How to transfer data from Meizu to Meizu

Go to the settings menu of the “Phone” application. Select the “Manage contacts”. “Import from another phone”. Turn on Bluetooth and visibility for other devices on the phone, from which will be copied contacts. And in Meizu click “Next”.

You can also copy Android contacts to your computer using Google Contacts. To do it, go to “Google Contacts” with your browser (the address is https://contacts) In Google Contacts you need to click on the “” button, and then on the “Export” button.

Built-in means of transfer

MEIZU smartphones have a built-in cloud service Flyme, which is not inferior to the functionality of a similar service from Apple. The backup system creates backups that save images of all Android phone user apps.

  • On the old smartphone, go to “Settings”.
  • Select “About phone” and click on “Backup.
  • Click on “Backup”.
  • Select the partitions that you want to transfer to the new smartphone.
  • Using “Start copying” button start saving data. This process will take some time.
  • Connect the old device to the computer via USB cable.
  • Find the “backup” folder (not “Backups”) and move all the files along with the “record.Enter “info” in your computer system.
  • Pair the new Meizu with the computer. Copy the data from the “backup” folder to the folder with the same name. You can create a backup copy by yourself if you do not have one.
  • Turn off the new MEIZU model and go to “Settings” “About phone” “Memory” “Backup.
  • The “Backup” section will contain the data you want to transfer.
  • Tick the checkbox and select “Start recovery.
  • Wait until the process is finished.

All data will be installed after download.

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Transferring data between MEIZU smartphones. Backup is easy

Due to the active updating of the range of MEIZU smartphones, users have a question: how to transfer all their data from an old MEIZU to a new MEIZU as quickly, easily and reliably as possible. Today I will tell you how you can do it without any ROOT and FLYME cloud accounts.

How to Move Files to SD Card on Meizu M6T – Export / Import Files to SD Card

Few people know, but since the 4th version of the FLYME shell in MEIZU smartphones there is a powerful built-in back up! Easy to use, but with a lot of functionality. With the built-in BACKUP application which can be found in the Settings of FLYME based smartphone 4 and higher, you can save and transfer between MEIZU smartphones not only contacts, but also: SMS, MMS, Call history, Calendar events, Basic system settings, Photos, WI-FI passwords, and most importantly even the INSTALLED APPLICATIONS! And you don’t need to do ROOT, cloud registration or anything else. The operation is unbelievably simple and besides the time to create a backup file and restore it on the other MEIZU, it will take you a few minutes.

So how to transfer all the data, applications and contacts between MEIZU smartphones? Unfortunately, this instruction will be valid only for owners of MEIZU smartphones, starting from M1 Note, MX4 and newer. MX3 and MX2, MX and M9, due to the fact that came out a long time ago, such functionality has not received.

First, make sure that your smartphone has the latest firmware version. You can check this on the official website of MEIZU Russia: http://mymeizu.You can download the files on your phone from the following web page.

Next, take the following path (the path can be slightly different in different versions of the shell, but the common sense is the same): Settings About Phone Memory Backup.

The BACKUP app will launch, which is called COPY AND RESTORE. This is what its simplest interface looks like. If you’ve done backups before, they are stored here in a list, with the dates (as in my example below), if you have not done the list will be empty and only the blue button at the bottom will prompt you to do your first backup. Let’s press it.

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How to use Flyme OS Desktop Manager to transfer data between MEIZU phone and Laptop/PC.

And here is the best part. The system offers to copy the data from your device.Contacts, SMS, MMS, Call history, Calendar, System settings, Software & Data, Photos. You can use the checkboxes to select which options you want to back up, or you can select all of them.

But be aware that a backup of installed applications will take a lot of space (even up to several gigabytes), and will take a little longer to create and restore (up to tens of minutes, depending on how many applications and games you have installed). If there is no problem with the free memory in the device do a full backup. Click START COPYING, and watch the backup process. It is important at this point do not turn off the phone, do not restart it, otherwise backup will be interrupted. However, it is possible to back up the screen. You can also make calls, run applications during the creation of a backup.

After the process is complete, the smartphone will inform you that the copying is finished with a notification, and on the main screen of the backup application you will see your new backup in the line. In general you can store it on your smartphone just in case, you can make a backup before firmware update, but you can also use it to transfer to another MEIZU smartphone model. For example, you had MEIZU MX4 and you bought MEIZU PRO 6 between them you can easily transfer all the data. Or from MEIZU MX5 to Meizu M3 Note. And so on.

Backups are stored in the Backup folder, which can be seen in the file manager of your smartphone. Not to be confused with the Backups folder, which is generated by some other services in the file system of the device. Simply copy this entire folder, including the record file, to your PC or to your new MEIZU and you’ll have a full backup of your smartphone data at your fingertips.

In order to transfer the data to the new smartphone you have to copy the backup folder from the old one to it. After that go to the settings, all the same way, go to the application COPY AND RESTORE, and see there a line with a backup of your old smartphone. That’s it, you can safely restore data! I recommend you to reboot your device after the restore.


In fact, the application-backuper, built-in FLYME, very handy, but there are still some minor problems, which will be fixed in future versions, but you should know about them in advance.

Unfortunately, at the moment of writing this article, the application does not quite correctly transfer the backup of SMS messages, see the example above. The error is in the wrong segmentation of Russian phone numbers. For obvious reasons, I’ve shaded some of the numbers and messages, but the overall format of the error is noticeable. This may be inconvenient for many users. Text of messages will be fully saved, correspondence also, but numbers will be in wrong format. So, maybe you should not back up your SMS with the standard MEIZU app, but use any of the specialized utilities from Google Play, such as SMS Backup Restore. Yes, it’s an extra step, but it will ensure the reliability of the transfer. Hopefully, in the next update of the service MEIZU correct this defect.

Also backup application cannot save selected wallpaper and ringtones, you will have to install them again. it is possible that some applications can not be transferred, but these are very rare. For example, I once out of about 80 applications did not transfer one, I had to install it again.

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In general, the backup of contacts works correctly built-in application, and will not cause any problems, the error described above only applies to SMS / MMS. However, I strongly recommend to keep all your contacts in your GMAIL account. This way they will always be available to you on any Android device. Note that there will be no conflict between the backup of contacts by the built-in application and contacts from GMAIL. That is, the situation that all your contacts will be displayed twice, is excluded 🙂 Keep your contacts in the cloud, it is very convenient and more than safe.

I hope this article will help many MEIZU owners to update their devices to a newer and more powerful!

A way to sync Meizu with your PC

To make a file exchange, you need to properly synchronize your smartphone with your computer. As an example, let’s look at the most popular model M3.

Connecting Meizu to PC can be done in several ways. You need to look at all of them to see which one is the most convenient for you.

How to connect Meizu to your computer via USB

To connect the devices we will take a USB cable. One plugs into the USB port on the PC, the other plugs into micro USB on the smartphone. It is desirable to use the wire, which comes with Meizu.

Owners of models such as the M3S mini and M6 Note often encounter connectivity issues if the cable is not native.

  • After the connection is made on the smartphone, slide down the top status bar. Here you need to select the item which shows the smartphone as an external media for data transfer. In different firmware items may be different. Some call it the Media Device (MTR), while others call it the Transfer byUSB.
  • Then drivers are installed (Windows 10 does everything by itself if you connect to the Internet). If it doesn’t happen in automatic mode, install the software manually as described above.
  • On the PC open the explorer or any file manager you are accustomed to use. Next to the system and local drive will be the phone icon. Files can be transferred to the device from a computer or vice versa in the same way as with an ordinary external drive.

How to connect your smartphone to PC via Wi-Fi (remote FTP access)

There are several special utilities for synchronizing Meizu with a personal computer or laptop via Wi-Fi network, but the easiest solution is to use ES Explorer application for your smartphone. Free Android-based software has a wide range of functions, but the vast majority of users see nothing but a file manager.

Meizu smartphone does not connect to a PC

Meizu smartphone doesn’t connect to PC? Every third owner faces such a problem. Often the reasons are not caused by the phone or the computer systems malfunction, everything is much easier. In this article I have collected for you the most popular causes of this malfunction and options to solve the problem by your own efforts.

  • Connecting Meizu to PC via USB in Media Device mode.
  • Connecting smartphone to Mobile Internet.
  • Open the “Settings”. “Modem and hotspot”.
  • In the “Other modes” tab, activate the “USB modem.

All numbers are packaged in a vcf file, which can then be emailed:

How to Transfer Files in MEIZU M8c – Import / Export Data

  • Start the Internet on the smartphone
  • Open Contacts
  • Click on the dropdown menu
  • Select Import/Export
  • Specify SIM card or internal memory as the export source
  • Select the e-mail address
  • Specify contacts to transfer

Open the application, which is responsible for displaying phone numbers. Go to the advanced menu by tapping on the three dots at the top or bottom of the screen. In the list of options find the item “Import and export” or “Copy contacts. Click on it and then select “Import from SIM card”.

On Meizu smartphones, SIM card occupancy error can occur for several trivial reasons: Attempting to import or export existing contacts. Technical type failures in the device. The bugs in the firmware functioning or unofficiality.

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How to transfer contacts from Meizu to Meizu

All Meizu phones work on Flyme firmware. Due to own Flyme software it is possible to transfer data from Meizu to Meizu. So :

  • On the old phone, go to “Settings”, scroll to the bottom, “Memory and Backup”, “Backup and Restore”, “Backup.
  • Select the contacts you want to save. Press “Backup”.
  • From “Explorer” go to “Local”, look for the folder backup. It stores the copied files. By the way, the procedure itself is called a backup.
  • Backup folder we send with the ShareIT program. The application is available in Google Play, it sends files easily. You can transfer the files in any other way, USB cable to the computer and then to the phone, save to the SD card, etc.д.
  • On the second phone, go to: “Settings” “Memory and backups”, “Backup and restore
  • Click on the bottom button and press “Start backup”.
  • Open Flyme and click on “Synchronize”
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To other Android devices

On smartphones of other models (Xiaomi, Huawei Honor) it is possible to skim contacts by the mentioned ways. You can also use an SD card. We will create a folder with the extension.The vcf that the phone sees as a contact. Here are step by step instructions :

  • Once in the phonebook, click on the three dots at the top. Choose “export to SD card”;
  • Mark the contacts that you want to transfer;
  • In the folder you have chosen you will save the folder with the extension.vcf, which we send to the other device;
  • In the explorer of the other phone, find this folder and click “Open with”, select “Contacts”.

The name of the fields can be different on different OS. After following this procedure, the contacts will be saved automatically.

transfer, data, meizu

Transferring data from old Meizu to new one

Moving from one Meizu smartphone to another is extremely easy task thanks to the built-in backups system in the corporate Flyme shell. It allows you to save the data on the old device and transfer it to the new one.

Built-in Flyme backup system is not much inferior to the one from Apple. Backups created with it contain images of installed applications as they were on the old smartphone. That is, all progress in games, authorizations in applications and so on is fully saved.

The only exceptions would be particularly protected programs, such as banking clients, after you restore them, you should immediately delete and install anew. Another peculiarity, at the time of writing the transfer system from Meizu incorrectly records the Russian format of numbers in the SMS / MMS. So they will have to transfer through other programs. And it is easier to synchronize contacts and calendar between devices using a Google account.

The procedure of data transfer from one Meizu smartphone to another is performed as follows:

  • Open the system settings on your old smartphone.
  • Go to About phone Memory Backup.
  • Press Backup button.
  • Here select only History, System Settings, Po and Data, and optionally check and Photos.
  • Click Start copying and wait for the procedure to finish.
  • Connect the old smartphone to your computer and copy the contents of the backup folder (not Backups) there along with the record
  • Connect your new smartphone to your PC and copy and paste into backup folder (create if you don’t have one) what you copied earlier.
  • Disconnect new smartphone from PC and repeat steps 1 and 2.
  • There will be a list with your backup, click on it.
  • Make sure that all checkboxes are checked and click Start recovery.
  • Wait until the operation is completed.

That’s it, the data transfer from one Meizu smartphone to another is complete, even the shortcuts on the desktop are lined up in the same order! It is worth noting that the backup system from Flyme does not work with wallpaper and themes, but this is easily configurable little things.