How to transfer data from Samsung to iPhone

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Way to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

Whatsapp is today one of the most popular applications among both Android smartphones and iPhone users. Simplicity and ease of use, operational and high.Quality communication, a guarantee of confidentiality, secured by through encryption of correspondence, hold this application in the leaders for a long time. If you decide to change your Android to the iPhone and want to find out how to transfer WhatsApp to another phone, in our article you will find a top 3 ways to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. Text and voice messages, videos, images and other media files. All this can contain an important information for the user or be just pleasant memories that are sometimes difficult to part with. So, then we will look in detail how to transfer WhatsApp to another phone.

How to transmit contacts with Android to iPhone 13 using SIM

If you have a SIM card and you want to move the contacts, here are a few steps that you can follow to do this.

  • Open the contact application and go to the settings.
  • Now select the “Exports on SIM Card” option. The process will begin in a few seconds.
  • After that, delete the SIM card and insert it into your iPhone.
  • Go to the iPhone settings and click “Improve contacts from the SIM card”.
  • Confirm the process and wait until the contacts from the SIM cards are moved.

Transfer of contacts to iPhone by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

How to do without synchronization through a Google account? A small amount of data and contacts can be easily transferred using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And if the transfer of multimedia files does not cause any questions from any user, then how to transfer contacts?

When you slip by the VCF file on the iPhone, there will be two options for further actions. “create new contacts” or “unite with existing”. Choose the option that is most suitable in your case.

How to Transfer Data Android to iPhone & iPhone to Android. Photos, Videos & Data (Free in 2022)

Download Move to iOS

To begin with, you will need to install the Move to iOS-“transfer to iOS” on your Android Smartphone. It can be downloaded from Google Play or download the installer directly. From the official website of Apple. The second option is suitable for Huawei and Honor devices that do not have access to Google services and, accordingly, Play Market.

The Move to IOS application only works when setting up a new device. When you got out of the box “Naked” iPhone. If you have already set up the phone and use it for some time, you need to delete all the data and start transfer from scratch. How to return the iPhone to factory settings, we said in this article.

If you do not want to delete already installed applications and uploaded files, you can transfer data from Android to iOS manually. We described several ways in this material. Also in it you will find instructions on how to copy all the information from the iPhone on the iPhone using iTunes.

So, to transfer data from Android to the new iPhone, do the following:

  • During the iPhone settings, select the “Appendix and Data” menu item. “Transfer data from Android”.
  • On the Android gadget, open the Move to iOS application and select “Continue”. Accept all the conditions and agreements and click “Next”. “Code Search”.

Using the MobileTrans program

A simple way to transmit contacts, messages, calendar, call history, photos. Music, video, applications and programs between platforms. To transfer data, follow the following actions:

transfer, data, iphone
  • Install and run the Mobiletrans program.
  • Connect the iPhone and Android to PC.
  • Select the option “Transfer from phone to phone”.
  • In the next window, select a data transfer device. Iphone, and device for receiving. Android.
  • Mark the type of files you are interested in, and then click on the “Start transmission” button.
  • Expect the completion of data transfer.

How to throw off contacts from Android on iPhone using a SIM card

Perhaps the easiest way to transfer contacts from android to the iPhone is to save numbers on the SIM card and its connection in the new smartphone. However, it is important to consider that SIM card can store a maximum of 255 contacts, and if you need to transfer more information, use other methods.

First, make sure your contacts are saved on SIM. To do this, open the “Contacts” application on the Android Smartphone and go to its settings.

Select the item “Import/Export of Contacts”. “Export to the drive: SIM”. Then you will be invited to choose where you want to copy contacts: from the phone book, Google, WhatsApp or other messengers. Mark the necessary contacts and confirm your choice.

If there are notes on SIM, to transfer them to the iPhone, it will be enough to put the card on the new smartphone. To download contacts in the ICOUD or Gmail account, you can go into the settings and select the “Contacts”. “Improve SIM contacts” item.

For one contact on the SIM card, only one name and one number will be saved. Contacts with additional information are saved as different records. Simply put: if you have three different numbers for one person, then on the SIM card they will persist as three different contacts.

Using the Move to iOS application

The Move to iOS program is installed on the Android device, after which it allows you to transfer contacts through a wireless connection. Detailed instruction is available on the link.

If telephone numbers are stored on a SIM card, it is enough to rearrange the card in the iPhone. Then go to the settings, the point “Mail, address, calendars”. Will go down, and select “import contacts with SIM”.

If the contacts are not saved on the SIM map, then first undergo the following operation:

  • On the Android device, open the directory.
  • Next, open the hidden menu where select import/export.
  • In a new window from the proposed options, select “Export to the SIM card”.
  • Select the numbers, and then click on the “Export” button.

Important! SIM card has a restriction on 255 records, so part of the contacts will not fit.

Manual transfer

If you no longer want or cannot drop the iPhone to factory settings, transfer all the necessary files and data manually. To transfer mailboxes, contacts and calendars, add accounts through “Settings” → “Passwords and Accounts”.

Now handle the photo and

  • Connect Android to the computer and copy all the files you need on it. For MacOS, use the Android File Transfer program, open it and go to the DCIM → Camera folder (camera).
  • Connect the iPhone and transfer with iTunes or Finder (MacOS) all photos and videos.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

Transfer to iOS

For successful transfer of files from Android to iOS 11 using the IOS transfer application, it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:

  • The iPhone should be IOS 11, and on Android. At least 4.0;
  • All programs affecting the functioning of the Wi-Fi module should be stopped or completely deleted;
  • The iPhone should have enough free space for new data;
  • The batteries on the devices must be completely charged;
  • Even a phone call can interrupt copying, so it is better to temporarily turn off the incoming calls on smartphones by activating aircraft mode.

Download and install the application, then start it. Click “Continue” and then read and agree with the conditions.

transfer, data, iphone

In the process of configuring iOS 11 on the iPhone or iPad as a new device, stop at the “program and data” step, and select “Transfer data from Android OS” (Move Data from Android).

In the “Find Code” window, click “Next”, thereby activating the synchronization of mobile devices. And you can transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, Google accounts and calendar records. These data may differ, depending on the Android device.

After the data transfer process is completed, you can continue the iPhone or iPad settings.

This is the application that Apple has released, the easiest way to overshane the file of files. Recommended users from telephone data.

Google cloud storages

Synchronize contacts, notes, calendars and other important information on the iPhone 8 can be using Google. This is done as follows.

Open the settings, select accounts and Google. Next, click the Synchronize contacts button. Then we will transfer all the data from the Android Telphone to the Google Cloud Service.

Then there will be an extraction of Google on the iPhone cloud storage. Open the settings on your iPhone, then follow the mail, address, calendars to the menu item. Here, click add an account, and the Carddav account. Enter your server, user and password. And in the end, press ahead, the data list will be transmitted. Now all the information from the Android Telphone is on the iPhone 8.

transfer, data, iphone

This method is performed without a computer, this will become only on the phone, and subsequent conservation on one or more devices is not required, which significantly saves time.

With iTunes

Transfer files from android to the iPhone 7, in addition to the above method, you can via iTunes.

First you need to connect Android to the computer and copy all the necessary music, image, and video. Next, you need to switch the iPhone with a computer, and start iTunes. To move music, you should go to the “Music” tab, mark the corresponding points and indicate the path to the catalog where the files are stored. And click “Apply”, thereby activating the copy procedure.

Itunes can quickly throw a note, contacts, music, video, photo on a new iPhone. The advantage is that the iTunes program is free. But problems. You have to install iTunes on your computer.

How to import data from iPhone on Android

Sometimes you need to transfer data from the iPhone on Android, now 5 ways will help you make a transition from iOS to Android.

Transfer of contacts from iPhone to Android via iTunes

You can transfer files for free, for example, contacts, photos, email, additional numbers or notes from iPhone on Android using iTunes.

You need to run the iTunes program, connect the Apple smartphone to PC using a cable.

Then he serves to press the “Information” button, and put a box in the “Contact Synchronization” item, select in the “Google Contacts” opening list.

You need to go to Google and wait for the end of synchronization of contacts with the iPhone.

Transfer of data from iPhone to Android via icarefone

You can use Tenorshare icarefone tools to transfer data to a computer.

Then use a USB cable to connect the Androod phone to the computer, and then transfer data from the computer to the Andriod phone. In addition, with this amazing tool, you can easily clean from unnecessary files and speed up your devices, control contacts, photos, videos, music, applications, create backup copying and restore iOS device in case of data loss, etc.D.

Whatsapp data from iPhone on Android via iCloud

After replacing the old iPhone, it is necessary to back up. ICLOUD will allow importing WhatsApp to Android smartphone or tablet without data loss.

And now a new device should launch, all correspondence and stories of WhatsApp messages will be saved in it.

Iphone data export to Android via Gmail mail

To export the data from the iPhone 7 to the Android smartphone through the Google service, you will need to go to the Gmail account and synchronize information.

Go to the settings and in the section “Post, Addresses, Calendars”, select “Add account”.

How to Transfer ALL Data from Android To iPhone under 5minutes(2021)

Enter the Google account data and press further. Indicate the necessary points that should be synchronized. Information will be postponed to your device.

Transfer of notes from iPhone on Android using Yandex

In addition, there is one option. Service “Yandex.Moving “, is an addition to the cloud storage” disk “. It can copy data from the iPhone, iPad, iPod to the cloud service, and throw off from the cloud on Android, two devices exchange files through this method.