How to transfer files from android to iPhone

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

The Google Play has a special Apple “transfer to iOS” transfer, with which you can export existing content from any Android device on iPhone or iPad. At the time of the initial setting on the iOS gadget, a private Wi-Fi network is created, through which, after entering the security code from a smartphone or tablet on Android, almost all of its contents are copied by and a tablet on Android.

Among the information transferred. Contacts, calendars, messages, browser bookmarks, photos and videos from the gallery, as well as some free applications that are available on Android and iOS.

Minimum effort, maximum convenience. But this is in theory, in practice everything is a little more complicated. This is not to say that the “transfer to iOS” does not work at all. But, judging by the reviews in Google Play, many users are faced with problems: the export process does not start, freezes, interrupted or ends with an error. Although there are many people who managed to transfer the data.

The success of the process, apparently, depends on the brand of the Android Smartphone and the versions with more new devices, the chances are higher. The amount of information also directly affects: the more content categories are chosen, the longer exports are and the more likely the failure.

Using programs

The choice of “assistants” programs for the transition from one mobile operating room to another, quite extensive. If you follow the step.By.Step instructions, then there will be no difficulties in the process.

Move to iOS

Move to iOS. The simplest solution. The program allows you to switch to iOS quickly and “without headache”. This does not require third.Party media, the entire process is carried out in automatic mode. The application will transfer contacts, posts of messages, webcams, cookies, passwords and logins from sites, photos and videos from a phone camera, created mail accounts, calendar.

IMPORTANT! The program works only with devices operating on Android 4.0 and above.

The data transfer procedure is carried out after preliminary preparation and compliance with the conditions:

  • On both smartphones, be sure to connect to one SSID (Wi-Fi network, for example, through a home router).
  • Iphone should be configured “like new”, t.E. Not activated, and with empty memory.
  • Connect the devices to charging or charge batteries up to at least 80%.
  • Install the Move to IOS application from Google Play (link just above).
  • Make sure that the volume of free memory on iOS is enough for transferred data (usually from 10 to 60 GB).
  • Launch “Transfer data from Android”:
  • If the iPhone has already been configured for the user, you will have to drop the settings to the factory: “Settings. The main. Reset. Erase content and settings. Confirm your actions”.
  • Start the gadget and select “set up”.
  • Make the choice of initial functions-language, Wi-Fi network.
  • Follow further instructions on the screen.
  • When the “Programs and Data” screen appears, select “Transfer data from Android”.
  • On the original gadget, go to the installed Move to iOS application and select “Continue” item.
  • Read and accept the conditions prescribed in the license agreement.
  • Press the “Next” button on the “Find the code” screen.
  • See the six.Digit code that came to the iPhone and enter it.
  • Content transfer:
  • Wait for “data transfer”.
  • Indicate the information that is needed on the new gadget.
  • The data transfer process will begin.
  • At the end of the iPhone, “transferred” completed “.
  • After that, you can start further iPhone settings by pressing the corresponding button.
  • The entrance to the Google account is completed.

Copy My Data

The Copy My Data application transfers information on Wi-Fi network. Contacts, photos, videos, calendar are available to move.

Copying data is carried out in several steps:

  • On both mobile phones, be sure to connect to one Wi-Fi network.
  • Run the Copy My Data on both cellular and click “Next” on Android.
  • The options menu will appear on the screen. Choose “for another device via Wi-Fi”.
  • As a result, an affordable mobile phone will be searched for. Indicate the right (iOS) and click “Next”.
  • In the next option menu, we confirm that we transport the information to iOS. “Copy Data to Selected Device”.
  • On the iPhone, enter the code that is displayed on the screen of the Android Gazethet.
  • Indicate the transferred information and click “Next”. The program offers to transfer contacts, calendar, photo, video.
  • We are waiting for the end of the process.

REFERENCE! The application allows you to transfer information from Android to iOS and in the opposite direction.


The application is free. To get started, it will require its installation on both devices and connect to one local Wi-Fi.

  • Download Shareit to both devices.
  • On the original gadget, click “Send” and specify the transferred files.
  • After pressing the OK button, a icon similar to a radar will appear, and the search for the final device will begin. At this time, on the second mobile phone, click “Receive”.
  • After the iPhone finds Android, the corresponding button on the source mobile phone “Connect to iOS devices” will appear. Click it, and on the iPhone. “Connect to andriod”.
  • The steps taken will lead to the creation of the Wi-Fi network, which must be connected to Android. Its name will be seen on the screen of the original “mobile phone”.
  • From the discovered devices, choose the right one and click on the iPhone “get”.
  • All files received will be in the “My Files” folder located on the main screen screen.


The application can work both between two smartphones and from phone to computer.

To transfer data from android to the iPhone, you will need:

  • Install Xender on both devices.
  • Connect them to Wi-Fi.
  • Create a new connection by clicking on the “Connect Phone” button
  • Celebrate exported files (applications, images, media, books) and click “Transfer the file”.

REFERENCE! You can confirm the transfer of the selected files with a simple shaking of the smartphone or the “ples” up.


Specialized service allows you to carry out data transfer between smartphones.

  • Download and install the application on Android and iPhone.
  • Launch Zapya.
  • In the transmission menu, mark the necessary files and click the “Send” button.
  • After that, a digital and QR code will appear on the screen, which can be considered iOS device or manually introduce.
  • If the reading has passed successfully, the transfer process will begin.
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The application has characteristics similar to the Zapya service, the algorithm is similar.


This application works only with a computer and Android system. For transfer to iOS, additional actions will be required.

  • On both devices, be sure to connect to one SSID through a home router.
  • Download Airdroid from Google Play.
  • Run the program on a smartphone.
  • On the screen we find “Airdroid Web”, indicate the method of transferring files-through a QR code or website.
  • In the second method, the local ID address found on the connection tab must be entered in the address bar of the browser on PC.
  • After that, a message will appear on the mobile phone about confirming the installation of the connection. Choose “accept”. 25 seconds are assigned to confirmation.
  • After installing the connection on the computer, the phone table will be displayed.
  • We manually copy all the necessary files to PC.
  • Using the iPhone Transfer program, we copy data on the iPhone.

Cloud storage

Do not want to mess with the setting of common folders? Use Dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud storage for your choice. Install the appropriate application, throw the necessary files into the cloud storage folder, and then copy them from there at any convenient moment.

Advantages: a copy of your files will always remain in the cloud storage, and you have access to them, even if a computer with original files is not online. And since most cloud storage facilities support the restoration of file versions, you will have a backup at the same time.

Disadvantages: the size of the file storages to one degree or another is limited. You will have to pay for an additional place. In addition, the speed of downloading files into a cloud storage can be less than in a local network. Although the same Dropbox can exchange files in the LALL.

Icloud is the most obvious, but not the easiest way.

Icloud. This is an official cloud service provided to all owners of Apple devices. It gives you free access to 5 GB of virtual disk space, which can be used to synchronize files with your mobile gadgets.

To transfer files from Android to iPhone using Wi-Fi through a cloud, download files from your Android phone to icloud. After that (some time later), these files will be synchronized with the storage of your iPhone data.

To use iCloud to transmit data between two devices, you need:

Connect Android to the computer and drag the files to the folder on the computer. When the transmission process is over, turn off your Android from PC.

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On the computer, go to iCloud.COM and enter ICLOUD using your Apple ID.

Click on the icon of each of the files you need to upload files with Android, then click on the “download” icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

It is worth noting that iCloud is regularly hacking by persistent hackers. If you care about your safety, then we recommend installing a virtual private network of VPN on your device. You can encrypt your personal data, change the actual geolocation, or hide your IP address using the best VPN for Android in a couple of clicks.

Through Bluetooth

Unfortunately, iPhones do not support the transfer of files via Bluetooth. But you can go bypass if you have a computer at MacOS at your disposal. Send photos from the Android Smartphone on PC using Bluetooth, and then throw them to the Apple iPhone via a USB cable.

Review of three data transfer programs

How to carry out data transfer even faster and easier? Use special programs to copy data from one device to another. They have a convenient user integration, and in addition, they allow you to immediately transmit all the necessary information. Records from the calendar, numbers from the phone book, SMS, media files.

There are a lot of options for such software, but the most popular are three programs that we will consider further.

Through the mobile program Move to iOS (go to iOS)

The most popular data transfer application from Android to iPhone. How to use it?

Make sure that Wi-Fi is included on one and another mobile device. Next, follow the simple instructions:

After you, it remains to calmly wait for the completion of the data transfer process. Be careful: do not press anything until the loading field on the iPhone is filled to the end.

How to transfer SMS messages from Android to iPhone?

There is no way to directly transfer SMS messages. However, you can copy messages using the program that we have considered above.

How to transfer files from android to iphone 2022 || Android To Iphone Data Transfer

At the time of selection of data for transfer, put a checkplace opposite the “message” point, and then act according to the instructions:

Using the MobileTrans program

The second way is to install the Mobiletrans application on the computer.

  • After installing the program, connect to the PC immediately both Android devices and iPhone.
  • In the application, select “Transfer from phone to phone”.
  • Indicate which files you want to transfer. Click on the “Start gear” button and wait until the transfer is executed.

Copy My Data transfer

To transfer contacts and notes from the calendar, you can use a simple Copy My Data application:

Run the application at once on two smartphones and follow the simple instructions displayed on the screen. Do not forget that smartphones should be connected to one Wi-Fi network.

Transfer through Android applications for data transmission

Copy My Data is not the only application that can be used to transmit data. But they all have the same principle of work: you must install and run software on Android and iPhone.

Programs for transferring data from one mobile device to another:

Synchronization of devices

If this is not the first inclusion of the iPhone and you have already set it up earlier, for automatic data transfer, you will need to reset the settings and clean all the data. “Settings” → “Basic” → “Reset” → “Wipe Content and Settings”. If you do not want to do this, you will have to copy the data manually.

  • Launch “Move to iOS” on the Android device, click “Continue” and accept the program conditions.
  • In the “Code Search” window that appears, click “Next”.

Through the ITUNES desktop program

The ITunes program allows you to postpone photos, videos and music.

  • Connect the Android device to PC, find and copy the necessary data to the computer: photos, videos, music.
  • Disconnect the Android device and connect the iPhone.
  • Open the iTunes program, click on the phone icon.
  • In the side panel, select the data category, which is required to synchronize.
  • Mark the flag opposite the “synchronize” item. Next, select the folder where the necessary data, synchronization parameters are stored, and then apply.

Using the MobileTrans program

Mobiletrans table utility allows you to transfer data between platforms. Connect your iPhone and Android to a computer. Select the contacts for transfer and start transmitting. Detailed file transfer instructions using mobiletrans.

Zapya and Send Anywhere services specialize in information transmitting, including the phone number. And both services are developing an application for Android and iOS.

Download and install on Android the Zapya or Send Anywhere program. Take a similar action on the iPhone. Zapya in Apple Store and Send Anywhere in Apple Store.

Open the application on the Android device. Go to the contact transmission tab. Mark the notes and click on the Send button.

To receive contacts, just bring the iPhone and consider the QR code.

How to send / transfer high quality photos videos and files from Android to iPhone vice versa