How to transfer applications from your phone to your phone

Transferring contacts from your old burner phone

With smartphones, it’s clear. there are plenty of transfer utilities in the app store, and some devices have them built right into the system. But what if you want to transfer your data from an old-fashioned push-button phone??

Photos, videos and music can be transferred to the new smartphone via computer or via Bluetooth. And it’s a little more complicated with contacts, especially if there are a lot of them. you can’t sync them with your Google “account” anymore and you can’t transfer them via CLONEit.

However, some smartphones have this useful feature that allows you to transfer contacts from a regular “dialer”. The main thing is that it must at least support Bluetooth. Using the Honor 9 as an example, here’s how you transfer your notebook:

On the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

Press twice more, find the device you want in the list of Bluetooth devices, and connect to it.

Press the “Transfer” button and wait a few seconds.

Using APK Extractor

APK Extractor is specifically designed to “pack” and send apps. It’s completely free. The procedure is as follows:

  • Select what you want to send. from the list. Press and hold until the menu appears.
  • In the menu, click on “Send APK”.
  • In the delivery methods, you need to send the app via Bluetooth. There are more options, which can be useful in other cases.
  • Before you transfer via Bluetooth app, enable wireless and discovery on both smartphones: first on yours, then on the other. APK Extractor will scan the network and show a second gadget. Select it.
  • On the second gadget you need to acknowledge receipt of the file.
  • Open received file. If the system refuses to install the file, you need to allow programs from third-party sources in the settings.

How to transfer files from internal memory to SD card

To improve the performance of your Android phone, it is not recommended to store too many files in the internal memory. Well, you should also keep your C drive clean so that your computer runs fast. Android phone running OS 4.0 and later versions support transferring data to your SD card. Just check the maximum capacity of the microSD card your phone or tablet supports.

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Step 1 Open the “My Files” app. If you can’t find such an app to manage your files, you can download it from Google Play Store.

Step 2 Tap Internal Storage or Storage Device to access all your files and folders stored on your Android phone.

transfer, applications, your, phone

Step 3 Browse and find the files that you want to transfer to the SD card. For example, you can open DCIM folder to move photos and videos to your SD card.

2 Ways To Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone 2021

Step 4 Long press the file or folder until it is marked. Then select Move from the three Menu points.

Step 5 Select SD Card or MicroSD, Select a destination folder on your SD card. You can also create a new folder to save the transferred files.

Step 6 Click Done or OK move the internal memory to the SD card.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone. And even apps

Yesterday I switched to the iPhone for the first time in many years. I’ll talk more about my experience with this smartphone, but for now I’ll focus on the first steps I had to take on iOS. Despite the fact that I haven’t cheated on my iPad since 2011 and use a Mac as my only computer for work and household tasks, I haven’t had an iPhone. I preferred it to the Android phones, which I change every 1.5-2 years and, in general, did not know the problem. Thankfully the transfer from Android to Android has always been easy and uncomplicated. But here’s what it’s like to move from Android to iOS?

transfer, applications, your, phone

Transferring data from Android to iOS isn’t that hard

To start using the iPhone, I had to transfer data from Android to iOS. To do this, there are a lot of applications that seem to make a backup on one smartphone, and then play it back on the other. Apple has it too. It’s called “Transfer to iOS.”. That’s what I used. Anticipating the fact that you should also choose this, because it is the only one that allows you to transfer applications from Android to iOS.

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Programs and apps for transferring data

At the moment there is an extensive list of different programs that allow you to perform the data transfer in automatic mode. One of them is Easy Backup. Specializes in transferring contacts anywhere by sending a file to email, the cloud or a memory card. CLONEit. Batch Copy All Data is a good app to help you transfer SMS, MMS, contacts, programs and other files. Users have not identified any significant disadvantages in the course of their work. The main tasks of transferring data safely and securely are handled perfectly. If for some reason you have deleted SMS, read how to recover deleted SMS on Android.

Transferring information to Huawei

Applications are not the only factor that can cause the internal memory of the smartphone to be full. So, users often forget that the files downloaded from the Internet to your phone Huawei, photos and recorded video are also stored in internal memory. The problem with the lack of space on the internal drive can be solved by transferring the multimedia to the SD card.

This is done by using the standard “Explorer” application on your smartphone or third-party tools in Play Market, such as Total Commander.

Transfer contacts from one Android phone to another

The first and easiest way to transfer contacts from Android to Android is to back up your data on your SIM card. To do this:

  • Open the “Contacts” application.
  • Go to “Options”, then select “Settings”.
  • Click on “Import/export contacts.”.
  • Select “Export,” and choose your SIM card as the storage for the file you’re creating.

Now you’ll need to insert this SIM card into your new phone and go to the “Import/export contacts” menu in the same way, but instead of exporting, select import. Select the SIM card as the source for the import, and the data will be instantly downloaded to the phone.

The second way. using your Google account. To do this, you need to:

  • Log in to your Google account on your smartphone.
  • In your account settings, go to “Backup”.
  • Go down, select “Google Account Data”.

Here you need to put a checkmark next to “Contact data” and, if necessary, you can select other data to copy. documents, calendar, tables, etc.д.

To move your contacts to your new Android phone, all you have to do now is turn it on and sign in to your Google account. the system will do the rest automatically.

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Can I transfer my apps between my Android phone and iPhone

Thanks to rapid advances in technology, it’s much easier than ever to move your photos, contacts, calendars, music, and accounts from your old Android device to your new. However, have you ever wanted to move your apps between your Android phone and iPhone? This excerpt discusses how to move your apps from one mobile platform to another. Depending on the difference between the source and target platforms, the detailed steps will differ slightly. Read the article for more details.

I want to transfer my notes from Android to another Android

One of the best things about having an Android phone you can take notes and save them to an app as a reminder or to keep track of your thoughts and ideas.

The thing is, some Android phones don’t have a standard notes app, but you can choose a notes app. Some have important appointments and save important information, such as the date, time and location of the meeting, with a notes app.

Reasons for transferring notes: from Android to Android

There are several reasons why people want to transfer their notes from one phone to another. First, other users who bought a new phone and want to transfer necessary information saved on their old phones, including notes. Some people simply transfer their saved notes to their friends’ phones to share links and websites.

transfer, applications, your, phone

Notes. they are saved information and you may need to back them up. And this is a frequent reason why most users prefer to transfer important information from the notes app to the other phone.

You may be wondering how to transfer those notes from Android to another Android? Ok ! The answer is in this article, and I’ll share with you which is the best method to use to transfer notes.