How to transfer SIM contacts to iPhone

To send numbers from your SIM card to your cell phone, you need:

  • Go to the settings section of your device.
  • Open the “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” menu.
  • Choose “Import SIM contacts”.
  • After that, you start transferring numbers from the SIM memory to the cell phone.

The easiest way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone is with the software tools that Apple has provided for both operating systems.

The first time the iPhone is turned on (after activation), the “Programs and Data” screen will be available to the user. Tap “Transfer data from Android.”. If you’ve already set up your iPhone, you should start from the beginning by rolling the device back to factory settings. So:

On your Android device, download the Move to iOS app (link) from the Google Play store.

Select “Continue” in the Android app, then agree to the terms.

On the next screen, you’ll see a “Find the code” message that says, “If you don’t see the code on your iPhone, make sure you’re in the initial iPhone setup process and have selected Transfer Data from Android”.

On the new device, wait for the ten- or six-digit code to appear.

Go back to your Android device, enter the code, then wait for the data transfer screen to appear.

In this case, we’re talking about transferring contacts from Android to iPhone. You can also move your message history, photos and videos, web page bookmarks, email accounts, and calendars.

Note: During this process, you need to put both devices aside until the download bar on the iPhone fills up, regardless of what the second device shows. Depending on how many contacts you have, this can take several seconds or minutes.

How to transfer contacts from SIM card, Gmail or phone to iPhone and iCloud

First-time iPhone users often encounter a number of issues related to the differences between the iOS interface structure and other platforms. In particular, many new owners of apple smartphones feel certain difficulties in synchronizing contacts. Let’s analyze this situation in more detail.

To begin with, many users who bought their first iPhone are wondering “how to transfer contacts from the SIM card to the iPhone”. Here we should clarify that just transfer contacts to the iPhone is not enough. ideally you should set up a synchronization with iCloud (do not be alarmed, it’s very simple), so that your contacts are never lost.

We also strongly recommend you to stop using any third-party services (such as Gmail) to save contacts in favor of iCloud when you switch to iPhone (in detail).

How to transfer contacts from SIM card to iPhone [Instruction]

In the end I had to ask Uncle Google. And as usually happens with Apple devices, the process of transferring contacts from SIM-card to iPhone was incredibly easy. What I’m going to tell you today

  • How to transfer iPhone contacts to iPhone 3 working ways
  • How to back up Contacts using an iPhone flash drive is described here
  • How to Transfer.vcf contacts from computer to iPhone tutorial
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Perhaps because it is not often necessary to transfer contacts from one phone to another via SIM card, I could not immediately solve the problem.

Naturally the subconscious tells us that the iPhone also has a built-in function to import SIM contacts, but it’s not so easy to find it if you don’t know.

Although, as it turned out, it is in front of us. If you’re also having trouble transferring SIM contacts to your iPhone, follow these simple instructions.

STEP 1. Go to Settings Mail, Addresses, Calendars.

STEP 2. Scroll down the screen and press “Import SIM contacts.

Although NO, a few more words to write I think that this feature may never be useful to many. Unless you’re trying to set up a new iPhone, and you’ve used some android or a pushbutton “nutcracker” before.

After transferring contacts from the SIM card to the iPhone phonebook, be sure to set up synchronization of contacts in iCloud.

Because of the poor memory of the SIM card, you could not assign additional information to the contacts (e-mail, date of birth, etc.).п.) so it’s time to add it all manually.

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How to transfer contacts from SIM card to iPhone: a simple instruction

The first task that the new iPhone becomes a transfer of the book of numbers. After all, it is not nice to write again hundreds of names in the phone memory. Between iPhones themselves the data transfer is carried out via iCloud. The problem with importing contacts from the SIM card arises more often among users who have previously used Android devices. Fortunately, there are no troubles with how to restore contacts in the smartphone. The operation will take you a few minutes and then you can proceed to the further settings of the phone!

How to transfer contacts from SIM to iPhone

If you bought an iPhone after the usual button phone, it is very important that all the data from your phone book was copied on the new device, because copying them by hand (especially a large number) is long and unreliable, because you can enter the wrong name or phone number. So how to transfer contacts from SIM-card to iPhone quickly and without errors?

On the iPhone desktop look for the Settings icon and click on it.

In the window that will appear, navigate to the Contacts category.

Press the Import SIM contacts button and choose exactly where you want to import the data (if the Google account (which is used in Android smartphones) is not connected, you can only upload numbers from the SIM card to iPhone to the iCloud cloud).

transfer, contacts, iphone

The import process will start and after a short period of time (depending on the number of SIM-card numbers) all the data will be imported into the phonebook of your iPhone.

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(2 goals., 5,00)

Let’s start with a little warning to help us avoid unpleasant situations later.

If we have contacts in our phonebook that have different characters in their names, chances are that not only will the iOS mobile device not be able to recognize those characters, but it will simply not copy the contacts.

Before importing it is recommended to erase such records and enter them under the correct names, or just write them out on a piece of paper and then enter them on the iPhone manually.

How to change the SIM card in your iPhone — Apple Support

  • To transfer contacts from the SIM-card to the iPhone, we will need to go into the settings of the smartphone and find the “Mail, calendars, contacts“.
  • Go to this section and scroll through the list until you see the “Import SIM contacts” option.
  • If we did everything correctly, the imported contacts will appear in the “Contacts” menu, arranged alphabetically.
  • After that we will be prompted to import into a specific account. For example, if we have a Google-account, we can move the contacts there too.
  • We will need to synchronize the phone book of the mobile device with the PC. To synchronize we need the app iTunes.

The essence of the problem

The case was this My close relatives bought a brand new iPhone 6. And the question arose about the transfer of contacts from the old iPhone 4S to the new. Since they live in another city, they did not come to me at first, but to some guy I knew, who sells phones.

In the end, this guy helped me to save contacts (over 1500 pieces) to my computer as separate files with the extension vcf. I still don’t understand why you couldn’t use iCloud synchronization. Whatever

VCF (Virtual Contact File), more commonly called vCards, is the most common file format for storing contact information digitally. Usually a vcf file stores the contact person’s name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and other contact information.

This file type is essentially a container for transferring contact data between address books of different devices. VCF files are supported and recognized by all popular operating systems (Windows, OS X, iOS and Android).

Having received over 1,500 separate vcf files, the question arose as to how to transfer them to the new iPhone now. The first thing we decided to do was to use the contacts synchronization feature built into iTunes.

If you click on Details in the left column when iPhone is connected to the computer, you can synchronize iPhone contacts with Outlook contacts or Windows Contacts. After adding contacts to Windows Contacts and synchronizing iPhone with it, we got an address book full of hieroglyphs and kriakazliks.

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For unknown reason while transferring contacts to iPhone the coding failed. As a result, all contacts filled with Cyrillic characters were unreadable Delete everything! And start over!

  • How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone 3 working ways
  • A way to back up your Contacts using an iPhone flash drive is described here
  • How to transfer contacts from SIM card to iPhone Instructions

Transferring contacts via iTunes failed. I did not want to try the same thing, but through Outlook! There are other ways to transfer contacts to your iPhone. For example through the online service you can add contacts in vcf format directly to the cloud, which then syncs with the iPhone.

The problem is that you can only add one file at a time and we had 1500 of them. Having searched on foreign sites and forums I found the best way to solve this issue.

If you also have a bunch of vcf files with contacts you want to transfer to iPhone, follow this simple instruction.

Transferring contacts

How to transfer contacts from SIM card to iPhone? To do this we can use the basic features of the operating system. Here it’s simple. go to the main menu, go to Settings. Mail, Addresses, Calendars. In the opened menu find the Import SIM contacts button. After that all the contacts on the SIM-card will be moved to the memory of the smartphone. And since it will already be set up to automatically sync with iCloud, all your contact information will be sent to the servers of this handy cloud service.

So, in order to transfer contacts from the SIM-card to the iPhone, you need to press just one button. And this tool is enough to quickly copy all the data you need.

By the way, if you’re just going to install a SIM-card into your brand-new iPhone, then you will be in for a surprise. these smartphones use sim card format micro-SIM and nano-SIM. The card must be cut to size in the nearest dealer. specialists have special tools that allow you to quickly sliced the old SIM-card.

After copying the contact data from the SIM card into the smartphone, the original data will remain in the SIM card memory until you manually delete it.

This article describes the procedure for removing or transferring the SIM-card to the iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi Cellular models).

Use only the SIM card tray included with the device. For example, the SIM card tray from iPhone 6s will not work with iPhone 7.