How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

The way to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone 8 via iCloud is the most common. First, before restoring data from an iCloud backup, you must save your data like photos, contacts, messages, memos, etc.д. On your old iPhone.

Press “Settings” on your old iPhone.

Tap the “Backup” button. Wait until the process is complete.

When you’re done backing up your old device, turn on your iPhone 7. Follow the setup assistant and select these things:

  • On the iPhone you want to transfer your data to, go to Settings → iCloud and sign in with your iCloud account. If you’ve already been logged in, you can skip.
  • In the menu “Settings” → iCloud (on the new iPhone) activate the “Backup” switch.
  • Done! Your data after just a couple of minutes (time depends on the amount of data) will be transferred to the new iPhone.

Transfer all photos via AirDrop

In a similar way you can transfer all the photos from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, without the help of WI-FI, but with AirDrop. You need to turn on AirDrop on both iPhones, then select the photos you want to transfer to the old iPhone, and click “Transfer to another new iPhone via AirDrop”. Then you can get it from another iPhone.

Synchronize all data through iTunes backup

Transfer content from one iPhone to another using iTunes backup, you need to back it up first.

Connect your previous device to your computer. Run iTunes and back it up.

You have to wait for the backup process to complete. Once the process is complete, turn on the new device. If the new device is already set up, you must erase the data on it.

Select “Restore from Copy” on the new device. Then select the backup. And move on to the step of transferring the backup to your second iPhone.

Easy solutions to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone 13 / 13 pro / 13 pro max

Apple has again pleased its fans with a new product. After the presentation of the new iPhone 13/13 pro, most users of Apple products are eager to buy a new phone model. However, after buying a new smartphone, many people still have questions about how to transfer all the data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. If you too do not understand this process, then we advise you to study this article, where we tell you about some solutions for data transfer.

For convenience, the device from which the data will be transferred, let’s call the old one, and the second smartphone the new one.

Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both smartphones, they should be close to each other.

The new iPhone must be factory reset or be in the activation phase.

The old iPhone will notice the new device and will offer to transfer the data.

After confirming the new smartphone, you will see a special animation which you will have to scan with the camera of the old one.

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The new iPhone will need to make a few settings, set an unlock password and activate Face ID/Touch ID.

Then we choose the direct transfer without iCloud and connect one iPhone to another if you have an adapter cable.

In a few minutes the data will be transferred, the new smartphone will reboot and download all the necessary applications.

Only the Apple Watch tethering and the cards added to Apple Pay are not transferred during the data transfer, you’ll have to set them up manually.

How to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone

The method of transferring information from iPhone to iPhone will primarily depend on whether you are copying to your own or someone else’s phone, as well as the type of file (music, documents, photos, etc.).д.).


Photos are the easiest to transfer, since the developers have provided a large number of different options for copying from one device to another. Each of the possible ways has already been covered in detail on our site.

Note that all the photo transfer methods described in the article below also work with video.


As for music, everything is more complicated. If in Android devices any music file can be transferred easily, for example, via Bluetooth, then in Apple smartphones you have to look for alternative methods due to the closed nature of the system.


What no modern smartphone can be imagined without? Of course, without applications, which give it different features. The ways to share iPhone apps were described in detail on our site earlier.


Now let’s look at a situation where you need to transfer, for example, a text document, an archive, or any other file to another phone. Here again, you can transfer the information in different ways.

In this case, you can use any cloud storage, as long as it has an official iPhone app. Dropbox is one such solution.

  • If you need to transfer files to your other Apple gadget, it is very simple: download the application to the second smartphone as well, then sign in with your Dropbox account. After the synchronization is complete, the files will be on your device.
  • In the same situation, when the file needs to be transferred to an Apple smartphone of another user, you can resort to sharing. To do this, launch Dropbox on your phone, open the Files tab, find the desired document (folder) and click the menu button under it.


If you need to transfer all the information and files on your iPhone to another Apple smartphone, it is wise to use the backup function. With its help not only applications will be transferred but also all information (files) contained in them, as well as music, photos, videos, notes, etc.

    First, you’ll need to “take” an up-to-date backup from the phone from which you’re transferring the documents. You can learn how to do this by following the link below.

Using your computer as an intermediary, various files and documents stored in applications on one iPhone can be transferred to another.

    To begin with, the work will be done with the phone, from which the information will be copied. Connect it to your computer and start iTunes. Once the program identifies your device, click on the gadget icon that appears at the top of the window.

In case you know of a way to transfer files from one iPhone to another that wasn’t included in the article, be sure to share it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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How to transfer all the data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone

In this instruction, I described the easiest and best way to transfer all the data from old iPhone to new iPhone? Step-by-step.

So, you bought a new iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, and now you need to transfer all your data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. Now you want to transfer the data that was on your previous iPhone to the new one, but how to do it? There are a few different ways to do this, such as using iCloud, or using a wired connection from your Mac or PC. Below are the best ways to transfer data to a new iPhone.

So you have two Apple smartphones: the one with the information and the one on which it is to be downloaded. In such a situation, it is rational to use the backup function which can be used to transfer all the data from one phone to another in its entirety. But first, you will need to back it up. You can do this either through your computer using iTunes or using iCloud cloud storage.

Further, the way of installation of the backup will depend on whether you will install it via iTunes or via cloud service iCloud. However, it is worth noting that there is an alternative solution, which we will consider in the first place.

Tenorshare iCareFone

You can use specialized software to backup all the information, multimedia files and app data stored on your iPhone, save them to your computer, and then restore/transfer them to the same or another phone. One of the available representatives of this segment of software is iCareFone from Tenorshare developers, which we will use to solve the problem from the title of the article.

Creating a backup

    Download the program from the link above, install it and run.

Note: If a pop-up window appears asking “Trust this computer”, unlock the phone screen and answer affirmatively by tapping “Trust”.

Notice the following! Tenorshare iCareFone provides an unlimited number of backups, and any of them will be available for restoration.

Restore from a backup

    Similarly to the first two steps of the previous instruction, launch the program, connect your iPhone to the PC, and go to the “Backup & restore” tab.

Notice the following! If the backup is password-protected you will have to enter a password to proceed to the next step.

Backup protected by password protection! Tenorshare iCareFone allows you to restore to your iPhone only photos, videos, music, messages and contacts, bookmarks and notes (the appropriate notification will appear in the program interface).


With the advent of iCloud, most users practically no longer need to connect their smartphone to their computer since even a backup can be stored in the cloud instead of iTunes.

    To install a backup from iCloud, you need to completely clear your smartphone of content and settings. Therefore, if the second smartphone already contains any data, perform the deletion.


iTunes is easier to back up your devices because you do not need to delete them first.

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    If you’re working with a new smartphone, start it up and go through the initial setup all the way down to the programs and data section. Here you will need to select “Restore from iTunes copy”.

Via iMobie AnyTrans

The AnyTrans program from the popular developer iMobie allows you to bypass all the limitations of the standard Apple utility and transfer only the necessary types of data, including the iPhone, on which you have already performed some settings and saved the content. All you need to use it is a Windows or macOS computer, a pair of smartphones to transfer them, and Lightning cables to connect them.

Download AnyTrans from the official developer website. Install the program on your PC and activate your license.

Connect both iPhones to the computer using Lightning cables and launch AnyTrans.

Open Phone Switcher tab and click Migrate Now button in the Phone to Phone section.

Make sure that the system detects the smartphones correctly. Change their order if necessary (click on the check mark to the right of the name to select the device). Click Next.

This will open a screen with all available data on your device. Here you can select only the categories you want, or click Select All to migrate everything at once. We also recommend that you check the Skip Duplicates checkbox to prevent the system from copying data that is already on your device. Press Next again.

Transfer may take from several seconds to tens of minutes, depending on the data size and the bandwidth of the PC’s USB ports and the cables used. Don’t disconnect smartphones from PC until transfer is completed.

Done: you have successfully transferred files to the new iPhone 13 without resetting it to factory settings, avoiding duplicates and getting only the right kinds of data. If you still have questions about the process, the official video tutorial can help.

transfer, data, iphone

How to Transfer Data from any iPhone to iPhone 13

But the possibilities of AnyTrans are not limited to file transfer only. Later on you will be able to use the program as a full-featured data manager for your smartphone: combine WhatsApp chats and contacts from two devices on one, create backups in two clicks, make your own ringtones (for example, if the song you want is not in iTunes or you want to choose a different part of it), quickly install or delete several applications at once. There is even a feature to broadcast the screen to your computer without wires.

How to transfer data from an old iPhone to a new one. The artisanal way via cable

After buying a new smartphone, active Apple tech users immediately transfer all their favorite apps, data and other content to it. Earlier, computers with the iTunes app installed were used for this, later there was a more convenient way with a backup in the cloud.

Not everyone knows that the Cupertinians have come up with an even simpler and more convenient way to back up your data. Now we will tell you how it works.

transfer, data, iphone