How to transfer charging from your phone to your phone

Third-party chargers: avoid cheap options

Having read the article up to this point, you might have thought that third-party accessories can’t harm gadgets at all (unless we’re talking about wearable electronics with wireless chargers), and therefore you can buy a Chinese three amp tablet charger for a couple of dollars right now. But this would be a bad idea: the quality of non-original devices ranges from garbage to better than the original. And it’s definitely not worth chasing after cheapness: it’s cheap power supplies and USB cables that often cause fires due to overheating, short circuits or exploding capacitors.

Slightly different situation with Apple gadgets. The Apple company remains the only major player on the market that has never adopted the USB standard in its mobile gadgets. Instead, Apple uses a Lightning connector with the distinctive feature of a mandatory chip. This includes the most common cables: the information recorded in a special chip guarantees that you are using an original or manufacturer-certified accessory.

And if you insert one of the cheap Chinese cables into your iPhone, you are likely to see a message like this:

Apple’s similar attitude toward third-party accessories doesn’t appeal to all owners of its devices, but it noticeably reduces the risk of undesirable consequences from using no-name chargers and cables. However, methods of circumventing Apple’s protection are improving almost faster than the protection itself, so you still shouldn’t neglect the rules described above.

Activate it on your Samsung cell phone

The reality is that using reverse wireless charging. A feature that can be very useful to Samsung smartphone users. Mainly because it will allow you to share the battery with another device, whether yours or someone else’s. Of course, it must be compatible with the type of wireless charging to make it work and prevent the other person from running out of power.

  • Log into your phone‘s settings.
  • Enter the Service and Battery Section of your Samsung.
  • Click Battery.
  • Click Sharing Wireless Charging.
  • Turn the switch that appears at the top.
  • Enable the function by clicking on the switch that appears, with which we can share the battery with another device.

By following the previous steps, you can use your cell phone to transfer power to another. In addition, the same section in which we managed to activate this technology on our mobile device tells us how we should place said terminals or any other gadget so that we can use this method in the best way.

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One of the great advantages of this same menu is that it allows us to set the limit percentage of our smartphone’s battery that we are going to share. In addition, there is usually a default limit, but we can always change it depending on our needs. To do this, all you have to do is click that percentage and select the one you want to transfer to another device.

Which smartphones can be charged using this system?

The functionality of this technology is limited to those South Korean devices that are compatible with Qi WPC wireless charging. So, we can find it Galaxy S series models from the S6. As well as the Note models of the Note 5 are compatible.

Therefore, apart from these terminals, the Asian firm itself can not guarantee the compatibility of this technology with devices from other manufacturers. However, in principle, there should be no problem as long as the Qi technology among its components.

How to activate reverse charging on OPPO cell phones

Reverse charging. One of those technologies that are added to more and more mobile devices. The same goes for reverse wireless charging. Today, there are several OPPO smartphones that have this first option. However, not all cell phones from the Asian company can power any phone without the use of any cable.

Also, when using this technology, OPPO was not one of the first manufacturers to use it and start the adventure by adding it to their smartphones. But, as we’ve already said, this feature is available in almost all of its new cell phones released today. That’s why we’ll explain how to activate reverse charging with a cable and wirelessly. And we explain exactly what it consists of and how to use it correctly in your terminal.

transfer, charging, your, phone

Charging iPhone From S10 :))) Thank you Samsung!

How to turn on reverse charging on Samsung

Reverse charging is the phone‘s ability to charge other devices that support wireless charging. Example, we have headphones or a watch that can charge wirelessly and a phone that supports reverse charging. We can charge the headphones if we put them on the back of our phone. So the phone acts as a kind of power banka.

Some Samsung flagship phones support this technology, which can be used to charge other smartphones or wearable devices. Usually these are the flagships of recent years, such as the Galaxy S20, S21, Note 20, etc. In this article I will tell you how to turn on reverse charging on Samsung.

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How to charge the phone battery without charging

There are quite a few different, unusual ways to charge your smartphone. These methods are better used in extreme situations, as the use of such methods is often the result of battery failure. But what can you do if you are in the woods, where, of course, do not sell chargers, but the phone must be urgently charged? Even if you have a charger, you can’t plug it in anywhere. In such a situation, you need to apply some of these options.

transfer, charging, your, phone

Unusual methods to charge the battery of your smartphone

  • Let’s try to crush the battery. You can tap it against a tree trunk. Also, some people bite the battery a little. But, this method is used when you don’t really need the battery since it can get damaged and cannot absorb a charge anymore;
  • If you are going outdoors, I suggest buying a solar battery charger. In this case I think it’s a good solution!
  • Try heating the battery. You have to put it on any object, but only a warm one. You have to make sure that the battery does not start to melt. When you heat the battery, there will be a chemical process inside it that will add about 10% to it. Of course, this is not a panacea, but it can help you in a difficult situation or trouble;
  • You can also bang the battery on a heavy surface. This will also help run some of the chemical process inside it and the battery will charge up to 10%. This capacity of energy may be enough to make the right call. Of course, this will not be able to surf the Internet, but to call the right person the energy is enough;
  • In addition, you can try to charge it with a lemon. Take your charger (if you have one) and plug it into the two halves of a lemon. The phone should charge a few percent, which should be enough for one important call.

Can I charge my smartphone from my computer?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of legends and scare stories about it. Some people write on forums that the body after such manipulations, and then could not start, had to contact the service center.

But these are isolated cases and can be caused by absolutely different factors (power surges, static charge build-up on the case of the system unit, etc.).д.).

If you compare the speed of charging the battery, it is ideal to use the original charger which comes with the device. This approach guarantees maximum compatibility and compliance with the voltages, currents, which allows you to charge faster and better.

But suddenly there is no such a possibility? Then feel free to use the cable/computer combination and nothing bad will happen. But it is better to connect to USB 3.0 (if available, it is marked in blue), which will speed up the procedure many times over:

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Just do not get carried away, because experiments prove. too frequent supply of a weak current can eventually reduce the nominal battery capacity, and the phone will run down faster.

How to teach iPhone or any other smartphone to charge wirelessly?

Nothing complicated. Buy an antenna with a Lightning connector (or microUSB/USB-C for Android smartphones), plug it in, and use it!

The differences from the original Samsung or Lumia charger are minimal. the factory charger is built into the back cover (wall of the case) of the smartphone. A purchased antenna will need to be fixed. It is possible to glue, but it will be more reliable to hide it behind a case.

Of course you will need a charger that supports Qi wireless charging.

Can you charge your phone with the charger from your tablet? In general, the situation is completely similar. However, you need to understand that the phone is unlikely to take the maximum number of amps that the charger provides from the tablet, although it may charge a little faster than the native charger.

Simply turn on the “PowerShare Wireless Charging” option on the notification panel, then place the other device in the center of the Note10/Note10 so that they are touching the back panels. Disconnect the devices when enough charge has been transferred, or wait until the other device is fully charged.

The first and most common way is to use a special USB. OTG cord. For this the device must support the OTG function. You can check for support through the application OTG Troubleshooter. In theory, most modern phones (starting with Android 2.3) support this technology.

Next, you need to connect the USB. OTG cable to the gadget from which the other phone will charge. Then we plug the back end of the USB. OTG into the socket of the discharged phone.

Done. Now your smartphone will start charging automatically. The main drawback of this method is slow charging. For example, 5% of the charge of a dead smartphone can take 15-20 minutes to “top up”. To charge one smartphone from another at 100% is not possible.To the second one also runs out of power in parallel.