How to Transfer from iPhone to iPhone

How to copy contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud storage

Transferring contacts via iCloud cloud storage is the best solution for those who bought a new smartphone and have a stable Internet connection on both smartphones.

Go to iPhone settings. If you have iOS version 10.2 or older, just go to the iCloud menu. If the version of the operating system is newer, but first you need to go to the section with your name or the name of the phone, and in it to the iCloud tab.

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Under the tab, select Backup and only enable contact backup. After that, click on the back up button.

After creating a copy, go to settings in iCloud on the second iPhone if it is also linked through the same Apple ID. Now turn off all recovery options except for contacts simply by turning off the corresponding switches.

Run a restore from a previously created backup, which will be done only for contacts. This device will now have all the contacts from the book of the past.

This method allows you to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone only on the Internet, which is not a problem nowadays. You can also use iCloud to transfer settings, photos, videos, app data, and any other files, up to and including transferring all data and settings from one iPhone to another.

Transfer the contacts to the new iPhone with your SIM card

If you are migrating from Android or already have contacts stored on your SIM card, you can try this transfer method. Since SIM cards these days have up to 256KB of memory, they can easily store tons of contacts in a simple format. To find out how to move your iPhone contacts to your iPhone without iCloud, you just need to move your SIM card from your old device to your new one.

Export your contacts to your SIM card

First, unlock your Android device and go to the Contacts app. Tap on =additional settings at the top and go to “Settings”/”Manage Contacts” “Import/Export Contacts”. From here, you can export your contacts to the connected SIM card.

Export contacts to iPhone

Now just remove the SIM card from your device and use the SIM injector to remove the SIM tray from your iPhone. Place the SIM card and insert the tray back into your iPhone.

Once the SIM card is detected, unlock your iPhone and go to “Settings” “Mail, Contacts, Calendar. Scroll down a bit and here click on the “Import contacts from SIM card to iPhone” option.

How to quickly transfer all the data from iPhone 4s, 5, 6, 6s to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Transferring data from an old iOS device to a new iPhone or iPad is not difficult, especially when there is a backup in the cloud storage iCloud. But this process can take quite a long time. In this material we will tell you how to transfer data as quickly as possible, so that then you do not have to make any effort to configure the system at all.

Let’s simulate a situation where you, for example, want to swap your old iPhone 4s or 5 for a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and transfer all your data to it.

You can transfer photos from one iPhone to another using AirDrop. You’ll be able to transfer media content between your Apple devices. This feature has been available in iOS for a long time, but not all owners of Apple gadgets use it.

This is the best option for transferring photos between devices, since you don’t need internet access to perform the procedure.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be turned on on both devices at the same time. This is done in the iOS Control Center. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

In the control center, the AirDrop function is activated. If necessary, you can limit access by activating AirDrop to your contacts only.

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Launch the Photos app and check the pictures you want to transfer.

Open the “Share” menu and select the desired contact to transfer under AirDrop.

The iCloud service itself is completely official. And Apple is currently offering up to 5GB of space on the cloud server for free. In the future, free space will be expanded depending on company policy. The service has a Russian-language version and is characterized by security, as well as data protection from both unauthorized access and loss. So, your photos will be safe and sound.

Confirm the file transfer on the second device.

How to transfer photos to a new iPhone

Starting with iOS 11 and later, you can transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. The devices must be side by side.

  • Turn on your new iPad or iPhone and place it near your old device.
  • A “Quick Start” window will appear on the new phone. This is where you’ll enter your Apple ID information.
  • The screen of the new phone will display an image, which should be scanned with the old phone.
  • You will be asked for the password from the old phone, enter it on the new device.
  • Set up Touch ID on the new iPad or iPhone.
  • At this stage you will be offered to restore your old data to the new iPhone from a backup of the latest compatibility.
  • Select the files you want to transfer from your old phone to the new one from iTunes or iCloud.
  • Agree to all terms and conditions.

After that, the file transfer process will be done and automatically completed.

How to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone with Quick Start

Quick Start provides one of the best ways to set up and transfer data from one iPhone to another without using iCloud. If both the source and destination iPhones are using iOS 12.4 or later, Quick Start will allow you to transfer your data using the iPhone transfer option. With iPhone transfer, you can transfer all the data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone wirelessly. Since Quicks Start will run on both devices during the data transfer process, make sure that neither device is involved in any other tasks. The process takes a few minutes, depending on the nature and strength of your wireless connection and the size of the data to be transferred. The following steps illustrate how you can transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone using Quick Start.

First, turn on the new iPhone and make sure you’re in close proximity to the old iPhone. Connect the two iPhones to each other if you choose to transfer data over a wired connection. Your old phone will display a Quick Start screen that allows you to set up your new iPhone using your Apple ID. Enter the correct Apple ID and click “Continue”. If this option is not displayed, make sure your Bluetooth device is turned on.

When the animation is displayed on your new iPhone, bring and hold your old iPhone over your new iPhone phone, and then adjust the position to make sure the animation is in the center of the viewfinder.

If you are prompted to enter a password on the new iPhone, simply enter your old iPhone password. Follow the next steps to set up Face ID or Touch ID for your new iPhone.

Finally, choose a target backup and select the appropriate restore. You will be given the option to restore files from an iCloud backup or simply update your current backup and restore. When prompted, choose to transfer settings or any other data. Make sure the two iPhones are next to each other and have enough charge to complete the entire transfer process.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

You can back up your information via iCloud or using iTunes on your computer. The appropriate copy will be used to transfer the data later.

How to back up iCloud

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and click on your account icon.
  • Go to iCloud → “Backup”.
  • Turn on the toggle switch of the same name and click “Back up”.

How to back up iTunes

  • Install the latest version of iTunes, and use a cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Allow access on your smartphone.
  • Select iPhone in the iTunes devices menu.
  • If you want to save the “Health” and “Activity” programs, check the “Encrypt backup” box and set a password. Don’t forget the code, otherwise you won’t be able to recover your information!
  • Click “Create a copy now” and wait for the process to complete.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung

An old iPhone user, he has difficulty switching to a new Android phone. You can give up on a high-performance Android device like the Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 Plus / S21 ultra if you don’t know how to safely transfer all the data from your old iOS device to your new Samsung phone. Since we are a professional phone data team, we collect all the effective solutions in this article for your reference. Please read how to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 Plus / S21 ultra without data loss.

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How to migrate data from one iPhone to another

Most iPhone owners sooner or later are faced with the need to transfer information from one phone to another. For example, you have bought a new iPhone SE 2020, and you want to get all the contacts, photos, SMS and other data from your iPhone 7 onto your new smartphone as quickly and easily as possible. Not to mention the apps you’ve been collecting on multiple screens of your iPhone for so long. If previously it was only possible to transfer data from one iPhone to another using iTunes, now Apple offers several other transfer options.

There are several ways to transfer data between iPhones

Transferring data via iCloud

If your old smartphone uses an older version of iOS, we will migrate data using iCloud.

To do this, follow the following instructions:

Backing up your iPhone in iCloud. To do this, go to “Settings”, “iCloud” select “Backup now”.

Turning a new iPhone on. Pass through the settings of language parameters, date, Wi-Fi network.

When the iPhone settings window appears, select “Restore from iCloud Backup”.

After that, you will be shown a number of provisions, which you will be asked to agree with. Agree and click “Next.

The list of backups will appear, choose the latest one and press “Restore”

After that the smartphone will reboot. Depending on the amount of data, the procedure can take a long time. It is important to have a reliable Internet connection and the device connected to a power source.

After restarting iPhone is ready to use. In order to synchronize the non-backup content, music, videos, applications you must connect your smartphone to iTunes.

How to transfer application from iPhone to iPhone

Unfortunately, Apple developers have not provided many ways to transfer programs from one Apple device to another. But there they are.


Let’s say you’re moving from one iPhone to another. In this case, it is optimal to create a backup on your old gadget, which can be installed on the new one. This task is easy to accomplish using iTunes.

    First, you’ll need to create the most recent backup of your old smartphone. We’ve already explained more about this on our site.

3D Touch

One of the useful technologies introduced in the iPhone since version 6S is 3D Touch. Now, by tapping icons and menu items harder, you can bring up a special window with more settings and quick access to features. If you need to quickly share an application with another iPhone user, it is possible to use this feature.

  • Find the app you want to transfer on your desktop. With some effort, tap on its icon, after which a drop-down list will appear on the screen. Check ‘Share’.

App Store

If your phone doesn’t have 3D Touch, don’t feel bad: you can share an app through the App Store.

    Launch Up Store. At the bottom of the window click on the “Search” tab, then enter the name of the application you are looking for.

To date, these are all ways to send an app from one iPhone to another. We hope you found this article useful.

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Games can’t be copied. м.Maybe I forgot to check a box somewhere

help me how to transfer a paid application if you have purchased it on one device and want to transfer it to a second one?

How to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

There is no such option. The only thing you can do is to sign in to the second iPhone into the same Apple ID account that is used on the first one, install the purchased application on it, and run it. After that, you can leave your account and log in to the one that was used before. But in this case, the application will not be updated and, perhaps, sooner or later it will stop working. To fix these problems, you will need to log back into the account for which it was purchased.

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I can install tricolor movie apps on the Apple 4k from my iPhone

Can I install tricolor movie apps on my Apple 4k set-top box from iPhone

Hello. This app can be installed on the Aplle TV through it itself, not from the iPhone. To do this, you need to follow the link below from your device, or you can find Tricolor Movies and TV online in the App Store installed on it.

If you want to install the application through your phone, you need to find the App Store in its settings and, in the Automatically Downloading block located at the top of that section, toggle the switch to the Applications item and reinstall the Tricolor Movies & TV online application on your iPhone. After that it will appear on the Apple TV as well. But keep in mind that after performing this action all the supported apps will be installed on the device, which is not always convenient. Therefore, after solving the problem, it is better to disable this parameter again.

advise, please, if you transfer all the data from an old phone to a new one, the paid applications and everything in them will also be transferred without loss?

Olga, hello. There is no need to literally move anything, just back up your old iPhone, then log in to the same Apple ID account that was used on the old one and either wait for the automatic data recovery from iCloud, or, if that does not happen, run the procedure manually. You can use the first method from this article, but it’s easier and more convenient to perform the actions suggested in another article on our site. This way you will transfer both data and apps, including paid apps.

Good afternoon, accidentally updated an app. I accidentally updated an app I shouldn’t have updated, is there any way to roll the app back??

nothing helped and in general for everyone to know) from Apple to Apple it is not possible to transfer the application all thanks who read goodbye

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How to transfer SMS from iPhone to iPhone and Mac, or how the Messages function in iCloud

Starting with iOS 11.4 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 Apple expanded syncing via iCloud to messages (Messages in iCloud feature). As a result, when you upgrade to a new Apple device, you also automatically get all your correspondence history with your friends, family and colleagues. We’ll tell you how to set it up properly next.

Messages on iCloud requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 11.4 and newer, or a Mac with macOS High Sierra 10.13.5.

Use iCloud cloud storage

It’s the easiest way to exchange messages between smartphones. When you turn on syncing with iCloud, all your messages are automatically uploaded to the cloud. And all devices that have access to that iCloud (Apple ID) can download all messages from there.

  • On your old iPhone, go to Settings your iCloud profile and turn on Messages.
  • On your new device, sign in to the same account and repeat the step All messages will automatically download to your new iPhone.

My Contacts Backup

The App Store has an impressive assortment of apps that allow you to export contacts from your iPhone. Let’s stop with the free My Contacts Backup utility (Download from the App Store).

All you have to do to export your contacts is follow a few simple steps:

  • Install the My Contacts Backup app and once launched, allow access to the contacts on your iPhone.
  • Press the green Backup button and wait for the process to finish (takes no more than a few seconds, even with an impressively large contact list).
  • Press the Email key and send an email with the VCF file attached to your own email.
  • Download the VCF file on the new device from your own email and run it. Contacts will export automatically.

You can also access the VCF file from the browser of your new device by enabling the My Contacts Backup server (Wi-Fi Managmenent Settings) on your iPhone and opening the appropriate address (in the format: Make sure that both smartphones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.