How to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone

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How to transfer a photo from iPhone to iPhone

Users transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone in cases where they want to share pictures with friends or purchase a new mobile device. There are different ways to perform this function, which have their advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of user will depend on existing subjective preferences. Let’s look at the instructions for different ways of posting photos. In the review, we will only focus on methods where users of apple mobile devices do not need to use a personal computer or laptop, and images will be transmitted directly from one device to another.

It is enough for the user to study the proposed methods to select the most suitable option.

How to upload a photo via iCloud

ICLOUD is a cloud storage created by Apple. It is used as an excellent tool for storing files if in the internal memory of the smartphone there is not enough free space. ICLOUD also allows you to exchange photos, videos, music and documents.

To move the photo, you will need to install the iCloud application on a computer or visit the icloud website.Com. Next, it remains to take a few simple steps from the instructions:

If the JPG format pictures are loaded into the cloud, then all the images will automatically appear in the “Photo” application. Of course, for this you will need to activate the syloud synchronization and the internal memory of the device.

When downloading pictures of other formats, you will need to open the files “files” on the iPhone, go to the ICLOUD DRIVE Directory and download all the necessary photos.

Remember that when using iCloud as a means of transmitting a photo from a computer on the iPhone, you need to consider an affordable place in the cloud storage. Only 5 GB is provided free of charge. And to expand the possibilities, you need to draw up a paid subscription.

According to the current ICLUD tariffs in Russia, the cost of expansion of the storage for 50 GB is 59 r/month, by 200 GB. 149 r/month, for 2 TB. 599 r/month.

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We use third.Party cloud services

In addition to ICLUD, users can translate photos from iPhone on the iPhone through other popular services, for example: Google Disk, Yandex Disk, Dropbox. When transferring, smartphones are either connected to one or different accounts in storage facilities, which makes this process available to almost all users.

It is necessary to register in the “cloud”, and then add the necessary files. This data will then be able to pump another user to the link. He only needs to open access for viewing and downloading files. In a similar way, the image is transmitted through e.Mail.

Having familiarized himself with the information presented, users will be thrown by pictures to other devices without any difficulty. It is necessary to perform actions as described in the instructions, adhering to certain rules. This will help to avoid errors when transmitting photos. Users will be able to choose a method based on personal preferences and capabilities.

How to transfer a photo from iPhone to iPhone?

In order to postpone photos from Apple iPhone to another iPhone, you can use synchronization with iTunes, my photo flow function in iCloud or cloud synchronization using third.Party services, such as Dropbox or Google Photos.

Procedure for synchronization of photos: 1. We connect the iPhone to the computer using the wire and start iTunes. Your iPhone must decide and be available from the application. Click on its icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes window:

After you select the iOS device, on the left side of the iTunes window under the “Settings” menu, select “Photo”:

By installing the “synchronize photo” checkbox, you can transfer pictures to your computer.

Now, by connecting another device, you can transfer the saved pictures to it by synchronizing photos with the new iPhone.

To transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone, you can use the function “My photo flow” in icloud. The “My Photo Stream” function tolerates photos that you take using iOS devices or import to computers, on all your devices. ICLOUD automatically sends copies of photos to other devices with your iCloud account using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The latest photos are displayed in the section “All photos” of the “Photo” application.

In order to maintain space in the repository, the “My Photo Stream” function stores photos in the last 30 days and allows you to save up to 1000 photos on the iPhone.

To include the “My Photo Stream” function: 1. Select “ICLOD” “Settings” “Photo” and turn on the function “My photo stream”. After some time, new photos will appear on all devices where photography is turned on.

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Please note: photos are stored in photography only 30 days, for reserve storage of photos, copy them into a separate album on any of the devices. On iPhone or PC.

You can also use synchronization with cloud services, such as Dropbox or Google Photos to postpone photos between the iPhone. Just download the application from the AppStore to your iPhone, synchronize your photos with the selected cloud storage and access to them will be possible with any iPhone.

Saving on the icloud service

Internet service for storing data iCloud is provided free of charge to all iPhone users. To transfer the photo from one to another phone you need:

After that, in order to get images for the new iPhone, you will only need to go into the storage using the same Apple ID as on the old device.

Of the features of this method, it should be noted:

  • A small volume available for storing information (5 GB is given for free);
  • Synchronization is possible only using the Internet connection.

Data posting instructions via Windows

The method does not require additional installation of programs and authorization in “apple” services. To copy photos from the iPhone, just take four steps:

transfer, pictures, iphone

    Connect the phone to the PC via USB. Confirm the connection on the smartphone.

How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPhone | iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S

The materials that were previously imported to the PC earlier will not be displayed for re.Copying.

This method allows you to copy only photographs and video materials.

Download the media files in the iPhone through the “conductor” will not work.

Cloud storages

Another option for quick and easy transmission of media.Dummy between Apple smartphones. Using the capabilities of cloud storages. Available Dropbox, Google disc, Yandex.Disk, cloud, etc. Options.

How to Transfer Photos from Old iPhone to New iPhone

And how then with the help of cloud storages move photos from iPhone to iPhone?

  • Select the relevant pictures.
  • Click the “Share” button and select the “Copy link” item or immediately send a link to photographs through the IMessage service or by e.Mail.

How to transfer photos and videos from one iPhone to another using USB-flash drives and adapters

The transfer of photos from one iPhone to another is carried out not only with cloud services and other wireless technologies. In particular, for quick sending files, a special accessory in the face of flash drives may be needed.

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As you know, flash drives have a USB-A format plug. The iPhones are equipped with the corresponding connector, so the ordinary flash drive will not work. We’ll have to contact the help of a specially prepared LEEF IBRIDGE 3 adapter or any similar.

The accessory is sold in many electronics stores. And if you do not work out, you can order a flash drive with the Lightning adapter via the Internet. The exact price depends on the selected volume.

After buying a gadget, you will need to download the Ibridge 3 special application on the iPhone. It is available in the App Store and works with all models that are based on iOS 9 and above.

After the software is downloaded, act according to the following scenario:

  • Insert the USB flash drive into the sender’s phone.
  • Open the application and select the option “From the camera on Ibridge”.
  • Mark the photos.
  • Click the “copy” button.

Now the flash drive can be inserted into the IPhone recipient. It remains to launch the application and download all the selected pictures.

Other options

Otherwise, how to transfer photos from from iPhone on iPhone are cloud services such as Google Photos and Dropbox. In order to transmit files, you need to download the application from the AppStore store, allow the storage to access to data on your smartphone. After that, the photos will be available for viewing in the cloud. If necessary, you can apply PC to transfer files from one phone to another. For this:

  • Connect the apple to PC via USB cable.
  • Start iTunes and select your apple apparatus.
  • Turn on the copy of all data on the phone. After its completion, turn off the smartphone from PC.
  • We connect a new device to a computer.
  • Press iTunes and transmit files from the archive.

Wait for the complete completion of the process, after which you can turn off and use the devices.

transfer, pictures, iphone

The disadvantages of this method include: transferring absolutely all files (contacts, images, photos, media, etc.), as well as the ability to open a backup file on smartphones with IOS 11 OS 11.