How to transfer apps to another phone

How to transfer photos from Android to Android quickly and easily

Transferring photos between phones, especially between two Android phones, is probably nothing new to you. You may well have previously shared photos with others, but you can do it more efficiently and easily. You may need to transfer photos from one phone to another for a variety of reasons.

  • Switching to a new Android phone. Now that you have a new phone, you may want or really want to transfer all the important and memorable photos from your previous phone to your new one.
  • To back up and archive your favorite and important photos as preparation for an unforeseen loss. This is absolutely necessary because you are protecting yourself from the possibility of losing the memories you captured in each photo, or the relevant information you saved in your gallery.
  • Share the photos on your phone with others who would like them too.

Regardless of the reason why you want to transfer photos from your Android phone to another, it is important that you know how to do it. Learn how to transfer photos from Android to Android in such a quick and efficient way with the tools and solutions below.

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Will you be able to move your apps to the memory card

It is important to understand that not all devices provide this possibility. There is no list of models that support transfer. To find out if your device belongs to them, you just need to try moving apps to the card. The process is reversible and uncomplicated.

Also, even if your gadget allows you to do the transfer, you won’t be able to do it with all the apps. Some games and programs only allow you to move some of your data to the card, and many don’t support transfer at all.

Restore your data to a new smartphone

If the new smartphone is not activated

Turn on your new smartphone and follow the Setup Wizard. Select the language and region and connect to the Network.

The wizard will offer to transfer your data to your new smartphone. Click “Next” and select the “Copy from Cloud Storage” option.

Enter your Google username and password, and accept the license agreement.

Select the desired backup from the list and, if necessary, enter the password from your old smartphone. Specify exactly what you want to migrate, and click “Restore”.

Continue to follow the wizard. The restore will run in the background.

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When the setup of the new smartphone is finished, wait 10 minutes: Android will install all the apps from the old device.

If your new smartphone is activated

Assume that your smartphone has already been switched on. For example, the consultant at the store showed it to you. In this case, there are two options.

Open “Settings” → “System” → “Advanced Settings” → “Reset Settings”. If there is no “Advanced Settings” option, select “Reset Settings” directly from the “System” menu.

Select “Delete all data” → “Reset phone settings”. Wait for the device to reboot.

Now follow all the items from the previous instruction with the setup wizard.

If you do not want to reset anything, go to Settings → Accounts (or Users & Accounts or Synchronization). Click “Add account” at the bottom of the screen. Choose a type of Google account.

Enter your smartphone password, if needed, and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to enter your email address and your Google Account password.

From the “Settings” → “Accounts” menu, select the Google Account you have added. Click on it.

Make sure there are check marks next to all the data types you want. If they are missing somewhere, put them in.

Press “” → “Synchronize”. Wait for the synchronization to finish. This will transfer your contacts, mail, and calendar to your new smartphone, but not your apps.

To copy them, open Google Play and click on the icon with three horizontal lines at the top left. Open “My apps and games.

Click on the “Library” tab and install your apps manually.

How to transfer passwords from Android to Android

The autofill feature is a relatively recent Android innovation. It’s unclear why, but for a long time Google has consistently ignored this feature. So when it finally decided to implement it, users cheered. Of course, because now they have the option of not having to enter their authorization data manually every time they want to visit the site or app, but simply confirming their completion with biometrics. The other thing is that in the past autofill worked only on one device, and now it is possible to synchronize logins and passwords between different devices.

Android has learned to sync authorization data for autofill between different devices

Last week Google began rolling out a service update to Google Play, which included a mechanism for syncing logins and passwords from an autofill tool on Android. Thanks to it, users can exchange their account credentials between several devices that they own, and conveniently log in to websites and applications using the same login-password pair, without re-saving.

How to transfer apps to Huawei smartphones without Google Play

Despite the fact that Huawei has long and quite successfully developed AppGallery, it is still unable to compete with Google Play. After all, the range of Google’s own app store has grown so much over the years that even the App Store will be difficult to compete with it, not to mention all the others. But while Apple’s catalog has all the major apps that most people use, the AppGallery suffers from a lack of obvious demand leaders like Telegram, WhatsApp. Instagram and others. But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to get them.

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AppGallery doesn’t contain many popular apps, but that’s no problem

If you’ve been using Android for any length of time, you probably know that the easiest way to download an app you don’t officially have access to is by downloading an APK file. An effective process, but in my opinion, not the most convenient. After all, besides the obvious risk of stumbling upon malware, you’re also clogging up your device with an installation component that almost no one deletes after the actual installation. You can end up with so many of them that they take up a fair chunk of your storage space. That’s why I’m suggesting an alternative way.

transfer, apps, another, phone

Easily transfer any app from Android to Android via Bluetooth

Mobile app marketplace. It’s a fast-paced and brutal place where everything seems to be changing. Apps come and go faster than you can download them, sometimes even literally. For example, that’s what happened to me and the “bunny” app, which allows you to watch any online movie with friends from around the world. It was fast, reliable and completely free and came in handy during the pandemic, when staying in touch even from afar was crucial.

However, when the time came to buy a new phone, I was surprised to find that the app I liked so much was no longer available. So, I had to find a way to migrate it from the old Android to the new. Luckily, it is possible, and you don’t even need to engage any other machines; in fact, you can do it using Bluetooth on your Android.

How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone

I know my case is not unique, and there are many people who want to transfer an app from one Android to another either because it can no longer be downloaded, it is not available in their country, or they need an older version of the app than the one available online.

So, without further ado, here’s how to transfer apps from one Android device to another using Bluetooth. And before we forget, if you have an iPhone and suffer from a similar problem, here’s the solution.


How to transfer Android files with Fonelab Hypertrans

Here’s the solution to easily transfer data from any Android phone to another Android phone or even an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. FoneLab HyperTrans is a versatile software that you can use for pictures, videos, music, messages, contacts and almost any file transfer between Android, iOS and computer. You can easily transfer many Android files from Android to Android. You can also use this program to transfer files from PC to Android.

Transfer data from iPhone, Android, iOS, computer to any place without any loss.

  • Move files between your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android.
  • Import files from iOS to iOS or Android to Android.
  • Transfer files from your iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android to your computer.
  • Save files from your computer to your iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android.
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Step 1 Download and install FoneLab HyperTrans on your computer.

Step 2 After installation, launch the program.

Step 3 While the program is running, connect both Android phones to your computer.

Step 4 After that, allow both phones to Transfer files.

Step 5 After that both phones will be recognized by FoneLab HyperTrans.

Step 6 Select one Android phone model as the device to import at the top of the panel.

Step 7 After that, select the specific Android file that you are going to transfer. Select the type of data in the left pane, and then check everything you want to transfer in the right preview window.

Step 8 When all the Android files for transfer are marked, tap the Phone to communicate icon and click the target Android device to start the process.

[Solution] 3 Ways to send an app to another phone

For various reasons, you will need to send the app to another phone. You can easily share many types of data, such as messages, photos, songs, and more, through iTunes or some of the transfer apps available on the Google Play Store. And you can send the app to other iOS devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod with sync. But how to do it? Do you know how to send an app to another phone?

The truth is, if you’re using an Android phone, you may find it difficult to transfer apps from one Android phone to another. Even when it comes to sending an app to another iPhone, you may not know how to do it.

With that in mind, this post shows effective ways 3 to help you send the app to another phone. If you want to share an app from Android to Android, from Android to iPhone, or from iPhone to iPhone, you can easily do your.

Transferring apps to Android 2.2

Let’s say that you have an old smartphone with version 2.2. What to do in this case?

Go to your Android settings, click on “apps“. The system will display a list of all applications installed on your smartphone. We are only interested in those that are transferred to the map. They will be displayed in the internal memory tab of the phone. Now click on each app, select “Transfer to SD card”.

transfer, apps, another, phone

The time needed for a complete migration depends on the parameters of your phone and also on the size of the application itself. Please keep in mind that some apps and games may be copied with cache which may take a while.