. Click open / select and they will be uploaded to your library ICloud photos.

Step 4 That’s all. Uploaded photos will also appear soon in the photo application of your iPhone.

The aforementioned method is also available for people who want to know how to transfer the image from Mac to iPhone.

How to download a photo from a computer on iPhone via cord via iTunes

If you do not go beyond standard software, then the only option is meant how to throw a photo from a computer to the iPhone through the cord from charging. Use itunes. Before copying, the manufacturer recommends updating the program to the latest version.

Then connect the smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. At this stage, the iPhone can be blocked, so enter the password if you need. In addition, the telephone OS can show a notification with the question of whether it is worth trusting PC.

Important condition: Before downloading photos from iPhone to a computer via iTunes, make sure that synchronization is disabled on the apparatus by means of the cloud service of icloud. Only one of these tools can be used at the same time.

transfer, photo, computer, iphone

When the smartphone is determined by the program, click on the device icon. In the list that appears in the settings section, click in the photo.

After including synchronization (checkmark at the very beginning of the section), a choice of source will appear. By default, it is proposed to take pictures from the photo program, you can upload all available photos or select individual albums and limit yourself to them. If desired, you can also upload videos, filter only selected or select files created at a certain time (for example, not older than a week).

An alternative option on how to transfer a photo from a computer to iPhone via iTunes. Switch to the use of folders with images as source.

In this case, there are no full.Fledged albums, the invested catalogs (only the first level of investment) will be considered as them). Therefore, it is recommended to collect all loaded pictures and folders with them in one common folder. This option is great for how to download a photo from iPhone to a computer via a cord in Windows 7 and Mac OS.

As a final action, how to transfer a photo from a computer to the iPhone, you need to click on “apply”. Copying of data will begin. At the end of synchronization, you can disconnect the device.

Frequently asked questions postponing photos from PC to iPad

Does the transfer of photos from PC on iPad affect the quality of images affect?

It can be yes or no, because it depends on which method of transmission will affect the quality of your images.

Can I move the folder with photos from PC to iPad?

Of course it is possible! Using Fonetrans for iOS, which was mentioned above, you can not only selectively transmit or copy photos or just choose images, there is an option when you click the “Add” button, you select “Add the File” or “Add folder”. When you press the “Add File” button, all images in the selected folder will also be added to your “Photo on iPad” application.

Summing up, these are the 6 best tested methods that you can use if you want to transfer your photos from PC to iPad. In addition, you can definitely rely on these methods, because we have chosen the best approaches to your problem. However, among these methods, this tool is notable for its functions and better performance. Fonetrans for iOS. But even in this case, the decision will always be yours.

With Fonetrans for iOS, you can freely transfer your data from the iPhone to a computer. You can not only transmit iPhone text messages to a computer, but also easy to transfer photos, videos and contacts to PC.