How to transfer data to the new Xiaomi

Transferring data from Huawei to Xiaomi via MobileTrans. Transferring your phone data

If you need a solution for transferring data from Huawei to Xiaomi in one click, then look no further, it’s MobileTrans. Transferring phone data. This program is very useful when transferring data from one phone to another, because it guarantees the success of this operation. You can use this program to effectively transfer photos, videos, documents, music, notes and more from Huawei to Xiaomi. And most importantly, it can help you perform selective data transfer.

MobileTrans. Transferring phone data

Transfer data from Huawei to Xiaomi in 1 click!

  • Support for transferring over 15 file types from one phone to another, including contacts, text messages, notes, videos, photos, calendars, and more.
  • Support to transfer data from Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone, Android to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone and Windows Phone to Android/iPhone seamlessly.
  • One-click data transfer, simple and secure.
  • Ability to choose the type of data you want to transfer.
  • Compatible with the latest versions of Android 10 and iOS 15.

To learn how to perform data transfer from Huawei to Xiaomi with MobileTrans. Transfer phone data, download the program to your computer and do the following steps:

Select “Transferring phone data”

After downloading and installing the program, run it and select the “Phone Data Transfer” function in the main window of the program.

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Select the source and destination device for the data transfer

Connect your Huawei and Xiaomi phones to your computer using digital cables. And make sure that Huawei is selected as the source phone and the target phone. Xiaomi.

Select the file types

Select the target file types that you want to transfer from Huawei to Xiaomi, and click “Start” to initiate the data transfer process.

Start the data transfer

Wait for some time and let the program complete the data transfer process. After its completion, you can check your Xiaomi to see if the selected Huawei data has been transferred successfully.

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Try the program yourself and instantly transfer important data such as messages, photos, and music from your old phone to your new one.

To select the application on your Huawei Honor and send it to another phone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, WhatsApp, email, or any other available method, click on the appropriate application icon and hold it until the tick appears. You can select several applications at once if you want.

Launch MobileTrans and select the Phone Transfer function in the main interface of the program. Next, connect Xiaomi and Samsung phones to your computer. Once the app detects both of your devices, specify the source and destination device for the data transfer.

Transferring data to Xiaomi via Phone Clone

The main drawback of the above service is that the data can only be accessed on smartphones with the operating system MIUI. and sending is allowed only from Android devices. Phone Clone is devoid of such disadvantages and can be used on any mobile devices, including iPhones. To use the program, you will need:

  • to install the application on both devices;
  • open the program and select “old” and “new” phone, depending on where the files are being sent;
  • scan QR.code or set wi fi connection with a password;
  • Select the files that need to be transferred;
  • Start the transfer procedure.
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It is important to emphasize that the usage of the described approach will not cause the traffic loss, that’s why users can be relaxed about the fact that sending contacts will lead to additional expenses.

Mi Mover

This utility for data transfer will allow you to send files from any device, but only to Xiaomi gadgets. To open the program on the company device, you need to:

In the window that opens, select one of the items. The choice depends on whether the device is old or new.

For other brands of phones, you will need to download the utility from Play Market. It will only have a “I’m the sender” button, as you can’t transfer other than to Xiaomi.

Next, scan QR-code on the screen of the new device with the help of the old one. Passes the pairing. You will then be able to select the type of data to be transferred. Available:

The functionality of the program is similar to Mi Cloud, but without an intermediary in the form of cloud storage, and with the ability to transfer from any device, not just Xiaomi.

Unfortunately, the applications are transferred in the same way, without cache and settings.

Launch MobileTrans and select the Phone Transfer function in the main interface of the program. Then connect Xiaomi and Samsung phones to your PC. Once the program detects both of your devices, specify the source and destination device for the data transfer.

How to transfer data to Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro?

  • First of all, unlock the Xiaomi. By holding down the power button for a few seconds.
  • You must install the “copy my data” application from the Google store, then open it.
  • Click Next in this section.

Mi Mover is free and handy tool

Transferring data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi with this method will be possible even for a beginner. it’s very simple. To do this, follow the step-by-step instructions:

Download Mi Mover app from Play Market on both smartphones. if it has not yet been installed.

On the phone, from which will be transferred files, go to the application Mi Mover and click “Send”.

Enter the application on the second phone and press “Get” or “I am the recipient”, after what a QR code will appear.

Read it from the first smartphone, and then a window with the choice of files will appear.

When the transfer is completed, both gadgets will display a message saying that the process was completed successfully.

Ways to transfer from iPhone

iPhone and Xiaomi do not have a common app, so use Gmail to transfer your files.

  • In the email settings on your iPhone, turn off syncing with iCloud. Uncheck the item that offers to delete the list of subscribers.
  • The default account on your iPhone is assigned to Gmail.
  • Synchronize your data with Gmail. After that, it will be possible to copy contacts, photos and videos to the specified email address. To do this, go to the same Google-account with Xiaomi and copy the necessary files.

Cloud transfer

The best way to transfer any phone data is to use the cloud from Xiaomi.

How to Transfer Data from Android to XIAOMI Mi 11 – Download & Use Send Anywhere App

You will have to get a Mi account the first time you turn on the smartphone. Which means you’re just a step away from the right action. If suddenly (ouch, ouch, ouch) something unpleasant happens with your device, memory crashes, the processor dies, or maybe it just gets stolen, there is only one way to get your lost contacts back. Is to use the company’s proprietary service.

how to transfer data from old redmi to new redmi| mi mover \transfer from old redmi to new redmi

Creating a backup copy of contacts for storage in the cloud is very simple. You need to go to Mi account from the settings and tap on Mi Cloud, then enable synchronization and select the object you need. In our case it is contacts. A complete copy of all your subscribers will be created. By following the link you can always see and copy the necessary data, in some cases, accidentally deleted contacts can be restored (if, of course, you have not come to your senses too late).

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What does it all mean?? And the fact that to move and save everything you need is not difficult, and it will bring enormous benefits. Your new phone will download contacts from the cloud while you’re tied to your old Mi account, and before you sync with it you’ll have your SIM card inserted and your contacts already in your phone’s memory. All of the above is true and possible for transactions with your Google account. I advise you to duplicate your contacts and hide them in different places. Never know what can happen.

How to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

Technology has come a long way and allows you to transfer files very quickly from one device to another. Xiaomi has several functions for this. Two of them, called Mi Drop and Mi Mover, create a bridge to transfer data between the two devices through Wi-Fi modules.

Note: this will not use the mobile Internet, as well as Wi-Fi network!

In general, it is possible to move data in Xiaomi smartphones from one to another in several ways: the built-in option exclusively for Xiaomi smartphones called Mi Mover, the Mi Drop program for sending data to other brands of smartphones and by transferring files through the Mi account.

Via Bluetooth

To do the data transfer, you can use the old-fashioned built-in Bluetooth module, which is capable of transferring data without third-party software directly between any devices.

In order to send a file, it is enough to enable the function on both devices, select the desired files on one of them and click “Send”, then select the Bluetooth method in the list that appears, then specify the name of the recipient profile, and on the other device confirms the receipt. This will complete the sending procedure.

Important! The smartphones may refuse to connect during the first transfer because they were not paired.

Pairing is a simple procedure that gives mutual access to files between devices. To install it, you need to go into the Bluetooth settings on both devices, activate the modules and search. The devices will be visible to each other. Click on the name of the desired phone. You will see a window to confirm pairing. Press “Accept” on both devices (but first on the one from which data will be transferred). Pairing is successful.

Important: The procedure is done only once. You can freely receive and transfer files without re-pairing.

Mi Drop app

The program is designed for the transfer of selective files. In other words, you can enter the section with music and select only those songs you want to copy.

Unlike Mi Mover, Mi Drop allows you to reset files to other brands of smartphones. To make this happen, you’ll need to download an app with the appropriate name from Play Market.

The process of copying information in this way is very simple. To transfer the files you will need:

  • Take the smartphone to which you plan to transfer files, activate the Wi-Fi hotspot in it, and turn off access to mobile traffic.
  • Launch Mi Drop on the same device, select “Receive”.
  • After this window appears, the smartphone can be put aside.
  • Take Xiaomi and enter Explorer on it.
  • Open the folder with the necessary files. Mark the ones you plan to transfer to the other smartphone and tap “Send”.
  • Click on Mi Drop.
  • Tap the icon with the name of the detected device.
  • Confirm acceptance of the file download on the other brand of device and wait for the data transfer.

At this point the copying process will be considered completed. At the same time you should not forget to switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which is activated automatically, unlike the access point. On some devices all modules are disconnected automatically.

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QR code

You will need to use the “Mi Mover” option in order to easily transmit information by using a QR code. It is available in the “Settings” section.

Next, to transfer files exclusively between Xiaomi devices, follow the steps:

  • Under “Settings” go to “Advanced Settings”.
  • Open the column “Mi Mover”.
  • Confirm the conditions of use.
  • Login to Mi Mover on the device on which you plan to receive information and click “I am the recipient”.
  • The QR code will immediately appear on the display.
  • It is necessary to scan it with the smartphone from which you are going to transfer files.
  • After that you only need to select the sections with the information you want to transfer and wait for the end of the procedure.

Note: this type of transferring information from one device to another does not involve selective sending. It is carried out only by partitions, with each file contained in them. These areas include: images, video, audio, system data, apps, documents, etc. д.

Via Mi Account

Mi Account is a cloud storage service designed for Xiaomi device owners and offers 5GB of free space. This storage has the function of copying not only music files, videos and other things, but also system files, backups.

To perform a reset of all settings and files, you must:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to “System apps.”.
  • Next, go to “Mi Cloud”.

Important: If this is the first time you access the section, you have to press “Use Mi Account”, then enter the authorization details and log in.

With the confirmation of the action, the information copied from the old cell phone will be transferred to the new device. Even the layout of icons on the desktop and system settings will be the same.

Cloud storage

Cloud storages are very convenient services for storing data outside the memory of the device. They are stored on the servers of those companies who develop clouds. There are only two disadvantages:

  • Transfer requires an Internet connection and enough traffic to be able to reset all the information.
  • Limited amount of data to store.

Otherwise, they are convenient services for storing data. They mediate the temporary storage of files, which can later be completely deleted after being downloaded to other devices. Transmission can be performed over an unlimited distance, which is a big plus.

There are two very popular cloud storage services. Russian Yandex.Disk” and the American “Google Disk. They both have similar functions and differ only in the interface. Vaults allow unlimited time for uploading and storing files. Then the user leaves a link to other users of the storage for the necessary data, and the other user can download it to his phone.

Sign in to one account from multiple devices. Therefore, this option for transferring files is preferable for the owner of the device, since there is no need to register two accounts.

Transferring to SD

To copy files to memory cards through Xiaomi smartphones, you will need to resort to the help of third-party software. Because there is no standard alternative.

Clean Master is a safe, time-proven app to help. It’s designed to clear debris from your devices, free up memory by closing unused apps, and clear cache. The move-to-SD-card feature itself is an auxiliary feature which allows you to move applications from your device to microSD cards.

To successfully carry out the procedure, you will need to launch the application, go to the tab “Application Manager” and in it check those applications that you plan to move to the flash memory. Then tap the “Move” button and wait for the transfer procedure to complete.