How to transfer data from Samsung to your computer

How to transfer photos from Samsung from USB

USB. One of the easiest ways to transfer photos from your Samsung to your PC. What’s more, it will likely work with most Samsung Galaxy phones. But this method is not acceptable for synchronizing photos stored in other folders.

Step 1 Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. If the “Allow access to device data” message appears on your phone, select the.

Step 2 Open the explorer window and you will see that your Samsung phone looks like an external device. Open it, find and run the “DCIM” folder where all the photos in the Gallery app are stored.

Step 3 Preview and transfer photos you want to transfer photos from Samsung to PC using drag and drop.

You can transfer files from Android or iPhone to your Galaxy device using the Samsung Smart Switch mobile app or its desktop software. In this part, we will show you how to use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data from Android to Samsung Galaxy or iPhone to Samsung Galaxy (using the Galaxy S7 as an example).

Samsung Smart Switch (Mobile): Transfer Android data to Samsung Galaxy

Step 1 Download and install the Smart Switch Mobile app on both Android devices. Open Samsung Smart Switch Mobile in both.

Step 2 Select the “Android to Galaxy” option from both devices.

Step 3 On the old Android device, check the data items you want to transfer to the Galaxy and tap “Transfer”.

Step 4 Wait until the two Android devices are connected. Press “OK” when your Galaxy phone reminds you to receive content from your old Android phone.

Step 5 When the transfer process is complete, tap “Done” at the bottom and exit the Smart Switch Mobile app. You’ll find the data transferred from your previous Android device.

Samsung Smart Switch (for mobile devices): transfer iPhone data to Samsung Galaxy

Step 1 On your iPhone, go to “Settings” “iCloud” “Storage & Backup” and click “Backup Now” to back up iCloud for your data.

Step 2 Download and install the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app on your new Galaxy device.

Step 3 Launch the Smart Switch Mobile app and tap “Import from iCloud.

Step 4 Sign in with your Apple ID and password. After login, select the latest iCloud backup.

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Step 5 Choose the content you want to transfer to your Galaxy, and click “Import.

Step 6 When the transfer is complete, tap “Done” and quit Samsung Smart Switch Mobile.

Samsung Smart Switch for PC / Mac: Transferring mobile data to Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Smart Switch for PC or Mac helps to transfer data from Android / iPhone to Samsung Galaxy, restoring data from previous Samsung backups or from iPhone iTunes backups.

Step 1 Download and install Samsung Smart Switch desktop software on your PC or Mac.

Step 2 Start Smart Switch and connect your new Galaxy device to your computer via USB.

Step 3 Click “Restore” and click “Change data to restore”. Then select a backup from your computer or iTunes backups.

Step 4 Now select the content you want to transfer to your Galaxy. Press “OK” “Restore Now”. Check the data on your Galaxy phone.

The Samsung Smart Switch desktop program also allows you to back up your Galaxy data or sync your Outlook data. This is a useful data management tool.

Connecting your device to a computer

Once the device is connected to your computer, the basic functions of Smart Switch are available. Connect the device to your computer with USB cable. When the device is connected, the Smart Switch window displays information about the device and three main buttons (“Backup”, “Restore”, and “Synchronize Outlook”).

Some settings on your device and computer may prevent your device from connecting to Smart Switch. If the device cannot connect to Smart Switch, try the following steps:

  • Connect only one device to your computer.
  • Make sure the device is unlocked.
  • Enter MTP (media transfer protocol) mode in the USB connection mode menu.
  • Finish all operations on the device that require a USB connection, such as sharing data on the internet.
  • Make sure there is no emergency mode on your device.
  • Log in to your device using your main account, if you have more than one account on your device.
  • You may need to install the Smart Switch Mobile app on your device.

Part two: How to transfer and backup data using Samsung Kies

If your smartphone/tablet prior to Galaxy Note III (including Galaxy S4, Note II, etc. Д.), you can download Kies, and if your phone is from a Galaxy Note III (Android OS 4.3 or later), you need to download Kies 3 ,

1 Install Samsung Kies and connect your phone to your computer

After downloading Kies, open it on your PC and connect your Samsung phone with a USB cable. Then Kies will automatically detect your phone.

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2 Transferring Samsung files using Samsung Kies

Once your phone icon appears in the window, select “Contacts”, “Music”, “Photos”, “Video” or “Podcast” separately. Then select the files you want to transfer and click “Save” on the top menu to copy them to your computer.

Note. If your phone has contacts, music, videos, etc. Д., The appropriate icons will appear in Samsung Kies. If not, you will not have these items. And you can click “Sync” to sync them with your Outlook.

3 Backup data from Samsung Kies

Click “Backup/Restore” “Backup data” and click “Select all items” or the data you want to back up. Then click “Backup.”.

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Tips: You can also click “Recover Data” to recover Samsung data with Samsung Kies.

Use direct USB file transfer to transfer Samsung notes to your computer.

The first thing we’ll try concerns the things most people lie about. Namely Computer to USB cable, and your Samsung Device. It requires almost no technical knowledge and should work very easily.

However, don’t worry if it doesn’t work. We have another solution that works 100% of the time. And what’s even better, you don’t have to do more than a couple of clicks anyway.

But back to the first solution. What we will do is connect our Samsung to our PC and use the built-in file transfer function to get our memos to our computer.

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  • Connect your Samsung to your computer.
  • A menu will appear on your Samsung asking how you want to proceed.
  • Select the file transfer.
  • Then find your device in your computer’s file explorer.
  • Double click on it and type Memorandum in the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • You will be taken to a folder named Memorandum.
  • Right click and select copy.
  • After that, go to the place where you want to save your notes, right-click anywhere on the screen, and click paste.

How to transfer photos from your Samsung phone to your computer via USB?

The need to transfer photos from smartphone to computer/laptop or vice versa occurs quite often. The transfer process itself is very simple, although it has its own nuances which we will certainly explain in this article. All you need is a Samsung smartphone itself, a USB cable (with which you also charge your device), and a computer or laptop.


Samsung Kies is a free and handy application with which you can connect your phone to your PC and then exchange all kinds of information (transfer music, games, pictures and photos, etc.).д.) On this page you can download Samsung Kies for free and find out how to configure it correctly.

In order to connect your Samsung phone to your computer you need to install the Samsung Kies program of the version you want, then kies will be ready to use!

Once you have connected your phone to a PC you can easily transfer data to both the phone and the computer, and you can use kies to find new applications on the web. Regardless of your network, Samsung kies users can browse programs on their PC in full screen mode.

To fully personalize the services provided by this program you need to register your cell phone or just become a member of Samsung Apps, but if you use the standard services of this utility, you do not need to do this. The program will suit for almost any phone. If you own a Galaxy Note III (Android OS 4.3 or higher), you need to download the newer Samsung Smart Switch program.

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Kies allows you to easily and conveniently synchronize data. Contacts and schedules that are stored on your device can be saved and easily synced with Outlook.

Samsung Smart Switch Free Download

To switch from Android, Windows, iOS or PC to your new Galaxy model, all it takes is one click if you choose the Samsung Smart Switch. The tool comes free and transfers everything that is important to you to your new Galaxy. It supports your contacts in messages, all media such as photos, videos, audio files, and applications such as calendar, events and all. The tool basically focuses on three porting methods. You can choose WI-FI method for wireless data sharing, USB connector method for direct connection or PC Samsung Smart Switch which requires Windows or Mac for data sharing. So you can choose the best option from all these to make your data transfer very easy.

All Samsung Galaxy Phones: How To Wirelessly Transfer Files, Photos, Videos to Windows 10 Computer

Transfer photos by copy and paste

One common way to transfer photos to your computer is to Copy and Paste the solution. This method is done by connecting your phone to your computer, manually selecting the photos you want to transfer, and pasting them into a folder on your computer. This method also takes some time, depending on the number of photos to be copied.

  • Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable.
  • Once connected, select Image Transfer or File Transfer from the various options on your phone as shown.
  • Next on your PC go to Computer.
  • Select Devices and drives and select your device. Once opened, the name of your phone will appear on the screen. If you are using a separate SD card, two storage locations will be shown as shown in the images.
  • Tap on your phone or SD card to access the pictures, and click your target folder where the pictures are located.
  • Select the pictures and right-click to copy. Or you can press Ctrl A. to select all images in the folder and press “Copy.
  • Finally, select the folder or location where you want to save the images and right-click to paste.