How to transfer contacts from Windows to Android

Microsoft Lumia 550. How to transfer contacts from another phone

The simplest and most working methods to copy contacts from Windows Phone on Android

Windows is the most common and almost indispensable operating system. Despite the ambiguous attitude to it from users, the system boasts a colossal (in size) audience, which consists not only of ordinary users, but also includes large enterprises, companies and corporations. Such popularity is due to the simplicity of the system, the abundance of available (exclusive) software and support for various equipment.

Unfortunately, all of the above advantages do not belong to the “mobile” brainchild from Microsoft. The Windows Phone operating system (for example, in Lumia). Which initially had great prospects and gave considerable hopes that did not materialize in practice. As a result, the corporation decided to stop its development and support, forcing millions of its users to look for more successful alternatives in the form of devices on iOS and Android.

Naturally, the transition is impossible without difficulties associated with the transfer of personal contacts from Windows Phone on Android. This will be considered in detail and describes the most effective and simple ways to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android.

Through Outlook

To transfer contacts to the Vidouson on Android using Outlook, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Enter the Outlook account on Windows Phone.
  • Go to the “People” application and click on the settings icon in the form of three points [].
  • Select the subparagraphs “Management” and then “Export”.
  • When the question of data conservation arises, select “Save” item.
  • Click on the “Open folder” button to find out what address the file is preserved.
  • Go to Servicegmail and enter the data user’s data on Android.
  • Click on the menu and go to the subparagraph “Contacts”.
  • In the displayed window, select “Additionally”, and then click on the “Import” tab.
  • Click the “review”, find the required file by link and click on the “import” button.

Synchronization using Akrutosync

This application has an intuitive integration and offers users to familiarize themselves with all the functions during a free trial period. Akrutosync supports the export of contacts from Outlook by Wi-Fi and the Internet.

One of the pleasant features of the program is the transfer of information simultaneously from several devices on different platforms, t. E. If the user wants to synchronize data on the iPhone, HTC and PC tablet, then he does not need to install several applications. Akrutosync will cope with all this.

Among the advantages of the program, the following can be distinguished:

  • Simplicity of installation.
  • Constant free updates. The key to the correct operation of the program with most devices.
  • Support for all versions of Outlook and OS.
  • No need to install additional software on the phone. The application transmits data directly to the built.In calendar and contacts.
  • The process occurs automatically, but if desired, you can adjust the settings.
  • The possibility of Outlook synchronization between two computers.
  • History of copied content and restoration of deleted files.
  • 24.Hour free technical support.

Through Outlook

A wide range of opportunities is provided by synchronization of gadgets with cloud services.

Windows Phone devices owners have their own Microsoft account, without which it would be impossible to fully use all the devices functions. In this case, the synchronization of all data from the contact book is carried out with Outlook virtual mail.

If you go to the Outlook portal.COM, you can transfer saved contacts to any other place, including Android.

The approximate sequence of actions:

  • On the postal service portal, go to your account tied to the old device, indicating the login and password.
  • In the program window, press the logo with squares from above in the left corner and select “people” in the drop.Down list.
  • Press the “Management” button and put a check from opposite “Export for Outlook.COM or other services “.
  • A system request appears about the possibility of saving data in the VCF file format, it must be confirmed by the “Save” button.
  • At the end of the saving process, click the “open the folder” to find out the location of the desired file with the contacts. Owners of devices with Android OS have their own account for the correct use of a smartphone on the Google service. Postal service is located on the website.Google.Com.
  • Go to the Gmail post portal under your android user account.
  • Click on the red inscription Gmail and select “Contacts” in the drop.Down list.
  • On the page opened, press the “Additionally” button and the “import” column.
  • A window with import options will appear, select the option “CSV or VCARD” file.
  • On the new page, press the “Review” button and go to the folder where the VCF file with Outlook booted to specify the path.
  • Select the desired file using the “Open” option and click on the “Import” button. The synchronization process will start.

Now you can go under your Google account on Android. As soon as synchronization ends, all contacts will get into the phone book.

A significant advantage of the method is the ability to postpone contacts even when the Windows von device is broken. The main thing is to remember the correct password and login to the account in Microsoft.

In the cloud

Now all smartphones have their own account. Users of Android devices are registering an account in Google, and Windows 10 owners in Microsoft Live ID. So accounts allow you to synchronize contacts, for example, in Windows 10 Mobile, this happens between the Outlook mail service, as well as Skype and other devices and services.

Thanks to the account in Android or Windows, you can easily carry out contacts by import.

How to throw off contacts to the Android telephone through Google from lumia or other Windows of a smartphone

We go to Accounts.Google.COM and log in. Call an additional menu and click on “more”. The point “Contacts” will appear, we go to this section.

How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to android (without google sync)

Here you need to open additional parameters through “more” and select “import”.

Choose an account from which you need to copy the contacts, in our case outlook.Com.

Everything, we managed to synchronize contacts with Google on Nokia, Microsoft Lumia or another Windows 10 device. Now they are available from your Android Smartphone with this account.

transfer, contacts, windows, android

How to throw off contacts from Android to Windows 10 Mobile lumia smartphones via Outlook

Instructions will appear on how to make a backup copy of the phone book in Gmail and restore it from the saved file. Here you can already figure it out yourself.

transfer, contacts, windows, android

How to transfer via pc

In addition to wireless connection, you can use a USB cable to transmit contacts. To do this, again, you will need to create a file with the extension.VCF. Follow the instructions:

  • Select the contacts that need to be transferred. All or more.
  • Press the “Import/Export” button, then. VCARD.
  • Connect Windows Phone to PC via a USB port.
  • A window for managing files in a smartphone memory will open on the computer screen.
  • Open the “Contacts” folder.
  • Copy VCF file from it.
  • Disconnect Windows background from PC.
  • Connect in its place Android.
  • Transfer a copied file to a smartphone memory.
  • Disconnect it from a USB cable.

Now it remains to get into contacts and select “Import/Export” in the menu. Next, select the option “Memory of the device” or “Import from the drive”. Different versions of Android are slightly different. On the page “Copy in” select “device”.

So, the main way to transfer numbers from the phone book is to create a file with VCF extension. This can be done through the built.In functions of a smartphone. Next, select the option where it is more convenient to send this file. To the memory card, to the computer or immediately on Android via Bluetooth. The process should not cause great difficulties. If the selected method cannot be executed, try another. For data safety, download applications only on Google Play or in the official Microsoft store.

Copying contacts from Windows on Android via SIM card, SMS

Windows operating systems can carry out contact information only one way from SIM card to the gadget. The built.In functionality of copying information from a smartphone to a SIM card is not. Data from the old smartphone is duplicated, then they are sent to a USB flash drive or through a cloud storage service. These methods are described in previous subsections.

The second method of transmitting contact information is through text messages. To carry out the operation, the “Transfer of my data” application is used, and the software will make the SMS transfer to a CD card.

Note! The simple options include further rewriting information via Bluetooth (wireless personal network), but subject to the presence of the appropriate headset.

Duplicate option. Moving records to a personal computer. Many users often use access to cell numbers through a laptop to copy them, just take a few steps:

  • On the laptop they enter the store and find the Label “People” in the list.
  • Install the utility and carry out its launch on a personal computer. Connect the smartphone and PC Date Cabel.
  • The application is looking for an ADD Account and on a system request enters information for entering the program. Without them, further actions are impossible.
  • The procedure with transferring contacts to a personal computer takes place only after the authentication is completed, after a successful entrance it will become available in it. In the future, saved information can be sent to the cloud storage and rewritten to the device memory.

You can transfer contact from Windows Phone on Android several methods, users independently select the most suitable option for them. The final transition depends on the availability of additional devices (adapters, data cables) or free access to the wireless network. The process will not take much time, and soon the owner of the smartphone can communicate with his loved ones in the same mode.

How to transfer contacts from Windows background to Android

The first thought visiting most users is associated with a consistent independent correspondence of people and numbers. But such an approach is difficult to call effective and convenient, in addition, no one is safe from errors and typos that will make the final result of the correspondence unreliable. That is why it is necessary to look at the alternative methods of transferring contacts from Windows Phone to Android:

transfer, contacts, windows, android

Each mentioned approach has its own positive and negative aspects that are required to take into account. So, not all existing applications equally successfully transport files from Windowson, sometimes programs work with failures or do not at all allow you to achieve the desired effect.

Do not ignore the situation in which the user finds. Separate approaches allow you to do without the use of additional devices (computers, laptops), others look extremely simple and convenient, but require the use of PC, without which the transmission of a phone book is impossible.

Each user must independently decide how to copy numbers. It is best to study all methods, and then choose the best option.