How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor completely

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor. a question that interests many people. Especially this problem becomes relevant if you have changed your mobile device to a new one and do not want to lose the information contained in the phone. Below we will look at what ways you can use not to lose the necessary data.

How to transfer iPhone contacts to Samsung step by step instructions

Have decided to change the device and are wondering how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung? Since the work of two different operating systems is based on accounts in different services, this procedure is more complicated and takes more time than it does between phones with the same firmware. Our tips will help you quickly and easily cope with this procedure and transfer all data without loss.

How to Use Samsung Smart Switch (to Transfer Contacts, Messages, Photos, etc, between Smartphones)

How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung via Smart Switch Mobile?

This app is specifically designed by Samsung to solve the problem of data transfer. Users can freely transfer contacts, music, photos, calendar, messages, app data, call logs and documents with it. All data from the old device will be transferred very quickly.

How to transfer contacts and documents from Samsung to Samsung

If you own a Samsung Galaxy or S edge, you don’t need to download the app because this transfer function is already installed by the developer. Tap Settings = Backup & Reset or Cloud & Accounts, then tap Open Smart Switch. If that doesn’t work, install the app on both phones.

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How to transfer contacts from android to android (Samsung)

Launch Smart Switch on both devices. You can choose to connect via USB or Wi-Fi. If you have an external USB port (USB OTG cable), try using it. Connect the external port to the charging jack on the new device and connect it to the old device with the cable.

If you don’t have a cable and an external port, then use the wireless method. Choose Android device and press start. Then take the old device and press Send, remembering to click Accept on the new Samsung phone.

After a while the connection will be established between the devices. The old Samsung will display the files to transfer. Select Contacts and press Send they will be transferred to your new phone.

However, Samsung Smart Switch Mobile has one significant limitation you cannot select certain contacts. The app is suitable for transferring all data, but cannot be used if you need to transfer only some of it.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile transports any data to Samsung

Another way to transfer contacts between Samsung smartphones is to use the program “Samsung Smart Switch Mobile”. Using it will allow you to transfer your contacts without using unnecessary cables.

  • Install the program on both Samsung phones;
  • Put phones no more than 10 cm far away from each other;
  • Launch the program on both devices, and select “Android Device” on each one;
  • Select ” Sending Device ” on the old device, and ” Receiving Device ” on the new one;
  • Initiate the connection by pressing ” Connect ” on one of the phones;
  • When both devices connect to each other, the list of data types to copy will be displayed. Select ” Contacts “;
  • Then tap on ” Transfer ” just below to start the transfer procedure;
  • Click on “Ok” just below to complete the copying process.
  • Click on the “Backup” tab in ColorNote.
  • Choose to authorize via email or
  • Enter your password and start synchronization.
  • On your computer, install ColorNote in the BlueStacks environment.
  • Data is automatically transferred between devices.

Tap here if your device has Android 8, 7, 6, 5

  • Open the Contacts application.
  • Click Options, it may look like the three dots at the top right.
  • Touch Manage contacts.
  • Tap Contacts.
  • Select Import/export contacts.
  • Choose Export (Export to SD card).
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How to copy contacts from your Samsung mobile phone to your SIM card

After buying a new Samsung smartphone, we may be concerned about transferring the phonebook from the old device to the new one. Of course, you can transfer contacts one at a time, but if you have a large number of contacts, the process may take longer. In this case it will be optimal to write the existing numbers to the SIM. And from there transfer them to the new gadget. Here is how to copy all your contacts from a Samsung cell phone to the SIM card. Let’s also describe the procedure of this operation.

There are several ways to transfer the phonebook and other information from one device to another. You can do it using the “Import/Export” tool built into the Android operating system, Google Drive cloud storage or a third-party application. Let’s look at each of ways in details.

The fastest and simplest way to transfer information. copying data to SIM-card. To do this you need to:

  • Open Contacts. through the menu or using the hotkey on the main panel;
  • Select the “Import/Export” section in the program menu, then click “Export to SIM card”;
  • Wait for the end of data copying procedure. After that you can take out the card, insert it to another phone. All the data recorded on it will be displayed on it. If this does not happen automatically, repeat the above procedure, but now select “Import from SIM card”.

If there is not enough memory on your SIM card, back up the rest of the list. Select “Export to internal memory” in the menu, this will generate a file with the extension “.vcf”. You can transfer it via Bluetooth, USB cord and computer, or file sharing.

The easiest and fastest way to transfer numbers from Samsung to Samsung is to copy them to the SIM card. To move contacts from the phone to the SIM, you need:

  • Run the program “Contacts” (it is integrated by default in all versions of Android).
  • Open its properties and choose function “Import/Export”. alt=”how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung” width=”450″ height=”439″/
  • In the list that appears, click “Export to SIM card. /
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Copying procedure will take some time. After its completion, all the numbers on the old smartphone will be recorded on the SIM card. You will only have to insert the card into the new cell phone.

The only disadvantage of this method is that the sim card has a limited capacity, which means that all the contacts on the SIM card may not fit. The way out of this situation is to create a backup file of your phone book and then copy it to your new smartphone:

  • Use the “Import/Export” procedure to save all the numbers from the SIM card on the old device. /
  • Create a backup copy (backup) of your phonebook on an internal or external storage device using one of the available functions. /
  • The file with all the numbers will be named “Contacts.vcf” and located in the folder storage/emulated/0/. You need to transfer it to the new smartphone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or computer, and then resort to “Import from Internal Memory” or “Import from SD Card” and specify the path to the desired file.

Transferring contacts from Samsung to iPhone using the Content Transfer application

Use the content transfer app to move contacts from Samsung to iPhone. An alternative would be 11 / Pro / Pro Max.

First, you need to download the app on both phones.

Step 1 Open Content Transfer on both phones.

Step 2 Identify Samsung as the old phone and iPhone 11 / Pro / Pro Max as the new phone, then click “Next”.

Step 3 Tap on Android for iPhone on your Samsung and Other for iOS on your iPhone under Select your combination then tap Next.

transfer, contacts, samsung

Samsung will then create a WI-FI hotspot.

transfer, contacts, samsung

Step 4 Click on WI-FI Settings and select your Samsung hotspot on your iPhone, then go back to the Content Transfer app

Step 5 Choose Contacts from the list and click on Transfer on your Samsung phone.

Then the contacts must be transferred to your iPhone.