How to transfer numbers from iPhone to SIM card

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card

In the operating system of apple gadgets, there is a convenient function of copying telephone numbers from the SIM card on the iPhone. But, no matter how sad, the possibility of performing the reverse process is not provided for. This creates certain difficulties to iPhone users, especially if for some reason you need to transfer contacts again to the SIM card.

Despite the miniature dimensions, many compare the SIM card with a mini-computer, because it has a processor, operational, permanent and rewriting memory. It is the last type that is responsible for the safety and removal of contacts. The card of the subscriber identification module actually is a microcircuit with a memory of 128 KBT memory. It is enough for storing no more than 250 contacts, which is already considered a disadvantage, because up to 1000 numbers are stored in the address book of the modern subscriber. Nevertheless, there are certain reasons that make this method choose from many options.

  • Data safety. It is impossible to introduce a virus in the SIM card, and gain access to contacts.
  • The failure of the phone is out of order. Some breakdowns lead to irrevocable deletion of the address book.
  • Transfer of the apparatus to the service center for repair. Not a single employee of N will be able to view the contacts, because they will remain on the sucker taken.
  • Resetting of OS parameters to factory. As a result, all programs, media files will be automatically deleted, the phone book will not be exceptions.
  • Using several mobile phones at the same time. With one SIM card, it is possible to transfer the number of subscribers to any number of devices.

In addition, with Simka in just a couple of minutes you can copy information on any mobile phone, and then on a new identifier. If the rooms are stored on a SIM card, it can be inserted at any time in any phone, including a regular button.

Can the user carry out the transfer of parameters to the SIM card

The client will not be able to transfer the data directly through the device. Such functionality will be available only if the owner performs a jailbreak. But after such an operation, the phone immediately loses the guarantee. If the client does not want to lose warranty service, he can apply other ways to drop numbers. It is worth considering in more detail what methods can be transferred to information.

If the owner wants to move his contacts to the iPhone SIM card, he can use one of these options:

  • Using the Gmail postal service;
  • Information transfer using software settings;
  • Application of the application “My Contacts Backup”;
  • Copying data through icloud service.

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Each of these options has its own nuances and features, it is worth talking about them more detailed.

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Using the mailbox “Gmail”

If the owner wants to save all the data on his SIM card, he can use Gmail mail service. This method works not only on Android, but also on the iPhone. To copy information, you must follow the following instructions:

  • First, the client must make a transition to his mailbox;
  • Next, a section with the account settings is selected;
  • Now from the list you should specify the section “Add account”;
  • It is required to enter the address of the mailbox, indicate the access password;
  • New data is stored in the system;
  • To install synchronization with the device, you must first remove the iTunes profile from the default section;
  • Now a new mail profile is installed, which was created by the owner;
  • As soon as the input is carried out, it is necessary to select the “menu” section, there should be pressed the “Contacts” item;
  • When the owner clicks on the section, the data synchronization procedure will begin.
  • Note
  • If the client has a new device, he can carry out the same actions and import all the phones into the address book.

Using software settings

This is one of the available options for transferring parameters. This method can be used if the system supports the import function. You can find out the option about working capacity by looking at Simka. If it has sizes suitable for the slot, then the function on it is active. The option is also supported by SIM cards that have recently been released. Now it’s worth telling more about how to make contacts of contacts from iPhone on SIM card. The procedure is carried out according to this scheme:

  • A SIM card is placed in the cell phone, which is suitable for the size of the connector, the port is located on the right side of the gadget;
  • To extract the part, it is necessary to apply a clip that enters the set, it can be found in a box with a device;
  • As soon as the SIM card is installed, you need to wait until the smartphone “sees” it, then the telecom operator will be installed;
  • The client must make a transition to the section with the smartphone settings;
  • As soon as the entrance is perfect, the “Contacts” item should be found;
  • The owner can check whether the import was made, for this, the “Contacts” section is made;
  • If numbers appeared in the phone book, the operation is performed.
  • Note
  • When there are no contacts in the address book, it is recommended to carry out the procedure again. If this did not help, you need to use other methods of transfer.

Application of a standard “cloud” from the icloud service

It is possible to save contacts on the SIM iPhone card using Apple’s cloud storage. First, all parameters will be moved to the “cloud”, and then they are imported to the SIM card of the smartphone. This method will need to access the device based on Android. To perform synchronization, you need to use the following instructions:

  • First, the cell phone is connected to the Internet network via Wi-Fi;
  • Next, the owner selects a section with the settings;
  • When the transition to the settings is made, you should select the ICLOUD item;
  • Depending on which version of the software on the phone is used, the section may be in the subparagraph “Accounts and passwords”;
  • After that, a list will be opened to perform data synchronization;
  • The “Contacts” subsection is selected from the list;
  • A slider is located nearby, it is transferred to the “inclusive” position;
  • Now you need access to a stationary computer;
  • The owner enters the browser and opens the icloud page;
  • The parameters for entering the account are included in the form for authorization;
  • On the main page you should find the item “Contacts”;
  • A new list will be displayed on the screen, it will show the phone numbers saved on the smartphone;
  • All phones can be distinguished, for this a combination of the keys “Ctrl” and “A” is pressed;
  • If necessary, transfer only some numbers, you should choose them with the mouse;
  • In the left corner you can see the icon in the form of a gear, you need to click on it;
  • The list will be displayed on the screen, the “Export VCARD” section is selected in it;
  • After that, data transfer to a stationary computer will begin;
  • As soon as the data is moved to the PC, the client can throw them to Android;
  • After importing information, the parameters are thrown to the SIM card.

As soon as it is possible to save the contact details on the card, it will only have to install it back in the iPhone. After that, the phones will be on a cell phone.

Using the special application “My Contacts Backup”

This is another way to throw the available contacts on SIM with iPhone. It is necessary to install software “My Contacts Backup” for him. To download the program, you need to go to the App Store store. In the search, the name of the application is driven, then it is downloaded and installed on the phone. This software allows you to save in his memory all the phones that are saved on a smartphone. Then these numbers can even be transferred to the button gadget. If the owner’s application has already been downloaded and installed, you must follow the following instructions:

Transfer without jailbreak

If you are the owner of a smartphone that has not been hacked, the above method will not help. This procedure is prohibited by the operating system.

You can copy contacts from the iPhone on SIM using another smartphone that works on Android OS.

Transfer using additional programs

Easily and quickly throw numbers using special software. Only a few seconds, and all the necessary contacts will be moved to the SIM card. Data is saved in VCF format, which will open the file on any device, and even on a simple button phone.

  • The App Store needs to download free software My Contacts Backup.
  • Having launched the program, an automatic scan of the phone book will begin.
  • Then Backup will be automatically activated.
  • After creating a backup, the user will be invited to send it to e.Mail.
  • Enter your email address and click on the “Send” button.

Having completed all of the above actions, it is necessary to install an SIM card from the iPhone on Android smartphone. Having opened a letter with a file on the device, import numbers, and then rewrite on the SIM card. Now rearrange the SIM card in the iPhone.

Cortion using a computer

In addition to programs, the task can be completed through a computer.

  • Connect the device to PC via USB cable.
  • Wait for the ITUNES application to synchronize.
  • A list of available devices where you need to select the iPhone will open, and click on the “Information” button.
  • A menu will be displayed on the screen where you need to put a checkmark near the inscription “Synchronize contacts with”.
  • It is necessary to select the format in which the contacts will be saved. It is most convenient to use “Windows Contact”.
  • By clicking on the “Synchronization” button, all your contacts with the iPhone will be copied to the computer.
  • At the last stage, the phone is connected on Android to the computer, and numbers are thrown to the SIM card.

As you can see, there is no direct function on the iPhone to transfer contacts. But using the above methods, you can quickly copy all the necessary information.

How to transfer contacts from SIM card to iPhone

When you insert a new SIM card into the iPhone, automatically transferred address cards to the device. Over, the “Contacts” application will not see the data. They must be transferred forcibly. To transfer contacts from SIM to iPhone is very simple. Go to the settings and go to the “Post, address, calendars” section.

Scroll to the point “Improve SIM contacts”.

How To Copy Contacts From SIM To iPhone || iPhone Help

As a result, you can get either incomplete or confused surnames and names. The reason is that on standard SIM cards, only one cell is designed to store contact. And the iPhone perceives them in its purest form. That is, on a smartphone where you want to transfer the information, you see everything in a normal state, and when transferring to a SIM card, the contacts are combined. In the future, the iPhone pulls them united, and if the name of the name is too long, then it can also cut.

In addition, you still have to spend a lot of time to bring each target card to mind. Indeed, in the iPhone, the address book is a full.Fledged database that allows for each subscriber to save not only the name and telephone numbers, then all the addresses, including email, mail addresses, date of birth and even photography. The settings from the rington and ending with vibration modes are also indicated here. This card includes even social networks profiles. The loss of such wealth will hurt the owner of the iPhone. So finally advice. After you managed to transfer contacts from SIM to the iPhone, configure the synchronization of contacts with iCloud or Google. So you will not be attached to the SIM card or the device and your data will remain integral and preservation.

Features of SIM cards

Pay attention to transfer numbers from SIM to the iPhone, make sure that the card size is suitable for the device slot. For the latest models, Nano SIM cards are needed, for older ones. Micro SIM, and for completely outdated devices. A regular SIM card.

  • The usual full.Size card was inserted into the first three gadgets: iPhone, iPhone 3G; iPhone 3GS.
  • Micro SIM card was used only in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s;
  • Starting with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, the developers began to introduce nano SIM card. To date, both in the iPhone 7, and in the iPhone X, and in the devices between them, are just such cards.

If the card from which you need to transfer the data does not fit the slot of the new smartphone, it needs to be cut. We recommend doing this in the nearest communication salon. If you carefully study the material, you can try to trim at home, but be careful. If you spoil the plastic, the contacts will be irrevocably lost.


Using the Google service is the easiest way to transfer data from the phone, even if it is iPhone. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • The user enters the settings of postal accounts.
  • Selects the item “Add account”.
  • After entering the address of the Gmail and password, you must save the entered information.
  • For synchronization, it is necessary to replace the ITUNES account by default by the newly created account, which must be made standard.
  • Opening the Contact menu will lead to automatic synchronization.
  • The new device needs to carry out similar actions and get a completed address book.

Lack of direct copying of numbers by means of SIM card for iPhone is not an obstacle to transfer data without problems.

Copying contacts using Simanager

To copy contacts on the SIM card, you will need to perform a jailbreak, although the manufacturer does not officially allow this procedure (and you do it at your own peril and risk). Further, after that, for the implementation of the plan, you will need to download the tweak “Simanager”. You can find it in the Cydia service in the Ispazio repository (Ispazio.Net) formed by fans of apple giant products

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The fastest one can find this application through the search function in Cydia. Then, to load it, click on the “Install” button in the upper right corner.

Now reboot your iPhone. After that, look for Simanager on the desktop.

Now in the main menu of the application, click on the wheel at the bottom of the screen. Then select the Empty SIM item to free the SIM card from old contacts.

In a few seconds, you will get into the main menu again. Click on the wheel again and this time select “Copy iPhone to Sim”. Now the application copies all your saved contacts on the SIM card. Everything!

How to copy contacts from iPhone on Android via Google

Let’s start with the most universal way that does not require the installation of third.Party programs. Unless you have a Google account, and it is probably there. In addition, this method will help not only transfer contacts from the iPhone to Android, but also vice versa.

Using Google, you can synchronize data on all your devices. This applies not only to smartphones with different systems, but also to personal computers, tablets and laptops. Using this method, you can also copy to the new gadget records from the calendar and some applications, for example, Google Fit.

  • To synchronize contacts, go to the iPhone settings (or iPad).
  • In the section “Password and Accounts”, open Gmail entry. Or add it if this is not.
  • Transfer the slider opposite the “Contacts” item to an active position. They will be copied to your Google account.

On the Android Smartphone, you need to do the same, only the names of the menu items will differ:

  • Open the settings and go to the “Users and Accounts” section.
  • Select the same Google account used on the iPhone.
  • Activate data for synchronization (in our case, contacts).

From a sim card

The iOS chip is that you can transfer contacts from the SIM card to the phone, but from the phone to SIM. You can’t. It turns out that if you manually bring all your data to the SIM card, you can simply rearrange it into a new apparatus and send information there. But, if your phone book has several hundred numbers, how much time this process will take? In this case, you will have to cheat a little:

  • You will need another phone with the operating system based on Android;
  • You should synchronize contacts with Gmail (instructions on how to make synchronization, given above);
  • Insert a SIM card into a smartphone with android;
  • Go to “Settings”. “Accauts”. “Google”;
  • Select the necessary numbers and confirm the action;
  • Now you need to rearrange the SIM card to the new iPhone;
  • Go to “Settings”. “Contacts”. “Import with SIM”.

Well, that’s all, now you know as many methods with which you can transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. Choose the most convenient and use your health!

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