How to transfer from android to iPhone

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 13 using SIM

If you have a SIM card and want to move your contacts, here are a few steps you can follow to do so.

  • Open the contacts app and go to settings.
  • Now select the “Export to SIM Card” option. The process will start in a few seconds.
  • After that, remove the SIM card and insert it into your iPhone.
  • Go to “iPhone Settings” and click “Import contacts from SIM card.
  • Confirm the process and wait for the SIM contacts to be moved.

From Android SIM to iPhone SIM

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This method only works if your Android phone uses the same SIM card size as your iPhone.

Just insert your SIM card and continue to use the same number. But keep in mind that most older Android cards used a different size, so you may need the help of a service center to adjust it to the right size.

Import and export the file with phone records

To move more than 255 contacts at a time, you can use a very simple and convenient option to solve such a problem. All you need to do is make a backup copy. How to do it?

Expand the hidden menu and select the tab called Import/Export.

In the new window, click Export to Drive.

In a new window, select the phone numbers you want to save. After that, click the Export button.

The created file is saved to the root folder of the cell phone memory by default.

Transfer a new file using any method: cloud drive, email, or something else.

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

We all have to buy new smartphones sooner or later. There are many offers on the market from different companies and manufacturers.

There are 7 ways to move contacts from Android to iPhone:

  • Via Google account.
  • Using iTunes.
  • Via your computer.
  • Via Move to iOS.
  • Using a SIM card.
  • Using a computer.
  • Via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or email.

Application for data transfer

If you value your photos and videos very much, it’s not surprising that you would want to transfer your data to your new smartphone. And you can do it with two ways, which are discussed below.

The applications for transportation are really not few, you can find them in the Apple App Store, but keep in mind that you also need to find the same on your Android in the Google Play store.

Among the ones we’ve personally tested, we can recommend:

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Copy My Data is available for iOS and for Android

PhotoSync is available for iOS and Android.

To move photos and videos using the app:

  • Download the specified app to both Android and iOS phones
  • Launch the app
  • Register or link between Android and iOS
  • Choose the files you want
  • Transfer them using the built-in mechanism

How to sync photos from Android to iPhone with MobieTrans (selectively)

The easiest way to transfer Android photos to your iPhone. This third-party software Apeaksoft. MobieTrans.

MobieTrans. Data manager for iPhone and Android. It can transfer data between iPhone, Android and computer, including photos, contacts, messages, music and videos. It also easily manages your phone data on your computer, such as deleting, adding, modifying, editing, removing duplicates, etc. Д.

In addition, its point objects such as HEIC converter, ringtone creation tool, backup and restore contacts, etc. Д., Also let you manage your phone data more intelligently.

Transfer Android photos to iPhone selectively.

Preview photos before you send them to your iPhone.

Transfer contacts, music and videos from Android to iPhone

Support Samsung Galaxy S10, iPhone 12/11 / X / XS / XR / 8/7/6/5 etc. Д.

Now let’s break down the exact process.

Step 1Connect your iPhone and Android to your computer

Download free photo transfer software to your computer. Install and run it immediately on your computer.

Connect your Android and iPhone to your computer with USB cables, and this software will detect it automatically.

Note: If needed, just follow the instructions on the screen to unlock the iPhone and click the “Trust” button.

Step 2Transfer photos from Android

In the main interface, you must include your Android phone as the target device by selecting it in the device list.

Then all types of data on your Android phone will be displayed in the right window.

Here select “Photos” and find the photos you want to transfer to your iPhone, then click “Export to Device” to select the name of your iPhone from the drop-down list.

Then this software will start transferring images from Android to iPhone.

You can easily sync all types of data, including videos, from one iOS device to another. But when it comes to sending videos from Android to iPhone, things get a little more complicated. How to transfer videos from Android to iPhone?

Various documents and even photos can be easily emailed to others because of the small file size. But you can’t rely on Bluetooth or email to share video between Android and iOS devices. After switching from Android to iPhone, you need to find other ways to transfer videos. Here in this post, we show you 3 effective ways to easily transfer videos from Android to iPhone.

Detailed guide: how to quickly transfer all your data from Android smartphone to iPhone?

The amazing preparation for the holidays begins. It’s time for warm evenings, cooking with your family and pleasant surprises. What gifts to give for New Year, Christmas? A new smartphone is always a good idea. Apple introduced a new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro with a brighter screen, updated camera and movie effect, longer battery life.

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Planning to buy a new iPhone device, but using an Android smartphone? In this article we will tell you about one of the best programs for transferring data between phones. What’s more, below is a detailed guide on how to make a comfortable transition to iPhone from Android device.

Data transfer tool

Sometimes there is a need to save electronic data when you switch from Android to iPhone. Wondershare MobileTrans is one of the best PC applications to restore, transfer, copy data, apps, content from cloud storage. No more wasting your time to transfer data from Android devices to iPhone, such as work contacts, photos, WhatsApp chats.

When Wondershare MobileTrans comes in handy?

  • Transferring data between iPhone and Android. Supports up to 17 kinds of data, including contacts, photos, messages, apps, music, notes, books, and more. 8,000 mobile devices running Android, iOS and Windows systems. Even a newbie can transfer data because Wondershare MobileTrans features an intuitive interface.
  • Transfer only certain kinds of data. Choose important photos, files, documents, settings to transfer to another device. The process is 3 times faster compared to Bluetooth.
  • Secure information copying. In Wondershare MobileTrans data privacy is preserved, only user has access to the information of the device.
  • WhatsApp data transfer and backup. Messages, chats, photos, videos and other attachments will be saved after switching platforms. Wondershare MobileTrans lets you move your WhatsApp data between Android, iOS phones.
  • Backup to PC. Wondershare app also supports backup. Save your data in one click! Contacts, messages, photos will be safe, even if your smartphone is damaged.
  • Restoring a backup on mobile devices. Wondershare MobileTrans lets you selectively restore backup files from iTunes or PC without resetting your device. The feature supports data recovery of an old smartphone on a new device.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone? Wondershare MobileTrans application allows you to perform a similar task in a few minutes. Wondershare MobileTrans works with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, Nokia, etc. smartphones.д. Just use the USB cable, software and detailed instructions below:

Choose the right version, install Wondershare MobileTrans on PC

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and even XP. Also supported by Apple macOS 11 (Big Sur), 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14 (Mojave), Mac 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12 (macOS Sierra), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks) or 10.8.

Choose the appropriate version and install the application on your PC.

Start the application and connect Android and iPhone devices to PC.

To transfer your data you need to connect two smartphones to your computer. It is enough to use Lightning or USB.

Then run the installed application, the main page of the program will open.

To perform the data transfer, click on the phone data transfer.

Wondershare MobileTrans will discover your Android and iOS devices in seconds.

How to Move from Android to iPhone (Complete Guide)

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There are problems with the connection? Use the button Device not detected?, Choose your smartphone platform. On your screen you will see detailed recommendations for troubleshooting.

Place the Android device in the source section and the iPhone smartphone in the direction. Swap feature is available for convenience.

Next, select the necessary data to be transferred.

Press Start to start transferring data from your Android smartphone to iPhone.

Confirm that the data transfer is completed

Make sure both devices are connected to PC before completing the data transfer. A completion message will appear on the screen.

It’s nice to get an iPhone 13/13 pro as a gift on New Year or Christmas. Experts recommend turning to the professional app Wondershare MobileTrans for a comfortable transfer to another smartphone. The app will take care of the secure and instant transfer of information between smartphones.

How to send files from Android to iPhone via cloud service (without computer)

Another option for moving files from Android to iPhone. cloud service. You need to backup data from your Android phone to cloud services and synchronize your Google backup with your iPhone.

It supports Android 4.1 or later and iOS 8 or later and keep the same Google account on your Android phone and iPhone to transfer files.

The data supported is: Photos, audio, video, and documents.

Download the Google Drive app from Google Play and install it on your old Android phone. Log in to your Google account, click the “Menu” button with the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, and then select “Create.

Step 2. Click Download in the menu list, Google Drive will open the file manager and allow you to view the data you want to transfer.

For example, if you want to transfer photos, go to the Gallery app. Rename the file or leave the original and click “OK” to upload the file to Google Drive.

Step 3. Then, unlock your iPhone, open the Google Drive app after installing from the App Store, log in to the Google account you used to download files to your Android phone. Now you can navigate to folders and view Android data on your iPhone.

To upload photos and videos from Google Drive to your iPhone, find the one you want, click on the three-dot icon below the image, select “Send Copy,” and then click “Save Image”. Then the photo will go into your photobucket.

Google has a file size limit for data storage, 15GB free for each account.

When you sync your Google data to your iPhone, your existing data will be replaced with a Google backup.